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Group Sex

The Law of Jungle-3

After Ramu and Madhu left her pool area, Ashmita proceeded towards the bedroom. As she walked towards, she felt Ramu’s large volume of cum dribbling between her thighs, streaming down towards her knee areas. She felt sticky not only inside her cunt but in both of her thigh joints. Her gown was soiled and muddy as she was lying on her back on the wet earth and Ramu above her. Her gown had scattered wet patch marks of Ramu’s cum which had been now dried up with a feeling of hardness in her frontal gown was visible more prominently. After taking bath, she changed herself into a women’s shirt and pajama set in pink color. She came down to her garden. Ashmita was always proud of her green garden.

Her garden was full of green grasses amidst which there were various flower plants bloomed with multi-colored flowers. In the middle, there was a dwarf Norway Spruce tree at the height of around 30 feet. This Norway spruce was a dwarf in height, a pyramidal tree with long, cylindrical cones that hung like ornaments from the weeping branches against the dark green foliage. It was the main attraction of the garden, an evergreen shrub with stiff, prickly, green to bluish-green needle leaves with pink flowers. The four-sided needles were ½ to 1 inch long. The needles were smooth and stiff with a pointed tip. The tree was covered with reddish-pink flowers and upright on the tips of the branches, once pollinated, the flowers would turn green and hang downward as cones ripen. The cones were cylindrical, 4 to 6 inches long, purplish-green changing to light brown as they would ripen. But beauty was not ended there. This spruce tree was surrounded by Lilly-flowered tulips of the Indian variety.

The yellow-colored tulips of 3 feet heights surrounded the spruce tree densely which was an amazing scene for a viewer. The yellow tulips were erected up to 3 to 4 feet in height with long, broad, parallel-veined leaves and a cup-shaped, single or double flower at the tip of the stem. Ashmita went nearer to the tulips and peeped through. A lot of weeds, shrubs, and long grasses were growing under the tree. She wanted Ramu to clean these. But where is Ramu? It had been more than one hour since he went inside the Madhu’s building but not returned yet. She imagined Madhu being fucked by Ramu in her luxurious bed whereas Ashmita was fucked inside the bush in an uncomfortable position. Ashmita wondered how many times Madhu was fucked by Ramu. She felt a pang of jealousy towards Madhu. Then she became restless and disturbed. She cursed at her misfortune and losing the desire as she could have easily taken Ramu to her bedroom instead of sending him with Madhu. Ashmita treaded through the garden unmindfully. To distract herself she walked into the garden, touched blooming flowers, waiting eagerly for Ramu.

Then she saw Ramu approaching towards the garden with her sweated bare body. Ashmita breathed a sigh of relief. He was bathed in sweat. Ashmita started at him intensely.

“Ramu, what’s make you so late? I think it is more than one hour,” she asked.

“Madam, I was pleasing her and she was not ready to allow me to leave,” Ramu made a short reply.

“Ok…ok,” Ashmita said and didn’t feel to ask him more details about their fucking.

She further said, “Ramu, you see, the area under that tree is a mess, spread with long shrubs, weeds, and plants. Those things are not visible from here because of those high tulips surrounded the tree. So, you have to remove and clean those first.”

“Yes, madam, I have already noticed that. In the second half, after lunch, I will clean all that dirt,” Ramu replied.

“Ramu, you are sweating profusely. It seems you have labored too much for Madhu Madam. You need a cold drink. Come with me, I will serve you some cold drink,” Ashmita said with a smile.

For a moment, Ramu couldn’t believe his ears what he heard, then with hesitation, he followed her. Ashmita went inside the house and had let Ramu in her bedroom. Once they were in the bedroom, Ashmita passed him a cold drink which he downed quickly. Her bedroom was the same and like Madhu’s bedroom, the lavish and luxurious, feeling cool with AC.

“Madam, it is the best room I have ever seen,” Ramu said in a surprising voice.

“I am glad that you liked it. Is it better than Madhu Madam?” she asked.

“Certainly, Madam,” Ramu replied to please her.

With much courage, building inside him, Ramu dared to ask, “Madam, did you enjoy inside the bush?”

“You don’t know how much. But I am not fully satisfied because that was not a place to be enjoyed. I want to enjoy with you in my bedroom as Madhu Madam enjoyed with you in her bedroom,” Ashmita muttered, the feeling of sexual need welling up again inside of her.

Then Ramu slid into bed alongside her. Ashmita sat on the bed alongside Ramu, put her arms around his neck, and kissed him on the cheek. Ashmita gave him a deep kiss on the lips and pressed her body up against his. She knew he could feel her breasts crushed up against his chest. His hands slid down bahis firmaları the back of her dress and that he could feel she was wearing bra and panties. Ashmita could see he was partially aroused and she felt herself getting wet.

“Woah, Madam, you’re so friendly today,” Ramu exclaimed.

“Ramu, I am feeling too much horny.” Ashmita murmured,” Thank you for your fucking me today morning Ramu; you don’t know how frightened I was when I fell inside the bush. I owe you big time.”

As she went to get up, her right hand slipped down his chest until her wrist bumped into his erection. She lifted the lungi and whispered, “Oh my…”

“Is your pipe stiff and hard?’ Ashmita nibbled on his ear.

“It will be soon if you keep that up,” Ramu replied smilingly.

She was looking forward to getting a good hard fucking. She slipped her hand under his lungi and wrapped her fingers around Ramu’s cock.

“Good,” Ashmita shifted her hand down to his groin and began massaging his cock.

As she gently stroked his full length, she could feel the wetness of his precum leak out on her palm. Ashmita shifted position and bent down, without hesitation, she circled her lips around the blackish purple tip of his cock. Ramu groaned as he enjoyed the wet warmth of her mouth encompassing him.

“Madam, what are you doing?” Ramu muttered, the ache between his thighs intensifying.

Ramu watched her head bob up and down as she tried to fully take the length of his giant cock.

Ashmita said, “I must get out of these clothes, they are a little itchy.”

With that, she started to unbutton her shirt exposing her black push-up bra. Ramu’s eyes drifted to the glimpse of cleavage.

“Let me help you.” Ramu offered and unfastened the clasp on her pajama and undid the zip. Her pajama and shirt fell to the floor.

Seizing the moment Ramu walked forward and unfastened her bra, letting his hands slide from her back to cup those beautiful perky 36C cup breasts. Her tits popped free from the restraint. He caressed her nipples between his thumb and index finger and tweaked them into little mountains of hard flesh. Ramu eagerly sucked on her nipples as she groaned in encouragement.

“Ummm that feels good Ramu,” Ashmita gasped.

Ramu reached behind her and Ashmita felt his hand slide up under her panties until he touched her pussy. She turned around, put her arms around his neck, and kissed him on the lips, her tongue seeking out his in a passionate embrace. Ramu’s right hand ran across her tummy until his fingers reached the waistband of her panties. With barely a hesitation he continued downward, seeking out the warm soft flesh between her legs. Ramu moved behind Ashmita, easing her panties down her thighs until they fell on the floor. With a whisper, the dress fell to the floor leaving her naked. Ashmita could feel her stomach muscles contract. As Ramu continued to kiss Ashmita passionately, the warmth of her skin touched his. He ached to fuck her. He removed his lungi and became naked.

“I want you Ramu, once is not enough. Now, we are alone in my bedroom and we can enjoy up to the heights,” Ashmita whispered in his ear and wrapped her legs around his hips.

He cupped her ass with his hands and half carried her to the bed and they collapsed onto the bed giggling. They lay opposite each other in 69 positions. Ashmita wriggled around under him until his face was between her legs. Ashmita felt his hot breath and then the soft wet flicker of his tongue at the entrance of her vagina. As the first electric burst of pleasure shot up her chest, Ramu leaned forward to seek out her inner flesh, pulling apart her pussy lips to expose that little pink bud of pleasure. As Ramu gently sucked it between his lips, he could feel her wet, hot, and very soft lips encircling his big round knob. Ramu could feel the warm tongue of her on it. Ramu lost himself in a wave of pleasure and thrust his tongue deep into her vagina, lapping up her sweet taste. He knew exactly what really turned her on and slipped two of his fingers into her now sopping pussy. By the time he was only halfway inside her cunt, her climax hit, wave after wave, each one intensifying as he pushed deeper inside of her. He could no longer stimulate Ashmita as he gasped for air, her back arched as the electric charge froze her muscles.

“That’s sweet of you Ramu,” Ashmita put her arms around his neck and kissed him on the mouth. His hands slid around her waist and down onto her butt where he gently caressed her cheeks.

“Where and how do you want it?” Ramu asked, his gaze firmly riveted on her trimmed pubic hair.

Without answering Ashmita lay on the bed like a slut, arms outstretched, with her legs apart. Ramu knelt on the bed between her thighs and took her36 C cup breasts in his hands, roughly squeezing them, making her nipples harden into little rose-colored bumps. She arched her back, locking her legs around his waist.

“I’m wet enough already,” she whispered, not really wanting him to eat her out and taste again.

He stood kaçak iddaa up, took off his lungi, and stroked himself until he was fully erect.

“Madam, I can’t cum inside you as I have already cummed three times today,” said Ramu.

“Ummm, I don’t want your cum, just fuck me,” Ashmita said.

Ramu guided his cock between her thighs. He rubbed the tip up and down the length of her slit, his precum mixing with her wetness. Ashmita rotated her body on the bed and spread her legs wide open. Ramu watched as she slid her hands slowly down her tummy until she reached her mons. Her fingers pulled apart her sex lips in a crude invitation. Ramu could not restrain himself and rolled her onto her back. He looked into Ashmita’s eyes and lifted her knees so they touched her chest, exposing her pink hairy pussy lips. Her 36C breasts were flattened by the pressure of her knees. Ashmita watched as his hard manhood entered her, pushing at her soft flesh. Each time he pulled back to enter her more deeply she could see her juices glistening on his shaft.

“Push it in me now. I want to feel your rock hard again inside of me,” said Ashmita

Ashmita squealed in delight as she started to quickly orgasm again.

“Come on big boy, fuck me hard, use me, make me cum as many times as possible,” she begged.

Their fast-moving bodies were too entwined. His fingers slipped between her legs to stimulate her pussy, but she could only watch as he was roughly pounding into her cunt. Ramu knew she wouldn’t last long at this intensity and to his dismay, he saw her body tense as Ashmita screamed as she hit her peak again.

“Oh, that feels good, push it hard against my clit.” she breathed grinding her hips against him. Ramu leaned forward and sucked deeply on her left nipple before lightly biting on it.

“I can’t wait anymore. Fuck me deep inside,” Ashmita said in an impatient voice.

He pushed about two inches of his cock into her and pulled it almost back out again. Ashmita knew she would start to orgasm before he even got halfway inside of her.

“Don’t tease,” Ashmita warned and tried to slide off the couch to get more of him inside of her.

This control game always drove him crazy, going in deeper each time and then slowly sliding in and out. She saw him smile; he knew exactly what it was doing to her. Ashmita started an orgasm that built-in intensity with every one of his light teases.

“I can’t hold off much longer.” Ashmita wrapped her arms around him, pressing her breasts hard against his chest, and gently bit him on the neck.

“Fuck me harder, pleeeaasse. Pound that hard cock into me, fuck me, fuck meeeeee,” moaned Ashmita.

Finally, he gave in to her wishes and his rhythm changed to where he would almost pull out, and then bury himself all the way inside of her. Time after time his groin slammed into her clit.

“That’s it, that’s it, oh God, I can’t hold back any longer, it’s too intense, aaaaaaahhhhhh,” screamed Ashmita.

“Oh yes, yes, finish me off, pleeeazzzze, fuck me hard,” Ashmita begged.

Ramu started thrusting hard into her, his hips slamming into her ass. She begged for a climax but the pleasure kept climbing in intensity.

“God it has been years since I got seriously fucked.” Ashmita announced and with that pushed down greedily burying Ramu’s manhood inside of her.

“I’m going to cum soooo hard, please fuck more, I can’t stand it anymore, arggghhhhh,” moaned Ashmita

“You’re so hard, ohh God I’m going to cum already… Aaahhhhhh.” her head snapped back, eyes tightly closed as she relished her climax.

His pace picked up even further. He tossed her body around like a rag doll as she shouted out in pleasure, before groaning loudly and Ramu felt the tickle of her hot orgasm shoot over his cock. Her movements slowed before she slumped on under him. Ashmita collapsed on her back, relishing the feeling of warm cum as it trickled down from her pussy. Ramu was still fairly rigid and the two of them locked together.

“That was intense,” Ashmita sighed, “Grab some rest, we both could take our lunch together before my daughter Arpita comes but put on your lungi. The day isn’t over yet Ramu,” said Ashmita.

It was 3. 00 P.M. in the afternoon, when both the girls, Bipasha and Arpita reached their home from shopping, they found their mothers in deep slumber in their bedrooms. Both the ladies were so intensely fucked hard by Ramu that their bodies became numb due to too much relaxation in their bodies and a deep slumber had overtaken them. Arpita’s bedroom was on the upper floor and their garden was just below her room. She could see Ramu working in the garden with his shovel. She came out of her room and stood near the corner of the corridor which was open so that Ramu could see her clearly. Ramu was merged in his work. Her mom was sleeping deep in her bedroom. Arpita clapped for the attention of Ramu. Hearing the clapping, Ramu raised his head and could see Arpita clearly.

He gave her a flying kiss and signaled her to come down. He signaled her that he kaçak bahis would be waiting for her under the spruce tree surrounded by tulip flowers. Arpita could realize that it was the safest place where no one could see them even from near the tulip flowers. She rushed towards her bathroom, picked out the pills hidden behind the mirror, gulped two pills with water. She came down, and with soundless steps, moved towards the garden. Ramu was not there, he was waiting for her under the tree. Arpita crossed the tulip flowers but couldn’t find Ramu near the tree as the surrounding area was full of high plants, weeds, and shrubs.

“I am here, come this side,” Arpita heard the voice of Ramu.

Then she saw him lying amongst the bush of shrubs and plants. He had cleaned in the middle portion of the bush so that two persons could lie comfortably. It was such a good hiding place that a person if ever would come under the tree could never trace out of them. Further, the place was reinforced by dense tulip flowers from outside.

“Waaoooo, what’s a place you have chosen?” exclaimed Arpita.

He whispered, “Knowingly, I have not cummed inside your mother. I have preserved it so that I would cum inside you and make you pregnant like Bipasha.”

“Did you say anything?” asked Arpita.

“Nothing, you just come near to me, “said Ramu.

Arpita approached near Ramu. Without any words, both of them engaged in a tight embrace and kissed each other frantically. Ramu ran his rough hands down the line of her throat. Goosebumps skittered over her arms from the simple touch. Who knew a throat would be an erogenous zone? She wanted him, the control, smug hung-like-a-horse-bastard. Ramu felt Arpita’s hand rub him through his lungi, feeling the contours of his semi-hard cock.

“Oh yeah,” She gasped looking into his eyes.

Ramu felt Arpita’s hot tongue push into his mouth bringing with it a spurt of saliva while her hand squeezed his bum.

“Arpita, today you look too hot,” said Ramu holding one of her cheeks.

After some moments, both of them opened their interlocked mouths, and explored each other’s tongues, occasionally sucking on an earlobe or licking a cheek, their lusty moans intensifying. Ramu explored the soft ass of Arpita, squeezing it and holding the crack between them, enjoying the shape.

“Dear Ramu, first I want to suck your cock. Look at it. It’s fucking hard as a rock!” Arpita rubbed the bulge above his lungi firmly, “Isn’t that fucking gorgeous.”

“Mmm,” Ramu replied.

Lifting his lungi above, Arpita reached inside. Ramu felt her hot fingers slide around the shaft before she pulled it out into the cool air. Arpita groaned and dropped to her knees taking the bulbous head into her wet mouth and gripping the shaft. Ramu opened two buttons of Arpita’s shirt and put his hand inside to rub her swollen nipples. She shuddered, sucking in the air. Her tongue licked gently at the eye of his cock before she sucked it into her mouth and bumped it against her tonsils.

“That’s so nice.” Arpita said kissing him again, “I’m soaked. Feel me.”

Arpita lifted her pleated skirt so he could just make out the outline of her panties. Ramu touched her mound then cupped her pussy feeling the squishy wetness inside and the slick patch of cotton.

“You are so wet,” Ramu groaned, “I really want to taste you.”

“Mmm. Please, I want you to. I want you to stick your tongue in me. Would you put it in my pussy and my arse?” she asked mischievously.

Ramu gulped, nodding, and pulled aside her panties to finger her hairy slit.

“Lie down here Arpita. The ground is soft like a mattress and pretty dry,” said Ramu.

Being underneath him, his hard cock pressed intimately against her was straight out of her late-night fantasies. So why was she hating him previously despite being fucked by him? Why hadn’t she already stripped off their clothes and ridden him like the stallion he was? Because Arpita was jealous of Bipasha. For these few days, she’d dreamed of this man but Bipasha took away him from her, and now she was facing the reality of him, of them, she didn’t know if she dared to finish what Bipasha had started with Ramu. Screw that. She mentally hauled up her big girl panties and got ready to seduce the man of her dreams.

“So, are we going to talk about it or do it?” smiled Arpita.

Instead of verbally answering, Ramu pulled her legs up. She didn’t protest as he wound her legs around his waist, his thickness pressing hard against her eager pussy.

“Oh, we’re going to make love, Arpita,” he promised, “I’ll be in you so deep and so often you’ll wonder how you existed without my cock fucking you.”

His hips slid against hers in an easy, smooth glide. Arpita did not doubt how he intended to prove his point. He would take her, fuck her into doing whatever he said. The utter confidence of his words and actions turned her on, and she hovered on the brink of orgasm. His masculine hand reached down to pull up the light material of her skirt until it pooled around her waist. His hands teased around the edge of her lacy underwear, and Arpita knew he’d discover the lie of her words as soon as he delved between her thighs. She was so wet she was surprised her fluid wasn’t dripping down her thighs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32