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My name is Miina Jaklohnna, 22 years old. My twin sister and lover is Maiino Jaklohnna. She is beautiful, sexy, smart, brave, athletic, has great breasts, long silky soft blonde hair, pale green eyes, and lips that would put Angelina Jolie to shame. I am very much the same, except I am terrible at sports have smaller breasts. When we were younger, I was always jealous of her. It took me awhile to realize that I was attracted to her as well. Some mornings we would wake up, and I would be right on top of her, my pussy right above her stomach and I couldn’t make myself get up until she woke up and looked at me with those eyes and smiled. We lived in a small town, so we had never met any twins other than ourselves. We did everything together. So we just thought it might be something twins do normally. It never occurred to us that it was somewhat sexual, not even when we admitted to each other we liked waking up naked together, our bodies warm and close. We never kissed or anything before, so we really didn’t come to understand it until one night when I decided not to fall asleep first and waited for Maiino to fall asleep. We were 19 years old.

I illegal bahis pretended to be asleep for awhile, but when she fell asleep, I wanted to look at her so badly I couldn’t keep my eyes closed. I opened one eye. Her lips, so close to mine, suddenly seemed irresistible to me.

I hesitated for all of two seconds, and then I kissed her. Both eyes snapped open. It was like my whole body came alive. Just that one kiss and I was on fire, my body burning and aching to be closer to hers. I reached my arms around her and pulled her closer, really kissing her now. My legs wrapped around her body as if they weren’t even mine anymore and I pressed my wet pussy against her soft body and gasped as the sensation traveled all the way to my fingertips. Now I noticed these lips under mine were kissing back, these arms under mine were slipping out of my grasp and sliding around my own body, holding me tightly, kissing me roughly. She pulled back and whispered something that sounded like my name, and new emotion in her eyes. Lust. Yes, I felt it too.

She kissed me again and I pushed my tongue into her mouth, kissing her like I had never illegal bahis siteleri even kissed a boy. Moans penetrated the night. Her mouth went to my breasts, and I gasped in delight as she licked and sucked on one nipple then moved to the other. I ran my nails down her back and she moaned. Then she moved lower. I couldn’t believe what she was doing to me. Soon she had me cumming, and I quickly pulled her back up, dying to taste myself on her soft lips. We kissed for a long time, our bodies rubbing against each other, our hard nipples brushing against each other too, making us even more excited. We were dying in each others arms; melting away with each kiss. I don’t even remember the next couple hours after that. It was all just so breathtaking, every nerve was fresh and undiscovered ones were soon found. We got to know every inch of each others bodies that night. The next morning when we woke up we didn’t leave bed. We kissed and touched and rubbed and sucked and licked all day. We told our parents we were sick. Luckily we had some pretty sound-proof walls.

After that night it was a daily ritual. Before we went to bed each night canlı bahis siteleri we would make each other orgasm at least three or four times. We weren’t caught until a year after that. When our 18 year old little brother Matt got upset with his prom date after he caught her kissing his best friend and left prom early. Our parents had gone on a date, and since Matt would be gone too, we decided to try something new.

So, we carried our favorite blanket downstairs to the study room and stripped down into our birthday suits. We had champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, a chocolate fondue set, the whole cha bang. Halfway into the bottle (and each other) we heard the door open and barely had time to blink before there was a shout and a crash as Matt backed out of the room and tripped over a flower pot in the hall. We didn’t even think. We rushed out of the room to check that he was ok, quickly forgetting that we were naked.

“Matt!!!” We both said it at the same time as we each grabbed an arm and helped him up.

He looked at both of us and turned beet red.

“Miina, Maiino, please put something on!” he turned away quickly.

We looked at each other and winked, why not?

No, good girls wouldn’t do it. A year ago we wouldn’t have either…


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32