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“WHAT? NO! I’m not paying you for sex! Uh uh, no, not now, not ever no way!”

It’s a Friday evening and just like every second Friday Gypsy is around. It’s a money thing really, I have the wine, can knock out a decent meal and my company is free.

Gypsy is far from the best with money, even at the best of times, but she also has issues to contend with that would make many give up, curl up and die.

The story isn’t that original, a single mother, no support from the father, a job that promises more than it delivers, and the same ol’ same ol’ that we all have to contend with. Car, insurance, rent, electricity, food blah blah blah.

Her being broke isn’t new, but this solution to her problems is a new one for me. Oh, I’ve paid her for pictures, only because I really wanted them and I knew she needed the cash. But I would have loaned her the money even if she didn’t allow the pictures. Well I would have given it to her, but we always call it a loan.

“Listen to me” she said “I owe you a fortune right now. I can’t borrow more, my cards are maxed, the overdraft is overdrawn and you’re the only option left. I have to earn, I can’t just rely on hand outs. Its charity, its demeaning. School fees are behind, my landlord is complaining and I didn’t hit target again last month, I need that commission but it’s just not happening. I need to earn. If it’s not you, then who, or if you have a better idea how?”

This bizarre turn of events knocks the wind out of me a little, I mean she’s talked about considering escorting before, wait let’s not nice this up. She’s talked about prostitution. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with a lady choosing it as an occupation, I just have a problem with someone having to do it through an absence of any other choices.”

“Look I’ll help I always do, but I’m not paying you for sex lady, uh uh. Look if we ended up in bed because we both want to, then that’s fine. But if it needs cash to get you into bed that just tells me you don’t really want to. I’d feel like a bastard, so no!”

“I need ten grand, TEN!” She shouted “I already owe you more than I remember, but I can’t owe you another ten! If I knew some guy that would pay the bills I’d do him for free, well for the bills but otherwise for free, but I don’t, you’re it and I am kinda desperate.”

Ten Grand! You see what she’s like. Not “can I borrow a grand for school fees” or rent the moment it becomes overdue, but TEN when her son is facing expulsion from school and they both face eviction!

“I’ll give you ten grand, no strings, when you can the pay me back, but if you can’t then don’t worry about it.”

“What about you give me ten grand and the sex can be a thank you. That way you’re not paying for sex and I’ll have thanked you enough to feel O.K. for not paying you back? Come on, there isn’t a part of me you haven’t seen or touched recently, it’s not much more than we have been doing anyway.”

Mind… Blown! Kaboom! this lady’s logic, though truly appealing, is utterly twisted. There has been a time that I scratched a sexual itch for her but no money changed hands; the “thank you” was dinner at her place.

“It would be a thank you?”

With a lick of her slightly parted lips and a wink. “yes,” she said.

This is the damned problem. She just knows how to turn me on, she does it deliberately, it makes her feel good and she knows that she is safe to do it with me. Gypsy has come closer to crossing the line that she knows in the past, but my self-discipline and the knowledge of what I stand to lose prevented anything untoward happening.

We hadn’t had sex for ten year years. Damn I hadn’t had sex for so long I was almost a born again virgin. I’m old enough to be cynical about the whole dating thing and while one night stands are not really my thing, they do scratch an itch. But this is her, this is the woman that I measure all others against. It’s not about comparing others to her, that would be incredibly unfair.

Physically, beauty personified and sexiness defined is how I describe her. She’s a clever witty charming pleasure of a person that you can introduce to anyone, but let’s face it, at that moment I was not considering her abilities in philosophical debate.

“A thank you?” I was still having difficulties with the concept.


“Just how thankful would you be?”

“Thankful enough to fuck your brains out” she said with uncharacteristic coarseness.

“My brain is already fucked with this.” I said. “So this would be my treat, for me, and I’m not saying we will do this, but you intend to fuck my brains out, not just be there and have me do my thing?

“That’s about it, I know I’ll enjoy it, I’m in the mood for action so you’ll certainly enjoy it, what’s so wrong with the idea?” she said, rather convincingly I might add.

Here’s the thing, although I thought this was wrong, hell, I knew it was wrong, but I couldn’t get enough of her. I wanted her now! I wanted to feel her on top of me and me inside of her, I wanted to see that soft sheen canlı bahis of perspiration that used to turn me on so much. I wanted her hair sticking to her face from our exertions, I wanted myself inside that mouth, those lips, with that tongue that’s driven me mad through the years.

“Wow, I’m not sure I’d last that long, it’s been ages since I had a shag, it would be a shame for the festivities to end abruptly.” I was being honest with her. This could be a five minute hump n’ thrust if I couldn’t keep control.

“I’ll be here all night baby and I’ll still be here to thank you more tomorrow, there’ll be plenty time for a quickie, time to recover, time to relax and time to sweat!”

AHA! That’s what I wanted to hear. I was almost past the point of no return. Would we regret it? Where would this leave us with each other, go for it! No don’t! my mind was a mess.

“Yes” Low toned and calm, “yes, yes yes yes, I don’t know that I’ve ever wanted anything so badly!” A tinge of desperation in my voice.

“Well then we had better get you ready for a weekend of thanks.” She said with a smile.

“But I haven’t given anything for you to say thank you for yet.”

“You will, it will be worth it, come on get up.”

[The Bathroom]

Standing up she took me by the hand and into the bathroom. Leaning in and turning on the shower she turned to face me, grabbed my face in her two hands and pulled me down to kiss her. A deep passionate kiss filled with energy, encouraging lust and with my arms around her I thought I might just come then and there.

Undressing another person generally isn’t that easy, but in between kissing we each undid, untied, and untangled each other out of our clothes, in a frenzy, but without stumbling, all the time our lips or hands on some part of the other.

Slowly she pulled away, reached down and gently grabbed me pulling me in to the shower. As the saying goes, once you have them by the short and curleys their hearts and minds will follow! Mine certainly did.

I soaped every inch of her magnificent body, letting my hands slide all over her. A sensual exploration of all those areas I loved and had missed for so long. This is a woman who’s armpits I found sexy! Everywhere is a treat worthy of adoration, a pleasure park for the eyes, tongue, and fingers.

I was painfully hard, uncomfortably so and had never been so aroused as right then. Taking her turn to soap me and explore, I leant against the shower wall with her behind me, her hands everywhere as she came close, rubbing herself behind me, using almost her whole body to soap me up.

Rinsed, we dried ourselves and each other off. Kneeling down in front of me she guided me to her mouth, lightly kissing the tip she licked the shaft up and down all the while looking up into my eyes. Before placing me inside her mouth, the warmth, the swirling of her tongue, the stroking, gentle squeezing of her hands and those eyes, filled with desire, deep brown, simultaneously soulful and sexy.

As expected there was nothing I could do but accept that, as pleasurable as this was, it would not last long and it didn’t. I would defy any man to last longer under the conditions.

It is the gentlemanly thing to do in such situations, to give your partner some kind of warning but I almost failed. “I… Gnnnnugh… I’m… arrrrgh I’m gona…” and I did but she didn’t let go, swallowing turned to gulping I felt the last vestiges of my load being dragged up my shaft.

She pulled off with an audible pop! Looked up smiled licked her lips, opened her mouth to show all was gone, threw her head back and laughed.

“You look like you’re going to pass out.” She said.

Indeed, legs weak, light headed and leaning against the wall I thought I might!

Helping her up we kissed deeply again and embraced.

“A glass of wine I think,” I said leading her out of the bathroom.

Gypsy has a body that just exudes sexiness and sensuality; I could gaze at it for ever and wanted nothing more than to watch her beautiful curves swaying around the house. But she is a cold blooded lady. Hot headed and hot as hell in looks, but gets chicken skin in the slightest draft of chill.

She put on my robe which was almost comically big on her and we went and sat in on the sofa, her legs folded under her, looking at once cute but sexy, innocent but a harlot, satisfied with herself but wanting more.

I on the other hand was doing my best to look hunky in a towel, unable to control my face from alternate smiling and shock, wanting to scream out loud to the world about how magnificent this woman is, while wanting to do nothing but quietly keep her to myself forever.

“So you like me in your gown?” glancing down to the already recovering bulge in my towel.

“What can I say?”

Leaning over, laying down she placed her head in my lap, she gave a satisfied smile and stretched like a cat in the sun. “We are going to have so much fun this weekend” she said.

Sustenance. A glass or two, feeding each other finger food, bahis siteleri talking nonsense, laughing, groping and having fun, Gypsy dozed off on my lap.

[Bed Time]

Waking, stretching again, smiling and looking up to me she said “bed-time.” Who was I to argue? No complaining about wanting to watch more television from me!

In the bedroom, laying down I explored her body, tracing her eyebrows with my finger, caressing her face, kissing her neck, feeling the curves of her body under my hands, all time with her just looking at me, a gentle sigh here and there.

I don’t really like the word horny but I had a desire for Gypsy that was almost animalistic. It was her thank you to me but all I could think of at that moment was what I wanted to do to her.

Her hand gently grasped around my hard member, thumb and forefinger around its base in a kind of reverse wank hand she stroked up and down.

“Fuck me” she almost whispered, not shy, more the tone used in a moment of true fury, her eyes intense, her face beautiful but insistent. “Fuck me” not much louder but more insistent and demanding.

Reaching down between her legs I could feel her wetness, there would be damp patches a plenty tonight, no arguing about who would sleep on them, they would be unavoidable for both. Stroking her I…

“Stop fucking around and fuck me damnit!” No whispering this time!

As hard as I was the skin must have stretched because there was no pain just an iron like consistency. Rolling over on top of her seeing her instance and desire I accepted. The erotic fondling was over, there was to be no foreplay just a raw unrelenting fuck.

I entered her straight away and with force, hearing her gasp and feeling her nails bite into my shoulders. No slow sensual to and fro, thrusts, hard, deep and to be honest fucking wonderful.

Her eyes were rolling back, her nipples engorged, her breath ragged, “OH FUCK! YES, LIKE THAT LIKE THAT!”

It had been a while, my rhythm was off but I was getting in to my stride with a single objective in mind, to make this lady scream. It was supposed to be my thank you from her, but right now it was all about her demands, her wants, her requirements of me and I would die trying to exceed them.

That sheen of sweat made her skin glow; I could feel it lubricating our bodies as we slid across each other with her writhing beneath me, a stream of invective coming from her mouth as she demanded more, harder, faster.

With a load of hair entwined in my hand, the rest slick across her face and her nails all but drawing blood on my back as they slashed and scraped, I felt a change as her body began to buck and shudder in response to her impending climax.


The energy from Gypsy was incredible, I thought she might throw me off, she didn’t stop, “AAAAAAARRRRRGGH” breathing hard, gasping she bucked and jerked until the waves of pleasure started to subside.

Slowing down I stopped, remaining inside her, still hard, feeling her heat, I leant down to her mouth and with a savage passion that just came naturally we kissed, angrily, hungrily as if our lives depended on it until we were both spent, exhausted but satisfied in a manner that left us both speechless.

I’m not sure what happened next, we both kind of drifted off. I woke with it still dark outside and us spooning, my hardness tucked between her legs and soft snoring sounds indicating a deep sleep coming from my muse.

[Good Morning]

We woke together; me dry mouthed and needing a cool drink. “You’re welcome” I said.

“What for?”

“I do believe you said thank you to me last night”

“I think we thanked each other” she said with a chuckle.

Gypsy thrives on tea and has to have a cup or three in the morning, “want a cuppa.”

“yeah” said with a lazy smile.

A cup for her a glass of water for me and we dozed off again with light music in the background and a smile on our faces.

There’s a cool coffee shop around the corner from me, usually I go alone but Gypsy came with after our shower as we both needed breakfast and neither of us fancied cooking.

Sat at the table she said, “You’re thinking about how hard we fucked last night aren’t you?”

“Does it show that bad?”

“Well only I know for sure what that stupid grin is about; to everyone else it’s just a stupid grin!”

Kicking her under the table and with a joking disapproving look, I got the bill and we went to the bank.

Near the coffee place is a lingerie shop, I couldn’t resist so guided her in, stopping at the door and handing over a grand or so, “surprise me I said” while I went off for some groceries.

We met up in the supermarket, her purchases in a big scarlet bag with “Ooh La La Lingerie” in a large cursive print, we paid for our provisions and all but ran to the car to get home as if we were on a deadline.

Heading in she ran ahead of me and in to the bathroom. I pottered about, did some chores, sat down and switched on the TV. “Are you ok?” I shouted, bahis şirketleri “be right there” came the reply. I was starting to wonder where she was and got up to bang on the bathroom door. What I saw when I got up and turned around stopped me in my tracks.

With hair brushed out, face made up, her lips a slutty red, stood an object of raw sexuality. Hip out, leaning against the wall waiting, Black fishnet stockings, black silk lingerie with scarlet highlights, a length of washing line type rope over her shoulder and suggestive smile with a raised eyebrow.

“Well are you ready or do you want to get back to “Life in the Oceans.”

“I can record it” I said.

With a look over her shoulder and come hither gesture she headed for the bedroom.

In a calm but sultry voice I hear “I’m very disappointed in you. You have been rude and inconsiderate, you need to be punished”

“Huh? What have I done?” Playing along.

“You didn’t let me thank you properly last night, instead you were too busy satisfying yourself. Take your clothes off and lie down on your stomach.”

It had now gone from thank you to punish you, but what is a guy to do when faced with such insistence?

A loop of rope around one wrist, pulled up towards the head board, followed by the other wrist to the other side. Darkness as a blind fold was placed over my eyes and the feeling of my ankles being tied together.

I heard her moving about but had no idea what she’s up to until I hear a lighter being sparked. Strange she usually only smokes at night with a drink. She’s just teasing me, making me wait for something I think.

“URGHHHH Arrrgh.”

All of a sudden there is a burning between my shoulder blades diminishing quickly with a warmth trickling down my spine. Then on the back of my thighs, my calves, then my neck and a smell of vanilla. “CANDLE WAX!” I thought.

“Very disappointed” she said, “I expected better”

Whoooooosh, Thwack!


Whoooooosh, Thwack! Whoooooosh, Thwack! On my back, stinging then throbbing.

A whip! She bought a whip in the shop! I thought it was just a bra and knickers type place. I mean, it’s not like I shopped in there.

“You should have thought before acting out, this will help you remember.

“I’m sorry, I won’t…”

“SHUT UP! I’m speaking.”

Whoooooosh, Thwack! Whoooooosh, Thwack! Whoooooosh, Thwack!

“This is something you have needed for a long while. I see how you look at me, I can’t even begin to think about what dirty thoughts you have regarding me.”

Burning, then flowing wax as it cools, Whoooooosh, Thwack! Whoooooosh, Thwack!

If there is one thing I can thank my father for it is teaching me how to take a beating, but this is on a whole new level! I never thought I could enjoy a beating, but the sense of vulnerability, the inability to see what’s going on, and the image of Gypsy’s outfit imprinted in my mind made it far better than a bunch in the face.

“I promise I won’t do it again”

Whoooooosh, Thwack! Whoooooosh, Thwack! Burning.

“Yeah you will, but at least now you know the punishment.”

Whoooooosh, Thwack!

I felt my ankles being untied, followed by my wrists, reaching for my blindfold…

Whoooooosh, Thwack! Whoooooosh, Thwack!

“I didn’t say you could take it off. Lie on your back!”

“Dear Lord, what is she going to do to me now” I think.

Wrists tied to the headboard again. Legs mercifully left untied.

“So what do we have here then” she said.

Something I have never done before is to forget about a raging hard, on only to notice it still there later. Well Gypsy certainly noticed it.

Tapping my legs apart with her whip I feel her get on the bed, take me in her hand and the soft velvety smoothness of her mouth envelope me. Bobbing up and down on me she slapped me on one thigh then the other, quite harshly, I know it stung me, I’m sure it stung her hands.

Although blindfolded I can imagine her mouth around my shaft sliding up and down. I really wanted to look in her eyes.

She slipped off of me with a slurp.

“I am going to use you now,” her voice low and threatening, “I’m going to use you, but worse than the way you use me you filthy pervert.”

I felt her lower herself on me taking me in from tip to base. Oh my god she is the Kegel Queen! She just sat there quite still while inside her a rhythmic pulsating sensation ran up and down my shaft. I had forgotten this technique of Gypsy’s but she reminded me in no uncertain terms. Sensing me being on the verge she stopped. Not saying a word she just sat there until slowly at first and gradually speeding up, she started to raise up and thrust down on me.

I could hear her, gasping, not from the effort but because she was on the verge of orgasm herself. I have never needed to come so badly, to come inside of her, to feel her juices mix with mine to…

“OH YES, OH YES, please don’t stop, don’t stop, please, arrrghh, oooh,, ARRRRRRGH,” thrusting up into her I let forth a stream just as she started to wail herself, our shouts, juices, sweat and scents all mixing together until she collapsed on top of me, panting like and endurance athlete, with her head on my shoulder and me remaining inside her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32