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Holding her breath with anticipation, her heart beating wildly, the maid used her pass key and opened the door to room 365. She walked in to find the wife sprawled out on the sofa dressed in a robe smiling. Her eyes scanned the room and her heart sank when she couldn’t see the husband anywhere.

“Don’t worry.” said the wife, noticing the slight look of disappointment on her face. “He’s in the other room. You’ll get a taste of his delicious cock.” The mention of the cock she had seen just the day before made her pulse race and her pussy tingle. She badly wanted to feel it thrusting hard inside her already dampening pussy.

“But first.” said the wife, rising up off the couch, her robe falling open to reveal two full round breasts with taught hard nipples and a smooth bare pussy between her legs. “You need to come over here and show me what all his excitement is about.”

Apprehensively, she crossed the room. This was not as she imagined it was going to be. In her daydream the day before, it was him, naked, beckoning her to him, not his wife. Regardless though, her heart was beating with anticipation as she stood in front of her. The wife raised a hand and cupped her breast through her uniform, squeezing and kneading it. She felt her nipple harden under the material involuntarily as the wife slid her hand over to her other breast. She felt another hand slide up under her dress, gliding softly up the inside of her inner thigh and fingers touch the material between her legs. She had never been with a woman and had never had the desire to, but the touch of the wife’s fingers pressing through the material of her panties made her shiver with excitement.

She felt fingers slip inside the leg of her panties and fingertips find her soft wet slit. They rubbed her slowly up and down, burying deeper and deeper between her lips. She let out a soft moan as they found her wetness and her now throbbing clit. Faster and faster they rubbed her, building her arousal until she herself reached out and touched between the wife’s legs. Her fingers quickly found the wife’s wet opening and she hooked her fingers hard inside it as the fingers inside her panties made her aching clit explode. She came in a shuddering orgasm, her pussy flooding, soaking the wife’s fingers. She looked on with excitement as the wife licked the wetness off her fingers, groaning with pleasure at the taste and smell of the maids pussy juice.

Both of them now breathless with desire, the wife clawed at the maids clothing, she helped and soon they were both standing naked, her clothes bahis firmaları scattered and the wife’s robe a pile at her feet. The wife leaned forward and kissed her. Another first for her. She returned the wife’s kiss, tentatively at first, but then harder and with desire as she felt the wife’s fingers between her legs once again. Breaking of the kiss, the wife laid back of the sofa, her legs wide open, her eyes glued to hers. She knew what she wanted and knelt between the wife’s open legs.

Running her hands up the wife’s legs, she bent forward to where they met. She could smell her pussy as her mouth neared it and it was so arousing. That nice smell of pussy, the same scent she smelled on her own fingers after they had been inside herself when she masturbated. Inflamed by it, her open mouth covered the wife’s pussy and her tongue hungrily licked at her silky wet crease. When it touched the hard clit, the wife gasped and thrust her hips upwards, her throbbing pussy desperate to cum. Lick after lick had the wife squirming beneath her mouth and as she pushed her tongue inside the saturated opening, the wife erupted, jerking hips, her legs closing hard around the maid’s head, her whole body quivering as she came. The feel and sound of the wife’s excitement sent her over the top as well. She had been rubbing her own pussy as she licked the wife. Now her fingers were thrust hard up inside herself as her stomach twitched in spasms with her own orgasm. Both of them lay spent and panting, her with her face in the wife’s lap, inhaling the scent of her wetness, the wife under her, legs stretched wide apart running her forearm across her forehead.

Recovered, but still aching for the feel of hard cock inside her pussy, she looked up at the wife and asked where her husband was.

“He’s in the bedroom.” she replied. “Watching us.” she continued, her head moving to the side, looking towards a side table across the room. The maid’s eyes followed her gaze and there on the table was a camera. She was confused.

“Don’t worry.” said the wife with a wicked grin. “All will be made clear.”

Rising up off the sofa, the wife took her hand and helped her to her feet. Hand in hand they padded naked across to room to closed bedroom door. Opening it, the wife led her in. She stood there stunned. Naked and spreadeagle on the bed was the husband, his hands and feet tied to the corners. He looked so aroused, his massive cock rigid and jerking, precum dripping from its tip. He was staring at the wall in front of him, at a screen of an empty living room kaçak iddaa and the sofa where they had just been.

“Did you enjoy that my love?” she asked, walking alongside the bed to sit in a chair, her fingertips brushing his straining cock as she went past. He groaned with frustration and his desperate need for release. Sitting in the chair, she looked at the maid standing there naked, staring hungrily at the throbbing cock in front of her.

“You can touch it and suck it but he’s not to cum, OK?” she said. The maid nodded, unable to speak, her head spinning with desire for hard swollen cock with its glistening precum covered head. Slowly, she crossed the room and climbed onto the bed between his legs. She looked into his eyes. They were wild with lust, to suck her tits, to fuck her wet pussy, but most of all, to cum! She reached out and touched his cock. It was rock hard and quivering. Her fingers curled around it and slowly she started to slide her hand up and down the rigid shaft. His breathing got faster and she was careful to do it too slow for him to cum. She bent forward and took the swollen head into her warm open mouth. He tasted so good, his precum was delicious. With her hand gripping the base of his cock she started to take him deeper into her mouth, moving it up and down his straining shaft, squeezing it with her mouth, just like a nice tight pussy. He started to pant and tried to thrust his hips up to fuck her mouth. Fearing he would cum, she slid her mouth off him and gave his cock one long lick along its thick shaft. It was too late, he was starting to cum. She squeezed the base of his cock tightly to stop him.

“Oh fuck, don’t stop!” he cried out with almost a whimper as his cock stopped from cumming jerked hard, one solitary drop of cum oozing from the tip.

“Come over here and do me and let him calm down.” His wife told her, sitting in the chair in the corner, the fingers of one hand squeezing her nipple, the other rubbing hard between her legs with the excitement of watching another woman sucking off her husband. Now fueled with a desire for nice wet pussy as well as hard cock, she eagerly obeyed and climbed off the bed.

Standing next to the chair and bending over, she removed the wife’s hand from between her legs and replaced it with her own. As her fingers started to rub the her, the wife put her own hand between the maids legs. Frantically, they rubbed each other, fingers on swollen clits and pushed hard up inside, both wanting to cum badly. Suddenly, she felt it, the numbness, the shaking and then her pussy kaçak bahis erupted. The wife pushed her fingers hard inside her, cumming herself in a trembling orgasm. All to the sound of the husband, who couldn’t see them, moaning with desire to join them, to let loose his aching cock on both of their wet pussies.

“I think it’s time.” said the wife panting, still out of breath. “Go and make him cum.”

On wobbling legs from her orgasm, she moved back to the bed. This time she was going to get what she had most wanted, his hard cock inside her. Climbing onto the bed she straddled him, her pussy just inches above his quivering cock. Reaching down, she ran her fingers over his swollen cum-filled balls and then gripped his hard shaft. Holding his cock upright, she lowered herself, pressing the swollen head to her parted drenched pussy lips. She heard him suck in his breath at the touch of her pussy and his anticipation of being inside it. Her heart racing with her own excitement, she pushed down.

“Fuck! Oh God!” It took her breath away. The feel of the swollen head, forcing her apart and then slipping inside her. His thick shaft filling her completely. He moaned under her as she rose up again til he was almost out and then driving down hard on him again. His cock glistened with her as she rode him, bouncing on his cock, faster and faster until her back arched and she drove down hard, her hips grinding back and forth on him as she came with a loud cry of absolute pleasure. Thrusting up against her, he let out a load roar of release as he came with her. His cock pumping hot thick cum deep inside as her contracting pussy milked his swollen balls of their aching burden. Heart racing and breathing hard. she sat on top of him, enjoying the feel of his still hard cock inside her. He was almost weeping at the feel of release after needing to cum for so long.

In the corner of the room there was silence. The wife was sprawled in the chair spent, her mouth open, gasping for breath, a dark wet patch on the cushion of the chair between her open limp legs.

Rising up off the husbands spent cock, she felt his thick cum leak from her still contracting pussy and run down her thigh. The aroma of it caught in her nostrils and she realized how long it had been.

With her composure regained somewhat, the wife asked, “Don’t you have other rooms to do?”

“No.” she replied almost embarrassed. “I took the day off, got into my uniform in the toilets down the hall and came to your room hoping something like this would happen.”

“I see.” Said the wife, turning to her husband on the bed. They looked at each other and smiled.

“Looks like we have all day then.”

“It does.” said the maid, smiling herself, a slight throbbing starting between her legs again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32