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My name is Easton, and a short time ago I discovered a hidden world inside the Cheslea Inn hotel chain. I found out a private, non-exclusive sex club exists that meets just after the bar closes each night. One night a beautiful woman picked me up for anonymous sex and introduced me to what was known as The Inn Club.


On this trip I was in Southern California for a week. About six months prior I had identified an opportunity in an emerging market sector that my company had little presence in. As this opportunity progressed I spent more and more time with the customer base, and now that a proposal was finally on the table it was time to buckle down and get the award. The proposal writing process is filled with long days and stress relieving nights, which normally means lots of drinking.

For me, however, there was another stress relief opportunity to be found with the Inn Club. This time I was staying at a more out of the way Inn due to the number of colleagues in town.

After another long day of trying to demonstrate the customer side of things I was ready to play. The first two nights at the hotel were a bust, which at least allowed me to get some much needed sleep. On the third night things turned out differently.

I arrived at the bar just before closing and ordered something different, scotch on the rocks. A nice sipping drink should I end up alone yet again. I was seated alone at a table for two when a lovely woman walked up to the bar and took a seat. She waved off the bartender and then slowly looked around the room. As her gaze passed my way I realized I knew her from the local office. Well, sort of. I knew she worked at the office we were currently using for the proposal writing as I had seen her there on several occasions. I tried not to let recognition show on my face and none shone on hers.

As I sat my glass back down she stood and walked over to me. Dressed in a slinky dark blue dress, the color helped to suggest more than reveal her figure. Thin and trim and curvy I had previously ogled her and concluded she sported something along the lines of a 34-26-34 body, with a DD or bigger cup size. That, combined with killer looks and very long platinum blonde hair, meant she surely received no end of attention. Unfortunately I was willing to bet most of that attention was unwanted. This beautiful woman, whom I knew to be named Samantha, took a seat next to me and pulled her chair a bit closer.

“Are you alone tonight?” she asked.

“Not any longer,” I replied.

She grinned, “No, perhaps not.” She offered a hand sporting a French manicure. I took it and we shook. “Ana,” she said before releasing my hand.

“Alex,” I said, “pleased to meet you.” I added, “If you don’t mind my saying, you are surely the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met.”

She sat back and looked at me with an expression I couldn’t place. She gave me that look for a long while before a hint of something else crossed her face. Again I couldn’t place it—sadness, annoyance, I wasn’t sure.

“I’m sorry,” I said, “You must get that all the time, and you probably didn’t sit down here just to hear me tell you how good you look.” When her expression went neutral I added, “Are you sure I can’t get you something from the bar and then you can tell me about your day?”

Instead of answering, she raised an eyebrow and picked up my glass, sampling the 16 year old Glenfidditch it held. “Alex, thank you for the offer but I’m not really here to drink. And as for my day, well, I’ll leave work at work. Suffice to say it was much the same as any other day, filled with endless tasks of questionable value and yet each sent out with an urgency that belied the banality of it all.”

Ah, now I understood the look. “Not taken seriously?”

“Fuck no,” she said in a quiet huff. “I’ve heard people compare me to Jessica fucking Rabbit, though with a different color palette. Many of the women at the office simply tolerate me, and too many of the men ogle me whether they know it or not. I could dress down and try to look more plain, but I’m not interested.”

“You could try another place to work.”

She shrugged and her eyes grew distant, “Maybe I’m overly sensitive to it. More of the people are helpful and supportive than not.”

“But,” I said.

“But I’d like to be seen as more than a great body with a mind.”

I nodded. I decided not to keep up the illusion that I didn’t know her.

“Ana, I should tell you that I have seen you at the office.”

Her eyes widened, “And you didn’t say anything?”

I lowered my voice to a whisper, “I’m saying so now.” I paused, “If I bump into you at work I wouldn’t want it to be a surprise.”

She looked at me skeptically before smiling. “Alright Alex, fair enough. We’re pretty far from that office. I assume you stay at the same chain all the time for loyalty points, and there’s lots of closer Inns to that location. So why here?”

“So that I’m far from that office.” She raised an eyebrow and gave me what can only be described as a hungry look. I added, illegal bahis “So why are you -here-?”

From deep within her cleavage she produced a card and handed it to me. She held onto it for a moment as I took it, forcing me to tug it from her grasp. Looking me in the eyes she said, “I’m hunting, Alex. Aren’t you?”

I looked at a card that listed her number and read:


Player, The Inn Club

I turned it over to read: solo, hetero, talk. I did not know what she meant by the last, but I hoped to find out.

I handed her my card, and said, “Oh, I never hunt. I prefer to be the game whenever possible.” The front of my card listed my number and read:


Player, The Inn Club

The back of this one read, typically for me: solo, het, requests.

“I see,” she said, sitting back and crossing her legs in a veryBasic Instinct way, “And tell me, Alex, are you worthy prey?”

I gave her body a thorough ogling before looking back up at her, “I certainly hope so.”

She knocked back the last of the scotch and withdrew a phone. My own buzzed a bit later. ‘Rm 601, talk time.’

I nodded and followed at some distance as we both left the bar and headed upstairs. I arrived at room 601 to find the door ajar. I cautiously pushed it back, moved the security latch out of the way and closed it. The bathroom door was open and no one was in there. Beyond was a nice suite with a large king bed and a single roll-away that looked to have unfolded from inside a small couch. The lights were off and the room was lit by a number of candles, unscented I noticed. Ana was pouring sparkling white wine into two glasses. She offered one to me and gestured toward the open sliding glass door that led to a balcony. I proceeded her outside and took a seat. The evening air had a slight chill to it, but the view of the mountains in the light of a full moon soon made me forget it. She sat down next to me.

“I do love the view from this location. Especially on nights like tonight.”


“If you cannot see the stars then you might as well have moonlit vistas.”

I tried the wine and found it slightly sweet, bubbly, and quite good. “Are you a fan of stargazing?”

“I grew up in the desert, a place where you only needed to travel a few miles to see the entire sky at night,” she said, eyes faraway in the view.

“My story is similar, and my fondness for astronomy started in grade school.” I looked around at the surroundings. “Funny thing though, I never spent much time looking at the moon. Seems rather silly on nights like tonight to not be able to talk more about it.”

Setting her glass down she stroked my arm, “Well, I happen to know about the moon, but I left my telescope at home.”

“Um,” I started, “This is going to sound like the most amazing coincidence, but I have a good pair of binos with me.”

“Here!?” She exclaimed, staring at me wide eyed. Then her expression changed, “The comet, right? Tomorrow night?”

I nodded, not surprised she understood. “You really are a skywatcher. Relena 2506 is not exactly big news.”

She punched me in the arm, “A full moon and then a comet? It should be! Well, what are you standing here for, go get them! Right now!”

“And why should I?”

Smirking at me she eased the straps of her dress off her shoulders and parted the material to reveal more of her impressive breasts. “Hunting now, Alex?”

“Just the fish tugging on the line, that’s all.”

“I think we both know we’ve caught each other,” she said as she stroked her fingers over the tops of her breasts. She then poked me in the chest with one of those fingers, “Now go get those binos so I can teach you a thing or two.”

On the way out I grabbed one of her room keys and quickly returned with my binos. Her dress was now off her shoulders and above the waist she sported only a bra. A bra, I hasten to add, that was ever so diligently attempting to constrain a pair of simply spectacular breasts. I stared for a very inappropriate amount of time before a snap of her fingers got my attention.

“Earth to Alex, they’re just boobs.”

“Oh no, they’re not.” I yearned to take hold of them, but Ana was in charge of setting the pace.

She laughed a little and took my binoculars from me and put her hand through the strap. Looking up at the moon she adjusted the eyepieces. “Zhumell, very nice, Alex, shall I begin my tutorial?”

“I agree, a nice set.”

“Hmmmph,” she said, and passed me the binos.

“OK, a few cool things about the moon,” she began, moving behind me and pressing her breasts into my back. Briefly using her phone she called up some images and guided me to a particular part of the moon’s surface, the Sea of Tranquility. When I told her I had it she said, “That’s where mankind first stepped foot on something other than the Earth. I’m sure it was an amazing moment for all the astronauts who did. To paraphrase Carl Sagan, that blue world is where everyone who ever who ever was, every hero and everyone who has ever loved, everyone you have illegal bahis siteleri ever heard of, lived their lives. Of course, at that time it was true for all but exactly three humans.”

I lowered the binoculars. “I love Sagan,” I said. “That bit about the pale blue dot should be of far more importance to people than it is.”

She hugged me with a sincerity I could feel. “And as Jodie Foster would say, Amen.”

I didn’t need to let her know I recognized the quote fromContact. I asked, “So why was that place chosen?”

“They thought it would be smooth. Of course that wasn’t based on anything more than flyovers and bad film, but you had to justify a decision based on something.”

I nodded in the pale but strangely bright light. “What else?”

She again called up images on her phone to guide me to the next target. “That’s the largest crater on this side of the moon, Alex. Tycho.”

“I know the name.”

“Good, Alex. Did you know that Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion were derived from Tycho’s observations? Or that he was the first modern observer of a supernova?”

I turned to face her, “No, but I do remember Neil Tyson saying Tycho died after his bladder burst because of his desire not to offend anyone at a dinner.”

She smiled broadly at me as I handed her the binos. “You see, I can still listen to you even with your outrageous good looks.”

I ran my hands down her bare arms and sides and let them come to rest on her hips. I turned her slightly and pointed to the sky. “One of my favorite targets is the Pleiades, next to Taurus. That big red star is Antares, and the Pleiades is right, over there.”

Moving my hands to the small of her back I took hold of the zipper and slowly lowered it. “They are beautiful,” she said.

I slid her dress down over her hips and let it drop to the floor as my hands came to rest on her panty clad ass. “They are indeed.”

She giggled, then handed me the binos. “That’s enough show and tell for now.”

“I was hoping we were just about to start,” I said.

She turned and put her hands behind my neck. “Oh, we are, Alex. We are.”

She kissed me then, firmly and passionately but without urgency. As I replied and started to get more energetic she pushed me away a little. “Alex, I must insist that you let me set the pace.”

I nodded. “I thought I was.”

She waggled a finger in front of my face. “I mean it Alex.”

“I’ll try?” I said.

She patted my nose. “You will, don’t worry. Now strip and get on the bed.”

“Which one?”

“The small one. The big one is for sleeping,” she smirked, “The small one is for fucking.”

“Oookay,” I said with a drawl as I unbuttoned my shirt. Ana had pulled open a drawer and was taking things out of it. The dim light did not help me identify them.

Turning to face me she held a very complicated piece of webbed strapping. “Should I ask?” I said.

She smiled and shrugged but did not answer as I dropped my shirt and prepared to lower my pants. “Always eager to see what I’ll get to be working with,” she said as my cock came bouncing into view. She licked her lips. “Always nice to guess right.”

“Guess right?”

“Just lay down, Alex.”

“Yes, Ana,” I said. I lay down on the small, single size bed and Ana sat down next to me, holding a set of straps up before my eyes.

“This is just to help you play along.”

“How’s that?”

She ran her fingertips over my stiff cock. And my hips jumped a little. “That’s what I’m going to help you with Alex, that thrusting problem.”

“I didn’t know that was a problem.”

“It’s a fantasy of control, Alex, but just a little one. I’m going to secure your hips so you cannot try and take over the tempo with your thrusting. I’ll set the pace, that’s all.”

She gave me a squeeze and the hardness she found gave her my answer, “I see this meets with your approval.”

“So what else do I need to know?”

She passed the straps over my legs and I realized how it was supposed to work. The straps held each leg around the uppermost part of my thigh. These loops were joined together to a strap that went under the bed. She tightened the straps and my legs felt completely restrained.

She lightly stroked me when she was done. “Okay Alex, try to thrust at my hand. I really want to know how much you can move your hips.”

I pulled at the restraints trying to get more contact with her hands, but to no avail. “I’d say they are frustratingly effective.”

“Good,” she said with a wide smile and her hand stroked me more aggressively.

“I have a couple of things I really enjoy doing. I’m not going to bother explaining, as your hands are free and you can leave any time. However, as soon as you touch the strap release, we’re done.”

I nodded. “Sounds to me like there is more instruction coming.”

“I think I’ll just have you tell me if something is a no. And I’ll do the same.”

Seeing me nod, she got up on the bed and pretty much just lowered her pussy onto my face. No question about what canlı bahis siteleri I was supposed to do next, I stuck out my tongue and touched her bare labia with a slight lick. She moved her hips a bit and soon enough she was positioned perfectly. I thought about putting my hands on her hips, but the geometry wasn’t right. I had to ‘settle’ for taking her large dangling breasts in my hands.

As I licked around her outer lips in a teasing manner, I gave her tits a healthy squeeze and then used my fingers to lightly pinch her nipples. She had a hold of my cock at the base and I could feel her breath on me. “That’s perfect Alex, a little pinch, but not too much.”

As she took me into her mouth I groaned into her pussy and dove my tongue between her folds. She grunted around my cock and then pulled back a little, “Going fast there Alex?” She said.

“Saw-ry,” I tried to say with my mouth still very close to her lips.

“Don’t be, I wasn’t chiding you.” She gave me a couple of very deep sucks and then ran her tongue all over me. “Tell you what, as this is just supposed to be act one, race you to the finish?”

Determined to see if I could get her off first, I moved my hands to her rear and held her down on my face. “Ah ah ah, no fair Alex, mouths only. Get those hands back on my boobs.”

Well, if she insisted. I did as she asked and tried to focus on licking her pussy even as I had handfuls of the most glorious tits that were part of the bombshell sucking my cock. I was at a bit of a disadvantage, if I can even say that with a straight face, as she was able to move her hips and I was not. If she chose, she could move out of reach whereas I was right where she wanted me.

The nature of the situation, combined with her oral ministrations, had me hard as I’d ever been and I’m sure I was leaking copiously into her mouth. I licked all around her outer lips until I could tell her pussy was starting to flare open a bit and get wetter on its own. Then I started working on her inner lips, which were on the shorter side in my experience. Nuzzling my nose between her folds I gave her clit a very brief flick with my tongue and was rewarded with an “ooh!” Alternating between sucking on her lips and giving her clit a touch, I tried to keep her on edge and trying to anticipate my next move as I strove to be unpredictable. Her breathing was getting heavier, as was mine, and her breasts were feeling even fuller-if that was possible.

She moved a hand to hold my balls while she continued to fellate me expertly. It was a good thing my hips were restrained or I’d be face fucking her despite my efforts not to, and I definitely did not want her to stop. Sensing myself getting closer by the second and unable to stop thinking about coming in her mouth, I let go of her lips and locked my lips on her clit, sucking so as to pull her tiny appendage tightly between my lips where I began to pummel it with my tongue. As I rubbed my tongue quickly on her clit she groaned loudly and her legs started to shake. I could feel her pussy tighten up and then she heaved out a long muffled moan as she started to come.

Triggering her orgasm was the final key to my own, and I felt myself tense at the critical point, swelling in her mouth but unable to groan or talk before I went over and started to flood her mouth.

She groaned anew and I fed her even as she started to come down. Eager to return the favor, as she swallowed and continued to pleasure me as I renewed my assault on her clit. She went rigid even before I finished pumping my load into her welcoming mouth, and I was pleased to get her off a second time. I held on to my nether kiss until it was clear that both of us were done, at least for now.

Only then did she let me slip from her lips and start to stand up. “Alex, that was great.” She bent and kissed me on the cheek. “I haven’t come that hard in a long time, and I can count on one hand when I’ve had a multiple like that one.”

I was just laying there enjoying the afterglow. “Mmmm, ditto.” I said, and took this chance to really get a look at her in the candlelight. “You are truly stunning. I must be the luckiest man on earth tonight.”

She preened. “Now, what the odds of act two in the near future?”

“Excellent,” I said. “A certainty in fact. Just give me a few minutes.”

She turned and walked to the bathroom. “Nope,” she said as she shut the door. I wondered what she meant, but I didn’t have long to think about it. She returned with a washcloth and applied it at once to my dick.

I jumped, or at least I tried to, as she gripped my cock in a freezing cloth. “Fuck that’s cold!”

She grinned at me. “Sorry, act one was pretty vanilla. Amazing, but vanilla. Act two is more, um, interesting.”

“Uh huh.”

She held my now completely limp and cold cock between her fingers. “Act two begins when you are totally soft.” She then licked her lips, sat on the bed next to me, and took me back in her mouth.

Taking her time, she lavished pleasure on my cock and slowly got me hard again. The whole process took easily more than fifteen minutes, and I had the impression she was just fine with it taking a while. When I was back up to iron status she stopped. Giving my cock a firm squeeze she stood. “You have a nice cock, Alex. Nice and hard.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32