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His name was Luther. Luther Casey. Most of his friends called him “Lute.” Though “Root” was a nickname he picked up as a kid, thanks to a younger cousin who had trouble pronouncing his “L’s”, and it ended up being a self-fulfilling prophecy. Because, by the time Lute started high school, his genitalia had grown to truly impressive proportions: ten inches long and about as thick as his wrist. So once his manhood blossomed, the “Root” nickname took on new meaning.

We’ll begin Lute’s story from when he was a senior in high school. We won’t get into how and when he lost his virginity. But suffice it to say he entered his last year of high school with lots of “experience” and had been fortunate enough to receive some expert tutelage from one particular woman about 20 years his senior.

As any well-hung guy will attest, having a big cock can be pretty great. But knowing how to use it to please a lover (along with his mouth and hands, too, of course) was something Lute wanted to master. So, he was grateful to his patient older partner for taking the time to tutor him in the ways of lovemaking. Though she definitely reaped many of the side benefits.

Lute was a smart and likable guy. An honor student, a respectable athlete, and he had a good sense of humor. He was also a gifted musician, which would fuel a lifelong career. And thanks to some other genetic advantages, he stood over six feet tall and was fit and good looking. So, even without being hung like a stallion, getting dates with girls wouldn’t have been a problem for Lute.

He grew up in a mid-sized city located in the American heartland, about two hours away from a major metropolis. He graduated high school in the late 70’s, meaning pre-Internet, pre-cell phone and pre so many other things that now color our lives. Lute had one older sister that he was close with, and his parents were very cool. So it was a good life for our boy.

Rachel Thompson was in Lute’s advanced Government class and sat diagonally across from him, meaning his view of her during class was mostly in profile. Which was great, because Rachel had an amazing profile. She was tall, had light brown hair that she kept short, a lovely face and tight body, and a pair of full and tantalizing breasts that were a constant source of distraction for Lute. He was completely smitten. But Rachel didn’t seem to notice, illegal bahis or care. She was wicked smart – at the top of their class – and carried herself with a womanly confidence that belied her 18 years.

Rachel’s academic success was a given in her family. Her dad had a PhD and was a Biology professor at a nearby college. And her mom was a medical doctor – a family practitioner. So brains weren’t in short supply in their house. Rachel also had rascally twin brothers in middle school that she loved and sometimes tolerated.

Lute had heard that Rachel mostly went for older guys. And with her sharp intellect, which she didn’t flaunt, nor did she need to, Rachel could be pretty intimidating to Lute and other mental mortals. But Rachel and Lute got along well, both in and outside of class, though he never got any sense that she was interested in him. And this no doubt increased his growing infatuation. He wasn’t a go-steady kind of guy, because he enjoyed having a diverse array of female companions, but Rachel became Lute’s dream girl.

Rachel had set up a study group for some kids in their Government class and asked Lute if he wanted to join. He, of course, readily accepted. Her grandparents spent the winter in Arizona, so Rachel looked after their house and cat in their absence. And she spent a lot of time there, partly to get away from her squirrely brothers, but also to listen to music and study. And she sometimes had friends over. So it was it was at her grandparent’s place that their study group gathered on a Thursday evening in early October.

Rachel provided snacks and drinks as the group worked for a few hours at the big kitchen table. And when they finished and the other three kids headed home, Lute stuck around to help Rachel clean up.

She was wearing a pair of tight sweatpants and a big knit sweater that didn’t exactly accentuate her fine figure. But even in that outfit, Rachel looked great. And she was also in a flirtatious mood that Lute hadn’t seen in her before. As they cleaned up and talked, she caught his eye a few times and gave him a sly smile. And when the house was put back together and he had grabbed his things to leave, Rachel walked him to the back door. They stood in the kitchen and talked for a few minutes. But then, to Lute’s complete surprise, Rachel leaned in and kissed him full on the lips.

It illegal bahis siteleri was a long and deep kiss, and at first Lute wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. But when their tongues started to tangle and Rachel began grinding against his crotch, it all became very clear.

“Do you want me, Luther?” Rachel finally said as she pulled her head back and looked him in the eyes with her seductive smile.

“God, yes!” he whispered.

“Good. I was hoping you’d say that,” and then she moved back in for another long, hungry kiss.

After some more kissing and grinding, Rachel pulled back again and said, “I really want you, too. But if we do it, no one can know about us. Okay?”

“Uh, okay,” Lute said, somewhat confused.

“I’ve got this good girl reputation, and it works for me, you know?” she said with a grin. “And you’ve got a reputation too, whether you know it our not, because girls talk. And though I don’t pay much attention to their gossip, I can still probably name two or three girls you’ve had sex with over the past year. And I just don’t want to set us up to be gossiped about. And also I don’t want to be known as another one of those girls that are sucking off Lute’s huge cock.”

When Rachel said this last part, Lute’s mouth dropped open. He’d never heard her talk like that before. And seeing his surprise made her chuckle.

“You and everyone else only know the good girl Rachel. And I like it like that,” she said as she touched his cheek. “But if we can keep a secret, just between us, then I’d like for you to get to know the nasty side of Rachel, too. And she’s pretty fun, I promise.” Then after kissing him again, she asked, “So, is it a deal? You get to meet Nasty Rachel, but no one can know?”

After hearing all of this, the only thing Lute could do was laugh, “Sure, of course, it’s a deal! I’ve been lusting after you all semester!”

“I know,” Rachel giggled. “I’ve seen how you have to readjust your pants when you stand up at the end of Government class.”

“Oh, god, is it that obvious?” Lute asked, though knowing it was true. Because he got a hard-on in class whenever he looked over and caught a profile view of Rachel’s big tits, and then he was usually off and fantasizing about what it would be like to get them wrapped around his big cock.

“It’s probably only obvious to me, because canlı bahis siteleri I’m looking,” she whispered with some lusty reassurance as they kissed again. And this time she put her hand on his crotch and massaged the throbbing python that was stretching out the front of his jeans.

“Can you come over here again tomorrow night?” Rachel whispered into Lute’s ear.

“Oh, yeah!” he said as I pulled her in closer, smashing her big soft tits against his chest.

“Good. And you don’t have to worry about condoms; I’m on the pill,” she added.

“Excellent,” Lute whispered, “I like this Nasty Rachel!”

It was getting late, but neither of them wanted to break off their make-out session. So Lute took the lead and slid his hand down the front of her sweat pants and inside her panties, cupping her wet pussy.

“I’ve got to go in just a minute,” he whispered as he rubbed her juicy cunt and slid his long middle finger over her twat. “But I first want to give you something to remember me by.”

Rachel gasped as he began fingering her pussy and rubbing her clitoris.

“Oh, oh, yeah!” she moaned as she put her mouth over his and kissed him as she gasped.

Their voracious kissing continued for several minutes as Rachel ground her pussy onto Lute’s hand. She wriggled and writhed about, moaning and working herself towards a climax as Lute expertly fingered her hungry cunt. And when she did cum, she grunted and groaned and ground against him in a crazed passion that showed him more of the Nasty Rachel she had promised.

When she finally collapsed against him, her panties sopping wet and her chest heaving, Lute pulled his hand out of her crotch and slipped it into his mouth, licking her tangy juices off of his fingers.

“Mmm, yes!” He said as he tasted her juices, “But now I want something to remember you by,” Lute whispered as he looked at her with his own sly smile, “So, give me your panties.”

Rachel made no protest, but just giggled as she slid down her sweat pants and slipped off her little pink panties with their soaked crotch. Now, standing bare-assed with a damp patch of light brown fur covering her juicy pink pussy, she shoved the wet panties into Lutes Levi’s pocket and gave him another sexy kiss. As she did, she whispered in his ear, “Now go home and wrap these around your big cock while you think about what else you’re going to get from me tomorrow night.”

“I’ll do just that,” Lute chuckled. Then, after giving her another deep kiss, he slipped out the door, leaving Rachel leaning against the kitchen counter, disheveled, flushed and half naked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32