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“I’ll be back in a few hours,” Kaitlin said, grabbing her keys off the hook. She turned to me and gave a pleading look. “Promise me you’ll play nice?”

“Hey, she said she’s going to be doing her ‘private meditation time’ upstairs, it’ll be great.”

“Colin…” Kaitlin said, giving me a flat stare. “Come on, Brittany’s one of my best friends.”

“It’s fine,” I replied, giving my wife a kiss on the forehead. “Seriously, she’s leaving tomorrow anyway, so I don’t intend to start another fight.”

“Thank you,” Kaitlin replied, opening the front door. “When I get back from helping Melissa, she and I will go out. I promise, you won’t have to see her much longer. Love you.”

“Love you,” I said as Kaitlin shut the door, then let out a sigh. I mostly meant what I’d said, I was often uncomfortable around Brittany. There was a lot about Brittany that drove me up a wall, from the way she looked down on the suburban life Kaitlin and I had built for ourselves (we can’t all spend our entire twenties backpacking around the world) to her laissez-faire attitude about life in general. How Kaitlin and Brittany had ended up best friends and not hating each other’s guts after being college roommates, I’ll never understand, particularly with how down-to-earth my wife is.

However, while I’d often make those particular feelings on Brittany clear to Kaitlin, I’d long hid the other reason I was so uncomfortable around her: Brittany was one of the hottest women I’d ever known. I’d had a small crush on her ever since Kaitlin and I started dating, and she was a frequent featured player in my masturbatory fantasies. She was the damn star of the show whenever she came for a visit, and I was back to whacking off like I was in high school again.

The thing about Brittany was that she was beyond a bombshell. At 5’7, she was about the perfect height, and between her travelling and exercising, she kept her body tight and fit. She was still curvy in all the right places, though, from her shapely ass to her toned thighs. Her brown hair was always lustrous, smile white and winning. And then there was her defining feature, her massive chest.

Lord, those tits. For everything else about her, so controlled and maintained, her tits almost didn’t make sense. They were massive, overflowing E-cups that burst out of any dress or shirt she put on. Of course, she never bothered much with covering up the rest of her body, so she was always happily showing off an insane amount of cleavage. Given the casual wear she often went with when she visited, it was even worse, exposed flesh unavoidable whenever I so much as glanced at her.

The thing was, I didn’t even normally go for big-breasted women. I liked a decent-sized chest, sure, but I wasn’t a “bigger is better” sort, and I loved more petite, thin women. On paper, that was what made Kaitlin my ideal woman, and she really, truly was; our sex life was fantastic. But then I’d get a look at Brittany, imagine those big boobs smothering my dick, and…

I shook my head, trying to banish the image, but it was too late. My dick was already standing at full attention in my shorts, and I cursed myself for picking such flimsy material. But fuck, just the thought of that woman. It didn’t help that I knew she was a freak in bed; for whatever reason, Kaitlin shared the stories Brittany told her with me, as if the fact that I didn’t like her would make it any less hot to hear about her sexual exploits.

Fortunately, Brittany would be upstairs for the next little bit, so it’s not like there was anyone to see my pitched tent. I could hear the shower…

The shower directly above me.

“Motherfucker,” I said to myself, my erection forgotten as all the shit that annoyed me about Brittany came rushing back. I’d asked her twice already not to use the shower in the master bedroom, but here we were again. The past two times, Kaitlin had asked me to just let it go, but Kaitlin wasn’t home, and I was sick of dealing with this shit. I quickly scaled the stairs and entered our room.

“Brittany!” I shouted, banging on the door. “Brittany, I’ve asked you not to use this bathroom!”

“Huh?” came a voice from inside the room. “One second, it’s hard to hear you over the water!”

“Brittany!” I yelled, pounding harder. “Come on!”

“I said to wait a second!” I heard the water shut off and the curtain slide back. “Colin, I thought I asked for some time alone, so I could relax.”

“Seriously?” I said, anger rising. “Well I asked you not to use my shower!”

“So, we’re even. I promise, no more using your precious shower after tonight.”

“You’re leaving tomorrow!”

“Exactly, so no reason to get all bent out of shape!” With that last comment, I heard the curtain pull shut and the water start up.

“Fuck this,” I said, my anger trumping any logic at this point. I grabbed the doorknob and turned, not at all surprised to find it locked. However, having accidentally locked myself out before, I knew exactly how to get it open, slipping my fingernail into the lock and twisting the small latch open. With that done, I stepped canlı bahis inside the steaming room. “Get out of the fucking shower, Brittany!”

“What the hell, man?!” Brittany shouted from behind the curtain. “Are you seriously wound so tight that you can’t just chill for a bit?”

“This isn’t a hostel, Brittany, you can’t just do whatever the fuck you please!” I reached for the switch on the wall and flipped it. “Like not turning the fan on when you’re going to turn this room into a damn sauna.”

“Alright, fine, jeez!” Brittany said, the water shutting off. And before I had a chance to do anything else, Brittany pulled the shower curtain back. It was brief, and I turned quickly in shock, but the image burned itself into my brain: Brittany, literally wet and dripping, her body shining, tits swinging slightly as she angrily stepped out of the shower onto the mat. So brief… but more than I’d have ever imagined.

“Fuck, Brittany!” I yelled, heat rushing through my face as I spun around. “Maybe warn a guy first.”

“Oh, like you warned me before barging in here? Right.” Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Brittany grab a towel from the rack “Probably wanted to sneak a peek.”

“I did not!” I insisted, and I mostly meant it. As angry as I’d been, I honestly just wanted to get Brittany out of the shower. Now, though, the sight of her naked body burned in my mind… I was definitely glad to have gotten the peek. Even just the flash I’d gotten, she was gorgeous beyond belief, and standing there wet, nude, and slightly annoyed, I just wanted to turn around and take her against–

“I should go,” I said suddenly, fighting against the thought in my head.

“Go on, then,” Brittany said. I took the command as confirmation that she had the towel wrapped around her body and turned. What I didn’t expect was for her to still be standing so close to me, and the erection that had come surging back to life dragged right across her stomach.

Fucking thin pants.

“Holy shit,” Brittany said with a laugh, my dick pressing into her stomach, just my shorts and her towel between us. She made no move to step away, so I jumped back, biting the inside of my lip hard to resist letting out the moan that sudden friction had inspired. “I guess you like me more than you’re always letting on, huh?”

“Okay, you got out of the shower naked,” I said, doing my best to pin my erection down; the sight of Brittany in nothing but a towel and that smug smirk didn’t really do much to help the situation. “I’m not going to pretend you’re not an attractive woman, Brittany.”

“I don’t know, you turned around pretty fast,” Brittany said, her grin spreading. “How much did you even see? Not enough to get that hard. I think you were thinking about it, trying to commit it to memory. Did you like seeing my tits, Colin? All wet and smooth?”

“Brittany.” I said, my voice catching in my throat. I couldn’t help but look down at her chest as she spoke; that towel really wasn’t made for a chest like hers, and it seemed to barely be held in place.

“Did you notice my pussy, Colin?” she continued, now stepping towards me. She glanced down, then back at me. “Did you see that I keep it shaved clean?”

“Come on, Brittany,” I said, making no further move to back away from her. “I’m plenty embarrassed, just let me go.”

“Your cheeks aren’t the thing filled with blood, Colin,” Brittany said, staring down at my erection; her eyes on it, I realized that I’d stopped trying to hide it and just started gently squeezing it. “I think we know what you’re really feeling right now.”

Another step forward.

“Brittany,” I said, my head swimming, my dick somehow getting harder as she stared at it. Then, she stopped looking at my dick and looked up at me, her lips pursed.

“Do you want me, Colin? Want to feel my body on top of yours, underneath it, wrapped around your cock? Do you want to fuck your wife’s best friend, Colin?”

“Brittany, please,” I pleaded, wishing to God I’d not walked into this room, wished I wasn’t feeling the things I was currently feeling. “Don’t tell Kaitlin about this?”

“Why would I?” she asked, tilting her head slightly. “I think she’d be pretty mad to hear that I fucked her husband.”

And I had no idea how to respond to that.

“It’s not like anyone else will know,” Brittany said, taking the final step towards me. She was all but pressed against me, and her breasts mashed into my chest as she leaned up and whispered into my ear. “It’ll be our dirty little secret.”

“Brittany…” I said, barely a whisper. I knew what I should tell her, that she was crossing a line, that she should go back to the guest room and get dressed. But the heat of her breath and her body, the feel of her breasts through the towel and my shirt, the smell of strawberries in her hair… it was all so much. So, I didn’t tell her to go.

Instead, I leaned down and kissed at the soft, still-wet flesh of her neck, the spot I’d imagined kissing every time we’d hugged for the past ten years. And that was all it took to seal the deal, Brittany letting bahis siteleri out a satisfied sigh as she wrapped her arms around me.

“That’s it, Colin,” she said, breath still teasing my ear. “Tell me what you want.”

“I want you to fuck me, Brittany,” I said, letting my hands grip her hips as we began to grind against one another. “I want you to fuck me like you do the guys in the stories you tell Kaitlin.”

“She’s been telling you about my conquests?” Brittany said with mock surprise. She slipped a hand down along the front of my pants, finally taking hold of the erection she’d brought to life. “How could she betray my trust like that?”

If there was any chance of that comment making me feel guilty, it was lost as Brittany expertly manipulated my dick; instead, I languished in the dark thrill of what we were doing, a feeling made all the better as Brittany leaned back and gave me a sultry wink.

“Well, if you want me to fuck you like that, we’d better get more comfortable.” Brittany turned and moved out of the bathroom. I was only momentarily disappointed by her pulling away from me; as she reached the bed, Brittany dropped the towel off her body, giving me a look at the full swell of her bubble butt. I only got to view that for a moment, but what replaced it was even better; with a fluid swivel, Brittany turned to face me, showing off her tits as she took a seat on the edge of our bed.

The brief view I’d gotten a moment ago didn’t do her chest justice. I’d imagined them in more than one jerk session, but they blew away anything I’d ever envisioned. They somehow seemed even more massive than ever before, and they had a surprising amount of natural lift. Her nipples, meanwhile, were cute, pink bumps near the bottom of their tear-drop shapes, with generous, gorgeous areolas surrounding them. And only just out of the shower, the skin looked smooth and lively; the same could be said of the rest of her gorgeous frame.

“Someone likes what they see,” Brittany said with a toothy grin. It was the sort of self-confidence and cockiness I would normally hate, but right now? Fuck it, she was right. She was a busty goddess, and I couldn’t wait to do unholy things to her exquisite body. Brittany leaned forward, and damn, did her tits look even better pressed together. “Tell me, Colin, what nasty things do you want to do to me?”

“I want to fuck your tits.” I didn’t hesitate for a moment in my response; whatever else we had time for, I wanted her to smother my dick with her big breasts. As soon as I spoke, Brittany let out a chuckle.

“Why am I not surprised? Not to bash Kaitlin, I love the girl, but her tits aren’t exactly made for wrapping around anything.” Brittany raised her hands to either side of her chest and pushed her boobs together. “Of course you want something she can’t give you. But I can.” Brittany stood from the bed and patted the spot she’d been sitting in. “Come on. Get undressed and take a seat.”

I was out of my pants and shirt quicker than I’d been since first losing my virginity. Just the sight of Brittany, watching me and running a finger between her chest, motivated me to new speed, and I was naked and moving across the room in what felt like seconds. Before I could sit, though, she was in my arms, her chest squashed against mine, her tongue in my mouth. She held me close, making out with me as my hands explored the smooth expanse of her back, the swell of her hips, the soft flesh of her ass.

All the years of fantasizing were nothing compared to having the real woman in my arms.

“Sit,” Brittany said, breathing heavily as she stopped kissing me. She let a hand drop between us and gripped my ten-inch dick. “I want to get acquainted with my new friend here.”

“You got it,” I said, but found I was unable to move as she gripped my dick tighter.

“No, I think I need a more respectful response than that,” she said, looking at me with a wicked smile. “I think you need to call me Mistress Brittany from now on.”

“What?” I said, not quite believing what I was hearing.

“I know you don’t like me as a person, Colin, which normally doesn’t bother me. But in this situation, it’s clear that you do see me as a piece of meat, and that I don’t like that. So, if you want these big titties bouncing on your dick? You’re going to show me some respect.”

I stared hard at Brittany for a moment, for the first time truly wondering if this was worth it. How much I couldn’t stand this woman came surging back, and the smirk on her face told me that if I submitted, I was never going to be able to live it down; she would have one over on me for the rest of our lives. Part of me couldn’t stand that thought.

But that part wasn’t in charge right now; the part enjoying Brittany’s hand on my dick was.

“Whatever you say, Mistress Brittany,” I finally answered, and the look of satisfaction on her face sent a twisted rush of pleasure through my body. I was hers.

“Sit,” Brittany said, lightly pushing on my chest. I dropped back onto the bed, my dick standing straight up and throbbing from her ministrations. bahis şirketleri She strolled up to me, allowing me to stare up at her body for a moment, then asked, “Where’s your lube?”

“Bedside table, Mistress,” I answered. She ran a hand along my shoulder as she passed me, and I turned to watch the rise and fall of her ass as she retrieved the lube. I shivered watching her return, already squirting a generous amount of lube into her hand. Once she was in front of me again, she dropped to her knees, and those amazing tits were mere inches from my dick.

“Fuck,” I moaned as Brittany suddenly grabbed my dick, the cool feel of the lube overpowered by the mere ecstatic pleasure of her hand suddenly pumping along my length.

“I’ll be honest, I never believed Kaitlin when she said your dick was so big,” Brittany said matter-of-factly, her hand still making slick, wet, stroking noises as she worked me over. “I just assumed she was exaggerating or trying to make you look like more of a man. But she wasn’t, was she, Colin?”

“No, Mistress Brittany,” I said with a grunt, overpowered by the sensations Brittany was sending through me.

“No, she was not. I’m almost mad she was so selfish about you, never even offering me a shot. Plenty to go around.” Brittany’s toothy smirk returned. “Wouldn’t be the first dick we shared.”

“Fuck,” I gasped, her statement surprising me.

“Yeah, didn’t think she’d have told you about that particular conquest.” Brooke held up the bottle of lube. “Take this.”

With a shaky hand, I grabbed the bottle, and the second I did, Brittany stopped stroking. I looked down with frustration, my now-glistening member pulsing and needy. She smiled at me before arching out her back, pushing her big tits forward.

“You’ve been a good boy,” Brittany said, rubbing her lubed hand across the top of her chest. “Why don’t you finish getting me ready?”

I didn’t wait a second longer, popping the top of the lube and immediately filling my hand. I threw the bottle onto the bed and rubbed my hands together, globs of lube dripping onto my thighs before I leaned forward and took Brittany’s breasts into my hand. I could’ve died right there and been happy, over a decade of yearning finally rewarded as I felt the soft, pliable flesh I’d long lusted after in my hands. Everything about them was amazing: the heft, the smoothness, the raised tips of her nipples. And it was all heightened by the way they slipped around as I spread the lube around them.

“Well?” Brittany asked. “Everything you ever dreamed of?”

“They’re amazing, Mistress Brittany,” I said, my reluctance to play into her dominance drifting away from me as I continued to massage her breasts. “They feel so good.”

“They’ll feel even better in a second,” Brittany said, looking towards my dick. She reached out with a slick hand and began to pump up and down my member. “When they’re wrapped around this.”

“Hell yeah,” I let out, closing my eyes as she jerked me off. I started to thrust into her grip, enjoying the feel of her tits and the thought of what was coming. And it came quick, as Brittany let go of my dick and moved my hands away.

“This is important,” she said, taking her breasts into her hands. “You’re not to touch me or thrust at all unless I tell you to. I’m in control here.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I quickly agreed, desperate to finally be sandwiched between her massive boobs. “Whatever you say.”

“Good,” Brittany said, leaning forward and wrapping my dick into the slippery embrace of her cleavage.

“Shit,” I hissed, fighting the urge to cum the second she began to pump her tits along my length. The sight only heightened the effect, Brittany smirking at me as the swollen head of my dick popped in and out of view between her bosom. I was torn between the urge to fully let go and the desire to make this titjob last as long as possible.

“How many times have you imagined this?” Brittany asked, dragging up and down. “Dreamt of fucking my big fat tits?”

“Unnn, a lot,” I moaned in response. “Every few weeks usually, but when you visit… I just think of your body, Mistress.”

“Mmm, that’s what I like to hear,” Brittany said, picking up her pace, lifting her breasts and slapping them back down into my lap, never letting my dick escape her fleshy depths. And so it continued for what felt like eternity, the pleasure only building in me, my hips twitching with the desire to thrust, but knowing I might be punished for it.

And then it stopped. I realized my eyes had been closed, and I opened them, looking down at Brittany. She still had her tits wrapped around me, but she was no longer rubbing me with them.

“Go on,” she said, staring at me hard and squeezing her chest tighter around me. “Do what you’ve been wanting. Fuck my tits.”

I didn’t need to be asked twice. As Brittany held her tits together, I began to thrust up. And fuck, it felt even better, that little bit of control after so much power being left to Brittany. I went slow at first, enjoying the way her flesh yielded to my probing member, how my skin glided against hers. It was amazing, and the slight vibrations and stimulations continued to build, as did my eagerness, as I began to pick up the pace, causing her tits to shake more and more as I rammed into them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32