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The Close has changed quickly, my wife and I have split up. This was not really a surprise and was going to happen sooner or later.

Trevor and Vanessa still live across the road he gives me dirty looks obviously seen coming and goings on his cameras and CTV. She smiles at me when he is not looking obviously finding it amusing I guess?

The other family had to move out in shame due to the husband being caught stealing money from his employers. Makes my life changes less of an issue.

I am still helping Margret with her business set up. Things have gone well she is opening her shop in the next few weeks. Her husband giving her a loan. All seems well for them and the lodger Lucy apparently is going to work for her.

The new owners had moved into the other house the past weekend. They were friends of Margret though the husband looked strangely similar to her I guess family? I would have to ask.

They had rented out the granny flat to a woman named Tracey she was around 50 about 5 8 with mousy hair shoulder length very firm body, freckles and dressed smartly she worked at the local bank or so her name tag said. She was polite saying good morning as we passed in the morning.

My day had been good and I sat down at home reading the divorce papers, I guess all good days have a downside. My Mobile rang it was Margret she need some advice, could she pass by. I said off course glad off the chance to talk to someone.

She came over and we completed a few forms to sign of the lease on her new shop. She confirmed the new neighbours were in fact her sister in law Elizabeth and her brother. She mentioned that things were not great between them but they were staying together for the children. I got that I had been in the same position.

She smiled and said I keep dreaming of us, I play with myself dreaming of you and me. If only Trevor had not told our partners. I smiled me too, I guess he is just a sad man or it comes with being a police officer and church warden. We laughed. I Smiled and said you know he goes to Choir practice tomorrow. Yes she replied but we know his cameras capture everything on the Close.

Yes but your sister in law lives next door now and you could always visit her. You realise walking through her home and out the back door to mine would be out of range?

She looked biting her lips, you are making me wet stop it. How do I explain it to her and my bother in law? Her eyes then sparkled of course he takes the children to additional classes, so we have only my sister in law to deal with. She dislikes me because of her relationship being poor and thinks I always side with my brother.

All good plans seem to have a stumbling block…she does ask how I manage to survive a sexless marriage. I joked maybe we should show her? Margret looked at me are you serious? I said no not really I have not even been introduced to her.

She looked at me and if you had been you would? I am in the same boat as you but almost not married see the divorce papers. She laughed fair point and you men when it works are always desperate laughing at me. Both wanting to each other badly.

The doorbell rang, we both jumped. I went and answered it was Tracey, she asked if she could have a lift tomorrow as the buses were on strike. The thought went through my mind and I said yes as long as Margret can come and knock your door tomorrow. She frowned then smiled and laughed lightly yes of course, but you will have to owe me to keep my silence. We both agreed assuming it was a joke or an excuse for free lifts.

I gave Tracey the lift to work, we talked about her and my situation. She explained she was divorced for 2 years and things had got complicated her husband had gambled away all their money. Hence why she was renting the flat at her age, she had found it hard to trust anyone since.

The evening came I was sat at home with the TV on wearing a collared shirt and chinos. I was in my mind excited waiting for the door to have the sound of a female knock but was not getting my hopes up. Then the knock came, I jumped out of my chair and walked to the door. On opening there was a smiling Margret she looked amazing as she stepped inside. I bent down and kissed her softly. She was wearing some fine heels, a pair of hold up stocking, short mini skirt and white blouse, underneath I could see what looks like an opaque bra.

You look amazing I said to her, would you like a drink. She smiled yes please, thank you and so do you. We sat on the sofa both happy to be with each other again our hands slowly caressing each other as our lips locked kissing with passion lips dancing with soft hot moans.

We here a sudden wrap on the door. We both jump looking into each other’s eyes, hot with passion. Who is it? Why is someone knocking the door? I stand and walk to the door and open. Tracey is standing there smiling looking at me she steps inside. I look her up and down and she smiles, well I am here for payback…

I kaçak iddaa look at her what do you need? She smiles are you not inviting me in? Of course i said thinking that is our evening gone. She walks into the living room, her heels high, with white stocking on under her tight grey skirt, her blouse cream a button to many undo with the outline of her white bra visible. She was carrying a large back hand bag.

We go to the living room I sit on the sofa next to Margret, our fingers bind as we sit next to each other. Moving close both hot with desire for each other wanting our visitor to leave. We look on as Tracey slowly sits in the arm chair next to us her spine straight as she sits up proud and tall, her eyes looking at us making sure we are watching her. She slowly crossers her legs, letting her skirt ride a little higher on her thigh a provocative movement of control but sexual.

She begins to talk…I explained to you about my marriage breakdown and how my husband gambled all our money away, she frowned looking at Margret in your husbands betting shop on the machines…Margret went to say sorry…but Tracey lent forward put her finger on her lips, do not talk she commanded. As she leant over the blouse with the buttons not done up left a view of her bra, a shade of sheer white, he firm breasts viable the outline of her firm nipples below visible, the display obvious.

She was enjoying the show of power and display she was giving. Again she sat down arching her back making herself tall sitting forward, crossing her left leg over, looking straight at Margret and in a low voice commanding do not speak until I have finished. She then uncrossed her legs and back with the right leg over, the movement letting her skirt ride up her thighs. She felt at the rim of her skirt as she slowly shifted her stance slightly to let her right thigh face us making sure it was high enough for us to see the more solid white of the stocking tops. Her eyes burned as she looked at us in a mixture of rage and desire loving her own control and sexual provocation in equal measure.

I took the flat when I realised your husband lived in the close Margret, I want to get back at him for letting my husband gamble away our life. He could of said no it might have stopped he wasted over 300,000. You could see and hear the venom. Margret held my hand tight I could feel her fear as she held tight shrinking moving in closer to my body.

Tracey continued… imagine my luck when I found out you were sleeping with my neighbour being a cheat right next door, I was ready to tell him the good news. She stopped when I spoke to that Trevor coming home he explained about your secret and how he blew the whistle. I guess the old fool would forgive you again as divorce would cost him more and it would not hurt him too much, once a cheat always a cheat. I need a better way to get even. She glared at Margret and looked over at me her pose strong and commanding her hand brushing her thigh.

I need a better way to get even one that gives me enjoyment and a sense of power, something that gives me strength in my life, power and desire…her tongue softly running around her lips her nails sensually running over her thighs leaning forward.

Imagine my shock when my life crumbled in. The rage I feel the fact I lost my friends the shame of losing everything. I have very little now just a job that pays for my food, no love, no family or pride. Her voiced cracked her gaze hardened looking at Margret. I want control back in my life, a sense of power and control to return. I want to feel I am getting even with those who have wronged me I want that sense of power and control again in my life.

I was dreaming last night for the first time since my divorce sex and desire returned I was horny and wet. She stared at Margret her back arched hands on the arms of the chair making her feel small with her glare. She looked over at me uncrossed her legs, slightly parting them daring us to look her skirt high as if telling us she was feeling that way right now.

The thought of you too made me this way, you cheating on your husband turning to me, you taking your neighbours wife for your needs like you are throwing cash away gambling made me horny your total selfishness had me feeling this way, why should you get all this and I be left with nothing but rage and sorrow. I want to be selfish controlling a user and most of all a sexual woman again. She glared at us her breathing deep as she crossed her legs as if to control her thoughts, though the result was her skirt rolled up more her bare skin visible above her stocking tops. She let out a big breath and took control.

I want you two to be my sexual play things. She looked pleased to have said it. She relaxed if you betray me or back out I will let your husband know Margret, she squeezed my hand tightly I felt her body shiver, it was fear at first but I could feel her thumb stoke my hand as she held it tight, obviously kaçak bahis turned on by the thought. Her own sexless marriage making this illicit situation very scary but desirable. Tracey turned to me and spoke firmly if you back out I will make sure your wife finds out, I am sure if she knew that you were still with the women who broke your marriage she would play nasty in the divorce. This was very true and I knew that I also had to go along with this.

If you agree kiss each other Tracey commanded. We turned to each other our lips meeting, both ready to kiss our lips locked tight tongues dancing hot in desire, whipped up by our fear. The kiss felt so good a release both of us needed our mutual desire even greater, a sense of being one the kiss was something even though being watched by someone blackmailing us told us our lust was not just about sexual tension but ultimately more. Our hands wrapped around each other pulling our bodies close, feeling our hearts racing our kissing deep meaningful, full of desire and danger.

Tracey clapped her hands stop! Look at me!

Our lips parted and our eyes turned around Tracey was still proud and sitting up in her chair. You could see from her eyes watching us kiss had sent the passion levels racing in her body. She spoke, I am happy you to have agreed to be my playthings. She looked at Margret sternly and spoke at her in a hushed tone you are the one I want to feel my anger understand I will push you till you understand my sense of loss of pride. The threat was chilling and worrying Margret breath became shallow. Tracey asked have you ever been with another woman, Margret just said no looking down humbly. You could see the joy in Tracey’s face as she hissed out and I bet your Nigerian background makes this sort of encounter extremely taboo, all Margret’s bowed head could do was nod her hand squeezing mine.

I felt a tinge of sadness for her then excitement, tension and some relief knowing my lover was the one in for the rough ride. I was going to somewhere unexpected but a place 3 months ago my unexciting marriage was never going to visit, my life in terms of security and routine that safe old reliance gone, but a new world of danger and sex forbidden sex had opened up. My thoughts were broken by the sound of Tracey speaking.

The pair of you can only meet from now on in my presence. You cannot communicate except via me not even a hello or wave passing each other in the street. Her words were strong powerful she was making sure we knew who had control. Her right hand though ran up her inner thigh as she spoke, giving away her sexual desires tension, you could see Tracey was turned on by her pent up sexual emotions as her desire for revenge for her situation

. She commanded kiss each other, we both did our lips pressed together relief as we kissed our desire for each other a release from the control of Tracey. The escape making our lust and long even more the thought of not being alone a bridge we had to overcome, any chance to go to our sexual wanting welcome.

We hear Tracey command undo your buttons obviously enjoying watching and loving her control. We carry on kissing each other taking it in turns to undo a button our lisp wet tongues probing each other, breath hot, hearts racing as we work our way to our ordered goal. As we finish we look at each other’s eyes, both wild with desire and hear the order take them off.

I slowly ease of Margret’s blouse looking down at her dark brown skin as it falls, my eyes admiring her large brown nipples hard and firm under her shear white bra, she looked amazing my hands having freed her blouse, she slowly removing my shirt running her hands over my chest her breath shallow a little sigh of wanting passing her lips.

Face me, the words taking us from our lustful haze back to our position. We turned around being watched Tracey looked over us her eyes admiring Margret’s firm hard black nipples through her opaque bra her deep breaths obvious as she wondered what plans were being laid out, Tracey also looked me over her teeth biting her bottom lips. It was obvious seeing us like this had her passion up and the control was an obvious turn on you could tell she was in control and loving it.

She then said stand up we both obeyed her command looking at her as we did. She looked at me and said drop your trousers, I unzipped my flies and undid the button and let them fall to the floor, my half erect cock obvious through my boxers. She looked at it realising that like my 6 2 frame my manhood was bigger than average, she said at least I know now of another bonus of this arrangement. She then turned to Margret and asked do you like that cock inside you, she nodded and was told tell me. Yes Margret replied.

Tracey said not a good enough reply getting her phone out and turning the record button on. I want to know. Margret started to reply yes I like… Louder came the call. Margret took a breath I like his cock inside me, it turns me illegal bahis on his size makes me feel full and so wet my little frame can’t get enough. She took a deep breath the reply seemed to please Tracey knowing she had evidence on tape of her targets wants, needs and desires. This was her first real act of control that pushed Margret deep into her debt.

She knew it they both new it and I did too.

Tracey was looking at us with great pleasure her position of power greater than before, she was growing into her role. The game she was playing was pleasing to her both in terms of revenge, power and mostly obviously sexual excitement as tall and powerful as she sat something was clear to see. Her shifts of her lower body on the chair displayed her sexual tension and arousal you could tell she was wet and excited even though nothing was visible to the eye.

She starred hard at Margret and then sharply commanded take off your skirt. Margret gasped breathing heavily, I knew why she had not worn her panties, you could sense her fear of what Tracey might say and do when she discovered. She slowly though unzipped her skirt her eyes trained on Tracey as she unclipped the clasp, letting it fall to the floor, her naked lower body exposed. She shivered slightly through fear maybe excitement. Her nipples black and harder pressed against her sheer white bra her slender frame naked now bar her black hold up stocking and heels.

Tracey was watching taking it in, she could see and was obviously happy with what she saw. The dampness of Margret’s pussy was there her lips swollen already you could see the eyes of Tracey admiring the view. She spoke how come you were wearing no panties? Her look was stern her pose strong trying and achieving power over her prey. Margret’s head bowed to which the sharp snap reply was hold it up look at me say it loud. Margret did as was commanded taking a deep breath because I get turned on it makes me feel sexy, wanted, hot, naughty and free. I want him to know how much I want him how open I am for him. She took a deep breath and side glanced at me, I smiled happy to hear how she felt it was mutual.

The voice said look at me, a glare met Margret and softly spoken but with contempt you are just a naughty cheat wrapped up in your own self-interest. Yes was the reply. Tracey let out a smile for a second… it makes me happy that you are doing this to the man that ruined my life.

She then returned to type looking stern and almost teasing stating the obvious you are aroused Margret is that correct, she nodded looking down. Excuse me speak, Margret looked up yes. Loving her power Tracey commanded Margret run your fingers over your pussy, she slowly did as she was told and was told slide one inside, and she did gasping slightly.

Take it out, you could feel the relief as she did so her finger glistening and wet. Now taste it she put the fingers to her lips opened her mouth and slowly sucked as we watched a pop as her finger final came out. Did you enjoy the taste? Yes was her reply, I could feel my own cock getting harder, enjoying my friend being exploited it made her so much prettier being vulnerable I wanted her even more. This lady was playing a great game with our emotions and desires.

Her sense of power and joy in her control was making Tracey feel strong you could tell all this control if only here was giving her sense of purpose, making her feel like a woman again the alpha female, she was revelling in it. Looking at her you could see her thought processes working though it was not easy to read her mind. She then said do you two want to see more of me. We were both caught off guard did she mean her body or so we could see each other.

Her hands slowly ran up her blouse and we knew it was the later. We both quickly replied yes as if under her spell and control. She slowly started to unbutton her blouse, each one she ran her fingers over her skin teasing as she worked her way down, looking at us watching us marvel at her. The sense of power she had all the more pleasing for her, I could feel my cock stiffening, she could see, Margret moved her weight around on her feet as her pussy became more aroused.

Tracey reached the final button and then stood up and put her hands on the blouse slowly peeling it off dropping it to the floor, her gym body showing her own bra showing her hard red nipples through the sheer fabric, it was clear she was turned on as much as the rest of us. Her sense of power making her feel a woman ready to control her sexuality once more. She was I her element you could see her deep dark fantasies being played out before us, we the victims yet willing none the less.

Her eyes were on my trunks, you could tell the words before they arrived. Take them off. I did as commanded and dropped them to the floor. She looked at me and you could see the desire and it was obvious she liked. She looked at Margret who was looking down at my cock, is that what you want in your pussy, Margret now knowing the routine looked her in the eyes and said yes. Tracey looked at her and said you are not going to get it tonight. Margret let out a sigh and I gasped wondering what was going on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32