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This series contains male-on-male relationships, some of which are incestuous. If you think this will offend you, please do not read any of the chapters in this series. If you are looking for stories that focus solely on sex, this series is not for you either since love plays a huge part in this series. Otherwise, please enjoy the series and leave a public comment, or send me a private one. I love hearing from my readers and any feedback is sincerely appreciated.

All sexual encounters mentioned in my story involved people who are (or were) 18 years of age or older at the time. This series is a work of fiction; all characters, groups, organizations, and events in this series are fictional and any resemblances are entirely coincidental. Now without further ado, please enjoy the story.


Trey and I went and got dressed so we could go find the twins. The thought of what we were going to do after the party with the twins kept my dick hard and a quick glance at Trey’s groin made me think that he was having the same thoughts.

We went downstairs and heard music being played in the ballroom of our fraternity house. Trey and I grinned at each other, knowing the twins were about to sing and play music. We walked up to the entrance of the ballroom and found Rhett standing there so we joined him.

“They are about to play a song!” Rhett stated with a gleam of excitement in his eyes.

Rhett’s excitement was well justified. The twins were known for having three passions in this world. First and foremost, Trey (Collin) and me (Cody); their second passion in life would be their love of each other and the bond they share as identical twins (they were each other’s best friends and loved being so similar); and their one other passion in life is music. They were both attending the university for Music Education. They are undoubtedly the most musically talented people on the planet (famous musicians included in that list). They had a vocal range that would make Mariah jealous, they could hold a note for as long as they wanted, and sing and play any song they wanted with perfection and ease that shouldn’t be possible. They refuse to perform professionally stating that it would pull them apart from Trey and me, which it probably would because musicians have to travel all around the world and Trey and I do not want to live our lives as travelling groupies.

They both had microphones placed in front of them; Cody was sitting at a drum set and Collin was behind an electric keyboard that was high-tech and could mimic any instrument he wanted to play. I glanced over at Trey to see that he was just excited about the upcoming music as Rhett was (I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t too).

They started to play their instruments and a look of recognition passed Trey’s face.

“What are they playing?” I asked him.

“‘The Catalyst’ by Lincoln Park.”

After listening for a few more bars I realized he was right. They eventually started singing and they were absolutely incredible. The ballroom had really good acoustics so it was the perfect spot for them to play.

Rhett started clapping when they were done. “That was amazing,” he exclaimed.

The twins’ glance towards Rhett was very brief and they looked towards Trey and me for feedback. “Well done,” Trey complimented and I nodded my head in agreement. They beamed at us, elated to get positive feedback from the only people they truly cared to impress.

“I thought we would go grab a bite to eat together before we headed over to the party,” Trey suggested.

Everyone nodded in agreement so we went to a restaurant nearby.


“That place wasn’t too bad,” Rhett commented when we left the restaurant and started to head to the fraternity house’s party that we were invited to attend.

“Did you see how little they gave in that fruit cup?” Trey complained.

I rolled my eyes. “Not everyone eats ten pounds of fruit a day like you do.”

“I don’t eat ten pounds of fruit everyday—I only eat five,” Trey said seriously.

“Oh my God! Are you kidding me?” Rhett asked incredulously.

“Fruit is good for you,” Trey lectured.

Rhett rolled his eyes. “Did you see how much fruit we have in our kitchens? They have a whole refrigerator with just fruit in it!”

“Yeah, my father knows how much Trey loves fruit so he has fruit delivered to our house every other business day.”

“I’m going to have to write your dad a thank you note for that,” Trey said.

I laughed. “I told my father how much I love the taste of your fruity dick so he is just making sure it stays that way.”

“Fruity dick?” Rhett asked, raising his eyebrows.

“Yeah, when you eat five pounds of fruit a day over a long period of time like Trey does your cum, cock, and even sac will start tasting a little fruity.”

I noticed Rhett glance over at Trey’s groin. Trey seemed to notice the glance too because he covered his groin with his hands. “Oh no, don’t even think about it! Thanks for putting ideas in his head, Nicolae.”

Rhett bahis firmaları blushed and looked away without saying anything. Something tells me that that wasn’t the first time he had thought of blowing Trey (I’ve seen him sneak peeks before) but I didn’t say anything.

“This is it!” Cody informed us as we approached a large fraternity house. “In terms of size it is second; only our house is larger. As of right now it is considered the best fraternity too.”

“That will change,” Trey said with a smirk.

We entered the house since the door was open and walked into their ballroom and were approached by three handsome, smiling guys. The one in the middle was huge! He was roughly six foot ten and his shoulder blades must be three feet apart from each other. He had a handsome face with a natural tan and dark features—if I were to guess, he came from an Egyptian background—and I’m only basing that of stereotypical images of pharaohs so why am I pretending to know anything on the subject?

The guy on the right of the giant looked completely tiny next to the giant, seeming to be about five foot three but he had a mischievous look about him as he quite obviously checked the five of us out—did he just seductively lick his lips at me?

The guy on the left of the giant was roughly six foot two and seemed to be rather shy and reserved based off his mannerisms (he kept averting his eyes when one of us made eye contact with him). He was pretty muscular and had a lot of dark chest hair popping outside of his designer polo shirt.

“You must be the new fraternity I’ve heard so much about!” the giant beamed. “My name is Ryder and I am the Recruiting Chairman for this fraternity. This is Jake,” he said, gesturing towards the short guy, “and this is Luke,” he continued, gesturing towards the hairy guy, “They are my fraternity brothers, though we usually just shorten it to ‘brothers’ like most fraternity folk.”

I introduced us to them, stating our names and titles.

“I heard they were hot but you never said they were this hot,” Jake said, overtly checking us out again. I saw Luke blush and Ryder just shook his head.

“Forgive my rude friend,” Ryder apologized.

“Since when is calling people ‘hot’ rude?” Jake said. “I think it is a compliment—but seriously? Have you ever seen a group of people hotter than them? They even have hot identical twins!”

“Jake…” Ryder warned.

“You know I speak my mind so get over it. They are all like hotter versions of really hot celebrities, you,” he said pointing at Trey, “are like a hotter version of Kellan Lutz.”

“Uh…thanks?” Trey commented uncomfortably.

“You,” Jake pointed at me, “are like a hotter version of Sterling Beaumon.”

“Who?” I asked.

“I’ll show you later,” Cody whispered in my ear.

“And you two,” Jake pointed at the twins, “are like hotter versions of Austin Butler.”

“Cool,” Cody grinned while Collin blushed.

“On a random note—I’m a two, Luke is a one–but he thinks he is a zero, and Jake is a six,” Ryder informed us, confusing me.

“What are you talking about?” I asked Ryder.

“I’m going to guess that Nicolae is a four, Trey is a two, Cody and Collin are fives, and Rhett is a solid six.”

“Answer his question,” Trey told Ryder in an impatient tone.

“He’s rating everyone using the Kinsey scale,” Rhett informed us.

“Very impressive,” Ryder complimented Rhett, looking a bit shocked.

“You are using incorrect definitions for the ratings though,” Rhett informed Ryder.

Ryder laughed. “I know; I just like my version better.”

“Will someone fill us in on what’s going on?” Trey demanded.

“He is using his own version of the Kinsey scale to rate how straight or gay he thinks everyone is with zero being completely straight and six being completely gay,” Rhett informed Trey.

“Well put,” Ryder said with a smile. “Do you agree with the ratings?” Ryder asked Rhett.

“Based off what I know about my brothers I would say your ratings are pretty accurate according to the definitions you use.”

“Wonderful!” Ryder said, looking pleased.

Trey rolled his eyes. “I think we’ve seen enough; let’s go home.”

“We just got here, Trey,” I argued.

Trey smirked. “Have you forgotten what we were going to do after the party? This appearance is just a polite formality.”

I blushed, remembering his plan. The song that was playing in the background changed and Cody exclaimed, “We love this song, Collin!” and dragged his identical twin to the middle of the room reserved for dancing (nobody was currently dancing). After a couple of bars I recognized the song as Nelly Fertado’s “Promiscuous.”

The twins started dancing seductively together (which I knew was just for show—it was appropriate considering the name of the song though). Soon everyone in the ballroom was watching the twins dancing together, only an inch apart from each other. Cody and Collin moved in complete synch with each other, which was the only reason why kaçak iddaa their groins didn’t actually make contact and grind each other. Their lips were so close to each other yet they never made contact as their bodies danced in perfect rhythm to the music. There in front of me was the hottest pair of identical twins in the world, dancing together in suggestive, twincest fashion. Their audience (which was everyone) watched in complete fascination while most of them were hoping they would either slip up or intentionally graze each other. I knew it was just an act between them—they were staying true to the song’s title while at the same time coming so close to giving the audience what they want but making sure they don’t give it to them.

Trey pushed up against me and I could feel his hard cock on my ass. The song ended and the twins succeeded in never actually touching each other, disappointing the drooling audience. Cody came up to me and smiled, telling me he was ready to leave whenever I was ready.

“We are leaving right now,” Trey commanded in a tone that left no room for arguments—not that I would after watching the twins’ dance, so we left.


“Goodnight Rhett,” Trey said dismissively as soon as we arrived home.

Rhett eyes widened momentarily, then he seemed to realize we were about to do something with the twins so he simply wished us goodnight and went to bed.

Trey said nothing to the twins as we all headed to my room. The twins followed us without instruction, seeming to simply know with their quasi-psychic connections to us that they were supposed to follow us.

When we arrived in my room Trey closed the door and took off his clothes, revealing his prominent erection to the twins and me. It was clear to me that he did not want to waste time. They practically drooled staring at his naked form and then Cody looked over at me expectantly with a lustful look in his eyes. I took the hint and stripped out of my clothes and Cody groaned.

Trey turned my head towards him and he kissed me. Our tongues danced and I could feel the stares of the twins on us. Trey broke the kiss. “I love you,” he said affectionately, and leaned in and kissed my forehead.

“I love you, too.”

“Oh, for fuck’s sake! Can we blow you yet?” Cody whined impatiently.

Trey raised an eyebrow. “You think you’ve earned the right to suck my lover’s cock, Cody?” He then turned to Collin. “Why should Nicolae let you suck his soulmate’s dick?”

Collin’s eyes just about popped out of his head before turning teary and he looked like he had the wind knocked out of him. Cody reached over and gently touched his brother’s arm. “La hiaw rix n’xiz. Za ukvaah za zepp rix xapp,” he told Collin in a calm voice, in the language they made up on their own (I call it Twinese) to communicate with each other.

“E n’xiz,” Collin replied, looking calmer.

“What do you want from us?” Cody asked Trey.

Trey grinned. “I’m glad you asked. If you want to blow us, you will have to blow each other first.”

“Is he serious?” Cody asked me, which made me blush. The blush gave him my answer. “Okay then,” he said, and started taking his clothes off.

“What are you doing?” Collin asked Cody.

“Baking a cake. What does it look like I’m doing?” He tossed all of his clothes aside then reached for Collin’s pants.

“Woah, woah. Time out!” Collin shrieked, backing out of Cody’s reach.

“Oh, come on. You want Trey’s cock as much as I want Nicolae’s cock, so let’s just blow each other and get it over with so we can blow them.”

Trey frowned. “Well that kind of attitude kills the mood. Nicolae and I both agreed that it would be really hot to see you two together but we both want you to want to do it. Like an appetizer before the main course, but you are acting like we are asking you to eat a bar of soap first.”

I nodded in agreement.

“Trey, I-I love you, you know that, but you aren’t going to be able to force me into actually wanting to blow my twin brother,” Collin stammered.

Trey seemed to think about for a moment and then a devilish grin came upon his face. He gave his hard cock a few jerks and I watched as his precum pooled out of the slit of his cock.

“Both of you come here,” Trey ordered the twins and they came and stood close to us. Trey had some precum on his hand from jerking his cock and he lifted his hand towards Collin’s mouth.

Collin’s face lit up and he eagerly leaned forward and licked Trey’s hand clean. “Oh fuck—please Trey.”

Trey grinned and with a few more jerks he was able to get another copious supply on his hand, but this time he brought it up to Cody’s mouth. “Don’t you dare open your mouth until its time,” and then he spread it across Cody’s lips. “You two are going to have to share this time.”

Cody looked confused but Collin leaned and kissed Cody and the two of them started making out, sharing the load of precum that was spread on Cody’s lips.

The two didn’t stop making out even after the Trey’s precum was gone kaçak bahis and Trey and I just watched in lust as the two incredibly hot, identical twins made out. Cody reached down and unzipped Collin’s pants and this time Collin didn’t stop him as they awkwardly stripped Collin naked without breaking their kiss.

Cody reached for Collin’s cock and Collin groaned into Cody’s mouth as Cody stroked his dick. They continued making out while Cody gave Collin a handjob and Cody suddenly broke the kiss. They looked into each other’s eyes for a second and Collin blushed but nodded without saying a word. Cody grinned and before Trey and I could even interpret what the nod and grin meant Cody got onto his knees and took the entire shaft of his twin brother’s cock into his mouth.

“Holy shit,” Trey whispered with horny astonishment as Cody started deepthroating his twin with relative ease. “Has he been sucking your dick?” Trey asked as we heard Collin groan.

“No, I…” I was interrupted by a moan of pleasure as Cody pulled off Collin’s dick and started sucking on his balls.

“Fuck,” Trey whispered.

Cody reached up and started simultaneously blowing and jerking Collin off.

“Oh fuck! Awww…” was all Collin could muster as he blew his load in Cody’s mouth. We watched Cody’s throat swallow some of his brother’s load and he kept sucking Collin off for a while longer.

Cody looked over at Trey and me and opened his mouth to show us some of Collin’s cum on his tongue then he shut his mouth and swallowed and opened his mouth again showing us that he consumed all of Collin’s cum.

“Guess I get to blow Nicolae now!” Cody said with a grin as Trey and I both stared at him in awe.

Collin got on his knees and started sucking Cody’s dick in the exact same way Collin blew him.

“Oh fuck!” Cody exclaimed after a few minutes of deepthroating and simultaneous jerking, blowing his load into his brother’s throat.

Just as Cody had done, Collin showed both Trey and me Cody’s cum on his tongue before swallowing, then opening his mouth again to show us he swallowed all of his brother’s cum.

“I don’t think I will last long after seeing that,” Trey laughed nervously.

“I won’t either,” I replied.

“Guess it’s time we fulfilled our end of the bargain,” Trey said and climbed onto my bed, spreading his legs to give Collin full access his crotch.

I followed suit and spread my legs to give Cody full access. It took what seemed a fraction of a second to get the twins burying their faces between their legs.

Something that amused me and made Trey grin was we both noticed that the twins’ movements were exactly the same. What made it more impressive was the fact that they were so focused on our groins that they didn’t even seem to notice that they were doing the same thing their twin was doing to their lover.

I could see a lustful look of satisfaction on Trey’s face as the twins started rubbing their faces against our crotches. This did not last long because they soon took our cocks into their mouths and my vision went blurry from pleasure as Cody expertly slid my cock down his throat. I need to ask him whose dick he’s been sucking but at the moment I couldn’t form any words. He’s definitely better than Rachel, Trey, and my father.

“You taste so damn good,” I heard Collin whisper to Trey as Trey simply groaned.

Much to both my pleasure and dismay, I felt my orgasm come too soon. I tried to gasp a warning to Cody but I just moaned something inaudible but knowing Cody he knew I was going to cum because he went down all the way and swallowed my cum as I shot it down his throat.

As my orgasm subsided, I looked over at Collin sucking Trey deep into his mouth and could tell by Trey’s breathing he was going to cum soon. Suddenly Trey reached down and shoved Collin down on his cock as he groaned, “Fuuuuccccckkkk!!!!!” and shot his load into Collin’s mouth.

Collin pulled off Trey’s dick and Trey gave his cock one last stroke, getting a glob of cum out of his cock. He scooped it up on his finger and brought it to my mouth and I groaned as slurped his fruity cum from his finger.

We all just laid there for a few minutes. Collin and Cody rested their heads on our groins like it was a pillow and Trey and I just stroked their soft, golden hair. Collin looked up at Trey. “Can I talk to you?” Collin asked Trey softly.

“Yeah, we can go to my room,” he said. Trey then told me he loved and gave me a kiss on the lips before leaving with Collin.

Collin looked up and grinned at me. “Alone at last,” he said in a weird voice, then wiggled his eyebrows at me.

I laughed. “I wonder what he had to say.”

Cody smirked and something told me he had an idea of what it was but I had another question I wanted him to answer. “What did you say earlier to Collin?”

Cody faked a gasp of horror. “You want me to divulge the secrets of our language?”

“No, you can paraphrase if you want to.”

“Earlier when Trey called you his soulmate it struck a nerve so I comforted him a little.”

“Why would that bother him?” I asked.

“Because Collin is Trey’s soulmate.”

I felt a jealous ache in my heart. I could tell Cody could tell that struck a nerve.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32