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Mark and Melanie are twin brother and sister. Since the Ferris Wheel/lightning incident a few weeks earlier, they had discovered that they could feel what the other twin was thinking about themselves, and what other people were feeling toward their twin. At least, they could feel sexual thoughts, and they found that they were both suddenly very hot for each other. Both seemed to be somewhat normal when they were apart, however, when they were together sex was foremost in their minds. Sheri is Mel’s best friend. Jim is Mark’s best friend. (See “Summer Of Discovery 1,2,3, & 4” for more details of these events.) Enjoy!

The twins had invited their best friends up to their parent’s cabin for a three-day weekend. Mark had started dating Melanie’s best friend Sherie, and Melanie had began dating Mark’s best friend Jim. By ‘dating’, I mean they had discovered, with their sibling’s help, that the friends had the hots for their sibling. So, even though the twins had come to enjoy sex with each other every day lately, they each had new partners to discover exciting and different ways of getting close. They had not told anyone their secret empathy abilities yet, but that was soon to change.

That first evening, the four of them had dinner together and were enjoying a few beers afterward. Since they were all getting along so well together, the twins had decided to share their secret with their good friends, or at least part of it.

“Well, this has been a fun first day, so far!” Melanie said as they all sat around the table drinking.

“It certainly has been,” smiled Sherie to Mark and Mel. Sherie had had some great sex with Mark earlier, and also shared her first woman-to-woman experience with Mel.

“Here’s to friends. Cheers!” said Mark, lifting his drink where they all tapped them together and gulped down another mouthful.

“You know, there’s something we want to tell you two about Mark and me.” Said Melanie seriously.

“Yes. We didn’t want to tell anyone before because they probably wouldn’t believe us anyway.” Added Mark.

“Oh no, you’ve both got horns and tails!” Laughed Jim.

“Very funny.” Said Mel, slapping him lightly in a fun way. “But this is serious. You two have to promise never to tell anyone or we won’t tell you. You promise?”

“This does sound serious. You know I won’t tell any one.” Said Sherie.

“Oh, I promise too. Now what is this big secret?” asked Jim.

Mark started the story; “You know that day at the county fair when we were struck by lightning? Well, something happened to us that day.”

“What? I thought you were both OK after that.” Said Sherie concernedly.

“Oh, we’re OK physically.” Replied Mark. “It’s just that we can do something now that we could not do before. You know, I’m not sure if we should be telling you this.”

“Please, do continue. I’m sure we want to know what it is now that you’ve started.” Chimed Sherie and Jim.

Looking at Mark for support, Mel continued, “Well, you see, it’s like this: We can read each other’s thoughts now when we are near each other. I can tell what Mark is thinking, and he can feel what I’m thinking!”

“Can’t most twins tell what the other is thinking, and sometimes even complete their sentences?” asked Jim.

“Yes, some can, but this is much more than that. This is like reading a book, seeing pictures, or watching a movie of those thoughts. They are crystal clear. Not only that, but when we’re thinking about sex, the thoughts are even clearer.” Said Mel.

“That’s easy. Guys think about sex all the time.” Quipped Jim.

“Well, that’s another thing.” Said Mark. “We both seem to be thinking about it much more now. It’s like we’re both horny all the time.”

“Is that right, Mel?” asked Jim.

“Can’t you tell? The way I nearly attacked you in the barn, on our date, and again today, should give you a hint. Haven’t you wondered why I’m making love to my brother’s friend, and he’s making love to my friend all of a sudden?” Asked Mel.

“You attacked him in the barn? WoW! That doesn’t sound like you, Mel,” said Sherie.

“See, that’s what I mean. And how do you think you and Mark discovered you like each other so much? I was reading your thoughts about each other and helped you two get together.” Said Mel.

“What, you were reading MY thoughts too?” asked Sherie with surprise.

“That’s the other thing.” Said Mark. “We can read other people’s thoughts about our sibling. I can’t tell what you are thinking about me, but Mel CAN! And Mel can’t tell what Jim’s thinking about her, but I CAN!”

“Whoa! This is too much. I need another drink.” Said Jim, jumping up to grab another cold one.

“No one can read another one’s thoughts. I don’t believe you. What am I thinking about right now?” asked Sherie.

Mark sensed Sherie thinking about how good his sister tasted earlier and how smooth her skin was. “I don’t think we should talk about that right now. Please think about something else.”

Startled, Sherie still didn’t bahis firmaları believe him, but forced herself to think of something else.

“Ah, you see, you are thinking about my brother now, so I can feel it.” Said Mel. “You are thinking about how good his cock felt inside you when you were riding him this morning.”

“Wow. I was. How did you know that? Did you see us?” asked Sherie.

“No, I didn’t have to. I felt everything you two did to each other, how you sucked him first, how you saw us in the other room then went back and climbed on top of him, how much you both enjoyed it, how you both came together. I was helping you by telling him what you liked him to do.”

“Oh, God! I need another drink now too.” Said Sherie.

“You SAW us today?” asked Jim.

Mark replied, “Yes, she saw you two on the bed. Mel got so turned on by knowing what we were doing next door that she had to have you too. Sherie saw Mel sucking your big cock and came back to get some relief for herself.”

Sherie knew it was true now. There was no way they could know these things if they were not reading the other’s minds. She was in shock at the thought of someone reading her innermost mind secrets, as was Jim by now.

“So, that’s why you knew we wouldn’t be disturbed in bed! You knew they were both busy.” Said Jim.

“Yes.” Said Mel. “And, Sherie, did you wonder how you and Mark got together on that first date, even though you’ve known each other for years and never showed any sign that you like each other that way?”

“Yes, I did wonder.”

“I felt how much you both liked each other and could feel your thoughts about wanting his body. I just helped him to do all the things you already wanted him to do. And he did them to please you because he DID like you very much.” Said Mel.

“So, you knew everything we were doing that night?

“Yes, I felt EVERYTHING!” said Mel. “That’s why I was so turned on when we ran into each other in the bathroom after he came in your mouth.”

“Oh, I see now.” Said Sherie, thinking back to all the things that happened that night, and since.

“This is too much for me. I’ve got a headache. I think I’ll lie down for a while.” Said Jim, retiring to the bedroom.

The three sat in silence for a while in the living room, Mark and Sherie on the couch and Mel in an easy chair next to them, drinking their drinks and thinking about what it all meant, and what would happen next. The twins wondered if they did the right thing by telling their friends about their little secret. They hoped it would make things more exciting, and not ruin the good thing they had already. Sherie wondered how much Mark had actually felt about her sexual desires, like the ones for Mel. Did he know what they had done that afternoon? She had to know.

“Mark, earlier, when I was think of something and you didn’t want to talk about it, what was I thinking about?” Sherie asked.

Looking directly into her beautiful eyes, he answered softly, “You were thinking about how soft Mel’s skin is, and how pretty her breasts and hips are, and … how good she tastes.”

“Oh, my God! Do you know what happened today while you were out for a walk?” Sherie asked.

“Yes, I do. In fact, I felt it all. I even kept Jim from barging in and ruining it for you two. We came back about the time you two started in the bathroom. I stopped on the porch to wait it out.”

“I’m so embarrassed. What must you think of me? I’m so sorry.” Groaned Sherie.

“Please don’t worry about it. I know you still like me. I really like you too, a lot. And I know I love my sister and want you both to experience anything that makes you feel good. Why should I deny those I love, such pleasures as the ones you two had this afternoon?”

“He’s telling the truth, Sherrie.” Said Mel. “He was even helping us through his thoughts to me to make it better for both of us. Not only did he not mind, he was very turned on by it himself. He stood at the door and jacked off while watching us in the “69” position. It was obvious that he liked what he saw very much because he came when we did!”

“You watched us, Mark? And, you watched your brother jacking off, Mel? I wish I could see that.”

“She means it, Bro. She really would like to see you stroking your cock. Right, Sherie?”

“Yes, you seem to be reading my mind.” She smiled in reply.

“So, why don’t you show her what it looks like, bro? Don’t mind me. I’ve already seen you doing it once today, so I know what it looks like already. Don’t worry about Jim. He’s asleep already.”

‘Take it out and play with it, for her and for ME, please, Mark.’ Thought Mel to Mark.

Sliding down in the couch, Mark unbuttoned the waist and lowered the zipper of his shorts. Reaching in, he pulled out his flaccid penis into view. Sherie and Mel’s eyes were both focused on his member. He had done this once before for Mel, the day they discovered their empathy secret, but never for a girlfriend, and certainly never for TWO girls kaçak iddaa together, one of which was his sister! As he played with and stroked it, his trepidation soon passed. He wondered how they liked seeing it. Of course, he KNEW his sister liked it.

“Well, does she like it, sis?” asked Mark to Mel. They could send each other thoughts, but he wanted to let Sherie in on what they were thinking.

“Yes, she does. It’s turning her on. She told me she was fascinated by your penis and couldn’t keep her hands off it. I believe her now.”

Sherie gave in to her thoughts and touched herself between her legs. “Ooh,” she moaned at the sight and touch.

“He likes seeing you touch yourself too, Sherie. His cock twitched when you touched yourself. Would you show him your breasts? He wants to see you hold and pinch them.”

“OK. You don’t mind, Mel?” said Sherie, asking for permission, but very willing to show her breasts to Mark.

“No, of course I don’t mind. I wouldn’t mind seeing them either.” Said Mel.

Sherie lifted her shirt over her head, freeing those large, white mounds for Mark and Mel to see. She cupped them and pressed them together, using her thumbs and forefingers to tweak the nipples to hardness. She saw Mark grow an inch as he was stroking his growing cock with one hand now.

“See, he likes it!”

“Yes, I like seeing you playing with your beautiful breasts very much. And so does Mel. Look at her.” Said Mark.

Sherie looked over at Mel and saw her sitting with legs spread, knees bent up, and her feet on the front of the chair. She was holding one of her own breasts in one hand, through her tank top, with the other hand caressing her clit through her shorts. There was a visible wet spot starting already. Sherie shuddered at the sight and thought of her best friend playing with herself and her new lover stroking his cock for her.

“Mark, she wants to touch it. Sherie, Mark wants you to fuck his cock with your tits.” Informed Mel.

Sliding around to kneel on the floor in front of Mark, Sherie wrapped her full breasts around his cock and pushed them together. She raised her chest up with every breath, using her hands to enhance the up and down movement. Looking up into his eyes, she blew him a big kiss, which he returned. With a smile, she looked back down to see his purple head poking up through her boobs. She licked it once, then twice, tasting his salty precum. Then she swallowed the couple of inches that she could reach into her willing mouth, oblivious to her friend watching on.

‘Take her shorts of for me, please?’ thought Mark to his sister. ‘I want to fuck her.’

‘I know. I want to see it too. I can feel your cock in her mouth. We like it!’ Thought Mel in return.

Sherie jerked at the feel of hands on her bare stomach. She knew who’s they were, of course, and liked the feel of them as they unsnapped her shorts. The hands unzipped them and began to pull them down her legs. She raised each knee to help Mel remove the shorts and leave her with only the barest of pink panties covering her round butt. Mel felt her cheeks with her hands and clasped one hand over her pussy mound. Sherie moaned on Mark’s cock, ever sucking and fucking it with her boobs, while Mel fondled her pussy lips and clit.

Mark need more and pulled Sherie up to her feet. They hugged and kissed each other deeply, rubbing each other’s back and hips as Mel lowered her panties down until they dropped to the floor. Sherie felt his hard cock pressing urgently into her tummy. Mark turned her around and laid her down on the couch.

‘Oh, yeah! Fuck her. She’s ready for it now. Let me see it. I’ve only seen you do it with her in my mind before now. You two look so sexy together!’ thought Mel to Mark.

Mark pressed his hard cock against her pussy lips. They readily accepted it inside as she moved her hips up to welcome it. Ever tight, she grasped him like a living glove, squeezing and pulling him in as he kissed her mouth, her neck, and her nipples. He jumped when he felt something wet on his balls. It was Mel’s tongue licking him. ‘Good ‘ole Mel,’ he thought.

It was Sherie’s turn to jump next when she felt Mel’s tongue licking her pussy lips and Mark’s cock together as it slid in and out of her. Mark lifted himself up so that Mel could lick them both better. Mel could tell that Sherie liked it and let Mark know that she didn’t mind. Mel licked and kissed the back of her legs and buttocks, and when Sherie pressed her hips upward, Mel’s tongue licked her nether hole. Mel was licking them both to ecstasy.

“Oh, Oh, Lick me. Ahh, Yes!” screamed Sherie. “Fuck me good with that beautiful cock. Oh, I’m gonna cum. Please. AHHH”

She started bucking and quaking and Mark and Mel kept up their end until she relaxed and sank down in a relaxed heap. Mark pulled his still-hard cock out of her and stood up, stroking it next to Sherie’s face. After a couple of minutes, Sherie looked at them both and said, “What am I thinking?”

“Oh, my, are you kaçak bahis sure you want that?” asked Mel to Sherie.

“What does she want, sis?”

“She wants you to put it in me and fuck me so that she can watch us both cum.” Moaned Mel.

“Are you sure you want that, sweetie?” asked Mark.

Sherie just nodded “YES” with her big, beautiful smile.

“OK, get up, and Mel, get on your hands and knees.” Ordered Mark.

Sherie slid out helped Mel remove her clothes. Mel got on the couch on all fours. Mark positioned himself behind her, his cock touching her pussy. Sherie reached in, stroked his cock a few times, and pressed it into Mel’s waiting pussy. It slid easily into her smaller friend, much to Sherie’s surprise. She watched in awe as Mark filled her with all of his hard cock. He began pumping in and out immediately as she pressed her butt back against him. She enjoyed the feel of his balls slapping against her clit and his hands pulling her hips back to meet his thrusts.

Then, she felt something under her. Sherie was on her back, sliding her head toward his cock and her vagina. Mel moved her arms to let Sherie’s butt slide under her face. Wasting no time, Sherie began licking and kissing Mel’s clit and pussy, tasting her juices. Sherie felt Mark’s balls hitting her tongue and licked them up to his shaft. She loved the feel of it on her mouth as he slid in and out of his sister, her best friend. Mel was groaning and arching her hips to try to get more tongue and lip contact.

Seeing Sherie’s wet, juicy, and swollen pussy right under her face, Mel dove in, eating her friend with gusto. Their breasts pressed into each other’s stomachs as they ground against each other. Mark reached under and massaged Sherie’s big boobs while stroking his sister hard and fully. The girls were driving each other crazy and the feelings traveled up through their bodies into his. Watching his sister and her friend eating each other under him, and feeling his girlfriend’s tongue licking his cock, he was fast approaching an orgasm.

“Cum in my mouth!” Sherie was thinking. “I want to suck it out of you!”

Feeling that Mark was ready to cum, Mel sent Mark a thought, ‘Mark, pull it out and cum in her mouth. She wants it there. Don’t worry about me. I’m gonna cum too, any second now.’

Mark pulled back until his cock slipped out. Sherie trapped it between her tongue and Mel’s pussy as Mark pumped it along them both. Feeling it throbbing, Sherie opened her mouth, arched her head back, and took at least half of Mark down her throat. Mark shot a blast deep into her throat, which she swallowed to keep from choking. Feeling Mark start cumming, Mel began cumming herself. Wanting to bring Sherie off again, and sensing she was close, Mel shoved a finger up her butt, while eating and sucking her whole pussy. Sherie was loving the cock shooting into her mouth and backed it out some so that she could save some of the cum. Mel’s sucking on her pussy, and the finger in her butt, and the shooting cock in her mouth set her off again. Sherie bucked and shuddered again as the three of them orgasmed together. Sherie licked Mel’s pussy, coating it with some of Mark’s cum.

When Mark was through, Sherie slid out and turned around to face Mel. She smiled as she kissed her fully on the lips, sharing her brother’s cum with her willingly and lovingly this time. Both kissed and hugged one another as they tasted Mark’s cum and swallowed it all. Mark flopped back, exhausted and smiling at the two women enjoying him, and themselves, so freely.

They took a shower together and carefully cleaned each other. After drying off and throwing on some clothes, Sherie spoke up, “What are you guys doing to me? I was such a good girl a few weeks ago and now look what’s happening.”

“We’re not doing anything you don’t WANT to do, are we?” asked Mel. “It’s not like we planned this. We just seem to be more sexual now, and it seems to affect those around us too.”

“No, you’re not making me do anything I don’t want to. I just never KNEW I wanted to do these things before. I know I love you both and never want us to be apart.”

“Do you know what I’m thinking now?” Sherie asked with a shy smile from ear to ear.

“I don’t feel anything.” Said Mark. “You must not be thinking about Mel.

“I feel you are thinking about a cock, but I don’t think it’s Mark’s or I would sense it better. OMG, Are you thinking about Jim?” asked Mel.

Smiling at them both, knowing she tricked them a little, Sherie replied, “Ever since I saw you sucking on Jim’s big cock this morning, I’ve wondered what it would feel like. That’s what I was thinking about. So, you couldn’t tell, huh?”

“No, I guess we couldn’t. I don’t blame you for fantasying about Jim, but I don’t know if I want to share him. I’m just getting to know him and don’t want to lose him.” Said Mel.

“Well, I don’t want to take him from you, just borrow him for a while.” Laughed Sherie. “That is, if Mark and you don’t mind. Mark, I love you and you know it now, so you can trust me. I only want to feel what it is like one time in my life. Besides, Mel, I shared Mark with you, so you should share too. It’s your fault that I want this anyway, don’t you know?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32