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I work long hours. Sometimes I even sleep on the couch in my office. My wife understands that the amount of work my job requires, but it doesn’t hurt that my assistant is over 200 lbs. Since I spend so much time in my office it isn’t unusual for me to eat in my office and even masturbate every once in a while just to take the edge off. One evening I assumed everyone had left for the day and I began jacking off at my desk. I am not sure why I do it, maybe because it is a turn on to break the rules. Anyway, just as I finished wiping the semen off with a tissue, Becky my 200 pound assistant came walking through the door. I turned my back hiding my penis until I could zip my pants. I couldn’t see what Becky was doing, but soon realized she had retrieved the semen filled tissue from the trash.

I was mortified I had been caught. Before I had a chance to wonder if she had seen me she sat up on the desk, pulled up her skirt revealing that she wasn’t wearing any panties. Her vagina was completely shaved, a practice I never really understood. She unfolded the tissue and began rubbing my semen in and around her vagina. I reached for the tissue, but Becky grabbed my hand and said, “touch me and I will scream.”

I stood frozen as I watched Becky soil herself with my ejaculate. Then Becky looked at me, balled the tissue and threw it at me. She told me I better get on my knees and begin to clean it out or she was going to call the police and claim I had raped her. I couldn’t believe what she was saying.

Becky’s husband had left her the week before. He took everything and just left. No divorce, no nothing. I hadn’t realized how helpless Becky must have felt, but I realized that she was now taking control. Unfortunately, she was taking control of me.

She picked up her cell phone and began dialing 9-1… I begged her to stop. She pointed to her vagina and without really having a choice I began having oral sex with my obese assistant in my office. I tried to imagine I was licking my wife’s cunt. Becky began to react to my tongue and seemed to be enjoying it. Then the moaning began. It startled me at first, but after a moment her enthusiasm only encouraged me to try harder. I thought illegal bahis about my wife, she never reacted this way. A few muted ‘ohs’ and ‘ahs’, but nothing like this. Then I imagined my wife walking in on us, my tongue deep inside of Becky’s pussy. I could feel Becky’s pussy reacting and then she started yelling.

“Oh, YES, Oh YES! That’s it, oh my GOD!…” Becky kept it up for another five minutes before she told me I had to stop.

I stood up, wiped my mouth with a tissue and asked, “Okay, are we done yet?”

Becky then told me to strip naked. I argued, but she insisted I didn’t have a choice. I removed my shirt and then my pants. As I dropped my underwear it occurred to me that I was fully erect. Becky unfastened her blouse, revealing her bra holding up her massive tits. I have always fantasized about big tits, but not attached to an obese woman.

When Becky saw my erect penis she smiled and said, “I had no idea you were attracted to me.” She motioned for me to step closer. Standing in front of my desk, Becky spread eagle, my penis was just inches from her fully lubricated vagina. Becky motioned for me to come closer until the tip of my penis was brushing against the lip of her pussy.

Precum formed at the tip of my penis as I stood there. Becky put her hands on my hips and pulled me closer, the tip pressing on her hole, but not penetrating her. Becky said, “This time you get to decide. You can either fuck me or wait until you are no longer aroused and I will let you go.”

I began waiting, but as I stood there hoping my penis would cooperate, Becky took my penis in her hand and began pumping it. Then she slid the head up and down between her pussy lips and I started to get even more turned on. My precum was spread inside of her lips and I think she was starting to have another orgasm when I leaned forward slightly. Just enough so that the head of my penis slid inside of her.

I didn’t move, but Becky said, “Don’t stop, I want this, I am glad you do too.”

I pulled back as I realized what she was saying. I DIDN’T want this. I wasn’t even attracted to her. Becky then said, “I have an idea, lay down on the floor.” Becky pulled me to the floor and illegal bahis siteleri straddled my waist, my erect cock pressing against her pussy.

Becky began grinding back and forth over the length of my cock, her wet pussy providing the lubrication. Each time she would reach the tip of my penis it would press ever so slightly inside of her. She removed her bra and her massive tits rested on my chest as she continued to tease me. I felt her pussy reacting and I knew she was having an orgasm.

After her orgasm was over Becky would pause each time my penis was pressed against her opening. She would ask, “Don’t you want to fuck me? I think you do, you aren’t getting soft at all.”

She was right, if anything I was getting more and more aroused. On her second orgasm I thought I was going to cum, but I held out until just after she came. Becky stopped, my penis pressed tightly against her hole and began kissing me. I didn’t kiss her back, but I began to ejaculate. Pressed against her pussy, my semen went straight inside of her. I was cuming inside of Becky and I hadn’t even fucked her. Becky’s eyes got wide as she felt my semen inside of her. She said, “Does that feel good, honey? I sure enjoyed it.”

With that Becky climbed off me and began dressing. I got my clothes on and wondered if that was the end of it. Becky left me standing in my office alone. The next day we both acted as if nothing had happened.

Two months passed and I was surprised but I had almost forgotten the incident. Becky was in a great mood and things seemed to be getting back to normal. Late one evening, after everyone had left Becky told me the news, she was pregnant and it was definitely mine. I collapsed in my chair. My wife and I had been trying to have kids for almost a year. With Becky she gets pregnant without intercourse? What the fuck! Becky explained she wanted to keep it. Two days later I learned from my wife’s lawyer that Becky had told her about the baby – my wife was divorcing me and she didn’t want to see me ever again.

I threw myself into the work over the next few weeks, I decided to forgive Becky, but I guess I didn’t really have a choice. Becky tried to be supportive, canlı bahis siteleri but I was simply disgusted with my situation and myself. One evening Becky tried her best to seduce me, but it wasn’t working. I couldn’t get aroused looking at Becky if you paid me and I told her that. Ever the trooper Becky suggested a bet. If she couldn’t seduce me she would admit to my wife we had never had sex. I didn’t think it would work, but agreed nonetheless.

Becky removed her clothes, helped me remove mine and led me to the couch. I wasn’t the least bit aroused and Becky noticed. Becky straddled me on the couch and said, “You were the first man to give me an orgasm and ironically, you were the first man to ever cum inside of me.” She began grinding her hips over my flaccid penis. She was getting so wet, it felt like she was peeing on me. The she reached around her back and began squeezing my balls.

I told her, “that’s not fair!”

Becky smiled as she realized it was working, “Alls fair in love and war.”

Before I knew it, my penis was erect as she rubbed the full length of my penis between the lips of her pussy. I thought she would simply stop at the tip as she did before, but with her first full stroke she tilted her hips forward and my penis slid easily inside. Before I cold react I was all of the way inside of her. I grabbed her hips as she said, “I guess that settles it…”

She began fucking me, slowly at first and then more quickly. Soon I was completely engaged, fucking her back. I was completely turned on. Becky leaned down and kissed me and I kissed her back. It didn’t take long for her to reach orgasm and it didn’t take long for me to ejaculate inside of her.

Once we were done she invited me to spend the night at her house. I felt completely emasculated. My beautiful wife had left me and here I was with my obese assistant. I followed her home and we had sex once more in her bed. What started out as a bad dream turned into a nightmare. I began staying over at Becky’s house each night. We had sex in at least two or three times a night and sometimes in the morning. My wife and I had never done it more than once a day and usually only a couple of times a week. Becky was insatiable.

Four months later Becky finally admitted that she had lied, that she wasn’t pregnant. I was even more devastated, but minutes after she told me we were having sex. I hate Becky, but I still fuck her everyday.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32