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This story involves pissing between family members. If you are not offended by it, then have fun.

There was a plan to go on a trip as a family. John and Karen decided to take some time from their routine of work and stress. Their daughter Kate, 25 years old, and working as a lawyer, thought it was a great idea. She also wanted to rest from signing papers and boring legal procedures. And their son Alan, 18 years old, in college, didn’t have any excuse as everyone was happy to go.

Once they settled the day and the place, they packed what they needed and got in trip in the family car. John was in the driving seat with his wife next to him. Kate and Alan in the back seats as usual. The place they were going was an ancient Greek residence with many recreational activities for tourists. The trip was 6 hours long, so they took all morning to get there.

When they arrived, they were amazed by the place. There were lots of places to hang around. Pools, museums, ancient ruins, even night clubs, and a big lake aside the big residence. It was going to be a great trip.

At the hotel, the family got two rooms, one for the parents, and the other for the siblings. After having some lunch, the happy family decided to hit the pool as the weather was pretty warm. The water was great. John and Karen were so happy for having taken such a great decision. Kate was talking to some guy who was trying to hit on her. Alan was on the corner, watching how his big sister was playing her cards. But it was vacation, time to have fun. He also noticed, what a little bikini she was wearing. No wonder the stranger didn’t wait to talk to her.

Alan discover himself watching a little longer than he expected. At home, his older sister often wears this professional outfits, coat, tie, pants and sometimes a formal skirt. He never had a chance to watch more skin. Not that he wanted to. Although, it was the first time he saw more of her.

His family was a bunch of workaholics. His parents working all the time, his big sister always in her office, signing and stamping contracts. They never had a vacation or something. That’s why it surprised him, watching his older sister in such few clothes.

After coming back to the rooms, the parents decided to rest for the night. Kate was still active, she wanted to do another activity. Alan for his part wasn’t tired either and followed her lead. So, they decided to check on the nightclubs and maybe have some drinks.

“Okay, but don’t get too crazy out there, and don’t be late,” Karen, their mother, said when they told her about their plan.

“Relax a bit honey. This trip was to ease some stress. You two can stay out all the time you want, Even all night if you’re willing to. Just take care of each other,” John said.

“We will, don’t worry,” Kate said as they were already leaving.

Kate decided to wear some classic jeans and a casual black tank top. Alan had put on some jeans also, and a plaid shirt. They agreed they weren’t going to party all night, so wearing fancy clothes was unnecessary. There were few people at the street, and most of the museums and stores were closed. They luckily found a night club opened and there was a big guy waiting at the door.

“Your ids please,” the big man said.

“Sure,” the siblings complied. The big man inspected their ages.

“All right, miss you can get in. Sir, I’m afraid you’re too young to be here,” the big man said returning their documents.

“Excuse me!? I’m 18, sir. I’m legally an adult,” Alan explained a little angry.

“Not in here, kid. The legal adult age is at 21,” the big man explained with some sneer in his voice.

“Can’t you make an exception? He’s my brother, I’ll be with him the whole time,” Kate said in a soft tone, trying to convince the big guy with some flirting.

“Rules are rules,” the guy said firmly.

The siblings got away from the big guy for a moment. “Now, what do we do?” Kate said frustrated.

“You know what? You get in sis. I’ll go to the hotel and find something else to do. Go have some fun,” Alan said, pretty angry about that last turn of events.

“No way! We said we were going to have fun together. Besides, I don’t know anyone in there. It could be dangerous for me,” Kate replied not wanting to leave her little brother out of the fun. She was capable enough to take care of herself.

“I guess you’re right. But what can we do then?” Alan asked.

Kate watched at different directions to find anything else. Most of the places were closed but the path looked lovely. “Let’s just walk bro and check the place. I know it’s not that interesting but it’s better than being locked up in that room,” she proposed.

“Sounds great!” Alan said and the siblings started a hike around the place, going nowhere.

“I’m glad mom and dad planned this trip. I was working more than ever in that office. There’s this new case of a divorce that’s just driving me crazy,” the big sister said as she contemplated the atmosphere. It was truly relieving for her.

“You work too much sis. güvenilir bahis You need to cool down sometimes. Learn to have fun,” Alan said not really wanting to judge her way to live. But he sincerely was worried about her.

“Hey, I know how to have fun,” she protested.

“Yeah… sure,” Alan said sarcastically. Kate was a little pissed about it.

“You don’t believe me? Did you see the guy I was talking at the pool?” she said.

“I did.”

“Well, he dated me to have dinner tomorrow night. He lives around this place and he owns a ship. We’ll have dinner there.”

“You don’t waste your time, do you?” Alan teased her.

“Give me a break bro! I haven’t had a date for at least 3 years.”

“That’s because you work a lot. It’s your fault. Life’s passing by,” the little brother said annoying his big sister some more. Alan found a store opened on the way and got an idea, “How about we have some drinks out here? It would be fun,” Alan proposed.

Kate arched her eyebrows in confusion and turned to her little brother, “Really?” she said backing up. She wasn’t the kind of person that does something adventurous or risky. Her little brother was right about her when it came to fun.

“Why not? The plan was to have some drinks in the first place, and the hotel doesn’t allow any alcohol,” Alan replied pushing his big sister to do something unusual, once in a while.

She checked her watch and decided to join him. Just because they were on that trip. “What the hell! Let’s do it,” she said.

Alan gave her the money and Kate went to the store to get a couple of beer cans. She returned and handed him one. “What? That’s it?” Alan complained, “I can easily drink a pack of these.”

“Well, that’s you. I don’t drink, so shut up and keep walking,” Kate said giving that strong authority she had once in while on her little brother.

As they were admiring the place, Alan made some talk. “So? Three years single? That’s a hell of a time sis,” he said trying to tease her some more. He loved when his big sister got angry at him when he was right about something.

“I haven’t really considered a priority to have a boyfriend,” she said drinking a sip of her can, “Guys that hit on me, immediately noticed I had no time for them. So, they’d instantly end things as I gave them no attention. I guess it’s better like this. Single and free.”

Kate was a little sad about it. She didn’t have time for herself. Three years without a boyfriend was getting frustrating for her. At least, she could always masturbate, but that wasn’t something she was going to tell her little brother.

“Don’t worry sis. You still have time to get a guy,” Alan said drinking his can, “What about the one from this afternoon? Do you see something serious with him?”

“I don’t know. He was good looking and funny. I’ll have to wait until our date to know if there’s a chance to take things further.”

Actually, she knew it wouldn’t last. The guy lived in the Greek residence. Far away from her house. She was just expecting to have sex with him and end it right away. Three years without a man had gotten her too desperate for some real action.

“At least he’s got money. That’s a point for him for sure,” Alan joked not having any clue of his sister’s feelings.

Kate gave him a light punch on the arm, “It’s not about that!” she said.

“Chill out sis. I’m just messing with you. Anyway, I hope he treats you well. You deserve it,” Alan said honestly hoping for his big sister’s best.

“Thank you,” she replied, “How about you? Is there any girl you’re hiding?” Kate also wanted to tease him a bit. They never talked about their lives at home. It was fun.

Alan didn’t want to share that with his big sister. But he sensed she had trusted him the last few minutes. Also, they were getting a little tipsy, and that pushed him to share a little bit with her. After all, they were on vacation.

“Actually, there is. Her name is Lily,” Alan said.

“Does she treat you well?” she asked looking for something to bug him for.

“Yes… but…” Alan stopped wondering if it was okay to tell her.

“But…?” Kate asked.

There was some shine in her eyes that he’s never seen. Either if it was the alcohol or it was true, he went for it.

“But she doesn’t… you know… give me some,” he said getting embarrassed.

“Ohh… I get it,” his big sister said as she got the point, “Is she pretty?” she added.

“Yes, very pretty,” Alan replied.

“Is she sexy?” His big sister shot.

To her joy, Alan got uncomfortable to that question. She knew her little brother wasn’t much experienced with girls. He was still a baby to her. And talking about sex stuff was the best weapon against him.

“I guess so,” Alan said nervously.

“From 1 to 10?” She teased him more.

“Seven,” Alan said wishing the conversation to end.

“Seven? What’s wrong with her?”

Alan didn’t want to give her details. He knew his big sister was enjoying asking him that kind of questions. He wasn’t going to contribute to her teasing. “Nothing. Can türkçe bahis we talk about something else?” Alan said.

“Why?” she said giggling a bit.

“Because it’s weird,” he countered a little loud.

“Okay, okay. Just tell me. Is it boobs or ass?” She asked as the cherry of his desperation.

“Both, okay?” Alan said quickly wanting to end her questions, “Can we stop talking about it?”

“Okay little brother. I’m sorry,” Kate said to relax her little brother, “Let’s head back to the hotel. It’s getting darker and colder.”

On the way back, the siblings finished their beers. As they were looking at lots of museums and ancient ruins around the place, which were all closed, they noticed a mysterious zone with no doors or supervision. Blocks of stone and figures were scattered along that sector. There was no roof, only covered by the light of the moon and stars.

“What’s with that place?” Alan asked casually.

“Oh, that must be the place Eric, the guy I met this afternoon, told me about,” Kate explained, “People around here think those ruins are haunted. They’re not on exhibition of any kind. In fact, they will demolish them and built a big residence for tourists.”

“Haunted? Do you believe in that?” Alan asked skeptically.

“Not a bit,” she replied.

“Would you like to check on it?” Alan said suddenly.

“Are you sure? It’s forbidden to enter that zone, you know. If we get caught, we’d be in serious trouble,” she warned. She thought he was only joking.

“It’ll be just for a while. Besides, you said it’ll be demolished, this could be our only chance to see what’s in it,” Alan said showing his big sister how serious he was.

The alcohol in their systems were having effects on them. Enough to make the little brother come up with such a crazy idea and the big sister agree with him. “Just for a minute,” Kate said.

They checked the street for a while. Few people walking. When there wasn’t any person around looking at them, they quickly sneaked into the forbidden place. Passing under the police band blocking the entrance. They were amazed to find that it was quite big. The place was enormous. They wouldn’t have enough time to inspect it completely.

“Wow. It’s huge!” Kate said out of surprise.

“Let’s check over there, sis,” Her little brother pointed to a pile of bushes and pillars of stone perfectly structured forming a circle. They introduced themselves farther into the zone reaching that spot. It looked like an ancient altar, the kind that Greek had its meetings and rituals.

“It looks nice. I don’t know why it’s not on exhibition. And clearly it isn’t haunted,” Kate said amazed by the forbidden place.

They were checking the area and saw Greek letters written on the floor. They were trying to read them, but they knew nothing about that language. As they were watching, one of the pillars was suddenly falling.

“WATCH OUT!!” Kate yelled out loud, grabbing her little brother by the shirt. She wasn’t fast enough. The pillar collapsed over both siblings, leaving them unconscious for a while.

When Alan opened his eyes. There was dust flying around them. He couldn’t see very well as he remembered the last thing he heard. His big sister’s voice. After the shock he got, he started to yell, “KATE!! SIS, Are you okay? Answer me?”

Kate woke up after listening to her little brother’s yelling. She couldn’t see anything either.

“YEAH. I don’t think I’m hurt,” she answered after sensing no pain.

“Me neither. Where are you?” Alan asked as he couldn’t see where she landed.

“I’m on the ground, there’s a damn pillar over me. I can’t move,” she said while trying to move her arms. They were trapped.

Alan caught himself on the same situation. The pillar that fell before landed on his torso. Luckily, it had some extra stone material on the top and bottom, like decoration details, that prevented the pillar smash his chest and stomach. Although, he still couldn’t find his big sister. Her voice seemed to be coming from the other side of the pillar.

“Me too, sis. I can’t see where you are,” Alan yelled.

“Me neither. Don’t move, let’s wait until the dust dissipates,” she said.

As they waited, Alan noticed his arms were free to move. The pillar had landed on top of his body while his arms were raised. He still didn’t want to test how free were his arms were, before he could see better how the situation was. Kate wasn’t that lucky. The pillar landed on her torso while her arms were on her stomach. She couldn’t take her arms out of the pillar. She couldn’t even move them. But she felt her legs were completely free. The pillar only trapped her middle body, leaving her head, hips, ass and legs uncovered.

When the dust was finally disappearing, Alan saw two legs in front of his face. It scared him for a moment, thinking they were his legs. He thought logically and figured that was impossible. The only legs, they could be, was his big sister’s.

The air was clear, and the siblings understood their situation. Somehow, the pillar had landed on both of them, exactly güvenilir bahis siteleri on their chests and stomachs. Although, they were facing to each other’s legs. Worse than that. Kate was facing her little brother’s covered groin. And Alan was facing his big sister’s crotch.

It was a weird situation, but they couldn’t do anything about it.

“Sis, I can see you now,” Alan said not giving detail of what exactly he was seeing.

“Yeah. Me too,” Kate said knowing he must be watching between her legs.

They started to feel nervous. Not only because of they were trapped, but because, they were in a weird compromising position that they shouldn’t be.

“Can you move?” Alan asked wanting to get free or at least change their locations. His big sister made some attempts to move as Alan saw her legs and hips squirm in front of him.

“My legs are free, but my arms are stuck,” she answered.

“I can move my arms, I’ll try to get out,” Alan said. He put his hands on the pillar and tried to get out. As he was trying to do it, he sensed some movement underneath the pillar.

Alan discovered that the pillar hadn’t crushed completely when it collapsed. But it left amounts of rocks and earth that somehow made a cage under the stone preventing the total weight of the pillar asphyxiate them to death. If he moved uncarefully, he would alter the structure and let the pillar lose its support and break, falling over them.

“I can’t get out sis, the rocks will leave us with no air if we move senseless,” Alan said.

“Ohh god. We need help,” she said getting scared, “My cellphone is on my pocket, try to call mom.”

Alan saw his big sister’s lower body, and tingles surged in his stomach. He tried to erase them and looked for his big sister’s cellphone. He inserted his hand in her left pocket and moved along the space, feeling her thigh and finding nothing. “The other one,” Kate said flushing a little when she felt her little brother’s hand in her pocket. Her jeans were tight, and his hand was quite noticeable by her thigh. It tickled her when her little brother tried again.

Alan reached her right pocket and I found her cellphone. He took it out and saw the screen cracked. He tried to turn it on, but it was death.

“Shit!!” Alan cursed.

“What is it?” Kate asked.

“It’s broken, you must have landed over it. It’s not working,” Alan said.

“Shit! Okay, do you have your cellphone?” she asked trying to calm down.

“Yeah. It’s in my pocket,” Alan said. Kate looked at his pockets and noticed the bulge on his left pocket. But her arms were trapped. So close and far at the same time.

“I can see it bro. But I can’t move my arms. I can’t take it out.” Kate said blaming her damn destiny.

“Damn. Now what? I don’t think anyone is around,” Alan said as he remembered how few people were walking around the street.

“HELP! HELP US!!” Kate started to yell, even though, she knew her little brother was right. It was almost midnight and they were buried in the forbidden zone that no one entered. They were all alone. They were so immersed in the zone that no one outside would hear them. And much worse, their parents allowed them to be out of the hotel all night if they wanted. So they wouldn’t be looking for them, at least until the next day.

“Stop it, sis. It’s impossible,” Alan said as he knew it was a waste of energy.

“HELP! PLEASEEE!” His big sister ignored him as she kept yelling. “PLEASE, WE’RE TRAPPED” Kate yelled weaker and weaker as she lost her hopes.

“Sis. Hey sis,” Her little brother said.

“What do you want?” She answered pretty angry at the situation.

“No one is near. And there were so few people when we entered. We’ll have to wait for the morning,” Alan said hoping his big sister would finally accept it.

“Are you saying we’ll sleep here?” she asked.

“There’s no other way,” Alan said.

“Crap!!” she cursed, silently agreeing with her little brother.

Time was passing by, and the siblings started to get bored. They couldn’t sleep, they were too uncomfortable being stuck under that heavy pillar. There were no lights, but the moon was big that night, enough to shine the place and their two bodies trapped.

Kate was embarrassed to be faced at her little brother like that but didn’t make a big deal out of it. It was an accident after all. Alan on the other hand, was completely nervous. There were no more than five inches between his big sister’s sweet valley and his face.

While being the bigger sibling, Kate could easily ignore her little brother’s crotch. But Alan was still a virgin. It was the first pussy he was watching in his whole life. And it was his big sister’s. He wondered what it would be like. How did it feel? Was it soft? Was it like the porn movies he saw? His cock filled with blood, as he was getting aroused by his big sister.

As if trying to take himself out of the temptation, he began to see her legs instead of what was between them. Her jeans were dirty, and she was wearing a pair of sandals. Her toenails were painted, bright red. Knowing it was his big sister’s and they looked good, he couldn’t help to watch her as a woman. He knew he shouldn’t be watching her like that, but her legs were quite attractive, and his big sister wouldn’t find out what he was doing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32