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My story begins with me growing up as the only child of a single dad. My mother died when I was young, leaving my father and I alone. Unfortunately, my dad grew up in a house with 5 brothers and no sisters, so the mysteries of raising a girl was a daily challenge.

As for me, I have always adored my dad. He is a sweet and gentle man who has always caught the eyes of women, even some of my own friends. In fact, it was because of my friends’ constant comments about how cute and sexy my dad was that first lead me to look at him as more than just a father. Of course I never admitted that to my friends, but once the idea was in my head it stuck.

I turned 18 the spring I graduated from high school. I was off to college that fall and, at my dad’s suggestion, was using the summer to relax and enjoy myself before moving on to my next phase of life. That basically involved me hanging out with my friends in our backyard pool, eating out and shopping at the mall. Such is the life of a suburban teen princess!

During the summer, my dad’s job allowed him to work from home a lot. Often he would do work from his laptop out back while my friends and I would swim or sun ourselves. My friends usually wore their skimpiest bikinis around my dad. In a way I felt sorry for him. He really didn’t date so being around two or three teenage girls in thong bikinis must have been pretty frustrating. But on the other hand, it was a situation many men dreamt of. But as much as my friends tried to give my dad a good show, it was me I always caught him looking at.

One day it was just the two of us by the pool. My dad was working on some project and I was swimming. As I got out of the pool and dried myself, I asked my dad to help put sun screen on my back. He smiled as I handed him the bottle, and lay face down on my lounger. My dad started applying the lotion gently at first, but it soon turned into a full fledged back rub and was it ever great! I was so relaxed I fell asleep as my dad’s strong hands worked every tension out of me.

A couple hours later he woke me up for dinner. I got up and threw a t-shirt over my bikini. Dinner bahis firmaları was quieter than usual. I can’t speak for my father, but the spontaneous backrub earlier left me feeling a bit awkward but incredibly horny. After dinner, I cleaned up and dad went upstairs to shower.

After cleaning up from dinner, I went upstairs and heard my father in the shower. I decided to peak inside and quietly opened the door. Through the frosted glass door I saw shadows of my dad jerking off. His cock was hard and soapy and his hand was massaging it lovingly. I couldn’t move. I was so turned on. I had never seen a man masturbate before, much less my dad, and thought it was so sexy. I also wished it was my hand stroking his cock, that it was me making him moan with pleasure.

My trance was broken when he suddenly stopped, sensing someone in the bathroom.

“Ali, is that you?”

“Sorry dad – I was just getting toothpaste. I’m out of it in my bathroom.”

“Ok hon, but please bring it back.”

“Ok dad.”

I quickly left and went to my room to compose myself. I was flushed and my pussy was on fire. After my dad was done, I got in my shower and treated myself to a good orgasm with my special showerhead. But it wasn’t enough. I needed more. That would wait until bedtime.

I threw on a t-short and shorts and watched TV with my dad. Other than an occasional comment about the show, little was said. The room was charged and things between us seemed different, tense. Finally, my dad announced he was going to bed.

I watched TV for a while longer, eventually watching some steamy erotic film on cable. This didn’t help matters. By now I was so horny I needed more than a masturbation session. I needed a cock – my daddy’s cock.

Then and there I decided I would seduce my father.

I went upstairs to my room and changed into my shortest, sexiest white cotton babydoll and thong. I then snuck into my dad’s room, and snuggled next to him in bed, throwing my arm around him. He was half-asleep.


“Sorry dad, but I just need to sleep in your bed tonight. Bad dreams.”

He mumbled kaçak iddaa something and drifted off to sleep. I, however, lay there snuggling against my daddy’s bare back trying to figure out what to do next. An idea occurred to me: I turned with my back to him and mustered the best fake tears whimpering I could.

“Ali? Are you ok?” He lightly stroked my back through the filmy nightie.

“I’m sorry daddy – I’m just feeling sad tonight,” I said between crocodile tears.

“Thinking about your mother?”

I nodded.

“Come here Ali.” He lay back as I snuggled next my daddy, his arm around my shoulders and mine across his chest. We just lay there, him stroking my blonde hair and I stroking his chest. I looked down and noticed my dad’s boxer shorts tented from what appeared to a respectable hard on. I couldn’t help myself.

“Did I do that to you daddy?”

“I’m sorry…” He started to move. “It’s been a long time since…”

“Shh…its ok.” I continued stroking his chest. “When was the last time you were with a woman daddy?”

“I don’t think….”

“When dad?”

“The last time was with your mother.” Wow – that was 5 years ago! I looked up in his eyes.

“Was mom a good lover?”

“I really don’t think….”

“C’mon dad – was she?”

“Yes she was.”

“Did she really turn you on? What did she do to really get you hot?”

“Look Ali, this is really not appropriate.”

“C’mon dad — it’s just us.” I gave him that smile that always makes him give in to me. That, combined with our conversation and my stroking my father’s torso lower and lower, was having its intended effect. I could see he was hard as a rock, with the head of his cock starting to peak out of his boxers.


“Please daddy?” my hand lowered and brushed across his cock. He gasped. “Please tell me?”

“Your mother had very little inhibitions. She liked all kinds sex.”

“But what made you crazy, daddy? Tell me everything.” At this point my fingers were lightly stroking my father’s cock as it protruded from the thin fabric of his boxers. He gasped.

“She gave the kaçak bahis best blowjobs, Ali.”

I smiled. “Really? Did she let you cum in her mouth?”


“Did she swallow?”


“Daddy, do you ever masturbate thinking about mommy?”

“Yes Ali, I do.”

“Do you ever masturbate thinking about me?”


“Do you daddy?” I asked as I began giving my dad a good, sexy little handjob.

“Yes, Ali, I do. Do you think it’s easy living in the same house with a beautiful and sexy girl who hardly wears clothes?”

I smiled. “You don’t have to do that anymore, daddy,” I said softly. “Anytime you want me, just ask.” With that I moved downwards towards his lovely cock and balls, kissing and licking them as my hand continued to pleasure my father.

“Oh Ali….”

With that gasp, I looked in his eyes, ran my tongue up his length before swirling it around the head, wrapping my lips around it and sucking it into my mouth. As my head bobbed up and down my dad’s cock, he played with my hair, moving it back so he could watch his little girl’s lips pleasuring him. It wasn’t long before I felt his cock and balls tense as I readied myself for his orgasm. Obviously he never finished his earlier masturbation session in the shower because the amount of cum filling my mouth was immense. I kept at it and swallowed as much as I could, although some dribbled down my chin. Finally, when I knew he was done, I move up to lay on top of him and smiled.

“Was that as good as mommy’s?”

“Oh Ali…”

We kissed. Not the kiss between a father and a daughter but between lovers sharing their juices. We kissed for a long time, until daddy rolled me on my back. His cock was still hard. I smiled and reached out to touch it.

Fuck me daddy, please.”

“That was my plan, Ali.”

My dad slid my panties off me and down my legs, sniffing them lustfully before tossing them to the floor. My legs rested on his shoulders as he asked, “Do you know how many times I’ve jerked off smelling your sexy little panties Ali?” I shook my head no and smiled. With that my dad impaled me with his cock. “About as many times as I am going to fuck your pussy this summer.”

And with that my dad and I began a lovers’ orgy that lasted long after the last rays of the summer sun set in September.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32