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Tommy pulled into the driveway around six o’clock, seeing his Aunt Cora’s car in the driveway and feeling his dick twitch in his pants. That morning, he’d helped himself to the sexy 70-year-old’s filthy workout socks and sneakers, dumping a load in one sneaker and wiping it up with her stinky socks.

Little did he know what awaited him inside: Cora and her 63-year-old sexy sister, Liz, had secretly filmed what he’d done. Inside, they waited, smiling, having just returned from a hardcore gym workout, their lithe, GILF bodies pumped with sexy elderly muscle, their feet, socks and panties soaked with sweat.

“Hey, Aunt Cora, Granny Liz!” he announced brightly, eyeing the sexy sisters up and down in their super short gym shorts, sexy little white socks and sneakers, including Cora’s sneakers, one of which he’d shot a load into about 12 hours earlier, making his cock throb just thinking about that sneaker being on her sexy, nasty old foot.

“Tommy,” Cora said sweetly. “Come in, we’ve prepared you a very special meal!”

Tommy grinned as they led him to the dining room, where at the table was one place setting and on it, a silver serving dome over a big plate. He smiled at each of the women as they stood on either side of him.

“This is in honor of a very special boy with a very special preference,” Liz said, putting her hands on Tommy’s shoulders.

“You see, Tommy, we had an idea about your, uh, special needs, so we took matters into our own hands,” Cora said mysteriously, Tommy’s smile waning, replaced by confusion. “Or should we say feet…and pussies…and assholes!”

Tommy’s face went white, as it snapped toward the table where Cora dramatically lifted off the silver dome with an enthusiastic “TA-DA!”

There before him was a huge mound of Cora’s and Liz’s soiled panties and socks, and on either side, one each of their very grimy workout sneakers. He looked at it, then back at them, frantically.

“It’s’s not what you think, Aunt Cora…granny…” he stammered.

“Oh really?” Cora laughed, putting the dome aside and reaching for the back of Tommy’s head. “Would you like to see the video we took this morning?”

“Video…what do you….”

He never finished. Cora’s strong hand shoved him forward, face first into the moist, stinky pile of socks and panties, all of it filthy, a week’s worth of laundry, some of it Liz’s, some that Cora had brought along to wash at her sister’s house. The smell was instant and brutally intense as Cora held his moaning face to it, the stench wet and raw, clinging to his face, a mix of funky sweat, pussy smell, cheese, piss and poo. He struggled to free himself but his grandmother stood behind him, hammerlocking his arms painfully up his back until he screamed in pain, the sudden inhalation filling his nose and lungs with a deep breath full of granny funk and fumes.

“Stop please!” he bellowed into the foul pile of old-lady underthings, the reality of his fantasy coming to smelly life in a way he’d never imagined. “I’m sorry! Please stop!”

“Stop?” Cora laughed. “Honey, we’ve only just begun.”

She held him there, forcing his mouth into the mound until he grew dizzy from lack of oxygen and went slack in his grandmother’s hands. The ladies laughed, pulling his face from the pile; the still moist sock he’d wiped his cum up with earlier was sticking out of his mouth.

“Perfect!” Cora laughed, jamming the wet cum sock farther into his mouth, making him taste it. “I saved that one just for you, put it in a baggie to keep it fresh! How’s that cum taste, boy? I figured if that sock was good enough to clean your load with, it’s good enough for you to clean in your dirty little mouth now!”

She scraped the sock inside his mouth for a minute, then pulled it out, yanking the groggy boy to his feet, saying, “I think the little perve likes it, sis!”

“Let’s see,” Liz said, coming around the front of him and palming the thick cock in his jeans. “Damn, you’re right, the little shit’s got a boner already!”

“Good, that’ll serve us well, honey,” Cora laughed.

She stood him up and snaked a saggy, wrinkled but very strong arm around his neck, clamping on a tight headlock, cinching it tight and making his face turn blue in her grip. She easily waltzed him to the living room where she let him go, reached behind her and snap-mared him across the room where he landed on his ass, sitting there groggy, torn by mixed the mixed emotions of his very dreams coming true tempered by the harsh reality of the pain, humiliation and olfactory overload it was presenting..

“Betcha didn’t know your granny and I were pretty hot wrestlers in our day,” Cora laughed as Liz scurried to sit behind the stunned boy and wrap her deeply tanned, freckled arms around him for a sleeper hold at the same time she snapped her sinewy old legs around his sides for a rib-bending bodyscissors, making him howl in pain. “We’d beat up the boys all the time!”

“Mmmm, he’s so ready,” Liz laughed, crushing Tommy bahis firmaları in her surprisingly strong thighs, the muscles rippling beneath silky tanned skin. “I feel his cock at my feet!”

She kicked off her sneakers and rubbed her locked feet into Tommy’s crotch, making him moan in pleasure and pain as she jerked him through his jeans and applied pressure on his ribs with her old thighs at the same time. Cora laughed, picked up one of the sneakers and jammed it into Tommy’s moaning face.

“Sniff it,” she barked, twisting it until his nose and mouth popped inside the filthy, sweat-soaked sneaker. “Sniff your granny’s filthy foot stink!”

He obeyed, groggy with pain, humiliation and pleasure now as he inhaled Liz’s foul footwear. Cora laughed, then stepped back to let Liz work her arms and legs on the subjugated teen until he was nearly passing out.

“Think he’s ready for more feeding,” Cora growled, stripping off her clothes, treating the boy to the sight of her deliciously wrinkled, sagging arms and legs, puffy belly and full, sweat-matted silver bush. She knelt before him with her filthy white socks in her hands, smiling at the boy moaning in her kid sister’s powerful scissors and arms.

“Eat up,” she snarled, stuffing both socks into his mouth and then showing him her soiled panty, stained yellow and brown in the crotch. “And smell this!”

She rammed the panty into his nose, and the stench was thick, powerful and overwhelming, way more than Tommy had bargained for. His eyes shot open at the putrid aroma and he struggled to keep Cora from ramming the soiled part of the panty into his nostrils, but couldn’t fight her off. Now it was stuck in his nose and he had to breathe as best he could through that, his mouth was plugged with his aunt’s disgusting socks.

“We’ll let that stew in there for a few minutes,” she laughed, pulling up a chair before Tommy who was slack now in his grandmother’s crushing arms and thighs.

Moments later, she pulled the panty from his nose and socks from his mouth then held up her grimy old feet before his face. The stink hit him right away as she wiggled her long, bony toes, the soles glistening with sweat, the balls and heels of her feet calloused and yellow from age.

“Lick,” she ordered him, pressing her filthy feet to his face.

As bad as it smelled and tasted, Tommy got caught up in the submission of giving in to his sexy old aunt, lapping madly up and down her filthy, wet soles, tonguing each delicious fold and wrinkle, and then working between her spread toes, ingesting the grit and dirt there, sucking each nasty long toe into his mouth, moaning madly and thrusting his cock into Liz’s feet that remained locked on his crotch.

“Damn, the boy loves your stink, sis!” Liz groaned, stroking his cock with her locked feet. “Ramp it up a little, give him something worse!”

Cora laughed and shooed her sister off the boy, sitting behind him now to scissor his ribs in her legs, the thick wrinkled flesh of her thighs growing tight from the muscles tensed beneath. She scooped her left arm around his head for a reverse headlock, her very sweaty, very smell armpit right at his nose and mouth. He screamed at the stink invasion but Cora just squeezed harder.

“Pretty ripe, huh?” she giggled. “Get licking, boy, suck the sweat from Auntie’s filthy armpit!”

Tommy did, willingly and reluctantly all at once, tasting the bitter sweat in his mouth, running his tongue over the flesh, and feeling his aunt pump her naked, nasty feet on his dick, pounding the calloused heels into his tender balls, making him yelp in delicious pain.

“Damn, he’s still hard as a rock!” she laughed.

She let go the headlock to put him in her other armpit, which the boy dutifully licked clean, as Liz sat in the chair, holding her socked feet up having stripped off the rest of her clothes. Cora released him and let her kid sister rub the wet soles all over Tommy’s moaning face, transferring the acrid stink to him. He was delirious with pain, pleasure and humiliation now and thought he’d blow his load in his jeans.

The sisters released him, then quickly yanked off all his clothes, his big dick bobbing free. Liz stripped down and they stood by him, hands on hips, their thick granny bushes glistening and wet.

“This should test his resolve for granny stink!” Liz laughed, descending on his face.

She spread her saggy butt cheeks with her hands, squatting down, burying Tommy’s nose in the wet, hairy ring of her rectum, then sitting fully on him, letting her buttocks slap over his face. His world was now inside his grandmother’s asshole, the smell ripe, raw and overpowering, and he had no choice but to inhale it, as his mouth was crushed flat in the hairy mulch of her equally nasty cunt. She groaned and snapped her thin hips back and forth, using his face, wiping her entire crotch on his trapped face, wet, sloshy sounds filling the air as she pumped and ground on him to a soaking orgasm, Cora watching and clapping in kaçak iddaa approval.

“Still loving it,” she sighed, sitting down and clamping her nasty old feet around his stiff dick, pumping it up and down.

“Mmmm, look at that cock drool,” Liz groaned, swiveling her granny ass on Tommy’s moaning face, screwing his nose deeper inside the milking wet clamp of her asshole. “Damn his nose feels so good in my ass…”

She sat back now, leaning on one hand, using the other to finger her hairy cunt, leaking a thick flow of her cum from her pussy directly into Tommy’s exposed mouth as she pumped her clutching, dimpled ass up and down on his nose, riding it hard. Cora watched, laughing, and kept pumping his dick in her wrinkled old soles, the bottoms of her feel clamped around it, her knees splayed to the sides.

“Think he’s due,” Cora said, pumping her muscular old legs up and down, a thick sheen of Tommy’s pre-cum lubing her feet. “C’mon, baby boy, cum for Auntie’s stinky feet while you suck out granny’s stinky asshole!”

Tommy groaned a muffled groan as Liz pummeled his face with her ass and felt his balls tense, his cock throbbing in his aunt’s stinky feet before he groaned loudly into his grandmother’s smelly rump and jetted his load, thick, hot and lumpy in arching ropes that shot high into the air before landing with splattering sounds on Cora’s pumping feet.

“Jesus Christ, what a fucking load!” she shrieked, marveling at the site of Tommy’s jetting dick and her feet completely coated in cum. “Liz, let him out of your asshole, he needs to clean me up!”

“NOOOO!!!” Tommy howled as Liz scampered off his face and sat him up, getting behind him to pin his arms behind his back, bending him forward where his cum waited lumped on his aunt’s nasty old feet. “Please..please..not that not that!”

“Oh, yes, that,” Cora hissed, lifting both cum-laden feet, holding up her wrinkled old legs behind her knees and ramming all 10 toes into Tommy’s sputtering mouth. “Eat that cum boy, eat it ALLLLL up!!!”

Tommy’s eyes were clenched shut as Cora foot fucked his mouth, scraping his jism off inside, making him unable to breathe, forcing him to swallow the thick gel as she worked her feet deeper and deeper inside. She finally pulled out and rudely wiped the rest of the load off on his face, forcing his mouth open with one foot and scraping the cum from the other foot into his open lips. She roared with laughter watching the boy suck down every creamy drop of his own load, Liz holding her grandson’s arms, the boy tiring and going limp.

“I need some of that,” Liz growled, letting him go and laying him back on the floor, his huge dick still hard, dripping cum.

She sat on it, fisting it into her hairy cunt, and screaming with pleasure as she bounced up and down, gyrating her slim hips, her dimpled ass flexing as she rode him. Tommy looked up at her, those saggy, wrinkled tits bouncing madly on her chest, her mouth open in a continuing low moan, her sweaty hair hanging in strands around her pretty face. She looked gorgeous, he thought, savage, brutal, but so gorgeous.

Then his sight was blocked as he saw Cora’s thick, sagging ass hover over his face and take it completely inside, the thick meat draped over his cheeks, his nose going deep into the sweaty, stinky ring of the old woman’s demanding asshole.

“Smell that ass,” she growled, spreading her ass hams in her bony hands to take his face deeper still. “Smell that stinky, ripe, sweaty, cheesy asshole!”

Liz laughed watching her older sister grind herself on Tommy’s groaning face, banging her hairy quim on his chin, getting herself off. Liz leaned forward, lifting off Tommy’s cock and slamming down, over and over, harder and harder, slamming into his big balls, making him scream into his aunt’s punishing pussy and face-devouring ass. She took one of Cora’s big, fleshy tits in her hands, mauling and squeezing the wrinkled flesh, sucking and chewing at the thick brown nipple.

“Gonna cum,” Cora groaned, holding Liz to her titty.

“Fuck, me too,” Liz hissed, lapping madly at her sister’s thick nipple.

And so was Tommy, though he fought the urge to do so, rightfully fearing the worst. They all three blasted off at once, in a combined scream, Cora nearly snapping Tommy’s nose off in her hunching, pumping asshole, Liz all over the kid’s cock, and Tommy jetting his second load of the day deep into his granny’s hungry, hairy cunt.

“Move aside, sis,” Liz laughed, pushing Cora off Tommy’s wet face and slithering up his chest to plant her cum-leaking pussy right on his face. “Suck it, boy, suck that spunk out of my old cunt!”

He had no choice as Liz’s powerful, wrinkled thighs framed and covered his face as she grunted and pussy farted every drop of Tommy’s huge load right down the boy’s gulping gullet. He couldn’t breathe, just swallow, and his mouth was attached to Liz’s dripping hole, sucking madly, his tongue burrowed inside the hairy wet snatch, and feeling even more of his cum kaçak bahis slither down his throat.

She finally climbed off his face and stood next to Cora, arm in arm, laughing at the moaning boy below, his cum covered with their combined fluids.

“I need his cock in my ass, sis,” Cora laughed, squatting back down on Tommy’s face, this time positioning her hairy asshole at his mouth where he had no choice but to rim it, his tongue stabbing in and out. “Get that thing hard for me!”

She pointed to Tommy’s flagging cock, and Liz dove at it, sucking it into her wrinkled, puckered mouth, strapping both bony hands to it and jerking hard and fast, getting his dick stiff and keeping it that way until Cora’s asshole was soaking wet. The older woman slipped forward and sat on it, Liz holding it up for her and slipping it into her older sister’s hungry rump. Cora moaned as she sat back on it, laying her back on Tommy’s torso, pinning him to the floor and snapping her hips up and down, fucking herself in the ass with his dick.

“Mmmm, looks good enough to eat!” Liz laughed, positioning herself between her sister’s saggy thighs and devouring her gray-haired cunt, attaching her mouth to Cora’s meaty lips and sucking hard, dribbling the fat clit in the middle of all that fur like a basketball with her talented tongue. “Cum for me, baby, cum for your kid sister’s mouth!”

It didn’t take long, as Cora snapped out a cum into Liz’s pretty mouth, bathing her face, squirting her old woman cream right down Liz’s throat. Liz helped Tommy along as she ate her sister’s hairy snatch, massaging and squeezing his big balls with one hand, and slipping a finger into his tight ass with the other, tickling his prostate and immediately triggering another orgasm as he flooded his old aunt’s bowels with his third load, knowing what would come next.

“Fuck, he likes it in the ass, sis, you see how fast he came when I fingered him!” Liz laughed, leaning back as Cora slipped Tommy’s cock from her butt and immediately sat back on his face, forcing his load from her ass right into his protesting mouth. “He loves ass play!”

“Then let’s really give it to him, baby,” Cora moaned, her face dreamy as she swiveled her thick hips, her dimpled ass flexing on Tommy’s trapped face as she farted out the rest of his cum down his throat.

Moments later, Liz returned with her biggest strap on wrapped around her slender waist, 10 inches of black latex that bobbed in front of her as Cora laughed, watching Liz lather that fat, fake cock with lube. Tommy was all but out now as they rolled him to his hands and knees and Liz fit the head of her dick to his tight ass, thrusting inside, making the kid howl in pain at first, howls that gave way to moans as Liz settled into a rhythmic plunging inside her grandson. She held his hips and pounded away as Cora watched, then grabbed one of her filthy white socks, fitting it over Tommy’s cock, which stayed hard and ready.

“Fuck, this pervert never goes soft!” she laughed, kneeling at Tommy’s side and jerking his dick in her sock. “Make him cum, sis, fuck that boy’s ass until he cums!”

Liz groaned, holding Tommy’s hips and slamming into his boyish white ass with renewed fury, fake-balls deep, pounding his butt as Cora jerked him harder, Tommy’s back arched, head back, moaning with that delicious mix of pain and pleasure. He was about to pop again, so Cora grabbed one of her filthy, stinky sneakers and pulled off the sock, slamming the sneaker over Tommy’s dick just as he blasted out his fourth load, a lesser load but lumpy and hot, coating the sweaty inside of Cora’s rancid footwear.

Liz laughed and pulled out, sitting back on her haunches and watching Cora slam that cum-filled sneaker over Tommy’s moaning mouth, ramming his lips to the load inside and tying it off around his head, making him kneel up straight as she clamped a hand on his dick, which was trying to go soft, and jerked it back to life, stroking the wet meat rapidly, his dick aching and raw.

“My turn, sis,” she growled, as Liz undid her strap on and fastened it around her dominant older sister, licking Cora’s neck and back as she did.

Tommy was now face down on the floor, Cora flailing away at his ass, after Liz stuck his stiff cock inside one of her own sneakers, allowing Cora to pound his ass and at the same time force his cock to thrust in and out of Liz’s stinky sneaker. She locked into a powerful rhythm of in and out, pulling the fake dick out to the head and slamming it back inside, leaning over Tommy on her hands, her toes holding her up, allowing complete control of her ass fucking.

“Cum, bitch, cum in that fucking sneaker,” she growled into Tommy’s ear, biting it, licking it, thrusting her tongue inside as she pounded his ass, his moans mounting, her cummy sneaker still strapped to his face, his tongue desperately scraping its inside for more of his load. “Cum…..”

He did moments later as Cora went deep inside him and held it there, twisting her lush hips, her ass thick and hard in the flex, the big knob of her cock rubbing Tommy’s prostate and triggering his orgasm. She ground against his ass, finishing her own orgasm on it as he finished his inside Liz’s filthy sneaker.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32