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The lights are dim in my room as I lie comfortably on the bed and read a book. Gavin sits at my computer, searching something up online. I sneak a peek at him and he catches my eye and winks at me. Making sure I’m watching, he flicks his tongue at me, using the same movements as he would when he eats me out. I bite my lips as Gavin turns back to the computer screen with a smile. I get off the bed, my book forgotten, and move towards him. Gavin gives me a questioning look that turns into a grin as I slowly take my tights off.

He runs his hand down my lower back and cups my butt with both of his hands. I groan and move his hands higher towards my breasts. He squeezes them gently and starts to take off my shirt. With a quick movement of his hand, my bra slides onto the floor as well.

“I should really be looking this book up…” he murmurs, burying his face into my neck.

I smile. “Then go ahead.”

I turn his head so he faces the computer again and I begin to slide down his pants. Gavin moans my name.

“Pay attention to the website,” I say in a teasing way. Gavin groans but plays along, knowing that I won’t continue until he does.

I slowly slide down his underwear and trail kisses from his stomach to his dick. canlı bahis şirketleri His breaths come out a bit shorter and I lick the area around his dick. I trail long licks along the side and short licks near his perineum. He sighs contently and I move my tongue to the tip of his dick. I swirl my tongue around the tip slowly, tasting his precum. His body jerks a little as I surprise him by quickly taking his whole dick into my mouth. I give him one hard suck, swallowing all of the precum there.

“I want more of that,” I whisper.

Without hearing Gavin’s response, I begin taking his dick into my mouth again. I take it so far in that I can feel it hit the back of my throat. His precum coats the sides of my mouth, the taste of it lingering on my tongue.

All too soon, I stop and stand up. Gavin frowns and I smile brightly at him. I slip my thong off quickly and climb on top of him. I force Gavin to look at the computer screen again and I slide him into me.

Gavin moans as he feels how wet I am for him. I let my pussy juices spread all around his dick, sliding him in and out of me. As my thrusts increase in speed, I start to pant. I press my lips against the base of his neck, sucking slowly on the skin. I feel the vibrations canlı kaçak iddaa from his throat as Gavin lets out another groan. He cups one of my butt cheeks, rubs it slowly and then spanks me. I moan and bounce quicker up and down on him.

Gavin pulls me against him, stopping me from thrusting. He lifts me up as he stands and I wrap my legs and arms around him.

“You’ve made me lose my train of thought,” he whispers as he lays me down slowly on the bed.

“What do you mean?” I ask, innocently.

Before answering, Gavin plunges his dick into my vagina and pounds me like crazy. I call out his name and throw back my head. Gavin gives me a kiss on my neck.

“I can’t concentrate with you fucking me and panting at the same time,” he grumbles.

I laugh and this just causes him to fuck me hard again. I press my fingernails into his back as I lose control of myself for a minute. Gavin looks down at me with a hungry look on his face. I pull him back down onto me and capture his lips with mine. We kiss passionately, both of us holding onto each other tightly. I tug on his hair and moan as I feel myself getting even wetter for him.

Gavin ends the kiss and starts fucking me again. His dick thrusts all the way into canlı kaçak bahis my vagina, filling me. I gasp Gavin’s name as he hits my G spot over and over again. I spread my legs wider, welcoming more of him in. He swears under his breath as his thrusts start getting more frantic.

“I fucking want you so badly,” I moan, which causes Gavin to moan with me in return.

“I’m going to fuck your brains out,” Gavin says in response.

I call out Gavin’s name again as he pounds hard into me. I feel my climax build up as I try to hold it back in order to have an orgasm at the same time as him. I stare up at Gavin as I continue panting hard. He grits his teeth and his thrusts get crazier.

His dick slides in and out easily as my wetness continuously lubricates it. He changes up his thrusts so he’s mainly hitting the top part of his dick.

I close my eyes as I feel myself lose control. I am so ready to explode around Gavin. Just as I’m about to let my climax take control of me, I feel Gavin get close to reaching his. A pressure builds up inside my vagina and Gavin and I both scream out each other’s name as we both reach our climaxes. I completely shatter, letting my wetness explode all around Gavin’s dick.

“Fuck, Hera,” Gavin groans, collapsing on top of me, trying to catch his breath. I feel his heart beating quickly against my chest.

“Totally beats researching about that book, right?” I ask, smiling.

Gavin laughs and gives me another passionate kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32