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I had meet up with everyone later for lunch after fucking my Aunt KK again. She had smiled and winked at me a few times while we pretended I hadn’t just cum inside her. My Aunt Cathy was a typical bitch the whole time. After lunch I messed around for a while then went back to the room to take a nap. I think you know what happened there. My Aunt Cathy was there. And she was a bitch. And I had fucked her.

So the next day I was scheming how I could get close and alone with my mom again. I had a few more days to do it. I needed to get her alone in the room and I figured the afternoon was the best time to do it.

I went back to the room to formulate a plan. And who should I find in the bed, taking a nap, again, but Aunt Cathy.

I had fucked her the day before and she had hardly spoken to me since. I figured she’d be giving me dirty looks and telling me how I would never speak of it again. But she had completely ignored me.

Which made me think that although there was some guilt there, she had liked it.

She was sound asleep and snoring when I snuck into the room. I looked down on her, so large and taking up most of the pull out bed. Why hadn’t she found somewhere else to sleep? Why sleep where we had fucked the day before?

I think I knew why.

I locked the door to the suite and made sure no one else was there. That would have been awkward. When I was sure we were alone I gently pulled back the covers to get in the bed with her.

She was completely naked.

Almost like she had expected me.

I took off my clothes and got in behind her.

I pressed my body up against her large backside and pressed my hard cock into her butt. It was huge. The checks each felt like large hams. I stroked my cock up and down her ass crack.

Aunt Cathy groaned and I could tell she was waking up. I pushed her on her back and took one of her huge tits in my mouth. I sucked her large brown nipple and played with her huge breasts. Each one was the size of a watermelon. I could feel her stirring and waking up.

I pushed her legs open with mine and felt her thick patch of pubic hair surround me. She had to be the hairiest woman on the planet. I felt her thick hair tickle my cock. I reached down and rubbed against her till I found her wet slit.

She was wet.

Aunt Cathy groaned and started to wake up.

I pushed my cock inside her and her eyes popped open. She started to say something but I clamped my lips on her and drove my dick into her as deep as I could.

She groaned into my mouth.

I pulled my mouth away from hers and pushed her legs back so I could go deep. Each one felt like a tree trunk in my hands.

She was so big that her belly prevented me from getting low enough to whisper in her ear so I had to look at her ugly face.

She had a scowl on her face that was mixture of hate and ecstasy.

I knew she hate that she loved this so much. I pushed hard on her so she wouldn’t have much breath to complain with.

I lowered one of her legs so I could get down by her ear, but kept one raise so I could plunge deep into her pussy.

“You like the wake-up call?” I huffed into her ear.

“Get off of me,” she said into mine.

“Your wet pussy is telling me you don’t want me to get off of you,” I snickered.

She grunted and I could feel her hips move in rhythm with mine.

“Just finish you little bahis firmaları perv.”

I wasn’t going to do that. Aunt Cathy was mean, nasty and unattractive. I could plunge in and out of her wet cunt for hours and not cum. I was going to make her enjoy this.

I got up on my knees between her thighs and pushed her legs back as far as they would go. I looked down at her big fat tots with those ugly, brown nipples and her hairy pussy and drove myself into it as fast and as hard as I could.

After a few moments I could hear Aunt Cathy gasping and her pussy got really tight around me. Now that I could cum to.

She bit down on the pillow and came all over me.

Her tightness evaporated and she was as loose and wet as barrel.

I wanted to be mean to her. I didn’t actually like her. But fucking her was something else.

I wanted to see how far she’d go.

I pulled my cock out and slapped it on her pussy and without saying anything pushed her legs over so she’d get the idea to get up on all fours.

She glared at me for a second and I thought she was going to tell me to get out again, but just when I had lost hope she pitched herself over and crawled to her knees.

I watched her as she got into position.

Her belly was hanging down and so were her large, juicy tits. She put her ass in the air and I could have moved over a shoulders width to either side and still been behind one of her huge ass checks. She laid herself down on her chest and her tits pushed themselves out to the sides.

In that position, with her ass up and her tits hanging out to each side she didn’t look that bad.

The skin on her ass was white and she had both zits and age spots here and there.

Her ass cracked was stained brown and her asshole looked like a Hershey’s kiss staring up at me. I could smell either her ass or her pussy, or both, and it stung my nose.

Her pubic hair covered her pussy from the front to the back and crept up around her asshole.

I reached out wide and put my hands on each hip. I plunged around with my dick put I couldn’t get lined up with her hole.

“Get it in there,” she bellowed.

Damn, what a bitch.

I grabbed my cock and felt with it till I found her the entrance to her pussy. I lined myself up and without mercy slammed into her.

Aunt Cathy groaned as I plunged deep. Her big, fat ass jiggled against me and I pushed her fat cheeks apart in order to get deeper. There was so much of them that when they were together I could barley get to her slit.

I pounded her for a moment then reached down and grabbed her brown, curly hair. Her hair was brown but streaked with gray and the curls were tight and small. It wasn’t a pretty style.

“Don’t,” she said as I grabbed her hair.

I didn’t listen. I grabbed her hair but only pulled on it a little. I didn’t want to hurt her or make her pull away.

I pulled gently and said, “Oh come on Aunt Cathy, you know you like it.”

“Fuck you, you little shit.”

“You are fucking me.”

“Just fucking cum. And don’t cum inside me this time.”

I pulled her hair a little harder and felt my stomach press up into the hot crack of her ass.

“Yes, I’m gonna cum in you.”

She groaned more than moaned and I could see the side of her tits jiggling from the side.

“Don’t. I’m older but I can still get pregnant.”

There kaçak iddaa are times we realize we’ve made a mistake. As I pounded into Aunt Cathy from behind, pulling her hair, she realized her mistake.

“Tell me that again,” I huffed in between pumps.


“Say it, Aunt Cathy. It’ll make me cum and I’ll pull out and cum on your ass.”

“Does that get you off you little pervert, thinking of getting your old aunt pregnant.”

I slammed into her harder and felt her body tense up beneath me. I pulled her hips harder with the hand that wasn’t pulling her hair.

“Yes, it fucking gets me off,” I stammered. “Now tell me.”

“Just fucking hurry.”

I pumped a few more times and watched the sides of her tits bounce and was thinking I could cum by doing that when she went there.

“Fine, do it,”

“Do what?” I slammed harder.

“Get me pregnant. Get your old aunt pregnant.”

I slapped her ass check with my free hand and pulled her hair hard. “Oh fuck yeah.”

“God you’re a little pervert.”

I smacked her fat ass and pulled even harder.

“I might be, but you fucking like it don’t you. You like getting fucked by your nephew.”

I felt her tense up again and could feel her body stiffen like she was fighting it.

“You like that big dick don’t you, Aunt Cathy? That big teenage dick. Fucking that fat ass.”

She groaned and tried to pull her head down but I didn’t let go of her hair.

“Just fuck me,” she gasped.

“And what?” I practically yelled at her.

She moaned this time, not that ogre groan she had been doing. She moaned like she was enjoying it. “And get me pregnant.

Get me pregnant, baby.”

I couldn’t believe it. She’d called me baby.

I slammed into her fat, loose cunt and felt the heat of her body all around me. It was almost enough to make me cum but I wanted more.

“You’re gonna leave this cruise pregnant. Aren’t you, Aunt Cathy?”

“Oh god,” she moaned.

“Tell me. Tell me now.”

I pumped into her hard and if she would have went with it I would have nutted in her right there.

“I can’t,” she moaned.

“Yes, you fucking can.”

“Oh god baby, please pull it out.”

“I’m gonna cum in it.”

“Oh god, baby, he’ll find out.”

I knew she was talking about my uncle.

“Tell me you’re gonna leave this cruise pregnant with your nephew’s baby, Aunt Cathy.”

She started to spasm and her pussy gripped my cock tighter than it had ever before.

“Oh…” Aunt Cathy’s hands were pressing up against the headboard now and she was pushing her fat ass back onto my cock.

I decided to take a chance and go further.

“Tell me, bitch,” I basically shouted at her.

I felt Aunt Cathy’s pussy squeeze me one last time then there was a sudden release and I felt wetness running down my balls.

“Oh god, baby, yes.”

“We’re gonna fuck everyday till you’re pregnant aren’t we, bitch. She was still rocking and I knew I needed to hurry before she calmed down.

“I can’t baby, I can’t.”

“Yes, you can.” I slapped Aunt Cathy’s big ass check hard several times until it was red and looked like it was burning.

“Then you’re gonna get a divorce aren’t you.” I declared to her.

“No, baby, I’ll tell him it’s his. Cum in me, baby, I need it.” I punished her again by slapping her ass. kaçak bahis “Ohhh baby that hurts.”

“I said you were going to get a divorce, bitch. When you show up pregnant he’s going to divorce you isn’t he.”

“Yes,” she moaned.

“Then you’re going to give me my fat, pregnant pussy whenever I want it aren’t you?”

“Yes, baby.” I switched hands and pulled her hair and smacked her ass on the check that hadn’t been spanked he’d.

“You’re gonna let me such those milky tits, and fuck that pregnant pussy, aren’t you, Aunt Cathy?”

“Oh god, baby yes.”

I rammed harder into her and knew I was getting close. Everything down there felty loose and squishy but through her fat I could feel her pelvic bone. I slammed into her dripping cunt and bumped up agaiinst it for all I was worth.

“Oh god, baby, yes.” Aunt Cathy moaned.

“Tell me, Aunt Cathy so I can come. Tell me I can fuck that pussy all week.”

Aunt Cathy took her cue to help me get off and started talking.

“Yes, baby, you can have my pussy all week. You own that pussy now. You can have it when we get back, too. Get it pregnant. Put a baby in me with your thick teenage cock. It’s so goddamn thick. I haven’t been fucked like this in years. He doesn’t fuck me anymore. He’s gonna go crazy when I get pregnant. He thinks I’m too fat to fuck. He cheats on me and goes to massage places and fucks little asian chicks.”

I don’t know why but that had me close.

My Aunt Cathy stuck at home while my uncle was out fucking massage parlor chicks was more entertainment than I deserved.

“You’re my fucking bitch now aren’t you?” I moaned at her.

“I’m you’re fucking bitch.”

I rammed hard and thought of getting my fat aunt pregnant. I reached down and tried to get some of her wetness on my hand, but she was too big and I couldn’t get to her pussy without popping out.

I pulled my dick out and spit on my fingers and rammed them into her pussy.

“Oh baby, your dick!” she bellowed.

I grabbed my cock and rammed it into her hole and hit her pelvic bone and she cried out. I looked at her nasty asshole and spit on it and jammed my wet finger into her anus.

Aunt Cathy screeched and her body tensed and her pussy tightened up but she didn’t try to get away from me. I felt her contractions and felt her pussy grab me again and I could feel my dick about to explode.

“You want that baby, bitch?” was all I could manage.

“Oh god, yes,” was all Aunt Cathy could come up with, but it was enough and I felt my cum explode in her so hard I thought her head was going to pop off.

I slammed as deep as I could get and let the flood of orgasm wash over me inside her.

I stayed there of a minute then looking at her I went limp. I got up with by cock going soft and went to the bathroom and got her a towel.

She was still on her knees, her huge ass pointing up and I could still smell her stink. I wiped off my cock and pushed the towel down under her pussy.

She moved to wipe herself and I pushed my cock into her face.

She looked at me with a look that said, I hate you, and took my flaccid penis into her mouth.

I put my hand on her head and pushed her down onto it, but I wasn’t getting hard again. I had just wanted to show her who was in charge.

I pulled my cock from her mouth and grabbed her under the chin.

“I wasn’t joking. Keep your schedule clear. Every afternoon at this time.”

I bent over so she’d have to look at my ass crack while I put my shorts on and then left her on her knees with my cum dripping from her fat, hairy cunt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32