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I was raised believing that getting a college degree would open so many doors in my future, but here I am buying groceries for my mom. I had an engineering degree and nothing to show for it but piles of debt. I walked through the aisles, pondering my plight as a broke college grad and picking up the items on the list until I discovered that I was not the only person in this situation. I looked down the aisle to see someone who I thought I would never see again. I haven’t seen Emma in years, but I would recognize my old high school crush no matter how many years separate us. Her hair was much longer than it was 4 years ago, but other than that her appearance was more or less the same. I pushed my cart down the aisle until I reached her, “Hey, Emma. It’s been a while.”

She looked up from her shopping list after I spoke, she stared at my face for a few seconds, “Hey? I guess it has been, since I don’t recognize you at all.”

She was clearly embarrassed, but I didn’t really blame her for not recognizing me. The long hair from my high school days was gone, my clean shaven face evolved into a full beard, and I gained some weight. “You don’t remember the guy who threw a chair in English class? I thought you guys would never forget that shit.”

Emma’s face lit up in a way that I would never expect it to. She dropped her list and gave me a hug half a second after realizing who I was. “Jeff! I’m so sorry I didn’t recognize you! You really have changed, and for the better too, that’s quite a beard you have there.”

I rubbed my hand through my beard and smiled, “Thanks, this is probably the most useful thing I gained from college.”

Emma sighed, “Lucky, I don’t even have a beard to show for those four years I practically wasted in college. I thought I would only come back to this town on holidays, but here I am living with my parents because I can’t afford anything else.”

“Looks like we’re in the same boat than. I only majored in engineering because I thought I was basically guaranteed a job, so much for that.”

Emma and I continued to talk for the next few minutes, about how much time we wasted in college, and a little bit of remembering our friendship in high school. After four years a part, I started to realize that my two year long crush on her was quickly coming back. I didn’t want to say goodbye and then go our separate ways, possibly to not see her for another four years, “So are you doing anything after you’re done shopping? If not, I’d love it for you to come by to my place so we can continue illegal bahis to reminisce.”

Emma smiled that gorgeous smile that made me fall for her back in high school, “I have nowhere else to go but home, I’d love to continue this.”

We shopped and talked together for another twenty minutes, checked out, and she followed me home. We pulled into my driveway and stepped out of our cars into the cool summer night. “It’s fucking beautiful out, we have some chairs out in the back, want to just sit back there and talk?”

She smiled and nodded, as soon we made it behind the house her face lit up even more than when she remembered me, “You have a trampoline?! My parents got rid of mine right after I left for school, I miss it so much. Would you mind jumping around for a bit.”

Of course I didn’t, I was just happy to spend time doing anything with her. We took our shoes off and started jumping all over the place. Sometimes colliding with each other, sometimes falling, but always laughing, talking, and enjoying each other. All of a sudden she did something I could not imagine her doing four years ago, in mid-jump she quickly pulled off her shirt to reveal her nicely toned body and a plain white bra. In her next jump she threw down her shorts, leaving on her plain white panties. Emma noticed the look on my face and laughed, “I hope my body doesn’t offend you, it’s just that nothing beats feeling the air rushing past your bare skin while jumping on a trampoline.”

“Oh, I’m not offended at all, just a little shocked. I couldn’t imagine you just stripping in front of me before.”

She laughed, “Yeah, I know. I might not have learned a lot academically from college, but I learned a lot about myself. My mind has opened to quite a bit of things, and the nude human body is one of those things.”

I showed my approval by jumping and pulling down my shorts in the air. On my next jump I tried to pull my shirt over my face, but I ended up becoming disoriented and falling on my face. I sat up, pulled my shirt off successfully, stood back up, and continued to jump.

Emma recognized my sign of approval, and unhooked her bra during her next jump. Her breasts weren’t large or anything, but they were cute with dark nipples. The fairly conservative girl I knew in high school showed how much she changed during her next jump, when those panties quickly dropped from 10 feet in the air. She smiled and laughed and the air rushed through her short pubic hair.

I wasn’t uncomfortable with my naked body either, and illegal bahis siteleri showed it when my boxers also dropped down onto the trampoline, my flaccid penis hitting my abdomen with every jump upwards.

After a while, we both started to tire out, so we just laid down on the trampoline, staring at the stars. I smiled into the vastness above, “I am so fucking glad I saw you at that grocery store. This last hour or so has certainly become the highlight of my post-college life. College sucked, and life since hasn’t been much better. I’m so happy to be able to spend time with such a thoughtful and beautiful girl once again. To be honest, I had a huge crush on you back then. The high school version of myself would be pretty fucking jealous right now.”

Her laugh was adorable, “I know you liked me. It was pretty clear, and at points I liked you too. I was going through a pretty rough relationship back then, you know that, and at the lowest points I wondered what dating you would be like. I knew it would be nothing like dating him. I’m really glad this happened too, it should’ve happened years ago. I can’t believe this is the first time I’ve ever been at your house.”

All of this just made me feel so good, I turned my head to the side and just looked into her eyes. I stood up on the unsteady floor and held my hand out. She grabbed it and pulled herself up. I held her hands and tried something that was so unlikely to work, we jumped at about the same second and as we reached the climax of our jump we kissed. It wasn’t a long kiss, but an incredibly blissful one. We repeated this for our next few jumps, each kissing getting longer by a fraction of a second.

Eventually, this didn’t go so well and we fell onto the trampoline. She fell right on top of me, and we just looked at each other as the trampoline continued to bounce. She brought her face down to mine and kissed me again, this time slipping her tongue in-between my lips, sliding it across my teeth. I opened my mouth a little more to let her in, my tongue massaging hers. As our tongues caressed each other, I felt my penis harden against her leg. She noticed this as well and slowly pulled her tongue out of my mouth. She slowly slid down my body and started to caress my inner thigh with her hands. She moved her face right by my package, slowly licking my balls. The sensation was mild, but absolutely wonderful. She moved from my balls to the base of my cock, slowly sliding her tongue up to the head. Once she reached the head, she kissed it and canlı bahis siteleri then slid it into her mouth. I felt her hot breath and tongue against my cock as I stared into the night sky. As she moved her mouth up and down, she started to push down on the trampoline with her legs. The dual feeling of bouncing and being licked was sensational, and I wanted her to feel like I was.

I pulled my saliva covered dick from her mouth and she got the message, she got on her back and slowly opened her legs. I got on my knees, and leaned down towards her pussy. I started to glide my tongue across the bottom of her thighs, and then I slid my tongue into her. As I licked inside of her, I also started to push down on the trampoline. I also started to circle her clit with my pointer finger, trying to make her feel as much as possible. Her moans might it clear that she was enjoying this, and I never wanted to stop.

Eventually, I pulled away my mouth and was ready to penetrate her with my cock. She remained on her back as I rubbed the head of my penis against her inner labia. She looked into my eyes and smiled for about the 20th time that night. I slid my self into her, and leaned my body against hers and I thrust inside of her. The trampoline naturally bounced softly, adding a special weightless touch to the action. We started kissing again, my tongue inside her mouth as my member was inside her snatch. The bouncing, the kissing, the thrusting, it all made me feel like I was somewhere incredible that couldn’t possiblly exist on earth.

She grabbed my sides, pushing me down onto the floor while pushing herself up. She was in control now, rotating her hips around. She clearly enjoyed the kissing as much as I did, since she brought her face down to mine and kissed me while moving me inside of her. This continued for a few more minutes until I could feel the pressure build up inside my cock. I slid myself out of her, stood up, and started jumping again while stroking my cock. She followed my lead, and jumped and well. The tension inside of me built up to an incredible level, until I exploded semen allover her and the trampoline.

I may have achieved climax, but she did not. With my remaining ounce of energy, I jumped on to her. We hit the bottom and the bouncing continued as I licked my own semen off of her while quickly sliding my fingers through her. I started to kiss her again, with my mouth full of semen. She slid it off of my tongue, into her own mouth. I pulled my tongue out of her mouth to massage her clit with it as I continued to quickly thrust my fingers inside of her. Her moans increased in intensity, and I started to feel the contractions around my fingers.

I pulled my fingers out of her, laid on my back next to her and we stared at the night sky.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32