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All people over 18.


It was the mid 70’s, I was only twenty years of age and desperate for something exciting to happen. I was in Thailand’s Pang Pot red light area out for a stroll before I went to Vietnam.

“You wanna fuck me?” Taunted the Thai blue satin clad bunny girl leaning seductively on the door frame of her luxurious abode. I struggled to catch my breath as the girl was pure sex, a dream girl, the type you yearned for all those lonely sexually frustrated nights, a girl that was beyond fantasy, platitudinous personified, an erotic time bomb exploding into my senses.

“Well?” She questioned sweetly, provocatively running one sexily manicured hand over the taut perfect curves of her tightly bound breast. She then arched her back and rested her hand on her perfect hips. She smiled sweetly her healthy shiny black hair stealthily spreading over her forehead pinned by her bunny girl ears one of which had tantalisingly fallen over one eye as her other sparked out through her long curving winking eyelashes.

“Why you not wanna fuck me?” She coyly tormented as I stood transfixed before this vision of beauty my eyes down cast as if heavy from aesthetic intoxication, staring at the top of her thighs leading into her stain covered triangle of paradise.

“Er well yes I would love to er, em fuc.. er have you as you say but I really must rush,” I spluttered, looking at an imaginary watch.

“But I fuck you good,” pleaded the starlet, “no one do you better in whole of Bangkok.”

“Yes, yes I’m sure you would, terribly disappointing but I must dash,” I wheezed before slipping away into the bustling night crowd.

“I do you for free,” the bunny girl shouted as I dodged the army of sellers pushing hastily crayoned drink and drug prices into my face, etched on cardboard.

“No thanks,” I shouted lamentably and quickly darted into the haggling mass.

I was trying to be a photo journalist and was on my way to Cambodia via Vietnam. In those days you couldn’t fly direct, you had to stop in Thailand and then apply for a visa at the embassy.

When I told people I was going to Thailand there were a lot of innuendoes. I was so naive I really didn’t know what it was like. I soon found out that if a girl talked to a foreigner she was instantly labeled a prostitute. All pros were protected by a pimp, like the Bunny girl I had just talked too .

Another girl had been watching me, casually dressed in blue jeans and a white blouse. Like most of the girls in Thailand she had long slick healthy hair an exotic face and brown eyes.

“You no like girls?” She chirped, quickly keeping pace with me. I didn’t know if she was teasing me or trying to be funny.

“Where you go?” She asked grabbing my arm.

“My hotel.”

“I come too?”


“Oh sorry, me forget, you no like girls!”

She was very insulting in a jokey way and I tried not to rise to the bait.

“You no like girls, you like men,” She giggled.

That was too far even for my fragile ego.

“Hey I do like girls!” I remonstrated.

“Then why you not want to fuck?” She goaded.

“Look I really don’t have the time,”

“But everyone has time to fuck.” She reasoned and she was right. I was scared in truth, out of my depth. I wasn’t a virgin but there again I wouldn’t have said I was experienced and in a country like Thailand experienced mattered more then anything.

“So whats the matter, you cant get it up?”

This time I thought she had gone a little too far. I stopped and turned on her to address her aggressively to her face. “Hey!” I shouted to no avail as she smiled and laughed back at my best hard illegal bahis tough guy face.

“Is that it, you have a floppy cock?” She laughed.

“No I don’t!” I snapped back not breaking stride.

“Oh!” She sarcastically slurred, “I bet you a big, big boy who fuck little Thai girl like me real good!” She went on provoking.

“Look go away, my size has nothing to do with you,” I seethed as I dropped my shoulder to rid her of her grip.

“So you have a little pee, pee, Oh poor little boy.” She piercingly laughed once more. A laugh that was getting right under my skin.

“Poor little white boy with a tiny little cock, he not able to fuck!”

She kept on like this until I started to think, ” I’ll fuck you in two if you don’t shut up!”

Thats when she had won. Of course I didn’t know this at the time but she had played me expertly. She was very skilled at playing the male macho against itself and I fell into her trap.

I thought I had called her bluff and invited her back to my room, of course this was what she wanted and I took the bait hook line and sink.

I had invited people to my room before, male and female Thais, drinking, beer, chatting and watching tv.

I welcomed the company but God I was dumb. Sitting in my mini silk bath robe, legs up and my companions pointing out who was gay in the films we were watching. I didn’t twig at all.

This particular girl kept goading me about my masculinity and I bit big time. As I have said I wasn’t very experienced then and everything sexual I had done was in dim light, with little communication, deadly serious and with me in control.

We walked into my cliche international hotel room. I thought, “I’ll show her, just wait until you’re on the end of my cock.” She walked along side me until we were near the bed and then quickly pushed me over.

I went into shock for as soon as I fell on the bed she went for my trousers and had them down to my ankles in a flash. An expert! My reactions tried to stop her but my head was in a tailspin.

“Come on big boy show me cock!” She said laughing the whole time. Yes, she called me ‘big boy’ but with a very big spoonful of sarcasm!

I couldn’t believe it, I was the one who was supposed to do the undressing, I always turned the lights off and what was she laughing at?

I must admit I was frightened but I couldn’t admit to that, “I’m a man!”

Her constant laughing had me perplexed as it made me think this attack was being done in fun and not some malicious attempt to mug me.

I relaxed a lot more when she backed off and started to undress herself, giggling all the way. I lay watching in a trance as she whipped her blouse off and jeans down and stood before me in her white panties and bra.

“Now let me see your cock big boy!” She hissed with a hint of evil intent, diving forward and grabbing the waist band of my pants.

I tried to put up a fight holding up my pants against this sex mad cackling Asian. We tussled over my pants for in truth I was worried at her mocking the size of my penis.

“Show me your cock, show me your cock.” She shouted excitedly as she rocked on the bed holding the waist band of my pants.

She was too loud and the only way to shut her up was to let her have her way. I let go and she ripped down my pants and I closed my eyes waiting for her ridiculing verbal onslaught.

“Oh! Nice cock!” She said again with heaps of sarcasm as she pushed me back on the bed and straddled me. “Oh you fuck me good with that cock,” she laughably swooned as she undid her bra revealing her two small pert boobs.

She lent forward as I admired her tits almost afraid to touch them illegal bahis siteleri in fear of ridicule. She took my shirt off as she grabbed my cock and wanked it up, her long hair fell over my face. She looked at me and smiled, “You wanna suck my tits?”

I was naked under her, psychically and psychologically, my inexperience was hopelessly on display. What was happening? The lights were still on, I didn’t undress her she undressed me and now instead of me slowly going for her breasts she was shoving them in my face! I nervously groped, caressed and sucked her boobs as she hurriedly slipped her panties off and skewered herself on my cock!

She was like a whirling dervish , she never kept still, she was always at me.

It was in the light and watched in a trance as she groaned and masturbated while stretching herself around my cock. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. In the past everything had been slow, quiet, dark and me in control. Now it was bright, fast, loud and any effort for me to be in control she easily thwarted.

She soon pushed me on my back and bounced on me like a pogo stick. She twisted my nipples hard! Fuck who does that? Pain? No! That wasn’t in the book. I cried out as her quick temp fucking brought me too the boil way too quickly! “Oh no, I’m going to cum,” I cringed. There was no escape she was going to show me up for exactly what I was, an inexperienced little boy. I held onto my sperm for as long as I could, squealing in a concentrated effort. She laughed at my grimaces as she rode me for all she was worth whipping my face with her long hair and twisting my nipples. I exploded into her and my cock pumped my spunk in time to her exaggerated cries.

I soon lay back spent feeling hopelessly inadequate and very embarrassed. I lay back panting for breath waiting for there oncoming verbal onslaught

“You so quick! You virgin?” She giggled as I closed my eyes tight and tried to roll over in shame.

She lay down beside me and playfully kissed me on the cheek. “Its okay to be a virgin.” She squawked.

I felt like pointing out to her that I wasn’t a virgin anymore as she had just fucked me. Virgin and inexperience meant the same thing in that country so I just lay back and relaxed.

I relaxed for ten minutes feeling my penis shrink even smaller, her eyes were closed and I had the sudden urge to retrieve my underpants to save me from more ridicule. I sat up and pushed off from the side of the bed when her hand quickly slid up from behind and grabbed me by the balls. I yelped in pain and grabbed my orbs.

“Where you going?” She demanded, “Me not finished yet! I want more cock!” She! Wasn’t finished with me! What the hell was going on?

She pulled me back and grabbed my cock with her free hand and wanked me erect as I obediently kept still like her little sex toy while she had me by the balls.

It was hard to take, my male ego flatlined, I kept thinking, “I’ll show you!” As soon as she let me go I turned on her and pinned her down and with a snarl I hissed “I’ll show you!”

“Oh big western macho man gonna give poor little Tai girl a lesson!”

She lightly teased from beneath me. It burst my bubble immediately, I couldn’t win and I started to laugh.

I slipped into her and tried to make an impression by fucking her hard, really slamming into her but she just sighed and groaned taking each pounding with ease. In the end I just thought I’d enjoy myself and rogered her quickly. “Oh! You a fit boy, fuck long hard and fast,” she said wrapping her arms around my neck and legs around my buttocks.

I was soon straining at the lease, thumping away deep into her as my canlı bahis siteleri throat gave out strangling noises in my fight to keep my cum in my balls. “You going to cum for me like a good little boy?” She teased again. I gasped in exasperation, she wouldn’t stop talking and I found it off putting as I blew my load.

I pumped and pumped and pumped to a slow stand still, laying prostrate and drained on her sacrificial alter. She giggled again and patted me on the back. “You a good boy, you fuck this little Thai girl good!” She sarcastically laughed.

I rolled offer her exhausted and capitulated. She had beaten me and in a confused way I somehow enjoyed it.

I was beat and longed for sleep but it seemed my Asian girl still wanted to play. “Lets examine your cock!” She said with glee.

I groaned in submission too exhausted to fight her and gave into her wishes. “Oh such a nice cock,” she complimented truthfully, which made me suspicious. “Let me see your bottom.” With that she flipped me over and then clamped herself around my waist her head looking towards my feet.

I felt her rub and spread my buttocks feeling a bit confused as I buried my still gasping mouth into my pillow.

Out of the blue she said, “How you like it gay boy?”

Before I deciphered what she meant she laughed and inserted a finger

deep up my ass! My body jolted as if it had been hit by an electric shock and went stiff. “Get out!” I loudly protested and wriggled my ass to dislodge her!

“Whats the matter, you scared you like it gay boy?” She laughed as I bounced my body trying to get her out of my ass. I bounced and wriggled like crazy but she clung onto me tightly while forcing her finger right up me.

“You like it don’t you big boy! Admit it!”

“No I don’t!” I hotly disputed as I managed to draw my knees up and move around the bed.

Still her finger was hard up me and I jolted up and down around the bed like some perverted rodeo.

I tried to roll over as I desperately wanted her out of my ass. I was young and had never been touched there. Its what gay people did!

“You like, you like!” She laughed. She had a point, maybe I did.

She was sexy and broke so many conventions I took as read. I hadn’t even read about a girl doing this, finger fucking my ass as I bounced around the bed trying to get her out!

I fought on but Its impossible to keep that level of anger up while psychically trying to shake someone off. I ended up in a fit of hysterical laughter and collapsed on the bed exhusted.

She laughed and introduced another finger up my ass and finger fucked me. Suddenly I felt a need to cum and yet I was flaccid. What the hell was going on? I went up on my knees as she worked me and felt a long stream of my semen flow from my cock. “Oh you like!” She giggled as she grabbed my cock and rapidly wanked me up again making me ejaculate again a second time with-in seconds. I fell to the bed, milked of all semen, drained of all energy and dying for sleep.

“Oh you do lots of spunk!” She hailed triumphantly. I was her lamb to the slaughter and as I drifted into sleep I tried to say, “please get your fingers out of my ass.”

When I woke up she was gone, she broke so many conventions I took as read. I swear I didn’t sleep for two days after as I was in real shock. She had preformed a Copernicus inversion on me and threw everything into confusion. Everything was new, the pain was new, the insults were new, the lighting, the laughter and my confusion. It sounded if I was abused but I wasn’t, there was some perverse enjoyment going on that I couldn’t comprehend.

Ten years later I revisited that hotel In Bangkok. In my dreams I would find her and thank her for teaching me so many things, most of all to enjoy sex and not take it so seriously. To this day I owe her so much and hope that she got the man of her dreams and had a wonderful future.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32