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The only flight I could get for the three-day convention arrived in town shortly before noon on Wednesday. I am a Divisional Sales Manager for a manufacturing company. I have the distinction of being one of the youngest executives at this convention. I started at the entry level right out of college. I’m single and have been with the company for about six years.

I checked into my hotel and as is the practice the company placed us in one of the finest hotels in town. I went up to my room changed and relaxed. I watched some television. And about four o’clock became hungry so I decided to go down and get something to eat. Rather then go to the restaurant I simply took a seat at the end of the bar in the lounge. I could order off the menu and it was more comfortable to sit alone that way. I wasn’t in too big a hurry so I ordered a Bud and checked out the hockey game on the bar TV. After about an hour I went to the bathroom and when I came back there was a young lady sitting a few stools away from where I was.

Being the only people at the bar we soon got into some small talk starting with the hockey game that was on. She was very pretty and I would have guessed about twenty-eight years old. Shoulder length blonde hair, no make up and flawless complexion. She was obviously someone that cared for herself. You could tell she was educated and seemed very nice and friendly. Her name was Lauren and like me she was in town for meetings associated with her work. I found as we chatted that we had much in common which included my hobbies of boating and my love of swimming. I soon moved over to the stool next to her. I was really enjoying her company and she seemed to like me. We talked about everything from college to clothing styles. I asked her if she would like to have something to eat, as I was now quite hungry. She accepted and we moved to a table near a window. I ordered a combination plate of mixed seafood and she ordered a chicken and pasta entrée and we shared a nice chilled bottle of German white.

We ate leisurely and enjoyed the conversation. She had an excellent witty sense of humor and was so easy to talk to. I found myself very comfortable in her presence and was starting to become very infatuated with her beauty as well as her personality. I could feel a closeness growing and on more then one occasion noticed her studying me. We finished our coffee and then Lauren looked at her watch and said she had to go to her room and do some phoning. I was sorry she had to go and I picked up the tab and moved to the lobby with her. She stopped and looked like she was thinking and then told me she would be finished her work in about half an hour and asked if I would like to go for a walk with her. The hotel was in the harbor area and it was a beautiful place to stroll among the boats in the marina and the little shops. I jumped at that suggestion and we agreed to meet in the lobby in an hour.

She was right on time and arrived wearing jeans, sneakers and a nice black fleece pullover that accented her beautiful blonde hair. As she moved down the stairs ahead of me I got a wonderful view of her. She was petite with beautiful shapely hips and she moved very fluidly. We walked along a walkway that over looked the harbor. It was a warm beautiful night and it was just starting to get dark. We paused and stood against a railing where we could watch a huge ferry- boat leaving the dock. Lauren had moved close to me and I slid my arm around her holding her against me as we looked out over the harbor. We watched for sometime and then with her arm in mine we continued our walk. We circled the harbor and started back towards the hotel. We were now in an area of small shops and restaurants and as we passed an English style pub we could hear the music and the laughter inside. Lauren looked at me smiled and we decided to go inside. We found a wonderful crowd with a piano bar and some people that could really sing. The atmosphere was güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri friendly and soon we were both right in the middle of the group. Lauren was no prude and had no aversion to tasting about three different kinds of English beer and ale. As we sat and listened at one point I held Laurens hand in mine and felt her gently squeeze my fingers in hers. We spent a lot of the time during the singsongs standing by the piano. Lauren seemed at every occasion to move against me.

It got to be late so we started back to the hotel again either holding hands or with my arm around her. We came upon a quiet intersection we had to cross and while waiting for the light Lauren turned to me and brought her arms around my neck. We kissed softly just feeling each other’s lips and then deeper as I held her soft body close to me. Her lips were warm and as we moved apart for a second we looked into each other’s eyes. I could see the twinkle and the little smile on Lauren’s lips. We continued our walk to the hotel and entered the main entry and went straight to the elevator. I pressed the button for floor sixteen and Lauren pressed nineteen. The elevator no sooner moved then Lauren was in my arms and this time the kiss was deep and passionate. I let my tongue ride along her lips and then against hers. I slid my tongue back and forth on hers. I caressed her back and could feel her breasts against me under her clothing. Her lower body was molded to mine. We were both breathing hard as she put her head on my chest and kissed my neck. The elevator stopped on the sixteenth floor and the door opened. I pressed the stop button and moved to release her from our embrace. Lauren looked up into my eyes and said, ” I’m not going up” and walked out the door with me as we almost ran to my room

As soon as we were inside Lauren was in my arms and my hands were traveling up and down her. We literally ground our lips on each other as we were now both breathing rapidly. I put my hands on the waistband of her pullover and she leaned forward. I peeled it right over her head as my cotton jacket hit the floor. I could feel her soft back under the light cotton top and I soon slid my hand under that and caressed the warm bare skin. I felt her press harder against me and then there was a soft moan. I moved to her jeans and easily popped the top button and slid the zipper down. There was a slight intake of breath as I started to work them down her hips. She was going to be undressed right here and was helping me. I soon had the jeans to her knees and she kicked them free. It left her standing against me almost bare below the waist. She moved back and I felt her hand on my waist- band opening the top button. I felt the zipper going down. I helped her slide them off and could now feel her soft smooth legs against me. We continued to kiss with our tongues sliding around and against each other. I licked her neck and sucked one of her ear lobes and her reaction was to position her legs so she could gently slide her pubic mound on me. I bent her towards me again and in one motion slipped the cotton top over her head. I moved my hand to the strap across her back. I looked down into her eyes as I snapped the clasp on it and let it fall open. Her beautiful breasts were released and she smiled as I looked in awe. They were firm and standing up with pink oracles and beautiful hard nipples pointing upward. She was gorgeous. Without looking away from her beautiful deep blue eyes I placed my hands on each breast and softy cupped them and rubbed the nipples, as her eyes never left mine.

Lauren helped to slip my shirt over my head and then studied my bare chest. I caressed her back and she licked and sucked my nipples and then nibbled them gently. This made my manhood stand up in my shorts like it was alive. It was very stiff and the head was getting sensitive. Lauren kissed her way down my chest and then hooked her fingers in the waistband güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri of my shorts and literally pulled them down freeing my turgid manhood. It popped out and straight up pointing towards her. She moaned as she wrapped her hand onto it and softly stroked it. I had to breathe deep to stop from erupting as she deftly squeezed it. I felt a tightening in my buttocks and then the tingling sensation as a droplet formed on the tip. Lauren seeing this placed her lips on the head and softly licked the drop and then settled her mouth over the head as she continued her hand movements. She used her tongue on the underside and moved her lips taking it deeply into her mouth and sucked it hard. She seemed to love this. I could not suppress the urge to thrust and started small hip movements. I could feel her purposely comb her teeth along the underside of the hard shaft. I would not be able to take much more of this and I could not wait.

I hooked my hands under her arms and I picked her up easily placing her on the middle of the bed. I threw the covers back and came down beside her. We fell into each other’s arms as my hands rolled, rubbed and fondled each breast. My tongue run circles around and flicked the nipples and then I sucked them hard and licked them blowing cold air on them and seeing then get hard like little marbles. I felt her breathing quicken and her muscles tighten as she pressed herself to me. I kissed my way down her flat tummy and with my finger hooked the band of her panties and slid them off as she raised her hips to assist me. Her skin felt so soft as I circled the outside of her thighs and then proceeded up the inside of her legs. I felt her soft lips with the edge of my hand and I moved inward. She was very wet and as I gently opened her slit with my finger I heard her moan and felt her raise her hips to me. I kissed her mound and used my tongue to tickle the soft trimmed tuft of almost invisible blonde hair. I traced along her groove and found her wet little button and rubbed it gently. She went wild moving her hips against me. I came over her quickly between her legs so I could more easily get my tongue inside her. She was clean and sweet with a sexy essence that filled my nostrils. My tongue was now sliding back and forth inside the tight elastic opening to her body. Lauren was moving with a rhythm now as I formed my lips over her button and sucked. I flicked my tongue on it and then used my finger to gently probe inside her. She started to whimper and then move her hips in sharp movements. She grabbed my head and forced it hard against her as I licked harder and soon felt her body erupt into convulsions that left her quivering softly in my arms with a light sheen of sweat on her body.

She gripped my shoulders as I moved over her and gathered her into my arms at the same time she raised her knees on each side of me. My manhood was now inches from her wet opening. My chest was touching her breasts and I could feel the firm nipples as she snaked her hand down between us. I rose arching my back slightly while she stroked me and adjusted herself. She guided the hard thick head to her slippery wet lips and with her hand still around it I pressed. I slid through her fingers and smoothly into her warm soft body. She clasped me to her and moaned softly. She was smooth and tight and I could feel the ripples on the walls of her channel as she took me all the way into her. She was like a warm soft glove around me. Her face was against my neck and I could feel her lips all over me. Her hands roamed up and down my back urging me as I started to move in her. I withdrew it almost all the way out and slid it back in slow at first then faster and now a little harder and deeper. She was moving with me with her legs over and around me. I could feel her urgency as she started her body thrusts. It was as if she was trying to get more and more of me inside her. She was now grinding güvenilir bahis şirketleri on me at the same time I pressed deep. There was a little scream as she clamped her legs around me. I was starting to throb and was going to cum. I thrust myself hard and deep and could feel Lauren whimper as the first hard warm spurt of semen erupted inside her. I stopped moving and let it spurt while she held her breath for a second. This beautiful sweetheart was now softly caressing my back as she completely opened herself to me and totally accepted my seed deep inside her.

I felt it subside and could feel it dripping and running as I stroked slowly and gently. Lauren was holding me tight with both of her arms and I felt her lips moving on my neck. I slid her legs down and brought them together still holding myself inside her. I turned us on our side with her body tight to me and pulled a blanket over us and held her close. The feelings we both seemed have at this moment left neither of us with anything to say. I softened and slipped out of her, held her close and soon felt her breathing softly. She was asleep and soon I was also. I awoke a while later and spread another blanket over us and moved the pillow under Laurens head. I cuddled her from behind with my arm around her and over her breasts as I felt her breathing slow and soft.

The wake up call from the desk woke me and I sat up in the bed. I looked around and Lauren had left sometime before morning. I had wanted to talk to her and didn’t want her to just leave like that but she was gone. I showered and dressed and got ready for the meetings and went down for breakfast. I met some of the people in the restaurant from other locations that were here for the convention and we had breakfast together and engaged in the usually company small talk. ‘ When we got out into the lobby there was a message for us that our transportation would be in a company limo that was going to be at the hotel to transport a company executive. We went down to the limo and got in as it was waiting outside. I heard the driver say he was here to pickup the owner and company president’s daughter. Apparently she was a corporate lawyer and was going to be here doing the presentation on his behalf. Soon the door opened and this beautiful blonde lady in a black business suit holding a laptop slid into the seat across from me. Lauren’s eyes met mine almost in disbelief as one of the people introduced everyone. Lauren and I had never mentioned whom we worked for and this was quite shocking to say the least. I felt very cheap thinking that maybe Lauren had just used me as for sex last night. I started to get upset and burn inside. Was Lauren some kind of a rich bitch that just played a game with me?

Lauren did her presentation and she impressed everyone in the room with the way she handled herself on the podium. This was a very smart lady and I was in awe. I had a hard time when I looked at her to try to remember her the way she had been the night before. I thought maybe when the program was over and there would be a social hour I might get to sidle over and say something. The day’s events came to a close and the convention center caterers brought in snacks and a bar was opened and many of us stood around chatting. I was still in the dumps thinking about how I had fallen almost instantly last night and how it was yanked out from underneath me today. Just then I saw Lauren winding her way through the crowd. She had the usually entourage of followers that had been hanging around her all day. She came straight to me and moved in close and smiled as she put her hand on mine. Then loud enough that everyone in the group heard she told me she was going to be tied up for an hour and asked if I wanted to get a dinning room reservation. She said she was going to be hungry and could just meet me at the bar. I almost swallowed my tongue as I looked at her and very simply said, “Sure, I’m going to be hungry too.” I watched the mouths of everyone drop open as she walked away.

That convention was over a year ago and the only time in my life I ever made a pickup in a bar. It turned out to be good as I now spend hours with Lauren and we sleep together every night. We are expecting our first child in about five months.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32