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Dr Fielding rejoiced the day he had created the virtual character of Edward Coburg. Edward’s homepage was as benign as that of the average doctoral candidate geek but buried in it was a smear of honey that trapped the juiciest of flies: an essay on political theory entitled ‘The Neo of the neo-conservatives’ movement’. Every year Dr Fielding set his third year undergraduates a list of essay question one of which was ‘Neo-conservatism: old dogs with new tricks?’ And every year a few students, mostly the lazy, some with just pitiable low esteem for their own ideas, would waste time that could have been spent in genuine study, trying to Google the answer. And lo! They thought they had hit the jackpot, a beautifully crafted essay written by Edward, an unpublished PhD student studying at some weird English language University in the Hague. And every year, one or two would submit to him a few paragraphs of undigested plagiarism if not the whole essay. The website never showed up in the top 60 hits and therefore neatly sifted the idle from the truly committed , or the truly desperate.

Nevertheless the hook had never caught such an exquisite nor unexpected fish as Angelina Day. Angelina was one of the stars of the politics departments at Oxford. She rarely failed to achieve a top grade and one or two of her papers had been put forward for publication. Hard to believe, thought Dr Fielding as he ran his eyes from the smart knee high boots to the tumbling chocolate curls that hid her down turned face that this girl was just 20 years old. Harder still to believe that someone for whom top grades seemed to come so easily had fallen into the honey trap. It took Dr Fielding an enormous effort to hide his glee and keep his face appropriately stern. He didn’t want to move too quickly with this one. The others, perhaps more used to the rough in life, had reached for his offer of redemption like a lifeline. This one appeared to have a moral haughtiness. Pride before the fall.

“I’ve been under so much pressure.” she began. “I had three papers due in the same week and then a friend, well, she needed me…”. Her voice shook and her hands twisted the bottom of her dress on her thighs.

He shushed her with a wave of his hand. “The excuse is not important.” he said. “As I’m sure you were aware when you cut and pasted from the internet, plagiarism is an offense that demands your expulsion from the University”. Angelina continued to stare at the ground and her professor allowed a pregnant pause to widen. “Such a waste,” he continued “of such a very beautiful talent’. He came out from behind his desk and stood in front of where she sat. He was over six foot with a large square frame. He wore black corduroy pants with a charcoal lamb wool roll neck. His salt and pepper hair and rimless spectacles were the only indications of his age and profession. “If only there was a way I could wipe such a ridiculous mistake from your record.” She raised her teary eyes slowly to his crotch and then to his face where they met with a twinkly gaze. “Such a clever girl!” thought Dr Fielding. She had caught his meaning in an instant. “For a liar and a cheat, you look surprisingly appalled.” said Dr Fielding. “Did you really think you could pull the wool over my eyes, disrespect me in such a blatant way without consequences?”

She looked away to some corner of the room and tried to square her chin defiantly. Dr Fielding walked over to the door and checked the lock. He turned and walked back to Angelina, put his hand gently but firmly under her chin and pulled her to her feet. He stroked her jaw, her ear and her lips with his thumb while the other hand pressed into the small of her back. She was exquisite, somehow curvaceous and finely built at the same time. Her plum wool dress snaked around her breasts and hips, nipped in by a brown leather belt around her waspish waist. Angelina escort ataşehir eyes slowly refocused and turned to meet his. “Not so bad is it?” whispered the professor.

“I don’t have a choice.” said Angelina. “Lets just see, shall we?” said Dr Fielding, bending his head and kissing her deeply. She stayed rigid in his arms but as he alternated between prizing her lips apart and grazing his mouth across her chin, her eyes and her hairline she began to relax. She was surprised by the tenderness and sureness of his touch. There was no hint of the dangerous situation he was putting himself in.

The truth was that Angelina had long found her professor attractive. But her attraction was based on naivety She enjoyed being a favorite and earnestly believed that the banter between them was a result of mutual intellectual respect. As he kissed her neck and buried his lips into the Venus cave at the base of her throat she gasped, her back arched and her hips suddenly thrust into his embrace. She was acutely aware of what a child she’d been. Dr Fielding was not interested in her mind. He laughed softly as he continued to explore the sensitive spot and her hands gripped his back for support. Next, he cupped her ass gently with both hands, with the tips of is fingers reaching just inside the hot parting between her legs and thighs. He massaged her with his hands signaling his intent as he indirectly opened and closed her pussy with his caress. With perfect synchronization, his cock reached its full erection he pressed himself against her stomach. Angelina’s eyes flew open

He stepped back from her and a blush flashed up around Angelina’s neck and face as they both silently acknowledged how quick her consent had come. Realizing how fine the thread was, Dr Fielding unsnapped her belt and taking the hem of her dress in both hands lifted it over her head in one quick movement. Kissing her again with renewed force he pushed her down on to the sofa so she was sitting and he was kneeling between her legs. He kissed the length of her legs as he slipped off her boots before pulling off his sweater, and setting to work on her tits.

“Dr Fielding. I shouldn’t… you shouldn’t” she whispered but even as she spoke she felt her pussy flood. First, gripping her wrists tightly next to her head her tutor butterfly kissed along the tops of the lacy black cups of her bra. Her nipples jumped to attention and her breathing became shaky. Releasing her wrists he searched behind her back and unhooked her bra. Like the earthy pop of a bottle of champagne releasing its cork, her young, ripe breasts tumbled free. He pressed as much of her plentiful sweet flesh into his mouth as he could and sucked greedily on her nipple. Angelina moaned deeply as he used both hand to press her plump tits together. He sucked on one nipple then the other rhythmically, rolling the pink buds around with his tongue until she squealed with pleasure and pain.

He stood up and took off his pants. His cock reared up below his firm tanned stomach and he paused to take in the scene. Sweet Angelina, legs spread in abandon to the thrill of her senses, her breasts shinning with his saliva, mouth parted, seemed to have shrunk into the couch somewhat at the sight of his aggressive erection. Gripping her by the thighs he pulled her lower on the sofa and then straddled her hips to put his cock level with her beautiful mouth. She obediently took him into her mouth sucking hard on the head before accepting his inches into her throat. He was pleasantly surprised to note that instead of sucking him in and out like a deranged devotee at prayer (Dr Fielding blamed porn for the way some of his pretty young prey thought a man ought to be pleasured) Angelina used her hands and her tongue. She gripped his shaft tightly at the base and keeping up the sucking pressure, swirled her tongue all around kadıköy escort bayan the engorged head, pressing into the slit and licking up the drops of pre-cum as they appeared. The result was knee shaking. He fought not to lose control and either come in her mouth or hurt her as his hands gripped her neck, then her shoulders and then her hair. She worked him over, relentlessly nursing his cock in her hot generous mouth, as she stared up into his eyes, confirming his approval.

Fighting the surge in his balls he withdrew with a soft smacking sound as her lips reluctantly gave up his cock. Angelina looked worried. Even with the tenderness of the professor’s touch, surely he meant to ‘punish’ her by coming in her mouth or on her face? Indeed this was Dr Fielding usual modus operandi, but this young girl was a special catch and he was not ready to throw her back just yet. He knelt down and worked her lacy black panties down her legs. “Spread you legs sweetheart” he ordered. She obliged to some extent, knowing how visibly wet she must be but looking her in the eye he put both hands on her thighs and firmly opened her up the rest of the way. Keeping his smirking eye contact as long as possible, he bent his head and kissed her thigh tantalizing close to her opening. He breathed in deeply and savored her musky scent that mixed with the patchouli of her perfume. Her thighs grew rigid and she craned her neck to look in anticipation. Gently, he used his thumbs to part her pussy lips exposing her beautiful little clit to the air. He blew on her softly before allowing the tip of his tongue to make fleeting contact. She gasped and writhed in his grip. He rolled her clit between his thumbs and so sensitive was her bud that she fancied she could feel the whorl of his fingerprint on it.

“Oh God. Dr Fielding. Please!” she begged. At last he sunk his tongue into the well of her pussy and supped her juices. She cried out and her hips rose up to meet his face. Again, he had to fight the urge to laugh as she crossed the line from victim to slut another time. He flicked his tongue around her clit and between the folds of her pussy as she grabbed his hand, entwining her fingers in his, flexing and gripping in tune with her building orgasm. No more teasing, he decided. His mouth locked on her clit and he mimicked her technique, gently sucking away while his tongue swirled around her straining little button and he slipped a finger, then another into her hole. He supped and licked with his eyes closed like a cat eating cream while his fingers kept her silky juices flowing. As her orgasm hit, she yelped and she tried to pull away but he wrapped his arms around her waist and pressed her harder against his mouth so her writhing and straining only increased her torture. Finally, her whole body tensed, she gave a silent roar and her hand crushed his as waves of pleasure overtook her.

She struggled free, half falling of the couch and rolling on to her stomach but he was upon her in an instant. With both of their knees of on the floor he used his weight and one arm to pin her down while he reached below for her clit with his other hand. He pressed his cock between her thighs while he strummed her clit with his middle finger and kissed her neck. Her ass strained toward his cock and her bucking urged him on. “God, she was like a peach begging to be split open” thought Dr Fielding “Don’t think you can get away” he whispered into her ear. “I’m going to fuck you just like you want me to.” With these words, another orgasm tore through her body and she writhed and moaned beneath him.

As the tension went out of her body, he lent back from her briefly but it was only to guide the head of his cock to her pussy. With her body still twitching from the aftershock of her second orgasm, he gripped her tight little waist and sank inside. Her hot juices seemed escort bostancı to flood his cock, race up through his stomach and flow through his temples. His head fell back and he moaned as the walls of her pussy relaxed, giving way and allowing him to slide inside. He withdrew for the pleasure of feeling the pressure and then the giving way of her pussy lips again. This time he was able to penetrate to the full length of his cock. He gave three deep thrust in rapid succession, forcing her open to him totally. “That’s it sweetheart.” he murmured gruffly.

Holding her rounded hips and pressing his fingers into the smooth golden orbs of her ass, he settled into his rhythm, fucking her willing pussy deep and fast for a minute and then withdrawing almost his entire length just to feel her pussy grip and then beg his cock to re-enter. He repeated this pattern with her purring sweetly and then gasping as he pulled back and plunged into her sharply. Pushing his luck, he caressed her ass with his hand, and then massaged her cute, pink asshole with his thumb. Pausing, he moistened his thumb in his mouth, and worked it into her asshole a quarter of an inch. At first she moaned with pleasure but as he pushed further she buckled and looked backed over her shoulder. ‘Please no.” she begged and he was reminded again of just how young she was.

“Alright sweetheart.” he said hauling her to her feet. He pulled the biggest cushion off the couch and tossed it on the floor. He used a kiss to lay her on her back and hooking his arm under her leg he spread her open and entered her again. The view was sweet as he looked down between their bodies and admired the sight of his cock disappearing and reappearing in and out of her, her supple, gleaming body under him, her breasts pressing against his chest as her back arched and she drove him even deeper inside with her legs and her arms. The contrast of her soft, small undulating body against his hard, tanned frame was a picture to be stored and treasured. He paused to withdraw and take another taste of her pussy. He used the heel of his hand to pin the top of her pussy lips open and to expose her pretty clit. He sucked on her while he used his thumb to press inside and up on her g-spot. Just as he felt her begin to tip over the edge again, he resumed his previous position and slammed into her with all his force. She cried out and dug her nails into his back as another tide of pleasure ripped through her. Giving her no space to recover this time, he increased his speed, pounding his cock into her pussy like a machine and ignoring the ebb and flow of the spasms of her orgasm. Her eyes began to glaze and her body to weaken as he pushed his thumb into her mouth so she could taste herself. She sucked at his fingers then, taking his face in her hands she whispered ‘Come inside me now’. His balls contracted sharply and he exploded into her, crushing her in his arms as he delivered his load in three long, aching, hard thrusts.

He lay on top of her, holding her still tighter in his arms, his body trembling, swearing under his breath. While he breathed in the scent of her hair and her sweat, she kissed his shoulder. Her body twitched involuntary, trying to squeeze out the last pleasure of the hard cock in her pussy. At last his withdrew and slid off her to the side. He ran the palm of his hand from her lips, to her breasts, to her thigh in a gesture of proud possession. “You’re forgiven” he whispered teasingly. Angelina laughed and accepted his kiss.


As she zipped up her boots, she put the offending paper into her satchel. “What happens now?” she asked, her face still flushed from their coupling. “Do I get another chance, Dr Fielding?” He looked up and down from the tumbling, messed up curls, to the fecund flare of her tits and her ass, to the slim length of her long legs. The view that he had admired between their bodies flashed across his mind and his cock sprang back to life.

“Certainly,” he said pulling the satchel from her shoulder and pressing her against his still naked body. “As for the paper,” he said “let’s just see, shall we?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32