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Chapter 1 Temptation

I looked at the clock, pressing my palms to my temples in frustration. This was the umpteenth time I lay restless in bed, tossing and turning all night. In my thoughts I cursed Jim for taking that position overseas, to rebuild a third worlds’ industrial base, even though it would mean an earlier retirement and a substantial bonus in the six figure bracket. Three months down, two to go. Staying in bed was a waste of time from this point on. I rolled out of bed and made my way to the shower hoping to wake up. Not getting any sleep left me fatigued as and short-tempered as any wolverine that inhabited the woods behind our cottage. I hoped the shower would somehow put me in better spirits. I dropped my robe, opened the door to the granite shower stall. Stall! It should be called a room!

There were seven large showerheads, which converged on one main area in the center. I smiled outwardly. Being well heeled did have its’ rewards. I adjusted the heads to my liking with the single control and waited a few minutes for the steam to build up. I gazed at my reflection in the mirrored doors turning and looking at my butt and deciding my diet and exercising has paid off. Three months of working out in the gym instead of the bedroom bore some good looking results. At forty-three I still looked good. My boobs were droopy but then again what woman didn’t have sagging tits at my age. I could have gotten some implants but decided I liked the natural look, as did Jim. My tummy had a small swell to it, but having three children, two at once will do that. Red twisted hair covered my neglected nest and I swear it was pouting. The only loving it had seen since Jim left was a finger or two and a vibrating hunk of synthetic dick. No stand-in for Jim’s manliness.

Examining my small upturned nose, a delicately pointed chin, and full cheeks with high cheekbones I was satisfied. With long dark scarlet hair highlighted by expressive green eyes I felt I was worth at least a second look. It was this face and these eyes that hooked Jim twenty-five years ago. We were then and are now in love and if you saw us together you would swear we were newly weds. Again another reason I was so horny and forlorn. I stepped into the steaming spray and was lost in the incredible feeling of the needles pelting my body from head to toe. With so many heads it was impossible to avoid the sting of the shower anywhere on your skin. I stood there for what seemed like hours, basking in the torrential rain of the shower. The loud banging in the door startled me.

“Hey mom! Are you OK? You’ve been in there for almost a half hour!”

I opened the door and yelled back.

“Blow it out your butt Phil! I didn’t sleep a wink and I need this!”

“Well O K grouchay! I’ll go make some coffee.”

“I’m sorry baby! I’d love coffee! I’ll be down in a few.”

My oldest son Phil had been home for a week from college. Having finished his Master’s degree in Communications. At least I had one man around the house. The twins, Deni and Dani would be home in another week and a half, and then it was up to the cottage for a month or so, maybe longer if the weather held up. I knew there was not much keeping the kids and me here. I shut the water off and snatched the thick terry towel, drying myself and with a last gaze in the mirror, I felt I looked good enough for coffee.

I entered the kitchen to find Phil already pouring us each mugs of the morning pick me up. I stood next to him and kissed him on the back of the neck. That always made him blush and break out in goose bumps. He had made the mistake of telling me a long time ago it was his weak spot.

“Good Morning handsome!”

“Mornin mom! Are we still grouchy?”

“I’m so sorry baby. It has been a hellish week for me and I ‘m not myself. I just can’t seem to sleep. I miss your dad I guess.”

“Well I’m home now so maybe I can help you relax.”

“Thanks baby, but there are certain things a son can’t do for a mother. If you catch my meaning?”

“Oh and what they be?”

“None of your business smart ass!” I said with a slight grin.

“So tell me. What’s on the agenda for today?”

“Well we need to get some canned goods and other nonperishable goods to bring with us when we go, and I need to call up to the cottage and make sure that George gets the boats, skis and all the other bits and pieces ready for us. Other than that I was going to go see about that new car you promised me if I got my Master’s? Seems to me a certain pretty lady guaranteed me my choice of automobile if I obtained my Masters before my twenty-fifth birthday? Which by the way is in three weeks? Wink Wink.”

” I haven’t forgotten honey. You get your pick. Have you decided yet?”

“Well I have narrowed it down to a Viper, a Mercedes 500 SL convertible or a Ferrari.”

“WOW! Aren’t we going a little overboard here?”

“No not really. You did say, as I remember I could pick out I quote “any car I wanted.” Didn’t you? Are we reneging mom?”

He had me on this one, bahis firmaları the little shit. I smiled at him and with a big hug I said.

“Yes honey. I did say you could pick. Would you mind if an old lady tagged along with you? I am going to go nuts if I stay in this house much longer.”

“Well as for being an old lady? No you can’t tag along. But seeing as you are not an old lady, but a foxy looking babe, then you can escort, most certainly.”

“Well thank you for the kind words Phil honey. I will go get my face on and be ready in a flash.”

As I gave him another hug and he wrapped his arm about my waist and pulled me close and kissed me on the cheek. It felt good to be held by a man, even if it was my son. As he pressed his body to mine I could almost swear he pressed his groin against me little harder than he should. I felt the distinct presence of his manhood push into my mid section. I stood back and gave him an “Excuse me young man!” look.

He gave me a playful smile sipping his coffee as if it was a normal transaction between mother and son. I turned away wondering what he had up his sleeve only to get an open handed smacked on my butt.

“HEY!” I shouted over my shoulder.

“Hurry up woman. It’s not nice to keep a man waiting.”

“Like I said earlier. Blow it out yer ass!”

I made my way to my room to get ready. Phil couldn’t see it, but I had a playful grin on my face. I said to myself.

“So if he wants to play around and act like a big man, maybe his mom will have to show him a thing or two!”

I closed the door to the bedroom and threw the robe in the corner, on my way to the dressing table. As I sat looking at my reflection my face went crimson. My nipples were poking out, my chest flushed pink. I knew the reason I was turned on. It was that hunk of male flesh pushing into me a few minutes ago.

“Shame on you Victoria. Getting turned on by your own son. Curb your lust you shameless slut!”

But, talking to myself did little to cool me down. My needs were growing, and just like a stiff dick has no conscience, a wet pussy doesn’t know when to close!

I went about getting ready for the day with Phil. I took extra care, making myself look good so he wouldn’t be ashamed to take his mom out with him. I decided on a green satin skirt and halter outfit. I liked this one because it fastened in a knot below my breasts accentuating them nicely. The contrast between my hair, my ashen skin and the outfit, was enough to make any man take notice. If Phil was embarrassed to be with me today then it was not because I didn’t try. I purposely left the top two buttons undone to add a little cleavage seasoning to the already sexy get up. I stood and bent forward, looking at my mirror image. My braless boobs were held in check, with just enough exposure to excite. I turned to profile making sure I looked good from the back as well. I went to the closet to get matching sandals and as I stooped down to pick out the ones I wanted I my pussy was staring back at me in the mirrored door to the closet. As soon as I had the shoes I wanted I went to my dresser and pulled out a black pair of boy cut panties, and slipped them on. I was not that much of a exhibitionist. Finished. I took one last look in the mirror

“Woo Hoo! You sexy bitch!!” I said out loud.

“Phillip, my good-looking young man, your momma is one hot looking lady today! I truly hope you appreciate it!”

I walked down the stairs making my way to the garage humming an old sixties tune, by the Supremes, my butt sashaying, maybe a little too much. I felt a little wicked and it was grand!

As I opened the door to the garage I saw Phil sitting in the passengers seat of my Beemer. His mouth fell open as he looked at me.

“Holy shit mom! You look fabulous!”

“Thanks son.”

I was absolutely glowing as I strutted over to the drivers’ side. Opening the door, I swung my left leg in, allowing my skirt to ride up my thighs nearly to the juncture of my thong covered vagina. Just as I thought, his eyes trying to pierce the fabric! His eyes went from my crotch to my boobs then back to my panties. I decided to get back at him for his earlier crack.

“Is there something wrong with my face Phil?”

“HUH! Your face? No mom why?”

“Well I figured maybe I looked like shit seeing as you only looked at my tits and my panties!”

Now it was his turn. His face turned as red as the paint on my convertible. In my mind I was yelling. “YES VICTORIA! One for you!

“Sorry mom. It’s just that you look so hot.”

“HOT! Gee I guess that is a compliment! No one has said I looked hot in a long time. Thanks Hon.”

I tucked myself behind the wheel, turned to Phil and kissed him saying.

“You’re a fine looking hunk yourself! I’m going to be the envy of all the women today, walking around with a stud like you.”

His face lit up in a big smirk. I bent over giving him another kiss, looking at his eyes to see if he would take advantage of the view I was offering.

Just kaçak iddaa like deer in the headlights he was drawn to my cleavage. If hesitated for a few seconds, inhaling to my lungs capacity. I was certain my jugs would pop the reaming two buttons and then I would have to explain why I wasn’t wearing a bra. I despised bras anyway. I loved the feeling of my breasts jiggling under my outfits. It felt good to be unencumbered by that double barrel sling shot. I liked the titty freedom.

I started the car, depressed the clutch and looked back over my right shoulder, my right arm going behind Phil’s seat back. I backed the car out of the garage onto the cobble stone drive. All the while Phil was gawking at my cleavage. I was indeed flattered he was taking such an interest in me. I took a little too much time backing up to give him his fill of eye candy. I could feel myself getting damp and knew what’s more that my nipples were poking out at the satin material and pointing directly at my oldest offspring. I thought to myself.

“This is fun. I am going to enjoy myself today.”

We made small talk all the way into town talking about the things we were going to do once we get to the cabin. Phil loved to fish so I knew he would be spending time out on the lake in his boat trying to get us a perch or pickerel supper or two. I told him I would go with him if he would teach me to fish. He agreed readily, saying it would be fun to see me bait a hook. I felt good inside and for a while being with Phil made me forget my needs. He was fun to be with and acted like a real gentleman, holding chairs and doors. He even surprised me at lunch. It seems he called ahead and made reservations at my favorite restaurant, and there was single long stem lying across my plate at the table. There was a little card attached which read.

“For a pretty Lady.”

My heart melted. I was touched. How thoughtful.

“Thank you baby. This is so sweet of you! I love it!”

“I just wanted you to know I think you a re a great mom.”

We were sitting at a table with our backs to the wall with me opting to sit beside Phil rather than opposite. I let my hand fall onto Phil’s thigh just above his knee. Not high enough to be brazen, but to let him know I was impressed by his thoughtfulness. His smile told me he didn’t mind one bit where my hand was. Being a little more risqué I let it slide up a couple more inches. I wanted to show him that even though I was his mom I get turned on too.

Phil had ordered for the both of us. He decided it was to be lobster tail with Alfredo-sauce over angel-hair pasta, fresh asparagus spears, and the house salad with a raspberry vinaigrette dressing served with a chilled bottle of sauvignon blanc. The waiter took our order, and then left us alone. I turned the conversation to his younger sisters, the twins and how they would be glad to see him again. All three of my children were so very close. They seldom argued and were never the type of kids to clash when they were younger. I had three great kids I thought. Phil had told me that he had talked to a couple of the girls’ professors and they had said that his sisters were every bit as gifted as he was and that they would have little trouble in any endeavor after college. Phil went on to say that he was sure both girls would go on for their Masters as well.

I could feel the warmth from his leg through his tight slacks. I wondered if I was doing anything to him. Did he wonder if he was doing things to me. I hoped I would not be sorry for my boldness and chase him away. The waiter broke my reverie as he showed Phil the bottle and then went through that silly routine that waiters do with the cork etc. I have yet to see a bottle of wine refused when that is done. But I guess it has to be done for aesthetic purposes for the most part. Reluctantly I abandoned my son’s thigh, taking my glass and toasting with my young man.

“Here is to a successful afternoon mom!”

“I am sure it will turn out as wonderful as you, my dashing prince!”

We ate and chatted more and I could see that Phil was very much at ease with me. He was careful with his drinking as he was driving, I on the other hand was letting the wine turn me into a giddy teenager. The wine was definitely easing the stress. I was after all a cheap drunk as Jim had let me know on more than several occasions. I was lucky if I could make it through a bottle of wine and still be able to walk. I thought I would have to be extra careful as wine was an instant panty remover for me. Proof of that was under the thin black lacey material of my skirt, my pussy was damp. The devil on my left shoulder was urging me to keep drinking while the angel on my right was telling me that I needed to take control and remember I was his mom, not his girlfriend. Who would win out in the end was yet to be determined. I managed to finish my meal and the wine too. It was a fantastic start to an afternoon with my wonderful son.

I decided to forgo dessert not wanting any more calories added to my waist and ass. I grabbed kaçak bahis the bill before he had a chance, wanting to thank him for being so thoughtful.

“Mom’s treat baby.”

“Mom. A lady is not supposed to pay. I want to pay.”

“Well forget it! I am a lady and I will pay if I want!

“How am I suppose to be a gentleman if I don’t pay?”

“Honey? I know you are a gentleman and that’s all you need to know! So deal with it.”

I smiled at him and took the bill, handing it to the woman at the register. She smiled a knowing smile and as she counted out my change she told me that I should consider myself lucky to have such a fine young man dining with me. I bent and whispered in her ear.

“My dear woman that ain’t the half of it.”

I backed away and gave her a wink. Being a woman she knew exactly what I was referring to. I felt it wise to take Phil’s arm ad have him walk me to the car as the wine was catching up to me.

Once at the car, Phil held the door for me as I lowered my shaky butt into the hot leather seat. I am sure it was the wine that made me give him a good look at my legs and thighs, to within a few inches of my now wet panties. Once in the car and safely on the road we headed towards the car dealers and spent the afternoon picking out and test-driving various models. I for the most part was quiet, not wanting to sound like the over baring mother. I let him have his way with the salesman. Watching him handle the powerful machines, he looked so macho putting the various models through various maneuvers . I was proud to be seen with him. We made the Mercedes Dealer last as he said his first pick was the 500SL and he wanted to compare the rest with it. I could tell by the look in his eye as we turned into the dealer after our test drive that I was about to become a lot poorer. The black ragtop was a very special car. It even made me take notice! An hour and a half worth of ironing out details and ensuring the vehicle met all of his expectations, Phil and I walked out of the Dealer, and Phil was the proud owner of a 2004, Mercedes 500 SL Convertible.

He was on cloud nine as we drove home. He reached over and placed his hand on my thigh about three inches below my pussy. I whipped my head around and just as I did, I felt his lips touch mine. It was not a quick kiss yet it wasn’t a lover’s kiss either. He definitely had his mouth open, as I felt his tongue on my lips. It was over in a few seconds.

“Thanks mom! You’re the greatest!”

“My pleasure handsome. Now get your hand off my leg, before we smash my car up!”

I said it in a tone that was not offensive. Rather like a date telling her boyfriend to slow down. Once back at the house Phil asked me if I wanted to go for a swim.

“Sure! I’ll go get changed and meet you out there in ten minutes.”

“Ok Mom.

I ran up the stairs unbuttoning my top and slipping out of it as soon as I was in my room. I shimmied out of my skirt and panties walking naked to the dresser. My reflection in the bureau mirror revealed my swollen breasts, my nipples begging for a touch. I was excited about getting into my brief swimsuit and showing off my body to my son, hoping he that maybe would try something. I took hold of my twin globes and pinched the nipples, sending shivers down my spine. I watched my hands travel downward to my wet slit. I let my fingers probe the petals of my quim and slipped a finger into my wet pussy. I closed my yes and moaned out a cry of need, a cry for something to put out this ache between my thighs. I wanted to feel a cock penetrate my cunt and fill me to feel it sink to the balls in my slit and fuck me until I passed out. I manipulated my hard nubbin only able to imagine getting fucked ruthlessly.


My hunger was driving me insane. My instincts were telling me to stop what I was thinking and get hold of what little sense I still had. I let my head fall and through teary eyes I opened my dresser drawer and pulled out my bright yellow two-piece. It wasn’t as daring as what he kids wear, but it did show a lot of skin. I was full of the fire today and Phil was going to have to pay for it. It took a little more than the ten minutes to get back outdoors. I crossed the deck, past a few chairs near the pool. I made my way to the ladder and turned to step down into the clear chlorinated water. I was waist high in the cool water with my back to the house when I heard one frightening word.




Too late. The little shit threw up a wave nearly as big as a tsunami. I was soaked from head to toe.

“You little son of a bitch I yelled. You’re dead meat!”

I steadied myself and cleared the water from my now smeared face. I dove head first with one thing on my mind. To pay him back in spades. Arm over arm, feet kicking, I was doing my best to catch Phil before he got to the other end of the pool. Just as he was hoisting himself up to get out I grabbed his trunks to hold him back. All I succeeded in doing was pulling his swimsuit off his butt and half way down his thighs. It literally leg cuffed him so he could not move his legs. He fell back into the water beside me and as he went he had this look of desperation on his face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32