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Ryan was kind of pissed. He should be playing video games with his friends, it was summer for crying out loud, instead he was at a chic clothing store with his mom while she tried on bras and panties. What was worse, even worse than holding her purse, was that he had to be in the changing room with her. He had gotten into trouble for staying out too late, even though he was 18, and his mom didn’t trust him.

So there he was in the changing room as his mom casually unbuttoned her white blouse and took it off like it didn’t matter that her 18 year old son was in the room.

His mom, whose name was Kim, was a little heavy with a round face, with a few freckles, blues eyes, shoulder length brown curly hair, and a button nose.

In no time at all she was completely nude and now Ryan could see everything. Her boobs were bigger than he realized, with freckles and big pink nipples. Her pussy was shaved, which he hadn’t expected, and her lips were pink with a little brown at the edge. When she bent over to grab a pair of panties, her ass opened and Ryan saw her asshole. His cock, which had been getting steadily hard as soon as she had removed her bra, got even harder at the sight of his mom’s asshole.

‘I wonder what she’d do if I took out my cock and shoved it into her fat pussy from behind,’ Ryan thought. Sure he’d fucked girls before, a few of them actually, but none looked like his mom. He knew it was wrong to have these thoughts about his own mother, but he’d never seen a pussy like that. And her ass. That was the clincher. He was a total ass man. Sure it was kind of big, because his mom was s little heavy, but fuck that was sexy how she bent over in front of him. Almost like she’d done it on purpose.

Kim wasn’t just an average stay at home mother. She was active in several events and charities around town. But what people didn’t realize was that this “typical” mom had a wild side. Very wild. Her husband was a partner at a major law firm, so they had the means to live the good life. They were debt free and had several rental properties as well as other investments. She tried to raise their one and only child right, providing a good life, while not spoiling him either. Overall he was a good kid, but every now and then he needed to be put in place. She had two motives for taking him shopping with her. One to embarrass him and teach him a lesson and two, because her husband worked a lot and güvenilir bahis was often out if town, she wanted someone to meet her needs. Who better than her own son? Sure, some considered it taboo, but she knew him, knew he didn’t have any sexual diseases and now he was at the age where his body and intellect could handle it. She knew she was big and her son might not be inter her, the fact she was his mom might be at the top of the list, but he also may not find her atractive. However, when she saw the look in his eyes when she bent over, she knew she had him. She would slowly seduce him. Let him “catch” her naked, then figure out a way to see him naked and then let nature take its course.

‘She is,’ Ryan thought. ‘She’s totally doing this on purpose.’ Well, if that’s what she wants that’s what she’ll get. He would find a way to fuck her. He just wasn’t sure what he wanted to fuck first, her mouth, her pussy or her ass.

Neither one knew that it would happen quicker than expected.

After trying on four matching bra and panties, mother and son agreed, silently, that they looked good on her, they were ready to leave.

“Okay ma’am, where is the other set?” the woman asked.

“What are you talking about? I only went in with four sets,” Kim said.

“No! I know I gave you five sets. So where is the other one?”

“Look, Brandy,” Kim said reading the young girls name tag. “I only took four sets of clothes.”

“What seems to be the problem?”

“Are you the manager?” Kim asked.

“Yes,” Nancy replied.

“Well, your little cashier…”

“Assistant manager,” Brandy insisted.

“Whatever,” Kim replied.

“Is claiming that I stole a bra and panties set. I only took four into the room, she is saying I took five.”

“Look, this is easy to resolve. Brandy show them in my office while I lock up.”

A few minutes of Brandy giving them the evil eye and the manager entered.

“Hi, I’m Nancy, the store manager. This is Brandy. I’m training her for a new store that’s opening later this year. She has spirit, but sometimes too much spirit and we’re working on that.”

Brandy gave Nancy a what the hell look.

Kim smiled.

“Like I said, this is easy to solve. The store is closed so no one will bother us. First what is your name and this is your son I take it?”

“Yes, that’s Ryan and I’m Kim.”

“Do you mind if I look through türkçe bahis your purse?” Nancy asked.

“Yes, but if it will solve this, than go ahead.”

Nancy looked through Kim’s purse. No bra or panties.


“Not quite. If you and your son would just strip so we can mmake sure you’re not hiding anything on your person. Then we’ll be good,” Nancy said a little too casually.

“Excuse me?” Kim asked.

“You heard her. Strip!” Brandy said with an evil smile and a twinkle in her eye.

Kim knew they wouldn’t be allowed to leave if they didn’t do as asked. They both took off their clothes. Ryan left his underwear on, but Nancy said he could have folded a bra and panties and stuck them inside, so off came Ryan’s underwear.

Ryan was still kind of hard from watching his mother change, and seeing Nancy and Brandy in their tight clothes wasn’t helping.

“Wow, someone likes seeing Mommy all naked don’t they?” Nancy asked grabbing Ryan’s cock.

“He’s totally shaved too,” Brandy said, kneeling down and inspecting his balls.

“Tickle tickle,” Brandy said tickling Ryan’s balls with her finger nails.

“Well, you two shouldn’t be the only ones naked,” Nancy said. “Kim, I want you to stoke your son’s cock, while Brandy and I strip. But don’t let him come. Ryan you play with your mom’s boobs. Pay special attention to her nipples.”

Kim didn’t even hesitate. She grgrabbed her son’s cock and started slowly stroking it.

Sometimes she used one hand and the tips of her fingers rotated back and forth over the head. Other times she used both hands using her thumbs to massage just below the opening on the shaft. When she felt him close to orgasm, she played with his balls or stroked the shaft.

Ryan went to town on his mom’s boobs. Pinching, pulling and flicking her hard nipples.

Soon both women were naked.

Nancy was of Mexican descent. Her big breasts were brown as were the areolas and the nipples. She had a little landing strip above her pussy.

Brandy had perfect c cup boobs with small areolas and small nipples. She had a triangle above her pussy.

Nancy made Ryan and Kim suck on her big boobs, while Brandy stroked Ryan’s cock and rubbed Kim’s pussy.

Then they had to suck Brandy’s boobs while Nancy played with them. Nancy also fingered both mother and son’s assholes.

After a few minutes of güvenilir bahis siteleri that, Brandy made Ryan lick her cunt while she sucked his cock. Nancy made Kim eat her out while she licked Kim’s pussy. After a few minutes they switched.

Kim brought Brandy to a screaming orgasm, but didn’t get one herself. Next Ryan made Nancy squirt but he too wasn’t allowed to come.

After finding out Ryan was an ass man, Nancy had him suck on her breasts while she held Kim’s butt cheeks apart, as Brandy jerked his cock.

Ryan couldn’t believe what was happening. First he’d seen his mom naked, then was made to lick two women’s pussy’s he didn’t even know, make one of them squirt and now he was about to come all over his mom’s asshole. What a day.

Soon Ryan shot gobs of come all over his mother’s asshole.

When he was done, Brandy took his cock in her mouth and licked it clean, while Nancy used her tongue to clean up his mom’s asshole. Then they switched.

“Hmmmm, I guess you did only have four sets after all,” Brandy said. “Have a nice day.”

“Oh and please come again,” Nancy added, then they both burst out laughing.

In the parking lot Kim handed Ryan the keys and said, “You’re driving.”

Ryan, still shocked by what had happened, merely nodded. As soon as they were in the car his mother pulled down her pants and panties and shoved two fingers inside her dripping cunt. By the time they reached the first light she had an enormous orgasm. Then she reached over and undid Ryan’s pants, pulled out his cock and started sucking on it. Her tongue going crazy on the head until soon Ryan had his second orgasm, just before they pulled into the driveway.

When they got in the house they didn’t say anything, just went strstraight to his parents bedroom, stripped off their clothes and got into a sixty-nine position. Ryan soon brought his mother to another orgasm, sucking on her outer pussy lips and using his tongue for all he was worth.

They then got into the missionary position and Ryan easily slid into his mother’s wet pussy, while sucking and gently biting her nipples. They did doggy style, reverse cowgirl and ended up with Kim on top of Ryan facing him while they fucked. He grabbed his mom’s big ass and slowly inched his finger to her asshole. He toyed with the outside for a while before sliding a finge inside. Then he was fingering her ass and it didn’t take long for both to orgasm together. Ryan shooting his wad deep inside his mom’s pussy.

“Fucking A. Can I go shopping with you all the time?” Ryan asked his mom.

“Fucking smart ass,” Kim said, playfully smacking Ryan on the butt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32