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“Covering nearly 2000 acres of land, hidden from the noise and dirt of city life, the Academy is like no other school in Britain. Our teaching emphasises independent thought, discovering oneself and how to get the most out of life. We understand that every young woman is different; goals, hobbies and habits are unique from person to person. To give the best education possible we have small, intimate class sizes, and offer plenty of opportunities for one-to-one sessions with tutors. The opportunity to expand your social circle isn’t overlooked, and a variety of events run throughout the year to encourage mingling between students. We look forward to seeing you soon!

“Now accepting applicants graduating from sixth-form colleges across the country. Please note that the Academy is an all-girls school, with no male faculty or students. For a full course list, including entry requirements and fees, visit our website.”

Sarah sighed as she lowered the brochure. The Academy was hyped by rich parents everywhere, but all of its advertising was like any other university: praise with no substance. She had no idea what would await her when the bus reached its destination, or what set the Academy apart from any other place. The bus trundled along through the countryside, and Sarah’s mind began to wander. She was startled from her reverie by an excited voice coming from her right.

“So, what’s your story then?” Looking up, Sarah noticed a smiling brunette had sat next to her. “What brings you on a journey to these hallowed halls?”

“Uh, rich parents, mostly.”

The girl snorted and shook her head. “I’m in shock, really. A rich kid at the Academy is such a rare sight.”

Her sarcasm was justified. As the Academy wasn’t an actual university, they could charge however much they liked, often in excess of £50,000 a year. On top of that, private donations could get an applicant moved further up the list. The reason people put up with it was the Academy’s amazing ability to turn even the most useless daughter of a millionaire into someone successful. No one knew exactly what they did, but the investment was always well worth it.

Looking over her new companion however, Sarah could tell that she wasn’t one of the country’s elite – the sort of person that Sarah was. While extremely pretty, she lacked the air of grace kicked into any girl brought up in the kind of family that sent girls to the Academy. And though her clothes weren’t shabby, they definitely weren’t tailored for her like the clothes of everyone else riding the bus.

A wicked grin crossed the girl’s face as she seemed to realise what Sarah was thinking. She slouched down in her seat, kicked off her shoes and put her feet up on the seat in front of her.

“The name’s Beatrice, but everyone calls me Bee. And yes, I did get in with a ticket. No £150,000 debt at the end of all this for me!” She smiled widely at Sarah and added: “There are plenty of empty spaces if I’m cramping your style. I’m afraid I don’t quite know the proper etiquette for a bus ride with royalty.”

“N- No! I’m Sarah, and it’s fine, it’s great, sitting next to you. I mean, um, I don’t… Care? If you’re rich or not?” She tried to smile back, but Bee had started laughing uncontrollably and wasn’t looking at her. Sarah couldn’t believe the chances that, out of over 500 students enrolling that year, she had managed to sit next to one of the two “ticketed” students. The ticket system was a sort of lottery scholarship; girls who couldn’t afford course fees applied anyway, and out of those deemed good enough by the Academy two were chosen at random to have everything paid for.

“You should have seen the look on my mum’s face when I told her. ‘You know that secret girl’s university that makes it into the papers every couple of months because it’s produced the next Richard Branson? Well guess where I’m going to uni!'” Bee started laughing even harder at this point, making Sarah uncomfortable. She had always been reserved, and one of the reasons her mother had pushed so hard to get her in was that she claimed it would get her to “come out of her shell.” In Sarah’s opinion, her shell was lovely and comfortable and coming out of it would only expose her to awful experiences. But rich or poor, parents get their way and Sarah was packed off for a year at an institution she knew nothing about.

Even the subjects were mystifying. Sarah was expected to pick two courses to go with the mandatory one, which wasn’t even given a description. The title “Introduction to You” was the only information given, and it was clear that no one outside of the Academy had any idea what that meant. On top of that, there were no lists of second year or beyond modules, which made Sarah suspect that maybe you couldn’t continue with your normal studies after first year, instead doing whatever secretive things the Academy taught that couldn’t be revealed to the outside world. She had picked Modern History and English Literature, both of which she had done at A Level.

Naturally, Sarah was even more nervous than normal on that bus ride.

The bahis siteleri rest of the journey was uneventful. Bee attempted small talk and Sarah responded politely, but never let herself get into an actual conversation. Soon enough they rolled up to fancy black iron gates that opened onto the biggest lawn Bee had ever seen in her life. The brochure said they had nearly 2000 acres but it was one thing reading it and another thing realising this was a private university the size of a town. If classes were spread across the entire campus it was likely it would take over an hour to get between them. Every girl on the bus was gaping in awe at the sight, pointing out buildings up close and in the distance, and the abundant greenery that filled the spaces in between. It was picturesque, taken straight from a travel brochure, and the girls were treated to a quarter of an hour tour from their windows as the bus trundled up to Margo Hall, which hosted the main auditorium for the Academy.

Sarah stuck to Bee as they were ushered inside. She might have been a little put off by the girl’s personality, but the fact was that she was the only person Sarah knew at all out of the 500 girls turning up by the busload and a friendly face would help ground her as she faced whatever was going to happen. They found seats in the middle of the auditorium, where they had a clear view but without being so close as to be recognisable to whoever was at the front. Neither of them wanted a member of staff getting familiar with their face on the first day.

The room was filled with noise and chatter as everyone gradually found a seat, and the scent of 500 girls wearing expensive perfume worked its way into every nook and cranny. On top of that was the smell of 500 girls who had sat in cars and buses for most of the day in the end of summer heat. Everyone’s nerves were too on edge to notice though, and excited whispers could be heard everywhere, swapping theories as to what all the secrecy was about and when the inner workings of the Academy would be revealed. Sarah looked round to see Bee gripping the desk in front of her, breathing deeply as she stared at the stage below where someone was soon to be telling them all about their new university. Sarah wished she could share her enthusiasm, but had to instead stare at her lap and force the bile rising up her throat back down. It was bad enough just wondering what was going on, but now the reveal was nearly there and the tension in the room so strong she couldn’t take it. Her entire life for the next year – and probably the two after that – was about to be dictated to her, and no amount of chewing on her dirty blonde hair could calm her down enough.

It was all too soon that the lights dimmed and the talking stopped abruptly. Everyone’s heads swivelled to stare at the two women walking on the stage, one after another. The first had black hair tied up in an elaborate weave, and was wearing a black trouser suit. Initially she seemed to be wearing an almost angry expression, but when she looked up at the new students her face cracked into a warm, genuine smile. She must have been only a little over thirty, and from what research she had done Sarah recognised her as Madeleine Ascott, the dean’s personal assistant, who generally dealt with all PR for the Academy. The dean herself hadn’t been seen in public for years.

The second woman wore the blue skirt, white blouse and green cardigan of the Academy uniform. From the next day, that would be all Sarah and every other girl in the room was allowed to wear. The skirt went to just below mid-thigh and was pleated. The girl’s long brown hair was pulled back into a ponytail and her bright smile beamed up at the new arrivals, showing them all her lightly freckled face as she stood with her hands behind her back at Ms Ascott’s side.

Once she reached the middle of the stage the dean’s assistant stopped for a few seconds, waiting for any residual chatter to disappear, and then began to speak.

“Welcome,” she intoned in a friendly voice, “to the Academy. For all of you lucky young women sitting in front of me, this is the beginning of the next stage of your life. Never before will you have experienced what you will here, and I assure you that by the time you graduate you will be new people, ready to seize the world in whatever way you wish.

“I am Madeleine Ascott, personal assistant to our dean. There will be questions in your mind, and those will be answered in time. It cannot have gone over all of your heads that details of our teaching methods are few and far between outside these gates. It is for good reason as you will soon agree, but first some other information must be given. After all, life isn’t all about your studies – while you are here life is about you. Life at the Academy is a period of discovery, of enlightenment, and all of it is tailored to you. Our graduates are successful simply because they know their own limits, their strengths, and how to use them. Instead of factory producing people with the same knowledge, we set you to find out for yourself everything. Nothing is canlı bahis siteleri more important than the self.

“You will be living in one of two buildings, set across from each other just a few minutes walk from here. Together they make Julia Hall, one being Julia East and the other Julia West. First-year allocation of rooms is random, since they are all functionally the same and it is extremely unlikely that any of you know each other, though it won’t be long before that changes. You can take your meals in the main cafeteria that is open 24 hours a day, or you can self-cater. There are communal kitchens between every 7 or 8 girls and plenty of places to buy food on campus.

“Your studies will take place in a variety of areas depending on what subjects you have chosen. Our campus is much wider than that however, and all facilities are available for your use. I advise you to send some time off getting to know the place and what it can offer you. Thanks to your, or should I say, your parents’ generous contributions,” a few laughs came from the crowd of girls, “we have state-of-the-art anything you can imagine. Sports, science, and the fourth biggest library in Europe. All of it is at your disposal to make your time here the best it can be.”

She took a second to pause and look around at the faces staring down at her. “And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for!” There was a wave of movement across the room as girls who had slumped onto the desks in front of them sat up, eager to know just what was going on in the Academy.

“All of your detailed questions can be answered in the class ‘Introduction to You,’ the only mandatory course here at the Academy. But you will surely be wondering what the class is about. Let me give you a few words from our dean, who I’m sure you all know is one of the founders of this fine institution.

“Secrets and lies are both useful tools in a person’s life. Yet when growing up, it is important to realise that one must not lie or keep secrets from oneself. Instead, every hidden corner of a person must be brought into the light for appraisal. The most hidden and secretive of body parts is also often considered the tightest. It is through both figurative and literal loosening that the Academy produces such fine examples of womanhood.”

Confused mutters came from all around as some girls worked out what the dean’s words meant, but were sure they must have misinterpreted them. This was a university wasn’t it? And not just that, but one of the best in the world? How could this be what makes them so special?

“To put it shortly, to open your mind to everything you need to discover, something else must be opened first. Paige, could you turn around for us please?” The pretty student standing next to Ms Ascott spun so she was facing away from the audience and bent over with straight legs, resting her hands on her knees. In this position her skirt rode up so that it barely covered her cheeks, and even the most clueless girl in the room was beginning to realise what was happening.

With a flourish Paige’s skirt was flipped, revealing her bare ass to the entire room. With a gasp Sarah realised that wasn’t all that was revealed however, because there seemed to be a black ring sticking out, a little above the tiny strip of pink and right where she expected Paige’s asshole to be.

Ms Ascott again paused to take in her audience’s reaction. Every girl in the room was too stunned to move or cry out, all eyes locked onto Paige bent over lewdly while their minds tried to comprehend the secret that had been uncovered before their eyes.

“As you can see, obedience is one thing we teach here. I doubt many of you would expose yourself like this with a smile!” The dean’s assistant paused for a couple of seconds, as if she expected a laugh in response. Sarah heard the unspoken ‘yet’ and shivered in her seat. “Now you might be feeling intimidated. Do not worry, we will not expect anything like this from you for a long while. Paige is one of our most talented students, and has benefited from two years tutelage under me and the other teachers here. This is simply to show you what you can become.”

The room was deathly quiet. Ms Ascott reached out a hand to the ring protruding from Paige’s backside. Once she had put a finger through she gave it a light tug. Paige gasped at the sensation.

“Consider this your first true demonstration of the kind of learning you will undergo here,” Ms Ascott said gently to the assembled girls. “And without further ado!”

A sickening shhhhlick noise went into Sarah’s ears and she closed her eyes tightly, wishing she was somewhere, anywhere but where she was. It was only the screams coming from around the room that got her to look again, and what she saw made her wish she hadn’t.

Ms Ascott was standing over Paige with the largest sex toy every new student had seen in their life. It was eight inches long, ribbed and nearly two inches in diameter. Made of black latex, it shined more than it should have and Sarah realised it was covered with some kind of lube. Ms Ascott raised canlı bahis it higher, rotating it so that every girl could get a good look at its dimensions.

It was with dread that Sarah moved her eyes to Paige. Though halfway up the auditorium, she could get a detailed look at the gaping asshole left behind by the monstrous toy. The ring of muscle was red and strained, and Paige was consciously trying to keep it gaping as long as possible. The hole kept winking, closing then opening wider, giving every girl in the room a good view of her depths.

Ms Ascott had clearly decided that the time for words was over. Anything that she might have said wouldn’t have registered with the girls, fixated as they were on Paige’s behind. After the few cries when the toy was removed the room had gone silent again. From somewhere she produced a large bottle and squirted clear lube into both hands, rubbing it around so as to cover them entirely. One hand reached out to caress Paige’s buttcheek, pulling it so as to stretch her ass even wider. The other hand positioned itself at the loose entrance.

Three fingers suddenly plunged deep inside her. Paige did not let out a gasp or cry of surprise, simply a quiet moan at the sensation. Evidently not satisfied, Ms Ascott pulled out and returned with four fingers, eliciting a louder response from Paige. She slowly moved them in and out, the lube making slight squelching noises that could not be heard over Paige’s moans, which were slowly increasing in volume. This continued for nearly a minute, with Ms Ascott’s one hand playing with Paige’s plump cheek, and her other sliding around in Paige’s asshole.

The spell was starting to break, and girls were beginning to snap back into reality. Without further distraction, chaos would ensue and Ms Ascott was well aware of that fact. So as to pull them in once again, she moved her thumb to join the rest of her fingers entering the student. No longer moving in and out, she concentrated on getting as much of herself inside as possible, pushing up to her knuckles in the young woman’s asshole. Almost easily her entire hand slid inside and began to rotate. Paige’s moans changed, becoming louder and deeper, clearly enjoying what was going on. All across the room eyes widened as the new students realised that this would be expected of them at some point; they would have to train their bodies to be able to do this.

“If we had time I would proudly show you all Paige’s ability to stretch indefinitely. I have spent many an enjoyable hour with both of my hands deep inside her, but right now a short show is the best thing for you. Again, don’t be scared. This kind of talent, even after two years is unusual. Many of you will not experience anything like this until late in your third year.

“And now I must show you another important lesson: pleasure.” Her free hand let go of Paige’s ass to squeeze a thumb into her stretched hole. She gave it an almost affectionate tug, earning a little gasp from Paige before her hand moved to rest over Paige’s as yet untouched pussy. With slow, caring movements she began to rub the girl’s nub, already peeking out from the pleasure she had been receiving in her rear. The moans still coming from Paige’s throat were replaced with cries, load enough to be heard even right at the back, in time with the rubs given to her clit.

All through this the hand in her ass continued to twist and move, touching her in places she didn’t know she had and stretching her wonderfully. The feeling of a living thing in her dirtiest place, rubbing her all over sent waves of ecstasy crashing over her body. The rubbing and pinching of her little bundle of nerves was different, like sparks rushing up and down her spine, her arms, her legs, until everything in her head was a cacophony of contrasting pleasures, each unique and amazing and before she knew it she was coming, screaming and clamping down, not caring that 500 girls she didn’t know were staring, entranced, at her. All she knew was the hand inside her, the hand on her, and the pleasure, threatening to burn everything away.

The orgasm lasted well over a minute and at no point did Ms Ascott let up. Her hands seemed to get faster and more vigorous the longer it went on, prolonging the girl’s feelings as much as possible. When Paige’s screams died away she pulled her fist gently out of her asshole and her other hand away from her clitoris. Paige no longer had the strength to wink her ass, instead collapsing to the floor with a gape even bigger than before, slowly closing up.

“You will now be escorted to your new rooms. Please follow the nearest member of staff,” Ms Ascott said as she turned to face the audience. It was only then that Sarah remembered there were other people in the room. For a while her entire universe had consisted of herself, Ms Ascott and Paige. The start had been torture, her body threatening to collapse or vomit, shivers running down her spine. But it had all changed when Paige started coming. Her pleasure was raw, violent and endless, and it had captivated Sarah. Never had she managed to bring herself to such a powerful orgasm, and with embarrassment she wondered if one day she could come that strongly. Looking to her left she noticed Bee still staring at the stage, face flushed and sweaty, eyes wide and mouth smiling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32