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Hey Journal, April 5, 2022. Tuesday. Can you believe my inbox is insanely full? I’m thinking about turning this into something huge after these thirty days are up. Maybe open an LLC. There seems to be a market for this. The video with me, Joy, and Storm has more views than the others combined. Note to self: more girl-on-girl action.

I scheduled Joy to return along with Michael and David. They were excited to be invited back so soon. I met Storm at the location. We had a little fun in the shower before our guests arrived. When everyone showed up, I was already warmed up.

I hugged David as soon as he walked through the door. He and I had been texting each other since we fucked the first time and after our pool excursion the night before…I have to admit, I’m hooked on his cock. He said he enjoyed my company and wanted me to become a regular part of his and Michael’s sex routine when I had time. I agreed. I enjoyed their company as well.

Joy was nervous. Michael checked her out. Her frame was slim, breasts small and perky, legs long, skin smooth and soft. Our day started with a photoshoot. I loved the element of taking the pictures beforehand while having a light conversation to loosen everyone up.

“Joy has not had the pleasure of a man’s cock, which one of you gents want to be her first?” I asked. Joy stood by and watched the light beam in Michael’s eyes when he responded.

I walked over to Joy and kissed her mouth while touching her pearl, “You ready?”

She nodded, “Yes, oh my god,” she replied.

Her pussy was nice and moist. The nectar on my finger tasted sweet. I kissed her mouth again and walked her over to the bed. The men got to watch us play a little. Our tongues danced in each other’s mouths. We fingered each other as we kneeled in front of each other.

I saw Michael survey her ass. He caressed it while kissing her neck. David did the same to me. They were behind us. Their fingers joined ours çankaya escort in fingering our pussies. We felt their stiff cocks on our asses. Pulsating, throbbing, waiting to push inside.

They pulled our hips back until we rested on all fours. We felt their cocks penetrate. I was used to the sensation. Joy’s mouth opened like she wanted to holler, but she held it in, gritting her teeth, taking on Michael’s big black cock.

I had David inside of me. He thrust with a nice rapid tempo. His balls slapped against my ass. He leaned over and kissed my back. I loved watching Joy take all that cock in her pussy. She looked sexy. Her forehead had beads of sweat; her hair dampened the more she took on those powerful thrusts. I lifted her chin and we shared a kiss as our pussies got stuffed doggy style.

Storm was aroused as she filmed us. I could tell she wanted to join. I promised I’d let her play after the filming was over.

“Fuck, look at that,” said Michael as he looked at his cock with Joy’s nectar all over it. She had creamed hard on him. Her skin was flushed red.

“You good babe,” I asked.

She nodded, “Yes, yes, so fucking good.”

Michael slapped her ass just as he pulled out. His cock flopped in front. He instructed Joy to lay down. I was looking down into her beautiful face as Michael stuffed her again. I reached and wiggled her clit as he humped. He smiled before kissing my mouth.

David was still behind me. He lifted my body until we were both on our knees. I sat back on his cock as he played with my pussy with one hand and held my left tit with the other while whispering in my ear, “I love your pussy.”

It was so sweet because I loved his cock. I started trembling and nutted all over his shaft. My body quivered. He held me in place and continued to stroke slowly, “Good girl.”

He pulled out of my pussy and lay back. In reverse, I straddled him. I felt his cock pushing cebeci escort at my tight little hole stretching it until he was deep inside. It didn’t take long before I found a sweet rhythm on his cock. He pulled me back until I rested on his chest and he held my legs open wide.

Michael wanted to pop Joy’s anal cherry to, so he got her back on all fours. She tasted me for a minute as Michael lubed up. He held her ass up in the air and poked until it popped. She yelped, “Fuck, oh shit!”

I felt her fingers in my pussy and her tongue on my clit. I moaned loudly as another orgasm hit. David rolled me. His back to my chest as he continued to stretch out my ass. He bit my shoulder and neck humping faster and faster until he erupted. We were both moaning and groaning loudly. Slowly, he pulled out. His cum leaked from my ass along with my juices.

I was exhausted. Since Joy had climaxed and couldn’t take on Michael’s cock any longer. He came to me. I watched as he lay on top of me, lifted my leg, and pushed that cock inside. He smiled and began a rapid-firing session. The bed shook, and the walls rattled. We moaned and groaned wildly until I felt him tense and load me up.

His sweat touched my skin. His lips covered my nipples one after the other. Our hearts finally returned to a normal cadence as we lay there taking deep breaths.

After we finished shooting, we decided to head to the pool for relaxation. Storm joined us. This was us just talking, laughing, and enjoying the breeze. After an hour, Joy had to head out. I could tell the guys wanted to have more fun by how they kept eyeing Storm.

Her body was insane like mine. She had a nice round ass, a small waist, and her skin was rich and dark. Her hair was super shiny. She had these almond-shaped brown eyes with naturally long lashes. We ordered some pizzas and beers and went back to the apartment.

After we ate, we ended up doing çubuk escort more kinky shit. This time, I got to be a camerawoman. This was bonus footage; Storm takes on Two!

She was on Michael’s cock riding him as David filled her ass with his cock. I loved watching her skin through the lens. It was marvelous. She looked like a chocolate baby doll. I watched as her eyes rolled to the back of her head as those men fucked her to perfection.

I was smiling, proud of her for taking on double for the first time. Her body shook. David pulled out kissing her neck. He was always so gentle when he fucked. Michael gripped her hair and thrust rapidly, “You had enough?” he asked because she looked like she was ready to pass out.

She couldn’t speak. He rolled her off and went down to taste her pussy. I watched. It was beautiful the way his tongue lapped up her juices. David walked over to me and took the camera, “That’s enough beautiful, I want you.”

He sat on the office chair and I mounted him. We shared a sexy gaze and I rocked my hips. Slowly, I glided up and down feeling all of those veins in his cock. His hands were on my ass guiding my hips slowly. Our mouths touched, no tongue at first, just shallow breaths, soft moans, I squeezed my walls. I felt his cock throbbing inside of me, “yes, yes, like that beautiful,” he said to me holding me tightly.

“Oooooohhh!” I exclaimed as I came hard. I felt his hips thrust faster.

I got off his cock and took him in my mouth feeling his balls tighten as he released. It oozed down the corners of my mouth. So sweet and warm. He leaned over and kissed my mouth before heading into the bathroom.

I looked over and saw that Michael was still licking Storm’s pussy. I walked over, “Need help?”

He stepped back and let me take over. My ass was up in the air and he took advantage. He still needed to release his load. His hand came down on my ass multiple times. He was on a mission to cum hard.

I was still tasting Storm. My girl was exhausted as she lay there, pulling at my hair. I squeezed her breasts as I enjoyed her. Michael grabbed my hips and held steady, grunting, panting. It was done.

After the guys left. Storm and I took a shower and went to bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32