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Note: a continuation of Terry’s Story featuring son Andrew.

Chapter 1 — In which son Andrew lusts for his sister while fucking a hooker


After spending the last two days cramped inside a car with his sister and parents, Andrew Hamilton breathed a sigh of relief as he collapsed onto the crisp, cool sheets of his very own hotel bed. His family was well enough off that whenever they travelled, he and his sisters being of full adult maturity now, got their own rooms. But he didn’t lay still for long. His skin was itchy. A headache pounded irritatingly at his temples. Hell, he knew what the problem was. He was still overstimulated from that “incident” at that sleazy rest area bathroom where some mystery girl had sucked his dick through a glory hole and made him come so hard his balls had shuddered.

And he was pretty sure that woman was his own flesh and blood sister.

The things he would do to get his sister to suck his dick like that more often… If it had been her.

Of course, there still remained the possibility that a stranger had been in that stall and not his sister Laura. He shouldn’t want the woman to be his sister. But he did. He wanted it so bad his cock hardened just thinking about her mouth sucking on his tool with that eager little mouth.

Andrew wasn’t comfortable knowing how much he had enjoyed even the thought of coming in his sister’s mouth. It was bad enough that his fun-loving, flirtatious sister with the body of an athlete from years on the track team had already infiltrated his mental fantasies years ago. He had so many scenarios revolving around Laura it was shameful. Made him wonder if he was crazy.

What kind of a bro thought about fucking his own flesh-and-blood sister? The fucked-up kind. That’s who.

Aside from his perverted fantasies revolving around eighteen-year old hot pussied sister, he was completely normal. He had dated plenty of girls, one of whom he’d loved, but she broke it off with him when he moved to go to university. He cared about women, too, and not in some pandering way. He just did, because he generally respected people; until someone gave him a reason not to.

Yet, his fantasies had gotten rougher… and closer to home.

Why did his sexual fantasies involve him nailing his sister’s tight ass? Or of coming inside her hot, shaven pussy? He’d done everything to her in his vivid imagination: impregnated her, came on her face, splooged jizz on her tits, exploded cum her pussy, inside her pussy, her ass, on her ass, on her stomach, in her hair… while she was sleeping.

Fucked up. That’s what he was. A complete sicko scumbag. No way could he ever tell anyone about these fantasies of his. What would anyone think of him? They’d call him a monster and look at him with horror. Well, screw that. He had a degree to get and plans with his life. He had a AAA scholarship to play football and plenty of friends who liked him.

Andrew rubbed the back of his neck as he stood and gazed out the window. They’d made it to Tallahassee for their last ever family vacation. His sister Laura had just graduated high school and would be attending the same university as him in the fall.

He’d always loved Laura, but they’d never been close. It almost felt like they were acquaintances, even strangers, rather than real siblings.

With a three-year gap between them, which at times felt more like ten years, they’d never taken to doing what many siblings did. From watching movies, chatting about their lives and work and their shitty problems. Hell, he and Laura didn’t even text each other. What would they possibly have to talk about?

Laura had been quiet ever since they left the rest stop. This added tension onto Andrew’s already burdening thoughts. Was she quiet because she thought she sucked some stranger off at a rest stop? Or did she know it was him. At one point, he’d glanced over at her to find her staring at him; she’d quickly looked away, though.

Something about that interaction stuck in his mind.

Just thinking about it made his dick twitch. tuzla escort He wanted to fuck, to explode in some woman’s tight hot pussy—then he’d finally find some damn relief and not feel this constant itching nag that kept bugging him. Maybe if he had sex, he’d stop fantasizing about his sister and that damn rest stop.

Andrew left his room and made a walkabout through the hotel. On their way inside, he’d noticed a certain kind of woman sitting in the lobby. She had that look about. A look that said she was all pro all the way. For the right amount of cash.

Sex with a hooker had never been on his bucket list of things to do, but hell, at this point he’d pay a dog to lick his balls.

He made his way to the ground floor bar, where he’d spotted the pro on his way in. His eyes lit up as he spotted her. Yes. She was still there.

She wore a black, fitted dress meant to entice and a pair of spiky red high heels. She had long blond hair wrapped back in a tie, and in profile she resembled his sisters. Fit, thin, dark blond hair like wheat, a thin nose. She looked so much like his sister. But Laura would never be caught dead wearing a dress and heels. She was a cut-offs and t-shirt kind of girl, never caring for that “frilly shit”, as she said.

Andrew approached the woman slowly, when her head turned and she caught sight of him, she smiled openly. That was all the invitation he needed.

He crossed to her, his cock hard and ready for release inside a woman, so he could finally eject this fantasy from his brain that he had of fucking his sister. He did not want to wait a moment longer.

“Why hello, sweetie. Can I … help you with something?” Her eyes darted warmly down his body.

Andrew licked his dry lips. He’d never done this before. But his parents said they were staying in for the night and he and his sis were to do whatever the hell they wanted. And what he wanted was a tight pussy to fuck.

“How much?” He got straight to the point.

Her eyebrows rose. “For what, exactly?”


“One hour, sweetie, is two hundred dollars.”

Andrew leaned closer as the bartender came their way. He waved the man away when he tried to take his drink order. He whispered in the prostitute’s ear, “Can I bareback you?”

Her eyes crinkled at the corner as she smiled. “Of course. Have a room already?”

His lips were dry, so he licked them as his heart started to race. He was really going to do this. His excitement could not be contained. A rush of energy surged inside his blood, lighting a fire to it.

He grabbed the pro’s elbow and steered her for the elevator. Inside the metal cage they were alone. When the doors closed, he pulled her close and kissed her hard, his tongue thrust-fucking her small mouth.

He didn’t know her name. Hell, maybe he didn’t need one. He’d call her… Laura.

At the thought, his balls panged and his spine tingled with anticipation at the huge load he’d blow inside her. Panting, he cupped the back of her head and kissed her even harder, eating up the soft sounds she made in response.

The door pinged as it opened. Andrew peered down the hall to ensure his sister and parents weren’t out before he yanked the hooker into his room.

She stumbled in after him, laughing softly as she tossed her purse on the dresser. “Money first, sweetie.”

He pulled two stiff hundreds that were carefully folded behind an insurance card for emergencies in his wallet. She winked at him as she pocketed the cash in her purse and then took a seat on the bed. She spread her legs wide.

“What do you want…sweetie?”

He rubbed his crotch as he studied her body. Fat tits pushing against her dress, curvy hips. He swallowed hard and in a hoarse voice, began to command her to do as his fantasy bid. It was not just any fantasy, either, but one he’d had for years—and every time it involved his little sister—who wasn’t so little anymore.

“On the bed. Lay on your stomach.”

She complied and Andrew knew he was far too aroused to go slow for this first time ’round. tuzla escort bayan He noted the time. An hour. That was a long time and a lot of orgasms.

He shed his t-shirt overhead and unzipped and dropped his jeans.

The woman moaned and lifted her ass in the air to jiggle it at him. Andrew stroked his rock-hard cock and took a deep, heavy breath as he approached the whore with purpose.

His fantasy was always the same. It came from a real memory. It was probably the memory that started him off fantasizing about his sister.

Laura was lying on a bed, about to pass out from being out with her friend’s late and binging on booze and weed. She looked at him over her shoulder, smiled, and told him to “fuck her anyways,” and then she passed out. Heavy head denting a cushiony pillow, limbs limber and pliant. He could have fucked her right then and there… That was three years ago. She’d only been 18 years old. He hadn’t touched her, not a hair on her pretty little head. Instead, he’d jerked off, as any rational human male would.

That particular fantasy had left Andrew coming hard every time he jerked off to the fantasy.

Yeah, he was definitely fucked up.

And he was definitely going to fuck this whore while imagining it was his sister.

“Lift your skirt up.” His voice was dry and hoarse.

The whore complied. Wiggling side to side she wrenched the taut material up to her waist and revealed two firm globes with a black bit of lace resting tightly between her ass cheeks.

She was still watching him over her shoulder. Waiting for his command. He felt powerful. Dominant. In charge.

“Don’t look. Pretend like you’re sleeping.” Just like Laura had been passed out that night.

The whore murmured something unintelligible and then did as he bid. He watched her as she settled down. Her breaths became even and she didn’t move except the gentle fall and rise of her chest.

His heart hammered a frantic pulse in his chest. He was so hard he thought his balls might burst.

Fuck, he thought.

He wanted to go slow, but he couldn’t. Not for this first. Next one he’d savor the experience, he told himself. He had an entire hour, after all.

Andrew sidled up atop her. Her legs were nearly closed. Softly, pretending he didn’t want to wake her, as if she was truly sleeping, he trailed the pads of his fingertips over the back of her thighs. Her skin was soft and warm. Gripping each firm thigh in hand, he spread her legs open rather roughly. When her legs started to close naturally, he used his knees to keep her spread open for him.

Her pussy was covered in a black lace thong. Breathing hard, he found his movements coming naturally as he got out of his own head and simply… acted.

He braced a hand near the base of her shoulders, pressing just enough to add pressure and keep her there. And then he grabbed the thong and yanked harshly. The material dug into her hip and then snapped. He tossed it away, growling as his cock leaked pre-cum and dribbled down his swollen dick. His balls were tight, firm sacs, filled with seed ready to be pumped into a willing woman to impregnate her.

He ran his hands over the globes of the hooker’s ass, molding her pliant flesh and spreading the mounds before he buried his face between her legs and inhaled deeply. His cock throbbed to be inside her.

With that, his patience vanished.

With her eyes still closed, she looked like an angel in sleep.

Laura, he thought, and then he lined up his cock at her moistened entrance and took his time sliding inside.

The hooker’s pussy ring fit snugly around his cock head as he entered her, imagining himself taking Laura that night and doing the unimaginable filled his head and guided his lust with a strong arm.

The hooker moaned softly, a whisper of air, as he slid his fat cock inexorably into her snug channel.

His lips parted and then instincts took over.

He started humping her with surprising force. In and out his cock glided, penetrated her deepest depths. His hips slapped escort tuzla against her buoyant ass cheeks, making them jiggle wantonly. Her head slid up and down the mattress in a repeated rhythm as he rocked his stiff meat in and out of her velvety warmth—using her, fucking her, commanding her body for his own purposes.

Relief soon turned to tension as his muscles bound tighter, stretched like a bowstring pulled back. The sensations were almost too good. Too tight. Tooc creamy and moist, the skin of his cock got snagged by her clenching muscles and stroked him beautifully.

Harsh breaths escaped him as he pounded into the hooker’s pussy quicker… harder. The slapping sounds grew to a furious volume, the erotic sounds bouncing off the walls.

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! As his balls crammed against her buttocks.

Andrew buried his face in the woman’s soft hair and smelled a sweet aroma. With his eyes closed he saw his sister that night, saw him fucking her roughly as she drunkenly passed out. Punishing her with his thrusts for making him want her so badly.

Sweat dripped down his temple and splashed onto the whore.

Harsh sounds escaped from him as cum boiled up his spine to be released. The bed rocked and creaked, the headboard banged violently against the wall as if it was trying to beat a hole through to the other side.

He was fucking her so hard, he’d moved them both up to the top of the bed.

“Ah fuck!” he shouted, as his pleasure peaked. “Ah, fuck! Laura!”

He wrapped his hand around the hooker’s head to keep her still, and then caught her shoulder in his other hand, using her own body to shoved her back down into his ragged movements.

Four ploughing thrusts were all he had left in him before he tossed back his head and groaned long and hard as he shuddered from head to toe. His cum erupted from him like a volcano, spurting endless streams into the whore’s pussy with the force of jet blasts.

Muscles contorted in his body before juddering violently. The woman’s hot mouth at the rest area was one thing, but a real, living pussy was a whole other ballpark.

“Fuck, yeah! Fuuuck, yeeeah!” he grunted, drawing the intense sensations out for as long as he could.

And still, as his load emptied into her, his body twitching, hers unmoving, he saw his sister lying before him.

A brisk knock ruined what should have been a blissful moment of reprieve.

Andrew flew off the hooker and she immediately corrected her clothes without question, snatched her purse and went into the bathroom and closed the door.

Panicked, he tugged his jeans up trembling thighs as he peered through the look-out hole.

It was his sister. Laura.

He let his sweaty forehead rest against the cold door for a moment as he tried to let the catch his breath and cool down his perspiring body. Laura knocked again and he finally opened the door.

Laura was tall for a woman, but still far shorter than him. She peered behind him inquisitively. “Everything all right in there? I heard a lot of… noise.”

His cheeks flamed with embarrassment and he shrugged. “Yeah, everything’s cool.” He kept the door as close to his body as possible.

“Are you sure you don’t need anything?” Her eyes flicked down his naked, sweaty torso and her pupils dilated. “You called out my name. I could hear it from across the hall.”

If his face was red before, now it was scarlet. “U-uh, no. I didn’t.”

One eyebrow rose as she grinned. “Drew, I know what I heard. It sounded passionate, too. Like you were having sex with someone in here.” She eyed the closed bathroom door with interest.

“Haha, I wish there had been someone in here. But no, you’re just hearing things. Maybe the television?”

She cast a quick glance at his TV, which he hadn’t even turned on and clearly did not look convinced. “All right, then. Listen, why don’t you grab us a twelve-pack and we’ll shoot the shit in my room tonight? Mom and dad are either fighting or making up in there and don’t want to be bothered.”

His sister was a light-weight drinker, and they both knew it. She also kept giving him the most mischievous of smiles. She was flirting… and he liked it.

“I guess I can do that.”

“Good,” she said. “Can’t wait.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32