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“What have you been up to?” you ask with a smile as I quietly let myself into your office.

“Lunching… nothing extravagant… a simple sandwich, sided with chips and pickles.”

“That’s something you still haven’t done for me.”

“What’s that? Fix a lunch for you?”

“No Darlin’….eat a dill pickle while I watch,” you say, a hungry look in your eye that belies the teasing in your voice.

“Mmm.. and you want me to do that for you?”

“Uh huh….I like a little torture,” you reply with a wicked grin.

“Is that right?” I ask with a lift of one brow.

“Yes ma’am.”

“Mental or physical?”

“That would fall under mental…but I’d trust you to torture me physically if you wanted to,” you say with a smile.

Curious now, I ask, “The physical is something I’ve never considered… what do you have in mind?”

“Nothing painful…something along the lines of that wonderful fantasy you created when you tied my hands and worked your magic on me.”

“You remember that after all this time?” I ask, at once amazed and touched that my fantasies could have such an effect on you.

“Uh huh…” you reply, eyes a bit glazed as you seem to fall into the memory. “I still want it to happen.”

“I still want to make it happen.”

“Good…I’m ready.” The wicked gleam is back in your eye.

Sliding my hand down your stomach, I look into your eyes and ask, “Are you?”

“Mmmmm hmmmmmm…..always.”

Sliding further… “You’re sure?”

“God yes! Darlin’, you have ignited such a fire in me…. I have never wanted anyone… ever… the way I want you,” your voice husky with emotion warring with lust.

Straightening up, I move away from you. “I like knowing that.”

“I love you so much.”

Tossing a glance over my shoulder, raking you head to toe… “Yes…,” I murmur. “I do like knowing that…” I watch the grin light your handsome face as I walk away from you, crossing the room slowly, the question in your eyes apparent. I reach the door, only then turning away from you. Reaching a hand to lock your door, I turn my back to you, feeling your eyes on me as my hand slides across my stomach, my breasts, to my neck… higher, to gently remove the piece holding my hair up, moaning softly as it falls past my shoulders. Sliding both hands into my hair now, gently massaging my scalp… wavy, silken tresses sliding sensually between my fingers. One hand tugs the soft strands to my face… inhaling the scent of my own hair, combining with the scent that is mine alone… so erotic… Your eyes follow me, your body responding to everything I do, though you won’t allow me to see how affected you are. Were I to turn and look into your eyes, I would see a different story… one in which your arms ache to hold me…your hands wanting to touch feel me, to mold me to you…. every ounce of your being needing me.

I turn slightly towards you, to look at you… not fully facing you, but able to see you completely. I watch the emotions play across your face, a small smile upon your lips… desire raging hot in your eyes. Releasing my hair, it remains, partially hiding me, yet completely exposing my eyes to you as I allow you to watch my every move. As I gaze at you, my eyes seem enflame you….they canlı bahis sparkle with love, yet burn with desire… drawing you to me…. taking the very breath from your lungs. My hands drift once again across my body, imagining your touch… slowly unbuttoning my blouse, bottom up, baring my porcelain white flesh to you, inch by torturous inch. I see your hands gripping the arms of your chair, the only indication that you aren’t as in control as you would lead me to believe… and that alone is enough to send fire racing through my veins. Reaching the last button, still watching you, I release it, one shoulder becoming exposed to your heated stare… reaching a hand as if to return it to my shoulder, instead sliding one finger under the strap of my bra, toying with it. I leave it in place, my finger sliding lower, under the strap, to the crest of my breast… teasing just under the edge. Slipping lower, breath catching, moaning quietly as a nail grazes my nipple, feeling it harden instantly… the only indication to you that I’m not as in control as I would lead you to believe. My eyes close for a moment as heat spirals from that one touch, curling throughout my body to pool low in my belly, to begin the delicious ache of wanting you, to begin the flow of moisture that you so love to find between my thighs.

You grip the arm of the chair, and I sense your mind is racing. My skin is exposed to your view, and I know you want to touch it, to feel its silky smoothness. You love the way I seductively toy with you, knowing you want more but unable to have it…yet. Little do you know how much more you will be getting… You see my nipple harden, and you want so much to feel it against your palm, to take it into your mouth and suck it… nibble it… tease it with your tongue and teeth. You hear me moan, the sound raising your desire for me to immeasurable heights.

Turning to you, facing you fully now, I lift both hands to cup my breasts, still encased in silk and lace… cupping, squeezing, lightly pinching my nipples through the material. I want to close my eyes to the pleasure, but there is so much more pleasure in watching you. I lower my hands, my nails trailing over my belly, hard enough to leave marks easily visible to you, yet light enough to tantalize, almost tickle. Reaching the waist of my jeans, teasing just under the band, I release the button, the hiss of the zipper mingling with the labored breathing suddenly coming from your direction. I slowly slide them over my hips as I turn my back to you once again, exposing bare skin but for a strip of silk between my cheeks. I step out of them, tossing them into the corner, my blouse remaining.

I can feel you watching me, wanting reach out and touch my heated skin, to run your hand across my smooth white belly and trace your fingertips aross the marks I left. You watch with increasing anticipation, wanting to follow the strip of silk first with your hands… then with your soft lips… as it disappears between my cheeks.

Turning once again to you, my hands slide over my hips, caressing… across my abdomen. Looking into your eyes, I allow one hand to trail lower, outside my panties, finding incredibly wet heat… “Ohhhhhhh!” A deep moan slips from my lips as I allow bahis siteleri a nail to trace my slit, my clit begging for attention as I barely brush over it, teasing myself as I tease you. Slowly, as I watch your face, your eyes burning brightly, my fingers slip across the patch of dampness that has seeped through the silk. One finger slides under the edge, sinking easily between my lips to the sweet nectar you crave.

Balancing myself, I raise one foot to you, sliding it along your leg, brushing over your cock and back down again. You watch with barely contained lust as I trace my slit through the material. I know you want to feel the heat… the wet heat unlike any other you’ve known, the heat that consumes you like none you’ve ever wanted before. You watch as my foot slides along your leg, as it grazes your throbbing cock. I know how attracted you are to my feet, how you want to grab the one that is teasing you mercilessly… how you long to caress it… to taste it and run your tongue along my toes… to suck them into your mouth as I moan with pleasure.

Watching you through lowered lashes, I raise my foot once again, back up to graze your cock, barely touching, but God!, I can feel how hot and hard you are, and my body clenches in response to that knowledge. I lower my foot to the floor once again as I almost lose sight of my goal. Almost… but not quite… as I pull my hand away, my finger glistening, and extend it towards you, allowing you to inhale my fragrance, to tease your senses. You lean forward, your lips parting as if to taste… and groan as I withdraw.

“Is this what you want, love?” I ask you. Staring deep into your eyes, I allow myself the taste I just denied you, a small smile forming upon my lips as you slump back into your chair, more aroused than you have ever been… and just as frustrated. Sucking my fingertip, I purr softly, “Baby… is this what you wanted? You wanted to taste me as I’m tasting myself now? You want to taste the sweetness you know is mine alone?”, as I slide my finger completely into my hot, wet mouth. “Or would you rather replace my finger with your cock… first dipping it into my liquid fire, then into my mouth to be stroked by my tongue?”

Deciding to have mercy on you, I lower my hand to my breast, lifting it out of the cup, to my lips. Looking into your eyes, my tongue flicks over the nipple, once.. twice.. before taking it into my mouth, sipping, sucking… teasing it with my teeth as I see your jaw clench tightly, a smile across my lips. Releasing the nipple, my wet tongue trails along the top of my breast; I feel your eyes feasting upon my flesh as it glistens with the moisture my mouth has left behind.

Your eyes move up my body, to my face, the heat in your eyes burning my skin… I look into your eyes and see so much love; such incredible restraint I see in the set of your jaw. A soft, feminine smile touches my lips… at the same instant my hand plunges low into my panties, finding its mark, so much wetness there… so unbelieveably hot! My head rears back as my fingers slide over my slick lips, sinking between them… ohhhhh god, how good that feels! Your eyes lock with mine, melting as you take in my smile, only to flame hotter, burn brighter, as you watch my hand bahis şirketleri plunge deep…to the spot you long for…watching the pleasure race across my face as I caress myself….as I feel the wetness you so desire to drive into.

As two fingers slip into my body, my other hand reaches lower to grasp the material, pulling at it, feeling it slide between the cheeks of my ass, caressing my tight little bud there. My thumb finds my clit, and I’m lost. I know you are there, but am powerless to end what I’ve begun… fingers plunging deeply, pumping hard… thumb flicking, pressing, finding the spot that craves my touch… clenching my ass around the strip of material which is creating an unbearable friction. You watch me lose myself in my own pleasure…. seeing my fingers working, plunging and rubbing… watching as my thumb teases my secret spot, just above my clit, because you know that is just were I need to be touched. You enjoy seeing my pleasure, yet you are frustrated at not being able to help… to help me reach that sweet release. Your cock is so hard… wanting to replace my fingers…to feel that wet heat surrounding it…to feel it pumping in and out of me just as my fingers are.

The heat begins to consume my flesh; I can feel the flush spreading from head to toe… thrusting my hips against my hands, my body begging for the release it craves. Moaning, sobbing quietly, “Ohh, baby… yessss… this is what I do when I need you and can’t have you. My fingers become your cock, my hands become your’s. I’m going to come for you, love… only for you… I want you to watch as my orgasm consumes me. I want… oh GOD!”

My eyes find your’s just as the first wave crashes over me, my body stilling for one second before the second wave crashes, the throbbing almost unbearable as I lose myself in the wondrous feeling of completion… unable to focus on your face, but knowing I am looking at you… saying your name again and again, moaning… whimpering softly…

Your hands grip the chair as you watch my orgasm explode before you, my eyes blazing as I reach my peak… your mind exploding as you hear me call your name.

As my orgasm slowly subsides, my caresses slow to almost nothing, my body spent, but alive. I finally see you, watching me… and though I want to blush, I can’t. The look on your face refuses to let me hide myself from you… and I don’t want to any longer. That is the moment we’ve waited for, and we both know it instantly. You gaze into my eyes, and I see the love and passion you feel for me, how much you want me. Yet I sense more than that, you want to hold me, to let your love for me seep into my body as I lie wrapped in your arms. Yet all you say to me is, “You are amazing… simply amazing.”

“Hold me, Nick… please hold me.”

You wrap your arms around me, holding me tightly, as you whisper into my ear, “Yes, baby… I’ll hold you… I’ll hold you forever… I’m never gonna let you go.”

I smile softly, brushing my lips across your neck. You lean in to press your face to my hair, inhaling the wonderful fragrance that is mine alone. You pull me closer, squeezing me tighter, needing me in your arms as much as I need you in mine.

“I love having you hold me… it is the most wonderful feeling,” I whisper.

“Yes…it is wonderful….so very, very wonderful,” you whisper back.

“I love you,” the words upon my lips as I drift to sleep.

“I love you too, Jules… more than you could ever know.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32