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Frank was recently hired on by the company as a Desktop Support Technician. His job was to help the personnel with computer problems varying from network issues to printing problems. He was there about two weeks when they had received a phone call from their remote office.

“George, you over there?”

“Yeah, Bob, what’s up?”

“Gina just called from the remote office. Network connectivity is down again.”

“Dammit. Bob, head out there and call me when you get there.”

“No can do George. I have to take my kids to a doctor appointment.” Frank didn’t remember Bob saying anything about being married let alone having kids.

“Well, in that case, Frank, looks like you get to head out to our remote office.”

“Ok. Where is it located?”

“Frank, I’m not going to lie, it’s about an hour away. I hope you have a GPS, because here’s the address.”

Frank looked at the clock; it was already 3pm, on a Friday no less. He wasn’t to get him till after 6 pm at the earliest. “Well,” he thought, “I didn’t have plans tonight anyway.”

“Ok, George, I’m on my way. Call your cell or the office when I get there?”

“Call the office, Frank, and we’ll walk through troubleshooting the problem.”

Frank grabbed his backpack and headed out the door. Got in his car, plugged the address into the GPS. Once it found the destination, he headed out. The drive was long, but it gave Frank a chance to see what was in the area, as he recently moved here. He saw bars, strip clubs and restaurants, making note of places he needed to visit later. He finally arrived at the location, and discovered the door was locked. He knocked on the door and a lady opened the door.

“Can I help you?”

Frank thought for a moment then remembered who had called, “Yes, I’m Frank, from the IT department. Gina called about a loss of a connection to the main office.”

“Oh yes, come on in. I’ll let her know you’re here.”

“Thank you,” As the lady walked away, he noticed she was big for her height, but she was curved well with big boobs and a matching ass.

“Wow,” Frank thought, she’s hot. Frank always had a thing for thick girls since high school. They tended to have a larger sexual appetite and were a little more daring than the regular girls.

The lady he met came back with who he assumed was Gina. “Hi my name is Gina, and this is Mary, which you have already met. I’m the office manager here. I haven’t met you before, have I?”

Frank took a moment before he answered as Gina was just as curvy, if not more as Mary. On top of that, she was wearing a low cut blouse which almost allowed bahis firmaları a full look at her cleavage. Finally, “No, I was recently hired.”

“Ah, I see. Let me guess, Bob had a doctor’s appointment with his kids?”

Frank was dumb founded. “How did she know?” he thought.

“Don’t worry Frank, Bob isn’t married or has kids. That’s his excuse to get out of work to make the ‘New Guy’ come out to this office. Well, let me show where the network equipment is located so you can troubleshoot the problem.”

“Thank you and Frank followed Gina. Gina was rambling on about the office, but he was mesmerized by her ass as she walked. It was full and round and enticing. They finally got to the office where the equipment was located and Gina stated, “Well, here we are, there’s a phone on the wall to call the main office.”

“Thanks,” and Frank dropped his backpack and pulled out his laptop and fired it up. Once running, he connected to the network and the network equipment and began checking things before calling George. Once on the phone with George, he was able to get the connection back up in a short amount of time, even impressing George. “Good work Frank. By the way, head straight home, it’s Friday. Don’t get into any trouble and I’ll see you on Monday.”

“Thanks, George,” and began packing up. While he was packing up, Gina came by to check on him. “I see you got the connection back up, and in record time. It usually takes Bob about 30 minutes, if we are lucky.”

“I’ve worked elsewhere and seen this kind of problem. It’s usually a pretty quick fix.”

“Well, since you are done already, Frank, is it, would you like something to drink? It’s very hot in here and you do have a bit of drive back.”

“Thanks, I appreciate it.”

He quickly finished packing up and followed Gina to the office soda machine where she bought a soda for him. He quickly thanked her and was getting ready to leave.

Gina then asked, “So, heading back to the office?”

“No. George said I could head straight home.”

“Really? That was nice of him.”

“Yes, he was impressed about how fast we were to reestablish the connection.”

“Yes, I was very impressed as well. So, if you are done for the day, would you mind helping me out with a couple of things? I need to get some stuff moved to my car.”

Frank thought, “I can see her walk around some more, sure.” Frank replied, “Sure, no problem.”

“Thanks, I appreciate it.”

As they walked back to Gina’s office, Frank noticed that all the women, 4 total not including Gina and Mary, had about the same build. “I’m in heaven, kaçak iddaa but I need to stay composed.” Before they walked into Gina’s office, she asked Mary to help and have one of the other girls watch the phone.

“Sure,” Mary replied and began talking to one of the other women in the office. Meanwhile, Frank followed Gina into her office. Gina took off her business jacket and hung it up on her coat tree. Frank placed his backpack on the floor next to a chair and Mary walked in and closed the door. Gina then eyed Frank with a coy smile.

“Frank, I’m going to be honest with you. I know you have been checking me out and Mary as well. Which in itself is flattering and you won’t be reported to EEO.”

Frank locked up as he was scared and relieved all in the same moment, but where was this going?

“Frank,” as Gina walked over to him, “since you have nowhere to be, Mary and I will ‘reward’ you for your good work.”

Frank was confused for about a second, until Gina walked up to him and kissed him, while fondling him at the same time. Mary came from behind him and began helping him out of his pants and underwear.

Frank began thinking, “Is this really happening? Am I dreaming? I hope I don’t wake up.” And began kissing Gina back and rubbing her enormous breasts through her satin shirt. Gina stopped him so Mary and she could help him out of his shirt, and then returned the favor to Gina, helping her out of her bra. Her breasts were enormous and took one into his mouth and the other into his hand. Mary had turned him slightly and began sucking on his erect member.

Between moans of ecstasy, Gina said to Mary, “Don’t get him too excited, he has to last for both of us.”

Mary smiled, “I won’t promise,” and continued what she was doing. Frank meanwhile began helping Gina out of her dress slacks and underwear. Mary stopped sucking on him long enough to help Gina get out of her clothes. Frank started helping Mary and Gina got on her knees and continued sucking on his member.

“Damn,” Frank thought, “I may not be able to hold out,” as he undressed Mary and began sucking on her breasts as well. Gina stood up after everyone was naked and mentioned, “Let’s head over to the couch, it’s a little more comfortable.”

They all headed over to the couch in the office and Gina and Mary threw off the cushions and pulled out the hide-a-bed. Frank lay down on the bed and Gina asked, “Heads or tails?”

“Heads or tails?”

“Yes. I am going to either sit on your face or ride your dick. Whatever I don’t do, Mary will.”

Frank was in bliss. He thought and replied, “Heads, kaçak bahis I’ve wanted to taste you since I’ve been here.”

“Really? Well then, let me oblige you.” With that Gina got on the bed and straddled his head, with her pussy in his face, facing his feet. She was already moist and starting to drip. Meanwhile, Mary got on the bed and straddled his member, facing Gina. Mary was wet and tight, while Gina tasted sweet. He began licking at Gina’s love juices and clit while Mary began riding him. It took every ounce of willpower to not let go, but Mary’s pussy felt so good. Meanwhile, he could barely make out Gina.

“Yes, Frank, your tongue feels so good. You have lots of practice.” Meanwhile, Mary started letting out small squeals of excitement as she continued to ride up and down on Frank’s hard cock. Gina began squealing as well, while grinding on his face. And in simultaneous moment, they all came at once, with Mary and Gina screaming at the top of their voices, “OH MY GAWD YES!!!!!” Frank could do nothing but lay there being smothered in juices. Gina and Mary both got up off of him so he could breathe. The girls were panting hard, but he knew now, they were sex starved and would do anything he said.

“Come here and clean me up girls, so that I may go again.”

Gina and Mary crawled over and began licking and sucking on his limp member, slowly bringing it back to life. Once fully erect, he said, “Gina, I want you to eat Mary’s pussy, while I take you from behind.” Both girls smiled as this appeared to be a treat for both. Mary situated herself against the head of the bed as Gina moved between her legs and began licking. Once Mary was starting to get excited, Frank moved up and plunged himself into Gina, noticing she was tighter than Mary. He started out slowly; keeping pace with Gina’s licking of Mary. As Mary got more excited, Frank would move faster. Gina would slow down, so would Frank. Gina, figured it out and was able to achieve another full orgasm with Mary, screaming, “Don’t stop, fuck me hard,” while Mary screamed again. Finally, Gina, began a full assault of Mary’s pussy and Frank grabbed Gina’s hips and began thrusting as hard as he could, noticing how Gina’s luscious ass moved as hit home. Frank kept going hard and said, “I’m going to come baby.”

With that Gina stopped and turned around, while Mary joined him and began sucking on his member taking turns with Mary bringing him to the point of no return as Gina said, “That’s it baby come on our tits.”

Frank finally reached orgasm and spewed all over both girls tits. The girls used their fingers and licked the jism off their boobs. Frank could barely stand any more. Gina looked at him and said, “Maybe I should ask for you next time when we have a problem.”

Frank smiled at both girls and said, “I’ll make sure I’m available.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32