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I told my wife I was planning on going for a long ride today so my time with Sondra would not be too limited. I snuck my wife’s old helmet out of the garage and locked it to the helmet lock on the motorcycle. I also grabbed her jacket and put it under mine that I was wearing. When told my wife I was heading out, she said she’d probably go shopping today with Sarah, her friend, and she’d be out most of the day as well. I did not try to kiss her good-bye and she did not complain about it either.

I rode up to the campground and waiting by her brother’s camper was Sondra, wearing faded jeans and a long sleeve sweater. The cold front had come through a couple of days ago and the temperatures were still down into the 60’s so we wanted to dress a little warmer. I did not know where we would end up, but I knew we were going to ride quite a ways away from here just to spend some time together.

As I pulled up, Sondra said, “That’s a nice bike.”

I said, “It’s alright. It handles great and goes fast enough.”

I turned off the bike, dismounted, removed the key, unlocked the helmet for her and set it on the seat behind me. I took off my helmet and hung it over the handle bars. I gave her the jacket I had stuffed into mine so she wouldn’t get too cold on our ride. She put one arm in as I held the other, then met her other arm as she turned to face the other way and her arms slipped through the sleeves. I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her into me as I gave her a nice squeeze as she held my hands and squeezed them into her. She let out a nice moan and then made a growling sound like she wanted to bite me. She reached her head back and gave me a nice kiss on my neck. We stayed like that for a couple of minutes and she said, “Are you ready?”

I replied, “Yes, let’s hit the road.”

I helped her get the helmet on and adjusted, then put mine on as well. I rode through the park 8 miles to the east entrance where I would be on the opposite side of where my wife was. I loved the way she was holding herself onto my waist as we rode. Every now and then, she squeezed me a little tighter, giving me hugs as we rode.

We ended up just riding and riding until we came to this little town northeast of the park and they were having some kind of festival for horses. I asked her if she wanted to stop and she said sure. We stopped in, parked the bike, and started walking around. It was a perfect day, nice breeze from the north, sunny, and everyone was very nice. We ate some bar-b-q and just enjoyed a few hours without talking about our spouses and the drama that was waiting for both of us.

As we rode back later that day, I got lost, must illegal bahis have missed a turn or something. I did not know that area real well to begin with. The sun started going down and I did not know how far south or west to go to get back or whether or not I had I even passed my own little town. The funny thing is I really didn’t care. I only had a short time left with Sondra so every minute with her was a special minute to me.

We finally came upon a gas station so I pulled in to ask directions. It was run down but the prices were recent so I figured it was not closed. Well, it was closed, and no one was in site anywhere. The store was empty on the inside so it must have been closed for a while, not just for the day. Maybe it closed when the prices were the same last year? Who knows? So much for directions.

Sondra announced, “I really have to pee.”

I said, “Well, we can go around back but be careful. Watch out for snakes and black widows.”

She asked, “Will you come with me?”

I said, “Sure, let me put the bike out of site so no one stops thinking we are breaking in or something.”

I hid the bike between two little box trailers and we took off our helmets. I unlocked the tool kit access and grabbed a mini flashlight I had in it. Luckily the batteries were still good. I held Sondra’s hand as we walked around back to find a place to pee. She worked her tight jeans down along with her panties and squatted by the back of the store. I went ahead and peed on a tree nearby.

Something was really erotic about the way she swayed her hips when she slid her pants down. I replayed it in my mind a few times. When I got done peeing, I noticed my cock was half hard. I pushed it back down into my underwear, pulled the waist band of my underwear back up, and zipped my zipper. My cock felt solid against my leg as I walked over to her. I reached down to give her a hand up from squatting. When she stood up, she grabbed my right arm and pulled me to her. I embraced her and we began kissing.

I knew her pants were still pulled half way down her upper legs so I reached down and ran my left hand down and let my fingers traced through her trimmed bush. She moaned and rubbed her naked left hip against my cock through my jeans. She then reached down with both of her hands, unbuttoned the button on my jeans, and pushed the zipper down. She reached into my underwear and pulled my cock out into the dimly lit air. She began stroking it by reaching across her body with her right hand.

I moved my left hand from her bush down to the top of her folds and found a hot, wet clit waiting for my hand to please. I rubbed her in small circular illegal bahis siteleri motions as she moaned even more. My kisses moved from her mouth to her neck as I stopped to suck flesh into my mouth right above her right collar bone. My right hand reached around behind her head and moved her hair out of the way as I sucked her neck.

She whispered into my ear, “Take me right here. Take me now.”

I turned her to face the other way and leaned her over against the old store building. I pulled my pants about halfway down my upper legs and came in behind her. I was so drunk with passion and all I could think about was sliding into the hot tight pussy.

I eased up behind her as she spread her legs as far as she could with her pants still on, giving me adequate access to her pussy from behind. I reached down and fingered her one last time in order to spread her juice around the opening of her wet canal. She was dripping wet with excitement as my hand fingered her in and out and worked her juices onto her the outer parts of her lips.

I placed my cock at the entrance of her wetness and pushed. I could feel her pussy’s heat in the night’s cold air as I slowly entered. Sondra said seductively, “I could never get enough of that feeling, when you first enter me.”

I knew exactly how she felt. My helmet made its way into her depths as I put my hands on her hips and pushed a steady stroke in until my body met hers. I rested my lower torso against her ass and made my cock throb inside of her. I told her, “It feels so fucking good.”

She answered, “Yes. It does.”

I began deep, long strokes inside her pussy, enjoying every inch as I pushed and pulled. I felt her pubic bone massage every inch of the underside of my cock as I slowly moved in and out of her tightness. She reached one hand back between her legs and began rubbing her clit as the other hand stayed planted on the wall of the old building. I could feel her fingernails scrape my shaft as she used her own juices that coated my cock to lubricate her swollen clit. I also knew she was not too far from cumming as her canal began pulsating its pinching of my hard cock.

Sondra announced, “Oh! My! God!”

I increased the pace as she removed her hand from her pussy and put it on the wall to steady herself. Her head moved up, then down as she came. She yelled in relief, “Fuck!”

I fucked her harder as she continued to come and release more juices onto me cock. I reached up under her jacket and sweater and grabbed her waist as I pulled her down with each stroke to bounce our bodies together. I was deep inside of her with every stroke and her breathing and moans canlı bahis siteleri told me she liked being fucked hard.

She finished cumming and I slowed my pace a bit so we could build up to her next release. My cock felt huge but I felt I was going to last a little while so I just enjoyed the feeling. I moved my right hand from her waist and rubbed her bare back from underneath the clothing she still wore. I scraped my fingernails down her back and felt the chill bumps all the way down to where my left hand rested on her waist.

She told me, “My head is spinning. I am so fucking horny for you. Come in my pussy. Please!”

I grabbed her waist again and increased my pace. I felt her tight, hot canal tighten around my shaft again. She came again, not as hard and as long as the first, but I felt her juices running down my balls now as I continued to ram my cock in and out of her. When she finished, I felt my own orgasm building. She said, “I can feel your cock. Tell me you’re cumming. Tell me you’re gonna fill my pussy with cum.”

I increased my pace again and felt the pressure building up within my body. Her pussy clamped down on me again and I started to cum as well. Our breathing was heavy and deep and our moans reflected what our bodies felt. I released 4 or 5 hard streams of cum inside of her as I pounded my body against hers. Her elbows bent as she rested her head against the wall of the old store. I stayed mounted and drove as deep into her as I could. She stuck her mouth into the fold of her right arm to muffle her scream as she released more juices onto my cock.

I continued to fuck her hard until her moaning subsided and my cock began its return to a semi hard state. I slowed down and said, “Damn. We need to get lost more often. That was fucking hot.”

She said, “Oh my God. You sure as hell know how to make a girl scream.”

I said back, “I hope there are no houses around here within hearing distance.”

I backed away a little bit slowly and let my cock fall from between her tight velvet lips. She pulled her pants up and I pulled mine up as well, stuffing my semi hard and sticky cock back into my underwear. The sun had completely gone down now so I got out my little flashlight and led our path back to the motorcycle. We put our helmets on and I climbed on and started the bike. She climbed on behind me and we set out to try to find the way home.

Within about 5 miles, I recognized a parts store on a crossing road and knew I had to turn left to get us back. I was no longer lost and told Sondra. She said she wishes we could stay lost with each other.

When we got to the park, it was only 9 PM so I decided we would just go talk somewhere. We found a nice gazebo by a long pier and talked, kissed, and held each other for hours. I did not drop her off until well after midnight. I knew we only had Sunday left to spend together now. Time was flying.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32