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Mandy’s hand was incredibly soft. Jenny held it in hers and felt the tender skin and the smoothness for the first time. She just stared into Mandy’s blue eyes, asking all the questions that needed to be asked, without saying a word. Mandy smiled at her and squeezed her hand slightly before slowly releasing her grip. Jenny had to force herself to focus, to understand what was happening.

Anthony escorted their guests into the family room, and seated them near the fire. He poured glasses of Chardonnay, while making small talk with Bill. Jenny excused herself to go to the kitchen for snacks. Mandy followed. In the kitchen, Jenny turned to Mandy and asked with a shaky voice, “Was this all a joke, a trick?” Mandy slowly shook her head and moved toward Jenny, who backed away from her.

“Not at all, Jenny. I went by the office one day and heard our guys talking. I stood outside the door for a moment and heard them talking about the computer and interesting sites. They were sharing names of some sites, neither of them admitting why they wanted them, but it made me wonder. Bill is aware of my bi-curiousity and helped me find sites to look at, and then, when Anthony was asking, I thought maybe he had a similar situation. I called you to see. If you had not seemed interested, I would have just told you I was the new company wife and wanted to meet you. But, Jenny, I heard it in your voice. I heard your need and your longing, so I decided to be your ‘mentor’.”

Jenny listened carefully and could see that Mandy was being sincere and truthful. She slowly exhaled and nodded her head, accepting the explanation and Mandy. She looked into Mandy’s captivating eyes and smiled. She still didn’t trust her voice, she felt on the verge of tears. Mandy moved forward and hugged her, pulling Jenny to her body and wrapping her in her arms. At first, Jenny was very rigid and straight, but as the tears started, she leaned against Mandy and allowed her to give comfort.

As the tears slowed, she pulled away, giggling. She grabbed a towel and dried her eyes, bahis firmaları feeling silly. Mandy touched Jenny’s chin, forcing her to look at her. “This is a confusing time for you, and I understand that, Jenny. You are emotionally charged from all directions and meeting me like this was quite a surprise. But now that is all out of the way, and we can be real friends.”

They smiled at each other and hugged briefly, then carried the snack trays into the family room, and their hungry husbands.

The evening was a success. All four had much to talk about, lots of common experiences. The soup was perfect for the cold night and Mandy asked for the recipe. After dinner, they played Spades, girls against boys, and the girls won magnificently. The wine was poured freely and the four of them were flushed from laughing and the ample alcohol.

During a break, Jenny offered to show Mandy the house. The men decided to remain in the den and build up the fire. Mandy liked Jenny’s taste and commented favorably about several ideas. She followed Jenny through the house, discussing decorating. They climbed the loft stairs and entered Jenny’s bedroom. Suddenly, Jenny felt the ache that Mandy always caused. She looked at the bed and then at Mandy, confused, yet full of desire. Again, Mandy took the lead. She moved closer to Jenny and hugged her again. This time, it was not a comforting hug, It was purely sensual. Jenny could feel Mandy’s swollen nipples pressed against her own, she could feel the heat emanating from Mandy’s body. Suddenly, she couldn’t wait to taste Mandy’s mouth. She promised herself that was all she wanted, just one taste. As they held each other, she looked up at Mandy, with her lips slightly parted, her breath shallow. Mandy bent her head to meet Jenny’s. Their lips met and immediately matched. Lips to lips, breathing to breathing. Jenny had always wondered how a woman’s lips would feel, and she was not disappointed. They were soft, succulent and knowledgeable. Mandy washed Jenny’s lips with her tongue, slowly encouraging Jenny to open kaçak iddaa her mouth and accept Mandy. As she slid into Jenny, Mandy explored Jenny’s mouth softly and thoroughly. She probed gently, then demanded more. Her tongue simulated a cock, thrusting into Jenny with need and passion. Jenny found herself moaning deep in her throat, holding Mandy closely to her as she was awash with these new sensations. She felt the aching in her pussy increase, the desire burning and requiring attention. Mandy’s hands were in her hair, holding her face, warming her cheeks. The kiss continued, with both women becoming more and more aroused. Then Anthony called from downstrairs, issuing a new card game challenge. The women broke apart, both breathing heavily and rapidly. They took a minute to redo lipstick and then, holding hands, moved down the stairs. As if rehearsed, they dropped hands as they reached the bottom step and moved together into the family room for the next round of cards.

The rest of the evening passed in a blur for Jenny. The four of then got along well, laughing and having fun. When the men left to get more wine, Mandy quickly stole a few kisses. When the women went to the kitchen for cake, Jenny found herself just touching Mandy, feeling her lovely curves. The ache in Jenny’s pussy grew all evening, making her move through that sexual haze that had become home to her. One time, she did get to kiss Mandy’s throat, moving her eager mouth down to the V-opening of the jumpsuit. She tasted mandy’s delicious skin and wanted more, but the moment was fleeting.

Too soon, it was the end of the evening. Anthony and Jenny walked their new friends to the door and all exchanged hugs and friendly kisses. There were promises of getting together soon, lunches and dinners to be shared. Then Mandy and Bill walked to their car, arm in arm.

As soon as the door was closed and locked, Jenny leaned against Anthony and pulled his face down to hers. She kissed him passionately and deeply. She moved her hand down to his crotch and held his growing cock in kaçak bahis her grip, massaging it. She fell to her knees right there, unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans and tugging them down. Her mouth found his erection and completely covered it, swallowing it deep into her throat. Her tongue was circling him, swirling around while her mouth was creating exquisite suction, causing him to hold her head in place and beg her to continue. But she needed more. She stood and kissed his mouth, fucking it with her very hot tongue. His fingers flew over her clothes, removing them much faster than he had helped her dress earlier. Soon, all her garments were scattered in the front hallway and she was naked before him. Her breasts were heaving, her dark nipples hard and bumply. She almost climbed his body in her need for him. She moved upwards and settled her extremely swollen pussy right on his erect cock, sliding down until it reached her pinkest depths. His hands cupped her tight ass, moving her up and down in her quest for satisfaction. She continued kissing him, licking him, even nipping at his lips while she moved faster and faster, up and down his magnificent cock. She loved the feel of him in her, filling her, moving against that tenderest flesh.

He heard her cooing, “Yes, yes, please, help me, right there, right there, right…..” and then heard her nearly primal screams as she came. He felt her tight muscles throbbing around his cock, felt her pulling him even deeper within her, until he could go no further. Her moans grew lower, her kisses slacker, and she leaned against his shoulder. Her inner muscles now did all the fucking, he could feel her massaging his cock, encouraging him to come deep inside her. Her nipples rubbed against his bare chest and her pussy seemed to be formed around him. Her fingers were in his hair, her head against his chest. She looked up and said quite simply, “Anthony, I love you so very much.” And he exploded. He felt the orgasm start and spread throughout his groin, making his cock stiffen, then violently throb. He spilled his come into her waiting pussy, filling her.

He lowered both of them to the soft carpeting, holding her close, kissing her softly. He loved her so much and would do anything for her.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32