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It’s been a few months since my divorce and I was still having some issues making ends meet. Already working two jobs with no time for a social life, I needed to find a way to bring in some cash.

I was discussing some ideas with my brother in law on some jobs. He and I have always been close; same sense of humor and dirty mind. Anyhow, he suggested I check the adult industry, lots of money there. I thought maybe he was kidding, he’s well known for that.

More bills piled in and I was getting desperate now. I didn’t think it’d do any harm to at least check out what’s out there, ya know. The site I found that seemed the most legit was called I grabbed my glass of wine and got busy typing in my information. It was mostly webcam jobs, I didn’t think that was still a thing, but a few call center jobs were available. That sounded like something I could do from home and on my off days.

A few days had passed when I got a call wanting an interview. Super stoked, I took the appointment slot for 9pm. Also, weird to me, but I rolled with it.

9pm on the dot, my phone rings. “Hello Ms. Greene? This is Mr. Richards with adult staffing. Are ready for your interview?”

“I sure am!” I replied with enthusiasm.

“Alrighty, you may begin anytime.” He said in a monotone voice.

Completely puzzled by that. I had no idea what he was expected. “Excuse me?”

“Well, you applied for the call center, I’d like to hear what you have. Talk to me.”

“Eh, well…um…” still quite unprepared for that question.

“Apparently there must be some sort of confusion. I need you to talk dirty to me, this is a phone sex job. This is your interview, your audition, so to speak. If you’re not prepared, I can move on to the next applicant.”

“No, no, I got this…” I stuttered.

I had no idea what I was going to say. Sure, I’ve talked dirty before, but never really put on bahis firmaları the spot, to someone I have never met. This was so awkward. I feel like such a fool. How did I even let myself get into this sort of situation? I was humiliated. That’s it, I blew it for sure. I felt so ridiculous, I wanted to just hang up and hide.

“Thank you, Ms. Greene, that will do. We will give you a call in a few days for your starting date and other information regarding the job.”

What the hell? I did it… after all that gibberish I muttered and second guessing myself, I got the job! I am not even sure what I said to that guy. He liked it and that’s all that mattered.

The first person I told was Mike, my brother in law. He was happy for me and asked for a family discount version right away. I laughed it off and teased him with a little sample. Surprisingly, my little teasing sample of phone sex was a turn on for both of us. I continued doing that job for a couple months until the hours were just too much to keep.

After that one evening on the phone with Mike and that innocent flirtation, our relationship was different. It was full of sexual innuendos and toying with the idea of hooking up. It was all fairly innocent, I never really planned to sleep with him until the one night we were chatting online talking about how that phone sex job didn’t really pan out and that I was still looking for a more lucrative paying job. He suggested him and I making a deal; an arrangement, if you will.

This was all so crazy, he is married to my sister. I couldn’t do that to her. Although she has always been quite the bitch to me; a little Miss. Holier-than-thou.

The bills just kept coming with no relief. I broke down and started seriously discussing this ‘arrangement’. It started small… $25 for a blowjob and $50 for fucking. And to keep it business-like, I’d always but an hour time limit on him. Our kaçak iddaa first time was just a blowjob. He showed up at my place, both of us nervous as hell. I wore a spaghetti stringed whitetank top, no bra and a cute pair of pajama shorts. Not overly sexy, but enough. We got right to it, I dropped to my knees and began. Both hands wrapping around his already hard cock. Licking from his balls to the head, looking up at him with fuck me eyes. Cupping his sack firmly, gripping his shaft and always trying to keep eye contact. He’d sometimes force his cock deeper into my throat than I was prepared, but I took it. That’s what I was getting paid for, to give him what he wanted.

I had him leave the money on the dresser. I felt dirty if he handed the money to me for what I had done. I’m not going to lie, I was kind of turned on by this. Something about doing anything like this with your brother in law is very taboo. Forbidden. This was almost like an alternate life. Prostitute, call girl, escort… hooker? I was getting paid for sex… and I liked it. I didn’t realize it until then but this was actually a very erotic fantasy for me. By day, I was a regular person, and at night, my alter-ego was letting someone pay me to stick their dick in me. How hot was that?!

The more he visited, the easier it was. We started getting turned on just by talking about it. He would wait for those messages that I’d send him that would just simply say “$25? Or $50?” This was a business agreement. He’d get off, one way or another, and I’d make some quick cash. The longer this went on, the higher the pricing went. It was getting too risky to do for just $25 or $50 anymore. The pricing then went up to $50 and $75. We averaged 2 or 3 visits a week. I was finally paying my bills on time and no one had a clue where that money was coming from. It was a perfect plan… as long as we didn’t get caught.

He would start to tell me kaçak bahis what he wanted before he visited, and we’d agree on a price. One of his favorite things for me to do was to tell him that “…he shouldn’t be doing this, I am his sister in law”. I would usually do this when I was ready for him to cum; always making sure my breasts were out when I did. He loved cumming on my bare tits. I’d work him up hard with the sexy eye contact, swirling my tongue around the tip of his cock, holding tight with both hands. Sometimes I would take the head of his cock and rub it down my chin and neck or down between my tits for extra sensation. Both hands around his cock, sexy look in my eyes, “You shouldn’t be doing this, I am your sister in law.” Instantly, it was done. That always did it for him; cumming in my mouth or across my chest. Of course, afterwards, I would rub it in, caressing my breasts, licking it off my own nipples. I wanted to make sure he got his money’s worth.

Pricing went up higher, he was now at $50 for a blow job and $100 for fucking me or anything goes for $300.

My favorite night was an anything goes agreement. I used everything I knew on him; riding him slow, making sure my tits were in his face, riding him vigorously so my breasts would bounce like crazy. Turned around and let him fuck me from behind, teasing him with the idea of fucking my asshole. His thumb deep in my ass, “Go ahead… I know you want to…” He took the head of his cock, slipped it up to my asshole… lubing it up.

“Are you sure?” he hesitated for a second.

“Do it…! If you are going to pay for it.” I slammed my ass back against him… “just fuck me! And don’t stop until I get off!” He plunged his shaft deep into me. A few seconds of shear pain followed by complete delirium. He pounded my ass, his thumb jammed as far into my pussy as he could go, fucking me hard. I pushed back each time he slammed in.

This was amazing. I was getting fucked hard like I like it; and I was getting paid for it. And when I had felt I was done, all I had to do was look at him, and tell him how dirty he was for fucking his sister in law.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32