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Auther’s Note: Sorry it took so long to complete the second installment of the story. Hopefully you will enjoy this one even though there is only brief nudity in this installment. Which, in case you are getting anxious for some action, the next installment is already halfway done and has a good bit of action and excitement.

Over the course of the next three months we settled into something of a routine where I would rise early and fix us some breakfast and then take a few minutes to enjoy the sight of the lovely beauty before waking her to eat and then departing for work as she would be also readying her departure for the day. Then, around dusk, we would both arrive home at some point before 9 and, usually, after taking a few minutes to relax, we would eat dinner and then quietly converse for a brief while before heading off to bed. Then, about three months after first inviting her to stay, things took a rather strange turn.

For the past few weeks the construction company that I owned had been working all out on landing a massive new project that could very well bring us some of the more lucrative commercial jobs instead of the homes and apartments we had building until then. The project was the construction of a women’s clinic that had been proposed in a nearby city. We had been slaving as hard as we could to get a proposal in place that would meet and hopefully exceed the client’s needs, wants, and desires.

Thinking that if the place were going to be dealing almost exclusively with women that it would be to our advantage to design something that would be appealing to women, I had recently installed one of my female architects as the leader of the design team and had been working closer with her on hashing out a pleasing exterior for the clinic instead of the antiseptic and impersonal facades most clinics affected. Anyways, worried about getting every little detail right, I had finally reached the point where I needed to find a more relaxing place in which to concentrate before I went insane and so had left work early and headed home. After taking a long and hot shower and emerging feeling much better, I headed back into the dining room to where I had spread out all of the plans for the project and set back to work.

I was so hard at work that I was oblivious to Angel’s return until a couple of hours later I was awakened by her gently shaking my shoulder and urging me to go to bed being as it was almost midnight and I had been asleep drooling on the table for the past two hours. Groggy and sore from the hours spent in such an uncomfortable spot, I reluctantly agreed and allowed her to lead me to my room and to even help undress me.

I was so tired, in fact, that when she pulled down my underwear to reveal my cock, I could only murmur a wooden thank you as she stroked my flaccid dick a few times before drawing my pajama shorts up and then pushing me back onto a bed that I never even felt being as I was asleep before I even got close to the pillow.


The next morning I awoke as usual and, as I looked at Angel for a brief moment before awakening her as well, the dim memory of what she had done the night before returned and I found myself lightly stroking her hair until she woke with a soft smile.

“Mmmm. That feels nice. Thank you.” She murmured as she slowly stirred to life.

“Different strokes for different folks, you know.” I quipped, causing her to blush slightly, as I rose to go fix breakfast. When I entered the dining room, I noticed that all of the project papers had been placed back into the carrying tube and briefcase. Slightly puzzled because I did not remember putting them away, I quickly did a etlik escort once over check to make sure everything was all there before continuing on to the kitchen.

A short while later I was momentarily mesmerized by her beauty and sexiness as I watched her walk into the kitchen in some of the sexiest –not to mention sheerest –sleepwear I had seen her in yet. Her only reaction to my gawking was a half-mumbled explanation that she had been up late last night and so was a little sluggish this morning.

I accepted this with a nod and forcibly glued my eyes to my breakfast as I wrestled with the temptation to do something about the sexual tension and attraction that had been growing between us over the last couple of weeks. Eventually though the demanding taskmaster called time settled the argument as the time for my departure arrived way too soon. So, as I quickly gathered all of my materials, I murmured my goodbyes and then made a hasty departure before either one of us would have to mention my sudden awkwardness.

At work the business at hand easily drowned out any stray thoughts of the night before and the morning’s awkwardness. As me and Monica and the rest of the design team set to finalizing all of the final little details and all of the tedious and time consuming minutiae that go into any major project. Finally, after what seemed an endless day of dickering over details, we all finally called it done about 9pm that night and all headed home. Then, on impulse, I invited Monica over for dinner the following night to discuss the project with her and her performance during the project.

Upon arriving home, I wearily informed Angel of our dinner guest for tomorrow, wolfed down the cold remains of supper and trudged upstairs to bed looking forward to being able to finally sleep in for the first Saturday in quite a while. I was so groggy, in fact, that I did not even finish dressing for bed before falling asleep sitting up with one leg in my sleep shorts and one leg still in my work pants but otherwise bare ass naked. At some point during the night, however, my bladder overruled my sleep deprived body and I awoke long enough to shuck both the shorts and the pants and shuffle towards the bathroom and back to my room where I promptly and literally fell onto the bed and did not awaken until much later the next morning and then only long enough to pull the sheet over my bare ass and roll over for the next two hours.


Finally, after 12 hours of blissful sleep, I drug myself reluctantly out of bed and proceeded straightaway to the shower and from there out back to the pool for a quick dip before satisfying my grumbling stomach. When I reached the pool, however, my stomach’s need faded to the background as I saw Angel climbing out of the pool to greet me in a sheer white bikini that had gone all but transparent once the water had hit it.

Sauntering up, she gave me a crushing hug and suggestively asked me, “Like it?”

“Umm, yes.” I managed to reply, but was unable to tear my gaze away from her wonderful breasts. When I finally did, however, I found her staring at me with an intense look on her face that carried with it a hint of fright. Concerned, I asked her what was wrong.

She started to say something but then surprised me (and herself too I think) and just suddenly lunged the few inches between us and planted a crushing kiss on my lips. After a second of shock, I gently pulled her loose and, before she could run away in tears, returned her kiss but this time more gently and with enough passion to make toes curl (hers and mine).

After a few infinitely long moments of exploring our passion, etlik escort bayan we each finally came up for air. As reason replaced passion, I quietly suggested that we explore this avenue further later being as there had been a lot of sexual tension building between us the past few days that might force us too quickly down this new path. Also, I reasoned, we still needed to prepare for our guest that evening.

Then, before the situation could turn sour, my stomach luckily decided to protest its empty state in a very vocal manner. Laughing, she agreed to the delay and, after a quick hug and a chaste kiss on the cheek, she bounded inside to change and I stood transfixed as I watched her pert ass disappear inside before heading towards the kitchen, my desire for a morning swim momentarily suppressed by other desires.


Somewhat surprisingly, the knowledge that we would reach a resolution of he situation soon somehow seemed to release the tension that had been building and we were able to make it through the day without any awkwardness and, by dinnertime, were fluidly working together to ensure everything was ready for Monica’s arrival. And, by the time that the doorbell rang, everything was immaculate and as perfect as could be.

Opening the door, I greeted Monica warmly and quickly invited her in and settled her in the living room as we waited for Angel to put the last finishing touches on dinner. We chatted amiably for the intervening minutes, throwing out ideas for other projects that had been stalled while most of the talent at the company had worked on the clinic project. Then, upon being summoned to dinner, we quickly moved into the dining room to sample the delights that me and Angel spent the afternoon concocting.

We settled down to a mostly silent dinner with the little talk there was confined to inconsequential things. Then, after finishing the last of the dessert, we al retired to the poolside to enjoy the last of the evening sun and to set a pleasant backdrop for the inevitable business talk that was to come up.

Taking the initiative, Monica began by asking me what I had in mind for her now that the design team she was head of had completed the assignment it had been created for.

“Well,” I began, “I will, of course, reassign the bulk of the team back to the projects they have been pulled from. However, I had thought to keep a core team in place to scout out and spearhead other projects like the clinic where a novel approach is more appreciated.

“Also, as far as you specifically are concerned, I would like to say that I was very impressed with the way you handled yourself and the project. Which by the way, who did you get to do all of the landscape renderings? That was a brilliant touch that really was the catalyst for bringing all of the pieces and the concept together.”

“Actually I thought that that was you. I mean, the new renderings didn’t appear until after you took your set home with you the other night.” Monica answered.

“Are you sure? I didn’t commission anyone and definitely didn’t give anyone outside of the project a copy of the plans.” I pressed.

“Oh, definitely, they just appeared yesterday morning when we did the final comparisons and you were the only one with the landscape renderings so they couldn’t have been around before then or they would have been in at least one other set of copies.” Monica asserted.

I silently pondered this for a minute until I was distracted by movement out of the corner of my eye and looked see Angel trying to quietly slip away. “Where are you headed?” I inquired.

‘Oh, umm, I was just, umm, going escort etlik to, umm, go and, umm, clear the table off and do the dishes while you two talked about, umm, work and all.” Angel haltingly replied.

She then turned to go and had made it only a couple of steps before something about her manner clicked in my head and I suddenly barked out, “Wait! Come back here and sit down for a moment.”

Slowly, like a child caught stealing, she sank back down into her chair and shyly stared at the ground. Monica, for her part, shot me a confused and questioning glance.

“Angel.” I started. “Do you have anything to add to this discussion?” I asked with the same penetrating gaze that I had given her upon our first meeting.

For a moment, Angel opened her mouth and tried to speak several times before finally blurting out simply, “It was me.”

“What was you?” Monica asked bewildered.

“I was the one who did the landscape renderings.” She answered. Then, turning to me, she continued, “After I helped you to bed I went back downstairs to put up your papers and saw what you had been working on and, knowing that you were trying to make the clinic appealing to women, I though that I would help out and ended up being up until about an hour before you got up working on the drawings. Then, in the morning, you jumped up and rushed to work before I could work up the courage to tell you. Then, last night, you just came in and pretty much went straight to bed before I could talk to you.”

I sat in silence, pondering what to do about the situation for a few minutes until I noticed that Angel looked to be on the verge of tears as she nervously awaited the explosion of wrath that her experience in the foster homes had taught her to expect. So, before, she could get any more upset, I stood and quietly said, “Monica, if you would, please make sure she stays right here while I am gone. I need a couple of minutes alone to think this through. I will be back shortly.”

“Sure boss.” Monica replied and, as I turned walked towards the back of the property, gathered the trembling Angel in an embrace and began to quietly reassure her.

After about thirty minutes of thinking, I came back to the poolside and, waiting until Angel’s sobs quieted, announced, “First off, Angel, I am not going to kick you out for this because, although you shouldn’t have altered the plans without my knowledge, you did it with the best of intentions and probably did not realize the full consequences.

“However, I will say that in the future; do not alter any of my work papers without me asking you to. And, finally, I will let you know that, being as we have already submitted our proposal to the board, you are not off the hook until the Board decides who to award the bid to on Thursday.”

After that, the evening was pretty much over and, before it could become too awkward, Monica excused herself with a promise to Angel to stop by in a couple of days. Then, shortly after Monica left, Angel excused herself and went to bed, leaving me alone with my thoughts.

The next few days passed in an awkward silence with most of our conversation consisting of short exchanges about relatively inane topics and an unspoken agreement to avoid any mention of Angel’s alterations or speculation on who would win the bid on Thursday. The only topic, in fact that was discussed openly between us was planning for the gathering that I had organized for the project team on Thursday night at my house so that I could inform the whole project team at once (and Angel) of the decision.

By Thursday the awkwardness had grown to such an extent that our interactions had devolved almost to the point of being back at the same point as the first couple of days after our meeting. In fact, by the time the first guests started arriving, it had gotten to where we were noticeably relieved just to have someone to talk to help break the tension that had grown up between us.

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