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Yet another evening listening to her recount the previous evening’s date with yet another fiery end to yet another short romance, and I could tell that she was really struggling to understand this time. I couldn’t understand how this guy could hold on to his ex with this beautiful creature standing before him, wanting him. Of course, I hadn’t seen his ex, but…even guys visited by angels have been known to hold on to The Devil for reasons unknown.

As she finished the story, her voice began to quaver and turn up sharply at the ends of every sentence, and I knew that tears were close. The past year had been trying for her — guys just wouldn’t stick around for long.

“Why won’t guys love me?” she nearly whispered, her voice breaking.

I stopped chewing my last bite of pizza in disbelief. I swallowed carefully, and knew that I must also choose my words very carefully. Short and to the point, now…

I turned on the couch to face her squarely. “Kristine, you are a very beautiful woman, in many ways. You have beautiful hair, beautiful skin, a beautiful body, a beautiful spirit, and a very intelligent mind. If guys don’t love you, it’s not because they don’t want to, it’s because they are idiots. The guys themselves don’t even know why they do…or don’t do…what they do.”

She smiled, and whispered “Do you really think they want me? I mean, sometimes I know that all they want is to go to bed with me, but sometimes, Shane…they won’t kiss me or touch me even when I want them to. It’s like they just want me to tell them how cool and…great they are. But they don’t really want me.”

Just thinking about her wanting a guy to touch her began to arouse me, but when I reached with my senses toward my erogenous zones, I realized that I was already hardening, probably from describing her to herself. I pushed these thoughts aside, knowing that I had a mission to accomplish for my best friend.

“Kris, I think there are a lot of reasons why guys do this, and they are all psychological, and they are all the guy’s problem, not yours. You just happen to give them a chance to make themselves feel a little better by getting involved in their silly mind games with themselves. We could explore that all day, but neither of us are licensed counselors, so…what good would that do?” I suddenly thought of something that might help her, but I knew that it would heighten my arousal, and I felt a little guilty. Still, though — perhaps she was getting aroused, also, and she was barely conscious of the fact that she wanted me to want her. What are friends for, after all?

I stood up and said “Come on. Let’s settle this.” She sat up. “How?” I reached out to her. “Come with me.” I lifted her off the couch, and we went to her hall closet, with sliding mirror-doors. I stood her in front of the mirror and reached around the corner to turn on a nearby lamp. I then stood behind her and gently held her arms. We both looked at her body in the mirror, and she knew what I was going to do.

“Now, let’s take inventory here. Let’s find all the reasons why guys want Kristine.” She laughed coyly and shifted uncomfortably in the mirror. I held her firmly and began my list.

“First, Kristine…you are intelligent.” I reached up and gently touched her temple with my forefinger. “We both know that. You have a great sense of humor, you are very creative and expressive…you have many interests, and you enjoy thinking and figuring things out. Right?” She nodded and smiled.

“Secondly, you have a great, generous, loving, warm spirit. You genuinely try to love and trust everyone in your life, even if they hurt you, and I think that’s great. Right?” She nodded again, and her eyes began to water with appreciation. I was giddy with the knowledge of what I was giving my friend, whom I loved, and was surprised to find that my libido responded just as powerfully, in lockstep with the intense friendship-love that I felt for her.

“Now. Let’s move to the physical things. Let’s start at the top and work our way down.” I ran my fingers through her hair and watched as it flowed around my fingers like golden brown satin. “Your hair. I guarantee that guys look at it and want to wrap themselves in it like a blanket.” She blushed and laughed, watching my fingers swim through her tresses.

“Now, your face. Creamy skin, a perfect, graceful nose…” I gently pressed the tip of her nose, and she laughed and pushed my hand away. “…full, red lips — very kissable. Your eyes, Kristine — that’s what does it for most guys, I bet. Big, clear, blue — to die for!” She smiled and swayed a bit, leaning against me for just a second.

“Your neck is delicate and graceful, and your shoulders are strong but feminine.” I massaged her shoulders gently, and she leaned against me again, beginning to relax. “Your arms — strong, but slender and graceful.” I squeezed her arms gently.

“Now, we nearly skipped something very important — your breasts.” She blushed again, illegal bahis and shifted, folding her arms at her waist. She looked a little amused, watching my eyes as they studied her chest, a wry smile awaiting my description. I forged on, though I’m sure I blushed a little. “Kris, your breasts are perfect! They’re not small, but they’re not big — they’re very nicely shaped. I can only imagine that they are creamy and firm and soft, with nice little red…red? nipples that stand out when they’re touched.” I thought I’d throw her smugness back at her, but she merely shrugged with that same amused smile as if to say “wouldn’t you like to know?” I wanted to say “Yes! Yes, I do want to know…” I moved on. “Your stomach…you know, we’ve been friends for five, six years, and I can’t remember if you have an innie or an outie” I lifted the bottom of her shirt and exposed her stomach. I pressed her little navel with my finger and she laughed and doubled over, throwing us off-balance. “Ahh, an outie!” I shouted, and she wriggled until I dropped her shirt.

“Your waist is gentle, your back strong but smooth and slender.” I moved my hands to her hips and turned her sideways.” Your butt isn’t waifish, but full, round and classic, without being fat at all. Your legs — oh, God Kristine, your legs. Very few legs are as long and smooth and supple…” Her capri pants went halfway down her calves, and her feet were bare.

“Have any guys offered to suck your toes?” She seemed surprised. “No…” “Your toes — they’re very suckable. You should try it sometime.” “I’d never thought of that before.”

I smiled at her and turned her back around again. I wrapped my arms around her waist and hugged her, kissing her on the cheek. “Feel better now?” She smiled and melted into me, wrapping my arms in hers. “Yes. Thank you.” I could tell it helped, but she still doubted. I was her best friend — of course I would say she was beautiful. I knew I had more work to do, and blood rushed to my groin at the thought. I realized again that I was hard, and the guilt was still there, but something told me that what I needed to do was right.

“OK, let’s do something else. I think you’re still holding out on me, missy.” She smiled, and said “I guess…maybe a little. I still don’t understand…”

“That’s OK. Now, come here…” I backed to the wall, and pulled her back so that she was leaning against me. “Now. I want you to close your eyes…that’s it…and I want you to relax.” I was nearly whispering now. I felt a heady excitement and peace at the same time, the feeling of giving a close friend the perfect gift, the gift that money can never buy, and even words can never tell.

“I am going to show you exactly what guys dream of when they see you. I want you to imagine a guy — any guy you want — and imagine that what I’m doing is what he’s doing. OK?” She nodded, leaning against me, breathing shallowly and evenly.

I began again with her hair. I buried my face in it and breathed deeply. “Your hair is like brown satin. Soft and cool, and sweet-smelling.” I moved my fingers to her face, tracing her eyebrows, cheeks, lips. “Your face — so smooth and graceful.” I lingered on her lips, parting them slightly and moving on. I moved her hair away from her neck and kissed the back of it. She leaned her head forward and to the side. I gave it tiny, gentle kisses. I then moved my lips across her bare shoulder to where her shirt started.

I moved my hands gently down her arms, resting my cheek on her shoulder. I could see her breasts, and I had no doubt she would let me proceed. I moved my hands to the inside of her arms as they were still folded across her waist. As I caressed her arms upward, my fingers brushed across the outsides of her breasts. I moved my hands up, down, slowly several times, pressing slightly more against them each time, finally moving them to cup their undersides gently, running my thumbs down over her nipples, barely touching. She breathed deeply and pressed against me, shivering slightly.

I moved my hands down her stomach and pushed her folded arms apart gently. Pressing my hands against her stomach, I began caressing it, lifting her shirt and feeling the warm, perfect expanse of flesh. My cock was as hard as it had ever been now, and was becoming uncomfortable. I shifted slightly, and she took it as a cue, gently guiding my hands around her stomach, in ever-widening passes, until I was again brushing the underside of her breasts through the bunched shirt on the upward pass, and pushing down the front of her capri pants on the downward journeys.

She then began guiding my hands more firmly, moving them down the front of her pants, nearer and nearer to her groin. I left her hands occasionally to caress the front of her thighs, and each time I returned, she moved my hands closer to her pussy. I decided to leave her hanging a bit, and I moved my caresses to her back and bottom. She arched her body forward to give me access, and reached illegal bahis siteleri back to pull my face to her neck. I moved my hands all around her full bottom, moving my fingers deeper into her crack each time. She spread her legs slightly, and I began to include her anus, then the beginnings of her sex mound. She bent forward, hands on her knees, and let her shirt drop forward. I dropped to my knees and caressed her legs with my face pressed against her bottom, my hands moving from calves to inner thigh, to pussy, to bottom. She became more frenzied in her movements, and shucked her shirt, still bent over. Suddenly, she stood straight up and reached behind to grab my shoulders. I stopped, stood, and looked at her in the mirror, from around the maddening curve of her right hip. She was looking at me questioningly but also longingly, and her bare torso gleamed softly in the lamplight. Her breasts were magnificent. Perfect, creamy, just how I imagined — but with brown nipples.

“Is this how you feel about me?”

I hesitated, not sure what to say, how to proceed. Keep it simple…

“I will always be your best friend, Kristine. Can you accept this gift — a gift of pleasure, and…sharing between two friends?”

She paused for a moment, then smiled and nodded. Amid the clamor of hormones and friend-love, my mind somehow gathered enough focus to think ahead. Questions had flickered on her face in that moment of hesitation, and I didn’t want to become part of her problem with herself.

“Kris…look. I’m not trying to take advantage of you in a moment of weakness. OK?” She nodded. “Also…I guess this really is the way I feel about you. I love being your best friend, so I…haven’t really thought about it much — just didn’t want to complicate things. I really do love everything about you — I’m not just doing or saying any of these things out of pity. I’ve meant every word and every…touch. If you feel the same way about me, or even if you think you might…maybe we shouldn’t do this. Maybe we should explore those feelings for a while.”

We looked at each other in the mirror, her standing, her right hand gently caressing the back of my neck, the side of my face pressed against her hip as I knelt beside her, grasping her leg like a needy child. We looked for all the world like some sort of French clothing advertisement, except for the Les Miserables tone of angst in our faces. Hers a mixture of relief and contemplation, mine earnest, imploring.

She turned toward me, cupping my head in her hands, and I looked up at her face, along her stomach, between her breasts. She looked into my eyes with intensity. “I do feel the same way about you, and I do want to explore those feelings with you. But I also want to do this.”

In one slow, graceful motion, she reached behind to the small of her back and gently unzipped her capri pants. She then grasped both of my hands in hers and guided them to her waist, pressing them down, pulling her pants down with them. When our hands passed her panties, she made sure to catch them. As we reached her thighs, she released me, and I finished removing her clothing, my eyes never leaving the beautifully revealed mound of her hairy pussy. While she stepped out of her garments, I stared at it, transfixed and worshipful. She saw my devotion and moved her hips toward my face, grasping the back of my head and pressing her pussy against my face.

I smelled the sweet musk of nutmeg and apples, and my head buzzed and whirled in a maelstrom of blood, testosterone and adrenaline. I kissed gently all around her bushy mound, licking the insides of her thighs. She wasn’t going to let me in yet, but she was trembling. I knew my cock would soon be thrusting beneath this warm, trembling mound of brown hair, awash in her slippery juice deep within her abdomen, where I would add my own milky cream in a hissing, grunting convulsion.

She may have sensed my discomfort. She knelt in front of me and began working on my belt. As she removed it, I shifted my attention to her breasts and began caressing them. She murmured softly and shuddered, moving more quickly to free my cock. I gently stroked her creamy mounds of flesh, pinching and rolling her nipples as they hardened between my fingers. She moaned and jerked, just as she thrust down the front of my pants and briefs with both hands, my cock springing free. We both stopped momentarily and looked down at my throbbing, half-swollen shaft. It swayed slightly to the side as she reached toward it and, almost reverently, grasped my cock with one hand.

The sensation was too much to bear. I moaned, a fiery charge shooting from my cock up my spine to the top of my head. Grasping her buttocks, I pulled her toward me, going after her lips with a deep, hard kiss. She began working my shaft up and down, while with her other hand, she searched for my balls, which were still buried in my bunched briefs. I moved my hands from her buttocks to my pants, pushing canlı bahis siteleri them down. She found my balls and squeezed them gently. I just had to get out of my pants.

I leaned back, her hands still on my now rock-hard cock and my balls. I pulled my pants down to my knees and then stood up, frantically trying to shuck them, nearly falling down. Kris steadied me, laughing. I began to kneel again, but she stopped me. “I wanna taste it” she said, and grasped my hips, pulling me toward her. She began working my shaft and balls gently with her hands, inspecting them lovingly. She began at the tip, wrapping her lips around my head loosely, touching the tip of her tongue to my hole. She slowly and methodically took more of my cock into her mouth, barely caressing the underside of my shaft with her tongue, a little awkwardly, but in a way that made my cock swell even more, and I began to feel my orgasm muscles beginning to spasm. I gently held the sides of her head and pulled her mouth away from my cock. She looked up at me with a question on her beautiful face.

“I’m about to cum” I explained, then added “I want to save it for your pussy.” She looked at my cock again, stroking it lovingly and moving from her kneeling position back onto her haunches. Her voice held a tone I hadn’t heard before — pleading, nearly frustrated. I remembered that she’d seldom had good experiences with guys, and was expecting me to treat her differently.

“I’ve never sucked before. I wanna taste your cum. Please?” I was powerless in her gaze, then something less than powerless past her gaze to her sweet breasts and triangle of brown hair.

“I’m sure I won’t have a problem cumming in your pussy later” I offered, smiling and stroking her hair. “That is…I don’t have any protection…” The thought of not being able to fill her pussy with my shaft suddenly hit me, and my erection began to wane.

“That’s OK. I’ve been on the pill since TJ, even though I’ve only needed it a couple times since then.” Ah, yes — TJ. The one who started Kris’ problems with men, the wrong men, all because the first love of her life was the wrong man. If she was thinking of him at all, then my gift — this gift to each other — was more than a wonderful turning point in our relationship; perhaps she’ll finally let her anger for him fade away.

“OK.” I smiled at her and moved back against the wall. “I’m gonna need something to hold me up for this.”

She smiled and moved toward me, reaching behind me to grasp my buttocks. I moved my hips away from the wall to give her access. She took my now half-hard cock in her mouth again and clumsily worked it until it was nearly completely enveloped. I ran my fingers across her temples and into her soft brown hair, gently guiding her face in a slow rhythm that moved my cock only short distance in and out of her mouth. I gasped and hunched my hips even more toward her, and she sighed and moaned softly, squeezing and stroking my buttocks. I was already close again, though I wanted it to last forever. I decided to prolong it a little while and teach her a new technique. Her eyes were closed, concentrating on her task.

“Is your pussy wet?” I asked. She opened her eyes and looked at me, nodding. “Please show me with your finger.” She stopped moving, my cock in her mouth, and reached between her legs, working her lips apart. She held her middle finger up and we both looked at it. It was thick with pussy juice. She took my cock out of her mouth and rubbed her fingers around the head.

“I’d like you to please get your forefinger really, really wet with your pussy,” I instructed “then work it around the hole of my anus. Just put the tip of your finger in a little way. It’ll make me cum even harder.” My cock throbbed with hunger as I watched her follow my instructions. “OK” she said, spreading her legs slightly for better access. She reached to her pussy again, this time slipping her forefinger inside, leaning back so I could watch. My cock was screaming to follow her finger inside, but I waited patiently, agonized. She worked her finger in and out a few times, then moved back to find her new target. I spread my legs and guided her hand with mine until her finger found my hole. “Use the palm of your hand on my balls, please.” She complied, and a spasm rocked me. “That’s it” I hissed, and offered my cock to her hungry mouth. She took it in again, and I felt her finger wiggle slightly in my anus, the sensation from anus to balls to cock nearly unbearable. Almost immediately, I felt the urge to cum again.

“I’m gonna cum a lot, so don’t try to swallow it all. You can just let it gush out…” I offered as the last coherent thought as parts of my awareness were silenced by a quickly-moving wave of sanity-destroying ecstasy. I felt Kris’ mouth change around my cock, her tongue folding to form a dam against my barrage of cum. The only sounds were a slight sucking noise from her face and my shallow moans. Two thrusts later, my back arched away from the wall and my hips began working involuntarily, first toward Kris’ mouth, then away, my entire body coiling for the release. Kris moved her left hand from my buttocks to my cock to help steady and guide me, and that was it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32