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The girl in the black string bikini caught my eye right away. She was Asian, slim, with long straight black hair. Her white porcelain skin stood out among the darkened red hued bodies tanning on the beach. As the breeze blew her hair she picked up her camera and started shooting. Her lean body moved with the grace of a ballet dancer. She was so concentrated on the photos she was taking she didn’t notice me slowly drinking in every inch of her; her flat stomach, her slender legs, her tight butt, her small perky breasts, looking firm, pressing against the material of her bikini top. And those eyes, dark brown, looking at me… Looking a bit perturbed as she briskly walked towards me. Oops…

“Oh, I’m sorry… Please forgive my rudeness”, my cheeks felt red, and I hoped my blushing showed how sincere my apology was. “I couldn’t help but notice your hardware… uhm, Nikon D750? Nice camera.”

The beautiful girl stopped in her tracks, her look of annoyance and anger suddenly changed to confusion, bemusement, and maybe even a tiny bit of admiration?

“I was about to come over here and kick your ass for being such a creepy perv but your knowledge of cameras has bought you some time,” she said. “You’ve got 2 minutes of my attention. Fire away.”

“I’m Casey and again. I’m really sorry.” I extended my hand.

“I’m Chloe. Nice to meet you,” she shook my hand. “I’m guessing you’re not from around here?”

“How could you tell?” I asked.

“You’ve got a Canadian accent.” she replied. That was the third time this week someone said that about me. “What’s a Chinese guy with a Canadian accent doing on Pacific Beach?” she asked.

“I’m taking a few days off after attending a conference. I love San Diego, I’ve been here before but this time I decided to stay for a few days before heading back to my igloo next to the glaciers of the north”, I was hoping my lame attempt at humour would buy me a few more minutes with this beautiful young lady. She laughed, gave me a “that’s corny but I’ll overlook it” kind of smile.

We chatted about cameras, lighting, lenses… luckily for me I’d taken a one-week camera course in high school and learned just enough to sound like I knew a little bit, while at the same time sounding humble about it. This girl was really into her gear. She was also so easy to talk to, and so goddamn beautiful. Half the time I was trying hard not to get caught staring at her bikini top… and speaking of hard, now that she was sitting next to me on the sand I was really hoping she wouldn’t notice her presence stiffening my… resolve.

“So what does your wife think about you being on vacation all alone?” she asked, marking an abrupt change in topics.

“Well, you’re right. I am married. But we’re pretty much in the “roommate” phase of a boring marriage, treating each other like acquaintances rather than lovers.” Why was I telling her this? What happened to my smart-ass comments from before?

“Sorry to hear that.” she replied.

From there our conversation turned a little more personal. It was my turn… “I bet you’ve got a boyfriend, and I bet he’s a white guy.”

“Yes he is,” she replied. “But no, I’m not the usual stereotypical American born Chinese who is only interested in white guys.”

And bahis firmaları yet after some probing and thinking, her only serious relationships (well, at least the ones that lasted longer than a week) were all with white guys. My turn to tease her a little.

“And what’s wrong with a handsome, fit, young Chinese male?” I asked.

“Nothing at all – if you know of one, can you introduce me?” she retorted. I guess I was out of my league.

More teasing, more laughter and I felt the weight of the world lifted off my shoulders. Her bright smile made my heart soar. Her breasts, legs, and arms made other parts of me feel uplifted too.

We were so engrossed in our conversation that we hadn’t even noticed that the weather had changed. Dark clouds were looming over the ocean, people all around us began packing up and as the ocean breeze started to get a little stronger we both decided to head for shelter. “Let me buy you a drink, as a peace offering” I said.

“Well your two minutes are up. I guess buying me a drink will get you more time,” she happily agreed and she packed up her camera and put on her beach wrap. I grabbed my backpack, and we ducked into a beachfront bar that gave us an excellent view of the rain that was headed our way. After a beer or two we were starting to get wet… the awning which we thought would protect us was hopeless – the rain was coming in sideways off the ocean.

“I’m staying just a 15 minute walk away. Would you like to dry off at the place I’m renting?” I asked.

“I can do better than that! I’m just down the block. How about you come with me instead?” she offered. I nodded and off we ran, getting soaked.

As we arrived at her apartment lobby I suddenly came to my senses… “Maybe I should just say goodbye here. I wouldn’t want to get into trouble with your boyfriend,” I said.

“Don’t worry about him, he’s at a work conference in Seattle. He won’t be back till next weekend. But don’t get any ideas in your little perverted mind,” she said with a glint in her eye. “Don’t think I’ve let you off the hook for ogling me on the beach! That lame camera cover up wasn’t fooling anyone!”

She took me by the hand to the stairwell, and as I followed behind her I got a great view of her lovely ass which was not covered up by her wrap. Nice, small, firm, round buttocks, and oh God… she caught me staring again. This time she returned the favour, taking a peek at the growing bulge in my swim shorts before continuing up the stairs. She whisked me in and asked me to run in and take a shower first before I died of pneumonia in her living room.

She had one of those water saving showers where the hot water was controlled by a gas burner at the faucet. I couldn’t figure out the handle and asked her to come back in to the washroom to help me out. As she stepped in to the shower she whisked my towel away, getting a clear view of my cock, which was still at half attention, still mesmerized by her gorgeous bikini clad body.

“Well, look who’s breaking stereotypes here!” she giggled. I moved my hand to cover up but as the hot water came down she reached down and pulled my hands away, brushing my cock with the back of her hands… “It’s pretty big, a thick guy… and you look a kaçak iddaa lot fitter without wearing that baggy old t-shirt.” I guess those weeks of swimming and running before my trip were worth it after all. My wife didn’t notice any change… but this young beauty admired my semi-toned dad-bod.

Chloe leaned forward to kiss me on the lips, first gently, but with increasing passion and urgency. Her hands softly pressed against my chest. My hands reached around her waist, feeling her sides, her back, the smooth skin made wet by the warm shower. I reached lower, cradling her buttocks, feeling them beneath her bikini… she took a short step back, her fingers now lightly caressing the top of my penis…

She reached for the soap before saying, “I should probably help you out, being my guest and all.” She turned me around and started lathering up my back and shoulders, descending to my buttocks, slipping her hand below to brush against my balls. I turned around and tried to soap up her arms and chest but Chloe turned out to be ticklish girl. I suppressed the giggles with a kiss as I soaped up the outside of her breasts, lingering on the nipples that were poking through her bikini top. One of my many fantasies was to be able to soap up a gorgeous Asian girl with perky breasts and a beautiful smile.

“I can’t cheat on my boyfriend. We’re pretty serious. You have to promise you’re not going to put it in me… If I tell you to stop at any time you’ve got to stop or I swear I’ll use my tae-kwan-do and kick your sorry ass before going to my closet to grab my gun.”

I’m not sure why but part of me was turned on by being threatened by a gorgeous, wet, bikini clad girl with her fingers on my cock. At that point in time I’d have given her the world without complaint.

I drew her close again, renewing our passionate kiss as I untied her bikini bottom. My fingers lingered at her hips before venturing to the front of her thighs, so thin yet muscular. I grabbed the soap again, enjoying the smoothness of her skin, lingering around the top of her clean shaven pussy, and diving a bit lower with each pass.

I broke off our kiss… the tips of her nipples caught my attention and I moved my hands upwards, caressing her flat stomach before reaching her bikini top. I moved the fabric to the sides a bit, exposing her breasts and pushing them together. Her brown nipples, standing erect invited me to give them a lick, a kiss, a nibble… I loved her breasts and suckled every inch as my fingers went back down, caressing and probing her clean shaven pussy.

My cock was getting pretty engorged. Chloe was still stroking it softly, but her concentration seemed to wane as my fingers danced on her pussy lips, lingering on her clitoris. Chloe started letting out a soft moan which was replaced by louder ones as I continued sucking her breasts, my fingers now concentrating on her clit. I slipped my middle finger in between her lips when she stopped me…

“No, don’t put it in… don’t put anything in me…” she pleaded. I obeyed. And yet she didn’t back away, instead pulling my body closer to hers. I started kissing her neck, and she raised up her leg and began massaging my dick with the outside of her pussy lips. I wasn’t much taller than her but kaçak bahis I had to help. I lifted her up by her legs, and leaned back against the wall of the shower… I’m not very strong so before long I settled for a seat on the floor of the tub. She sat down with me, her legs straddling my groin. She began to sway her hips back and forth, caressing my cock with her pussy lips. I could feel the tip of my penis, rubbing against her clit with each thrust of her hips. She started leaning further and further back, body splashed by the shower. It was hard to see, water splashing… I reached out to caress her breasts, now free from her bikini top. I lightly pinched her nipples. My left hand moved down to caress her flat stomach, before moving lower to gently massage her clit with my thumb.

Chloe leaned forward again, pumping furiously but by now my cock had entered into her, her pussy wet with juices making it slippery. I tried to pull out but she was on top, leaning more and more on to me, pleading with me to cum inside of her. She began nibbling my neck, my shoulder, brushing her taut nipples against my chest… I could feel her finger nails starting to dig into my shoulders as she pumped even faster. Chloe suddenly threw her head back, breasts pointed outwards. Her face and breasts were now a bright shade of red. She let out a long gasp followed by her body shuddering, then collapsing on me…

We lay like that for a few minutes, my cock still hard within her, I had not yet come. The combination of the water and the fear of coming inside of a girl I’d just met allowed me to hold off my orgasm. I caressed her back, feeling her spine and the back of her neck. She pulled herself off of me, mumbled something before grasping my cock with her hand. She grabbed some more soap, lathering it up and went back to work, caressing my cock. As she kissed me on the lips her pace quickened, rubbing my cock up and down, sometimes concentrating on the shaft, other times on the head. I knew I was about to cum… I tried to warn her but my groans were all I could spit out of my mouth. My cock sprayed semen all over her hand. Groaning and grunting, I reached out to kneed her thighs, feeling my own body shudder from a wondrous climax…

We rinsed ourselves, and toweled off. I got to wear one of her robes as she quickly donned some sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt. Our wet clothes now hanging over the tub to dry. As we got to her living room we witnessed the sun returning to the beach, a beautiful rainbow standing in stark contrast to the departing dark clouds.

“I hope you’re not mad with me.” I said.

“What are you talking about? I was on top of you at the time. I couldn’t hold back – I really needed to feel your fat cock inside of me. You’re not the longest I’ve seen but you sure are thick down there.” she said. “Your cock seemed to be rubbing me in all places. It was totally worth it. You are a really considerate lover”. Chloe gave me a peck on the lips.

“Isn’t your boyfriend going to be mad?” I asked, more than a little bit afraid for my own safety.

“Nah.” she replied. “I don’t have a boyfriend…”


“Well you never know what weirdos you’re going to meet on a beach – I can’t let them think they can walk into my apartment and screw me silly right after meeting them, now can I?” she winked as she said this, then quickly pushed me down on her couch, falling on top of me before giving me a long deep kiss.

I love San Diego.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32