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Big Dick

Author’s Note: This tale of incest falls well within the realm of possibility based on the research for the story. All characters are purely fictional and eighteen or older. Please enjoy the telling.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Meghan! Can I please stay at your place? Please – pretty please, Meghan!”

I immediately knew that the desperate person calling on a Friday evening was my cute younger brother, Jimmy. Even though I suspected what might be the cause for his late-night call, I still had to ask, “What happened, Jimmy?”

“God, Meghan! Since you moved out the twins have made my life a living hell. Even though those bitches, Lucy and Karen, are only one year older than me, they think that I’m their fucking servant. They’re mean and spiteful especially when they don’t get their way. Do you know that they withheld my college acceptance letter and by the time I replied, only the shittiest dorm on campus was available? And they’re two-faced on top of that. They act like fricking innocent goody-two-shoes in front of Mom and Dad but turn into Cruella DeVille behind the folks’ back.

“I know what you’re going to ask, Meghan, but if I tell Mom what’s happening, all she will say is, “Be nice to each other.” Dad is worse. He’ll just ignore me and then tell me, “Be a man, take some responsibility, and stop whining.”

What Jimmy was saying was absolutely true. As the first born, I had been the ‘one and only’ for nearly five years. This gave me a maturity beyond my years as I satisfied and often exceeded my parent’s demands and expectations. Since I was often referred to as an adult in a child’s body, my parents relied on and empowered me to raise and care for my two bratty sisters from their birth. The twins, of course, banded together to resist me, but I had a knack for figuring out their petty ploys and squashing any silly passive-aggressive behavior.

However, things really changed when Jimmy was born a year later. This might have been because he was a boy, but I really believe that it was because my sisters even at the tender age of one picked on him. I knew that they did so to redirect their anger at me to Jimmy who was helpless and defenseless. Stepping up to protect Jimmy, I endeared myself to him as he would to me.

Despite being seven years younger, Jimmy quickly became my pillar of support. When I was on the soccer field during high school, my kid brother was my most avid fan and his cheers and encouragement kept me going when I was tired and wanted to slack. He was always around and had a knack of cheering me up whenever I was in one of my self-induced blue funks. Jimmy became my confidant when I had boyfriend problems that I couldn’t or wouldn’t talk to my parents. While I didn’t always agree with his advice, I knew that it was based on his uncomplicate view of the matter and his unconditional caring for me.

In return, I made it a point to attend Jimmy’s scouting events, root for him at his sports activities, and help him with his studies. The little errands that we did together often became outings that allowed us to just be together whether at the mall, the park, or the beach. Lending him a friendly ear, I listened to his problems and especially those involving our sisters and any other girls. From a very early age, Jimmy gained a unique insight as to the working of the feminine mind, something he’d put to good use later in his life. Somehow taking care of Jimmy and making happy him had become my priorities.

But, by growing closer to each other, we excluded the twins and that made them even more resentful towards me and especially Jimmy. To prevent my brother from becoming a target of the twin’s retribution, I chose a college that was within commuting distance and elected to stay at home. This decision delighted my parents since they avoided having to pay for my dormitory expenses, elated Jimmy to have his big sis around, and pissed the hell out of Lucy and Karen which made me extremely satisfied.

“Without you, the twins are running wild and making my life miserable,” Jimmy moaned on the other end of my phone, bringing me back to the current situation. “I know you had to finally move out once you got a job that was too far to commute daily, but the two bitches tormented me throughout high school. Yeah, I knew I could always call you but I didn’t want to bother or worry you about all the petty but nasty things the bitches constantly pulled on me.

“Meghan, can I please stay with you until I start college in the Fall and check into my dorm? I know I’m asking a lot but I’ve got no one else to turn to.”

“Okay, Jimmy, you can stay for the summer. However, I’ve got to warn you that I’ve got to work so that I can pay for my apartment and other bills. So, in the mornings, don’t get in my way as I rush around. Next, since the college you chose is on the other side of the city, you best explore the city and the college’s surrounding area. Lastly, you need to get a summer job. No lolling around for you this summer. You’ve got to contribute to the groceries especially since pendik escort you eat like a food was going out of style.

“Yes, boss,” Jimmy quipped at his list of my terms. “I hear and obey my oldest sister.”

“Hmmph! Well, just see that you do. Oh yeah, I’ve got to warn you that my apartment is a small…very small…single-bedroom apartment. With my big brawny younger brother taking up all of the space, things will be tight.'”

“Will it be as tight as last summer’s tent?”

I had to smile as memories of last summer filled my head. Our parents decided to have their summer family camping trip at State park. Because of work demands, I couldn’t plan the family event as I had always done, and so the task fell to the twins. I discovered the long memory and sheer spitefulness of my evil sisters when I pulled up at the campsite and found that they brought only three two-person tents.

I would have been pissed if it hadn’t been for Jimmy who said with a smile on his face, “That’s okay, Meghan. You don’t have to sleep in your car.” Then looking at the twins, he continued, “You can bunk with me.” The look on our sisters’ faces was priceless, and it took a tremendous amount of control for Jimmy and me not to break down in rib-busting laughter.

While my unspoken affection Jimmy made it easy for me to be with him within the confines of our tent, there were some unexpected ‘physical’ issues. For one, Jimmy had grown to six-one and was muscular from playing high school football and basketball. It didn’t help that having been athletic too, I was a well-toned five-six. This meant that the space vanished when we crowded into our two-person tent and especially when we lay next to each other.

Fortunately, our comfortableness with each other allowed us to push the normal sister-brother limits. We quietly accepted us being in our underclothes and when those had to be changed, we would provide each other whatever privacy we could. During the first night, I awoke comfortably nestled in Jimmy’s embrace, but I soon drifted back to sleep with my cheek was pressed against his bare chest. I didn’t say anything when the next morning found myself being spooned by my soundly sleeping younger brother, his morning woody pressing against my panty-covered butt crack as his muscular arm was draped across my t-shirt-covered breasts. We never questioned our experience in that tent; we just silently acknowledged it as being somehow natural and right.

“My place, little bro, is just slightly bigger than our tent, but by not much. In fact, I don’t even know if my couch can accommodate your six-one body…what…you grew another inch? And you put on more muscle because your only escape from the ‘Terrible Two’ was the gym? Oh my god, try not to break my couch, Jimmy.

“Hmmm, okay, tell me where you are, Jimmy, and I’ll pick you up.”

“Hey, don’t sweat it, big sis. I’m at the bus terminal with suitcase and ticket in hand. If things go as plan, your very grateful younger brother will be outside of your apartment in about an hour, ringing to be let in. And, before you ask, yes, I left a note for the folks to let them know that I’d be staying with you for the summer and that we’d be back at a later time to pack up more of my stuff later. Yep, I left it on the folk’s bed since I knew that the Terrible Two would never think to go there.”

“Very good, little brother. See you soon. Take care – love you.”

“Love you too, Meghan. And I really looking forward to spending the summer with you, big sis. It’ll be like another camp-out but only better. Thanks again.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Aah, that was a great meal, Meghan. Like Dad always said and Mom was quick to echo, you’ll make a great wife for some lucky guy. So, with that said, do I have any rivals for my oldest sister’s affection? Are you getting any ‘hot and heavy’ with some dude for whom I may have to stand outside of this apartment until he leaves?”

“Jimmy! Why don’t you just come out an ask me what’s my favorite position and have I ever been butt-fucked? Well, little brother…you know it’s hard to refer to you like that when you’re so large…it’s none of your business. Hmmph!”

“Come on, big sis…even though you’re damn short compared to me…we’ve always shared…let’s not change that. Here, I tell you what. I’ll update you about my love affairs if you tell me about yours. Okay? Promise? Cross your heart and hope to die?

“Okay, here goes. Let’s see…what was my last confession of lewd and lascivious sex that I last shared with you? Oh yeah, when you left, I was into Mary Lou Perkins…you know that cute red-haired girl that I met the summer before when we were camp advisors. She was hot and experienced, and ‘shattering my crystal balls’ was her present to on my eighteenth birthday. What? Yes, big sister, I used a condom from the stash you had left me, but can you believe it, she wouldn’t have sex after that first time if I used them. Hey, don’t look at me like that, Meghan! I was just pleasing a woman as you told me.”

“Jimmy, escort pendik that doesn’t mean you have irresponsible sex. What if she got pregnant?”

“Well, that never happened. After a few more make-out sessions, I found out that she had been doing a couple other guys while she was doing me.”

“What a damn slut to cheat on my cute younger brother! I hope you dropped her.”

“Didn’t have to because her parents got wind of her sexual exploits and shipped her off to someplace in Montana where she probably screwing any willing cowboy around. So…the make a long story short, I had a few more flings with other girls…yes, Meghan, I used protection…before ending up with Susie Woo, one of the cheerleaders. She wasn’t as busty as my other girls…somewhere around your size…maybe a little smaller…but she was lean and fit and could do incredibly flexible things, on and off the field. The only thing with Susie was that she insisted on remaining a virgin until she got married.”

“What? My horny brother is saying that he didn’t have sex with his cheerleader girlfriend?”

“I didn’t say that, Meghan. Susie wouldn’t have vaginal sex but she was open to anything else. When she sucked me off, it was like putting my…ehrr, you know what…into a vacuum cleaner. Susie always made me cum in her mouth, swallowed every last drop, and then gave me this sexiest smile. But what I remember the most was about Susie was booty-banging her tight little Chinese ass. God, Meghan, that girl loved being butt-fucked…hey, at least I didn’t have to use those damn rubber. Unfortunately, right after our graduation, Susie decided to go to the other side of the fricking country to go to college…sigh…what a lost. There – that’s it for me. What about you, Meghan?”

“Jeez, Jimmy, compared to your life of sex and sin, I feel like a cloistered nun. Let’s see. You remember that my first guy was Johnny…yeah, the guy in my high school senior year whom you hated. Anyway, he told me that he was joining the Marines right after graduation and would probably end up in some war zone. I swallowed his story hook line and sinker, and let him convince me that it was my ‘patriotic’ duty to have sex with him before he shipped out to basic training.

“Yeah, Jimmy, smart Megan can be really stupid at times. I regret losing my virginity to him because he eventually proved that he was just playing me just so he could add another notch on his puny dick. I should have listened to you, Jimmy, it would have saved me a whole lot of grief and self-doubt.

“I think that after Johnny I was gun-shy of being sexually used and having my heart broken again. So, while I dated a few guys in college, most of them only got so far as heavy kissing or frantic groping, if you know what I mean. However, one guy seemed nice and promising, and I’d go down on him whenever I was in the mood. But unlike Susie, I wasn’t into didn’t swallowing his spunk and eventually he wanted more than ‘half-ass oral sex.’ When I balked, he got mad, called me sexually inhibited, and that was that.

I should have shared my guy-problems with you, little bro, but I was in college and thought that I could deal with my dismal love life by myself. I told myself that my failed affairs shouldn’t hurt me, but then again, I was never good with handling my emotions. Silly, huh?

“As for now, I’ve been too busy getting myself established. Besides not having much free time, I have to be careful of office romances for if they go bad, things with a working environment can get very stinky. I’ll go out with guys but won’t let it get too intimate, preferring to keep it under control as a friend or as a co-worker. I’ve heard whispers that I’ve been labeled a ‘cold fish’ – as in ‘frigid’ if you know what I mean. There was even one bastard who implied that I might not be into guys – like in lesbo – when he put the heated rush on me.

“But, do you know what is the worse part of it? I’m just not sure of myself anymore. I feel so unattractive. Maybe all this talk about me being sexually frustrated and inhibited is true. All I know is that I might as be a nun the way my social and especially love lives are .”

At this, Jimmy was consumed in an uncontrolled fit of laughter. “Stop that Jimmy! Don’t laugh at me! You’re making me feel worse…and I regret telling you.”

“Calm down, Meghan, calm down. I’m laughing because you’re so ridiculous. Stop it putting yourself down, Meghan. Wait, wait, let me explain.” Then taking a deep breath to become serious, Jimmy said, “God, Meghan, don’t you realize that my guy friends from middle school through high school thought you were the coolest and especially the hottest older sister a guy could ever have. You don’t realize just how much they envied me being able to hang around you and live under the same roof with a ‘sexy babe’… yep, that what they called you.”

“I’m not sexy, Jimmy, far from it.”

“Meghan, when I look at you, I see an attractive young woman who while not some fricking beauty queen, is pretty and wholesome like pendik escort bayan the girl-next-door. You’re just the right height for many guys, with warm and inviting brown eyes that match your shoulder-length mahogany hair, a toothy but dazzling smile that shows off the freckles on your cheeks. And while your boobs aren’t bodacious tatas, they fill out a t-shirt nicely without looking slutty. A lot of guys agreed that your tits had enough heft to jiggle and that they make a lot of guys’ mouths water. To this, I can personally attest because I sneaked a good look of your boobs when you were changing clothes in our tent.”

“What? I thought you were sleeping, you son-of-a-bitch!”

“Nope. Our tent was so small that when you started to move around, you woke me up. I was trying to go back to sleep when you pulled off your sleep t-shirt to slip into your bra. Because of the cramp quarters, you had to remove your t-shirt slowly and carefully, and when it covered your face, I took a good look of your boobs with their silver-dollar-size pink areola and stubby nipples.”

“God, Jimmy, how could you, you creepy peeping pervert?”

“Hey, I may be you’re your younger brother but I’m still a guy with natural…urges. You don’t know how much I struggled throughout the nights controlling those urges when you snuggled up to me when we were sleeping. Feeling your boobs pressed against me and your leg is over my thigh, shit, I almost tore a hole through my boxers with the humungous boner that I sprouted.”

“Jimmy! Are you telling me that I…’turned’ you on?”

“Damn right, Meghan. You did before that camp-out…while in our small tent…and you still do right now.

“And hey, stop the ‘Meghan Think’! Before you start thinking too much in the brainy brain of yours, getting stimulated is not the same as wanting or making things happen, if you know what I mean. Meghan, you are very attractive and sexually appealing, but you’re my oldest sister. I would never do something that you wouldn’t want, or would hurt you, or which we would both might regret.”

I was clearly stunned by Jimmy’s revelations which had my so-called logical and orderly mind spinning like crazy. Jimmy found me attractive and sexy? I had always thought of Jimmy as just my younger brother and not the good-looking, sexually-experienced young man who sat before me. With his blond curly hair, sparkling blue eyes, square jaw, and height and build from my father’s side of the family, Jimmy had no problem catching the eyes of girls. Why hadn’t I seen him as such? As I grappled with this mental paradigm shift, I became acutely aware of my hardening nipples and that tingling wet sensation between my inner thighs. What the heck is happening to me and the world that I had taken for granted for so long?

Before I could shift mental gears to the next level, Jimmy mentioned, “Hey, Meghan. It’s getting late and this has been a very stressful day. Once again, thanks for taking me in and talking with me like old times. But if you don’t mind, I’d like to turn in.”

“That’s a good idea,” I quickly replied, bringing my training of thought from the realm of the tantalizing unexplored to the everyday here-and-now. “Why don’t you take a shower? I’ve laid out some fresh towels and a brand-new toothbrush for you. That will give me time to make up the couch although I still have my doubts about it containing you. I’ll shower after you do and then we can call it a day.”

When I came out of the shower, Jimmy sound asleep with his long arms and legs hanging awkward off the couch Covering him, I turned on a night light before making my way to my bed. I don’t know how I did it, be I somehow managed to silence in my head the analyzing-chatter about the amazing revelations learned, and before I knew it, sleep covered me like a comforting blanket would.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Meghan. Hey Meghan. Wake up please,” was what shook me from a sound sleep. Opening my eyes, I saw the looming presence of my huge brother. “Jimmy, what’s wrong?”

“Sorry to wake you, sis, but do you have more blankets. Try as I may, I can’t sleep on the couch. Shit, I’ve got one hell of a crick in the neck. Sleeping on the floor would be a much better option than sleeping on that couch.”

My instinct to take care of Jimmy automatically kicked in, and before I knew it, I sleepily murmured, “Come on, Jimmy, get into bed with me.” It wasn’t until the muscular form of my brother got into my double-size bed that I realized the magnitude of what had just slipped from my lips. Jimmy’s massive body pressed against me that I realize that he was naked except for his boxers. I, in turn, was wearing only my oversize sleep t-shirt with nothing underneath. But there was nothing that I could do and my sleepy body betrayed me by casually molding itself around Jimmy with a cozy sense of complete acceptance.

Jimmy slipping into my bed to sleep with me became a nightly occurrence. He didn’t ask and I didn’t say anything. Although I should have had, I had very little problems sleeping with my brother as evidence me still sleeping every night in my large sleep shirt without bra or panties underneath. As we cuddled and casually touched each other, we shared our most innermost secrets, hopes, and fears.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32