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My dreams that night were of ardor and passion.

The soft kisses, the velvet feel of her golden hair, the way my hands perfectly cupped Jasmine’s gorgeous breasts. Her moans of ecstasy, her gyrations of pleasure, her shaved pussy glistening with moisture and her angelic face as she slept, combined to form a subconscious delight.

These lucid details were engraved in my memory. They seemed so surreal, like a dreamscape. As I was enjoying these images, I was abruptly thrust back into cold hard reality. My eyes unwillingly fluttered open and I slowly rubbed the drowsiness out of them. It was a rare sight to behold.

The golden sunlight streaming through the drapes that hung down cast a shimmering projection against the cream colored walls, as the wind ever so lightly blew against the curtains, distorting the dazzling display of lights.

However, it was not the iridescent lights that had me in awe. It was the winsome girl lying beside me that had me captivated. Her head rested on my chest, as her satiny hair cascaded softly across my neck, the stray strands lightly tickled my nose. Her cute face was accentuated by her delicate features and her pink succulent lips, I ached to kiss. I admired her soft breasts with brown nipples standing proudly in attention in the cool air, the sensual curve that joined her chest to her hips, the hairless mound that I had penetrated deeply the previous night and her sexy long legs, and of course her thighs and calves.

God, I could go on forever.

As I lay down on the bed, I felt her hands roaming across my chest, feeling my rock hard abs. I finally managed to croak out, “Morning babe.”

Jasmine glanced up at me, seeing that I was awake she gave me an alluring smile. “Morning stud.”

Without waiting for a reply, she proceeded to give me a passionate morning kiss. She lightly sucked on my bottom lip and I parted it slightly to allow her better access into my mouth, where she baited my tongue to play with hers. Needless to say, I fell for the bait. When our tongues touched, she ravished it never giving me a chance to pause.

Snatching back control, I teasingly sucked the air from her mouth. Her body jerked. However, she was clearly enjoying it as she doubled her assault on my mouth. Her soft lips were too much for me and I yearned for more. I snaked my hand to her head and pulled it closer to mine as I deepened the kiss to appease the lust inside me. After a few minutes of weaving our tongues together, we broke the kiss.

What a perfect way to wake up on a Sunday morning.

Smiling, I stared straight into her mesmerizing hazel eyes. Seeing her serene face, memories of the previous night came back to me. As I lingered on the memory where we both came together, I could still remember the feelings that I had felt on the head of my cock as it had erupted inside her.

Something is not right. I’m forgetting something exceptionally important.

The realization hit me. I came inside of her without protection, and as I remembered the ropes of cum I had ejaculated, it seemed like an awful lot to me. I jerked upright very quickly, forgetting that Jasmine was laying across me, I awkwardly shifted her, I caught her in my arms as I slowly lay back down on the bed.

“David?” she asked, her tone filled with worry. “What’s wrong?”

“I-I,” I stammered as I realized the severity of my mistake. I could see the anguish, guilt and a hint of fear reflected in her eyes as I stared into them. I was so focused on making love to her, getting her pregnant was more of a peripheral consideration.

“I came in you.” I said deadpan, devoid of all emotion.

I saw her initial confusion then her mouth formed an “o” as she saw the light. Out of the blue, a smile formed and it slowly developed into giggles until it was an all out laugh.

Her mellifluous laughter made the heavy atmosphere less tense. However, I was still lost, unable to see what was so funny. Tears were now beginning to flow from her eyes as she kept laughing, her eyes sparkling with moisture.

“You silly boy,” she gasped, out of breath from laughing. “I’m on the pill you silly boy. Which sensible eighteen year old woman would not be on it?”

“Huh?” I responded.

“Oh… Oh, right. Ah… so it’s ok for me to cum in you. I see,” I said.

She ruffled my sandy, brown hair as my cheerful demeanor returned. She returned to stroking my chest then we lay there before I went to wash up. Seeing this as a good opportunity, I put a finger into her lovely slit, feeling that it was still a bit slimy, I casually asked her to join me in the bath.

She agreed with a jaunty nod of her head and grinned at me while she led me to the bathroom, her hips undulated, swaying her perfect ass. I could not help but cheekily squeeze her ass, feeling the softness of it. Her only response was a soft laugh, all the while leading me to the bathroom.

As I entered the master bedroom, it was barren of anything except a queen sized bed and a simple desk in a corner paired casino siteleri with a swivel chair. Unlike the rest of the house, the walls were painted teal, like an oasis that was surrounding the room. As she led me to the bathroom, it was unsurprisingly grand, like the house itself. The walls and floor were tiled with marble, a tub that was about thrice the size of mine, an open space shower stall and a hanger on the east wall that had pure white robes.

She led me to the shower where she began dousing us with water. Being a male, naturally I finished washing myself faster than her. She was only now soaping her body. Unable to contain my lust at seeing her ravishing body all lathered up with soap and bubbles, I hugged her from behind, cupping her breasts while my hard-on pressed into her back.

God, her body was so slippery, the feeling was exquisite.

“I was just wondering when you would jump on me until you finally did,” she said, her voice husky. “I was about to jump on you if you had waited another minute more.”

I roamed my hands all over her breasts. The slippery feeling multiplied the sensations coursing through my hands. I stroked the underside of her breasts tracing the curve, slowly tracing the fullness of it and encircling it until I was only on her aureoles with the sides of my fingertips. Sensually I touched her nipples that were begging for my attention.

I could hear the soft moans that escaped from her as I played with the sensitive areas around her breasts. I pinched her nipples.

“Oh God.” She moaned with lust, as one of my fingers squeezed a nipple while the other lightly flicked the other.

I saw her face was flushed and I deepened it by turning her around and putting her nipple in my mouth, sucking on it. At first, the slightly bitter taste from the soap put me off, but as my saliva washed it off, I relished the feeling of the hard nub my tongue was playing with. I nibbled on it and heard her whimpering as she played with my hair.

Realizing I was neglecting the other, I immediately assaulted it, flicking the nub, pinching it, stroking it. It seemed to have the desired effect I wanted as she started moaning my name. Soon enough, I could feel her body convulsing as a mini orgasm exploded within her. Her legs buckled and I supported her till she was lying on the cool floor, her female juices gushing out.

Not wasting another moment, I started lapping her slit, drinking in the sweet taste of her pussy. The clear juice was sending the taste buds in my tongue crazy, as the taste of her overwhelmed me. I wanted more. I plunged two fingers into her tight cunt, pumping it in and out, while my tongue was playing with her ultra sensitive clit which was throbbing with delight.

More juices immediately flowed out, as her pussy clenched against my fingers to maximize her pleasure. Very soon, Jasmine was lost in her second orgasm, her body started to shake once more. I was surprised by the force with which it gripped her. She literally arched her back into an inverted “U”.

“Mmm, yeah. Fuck, oh GOD!” She screamed as I was tonguing her clit. Her body thrashed on the floor as her pussy juice sprayed my face. Wanting none of this exotic juice to go to waste, I started licking her pussy, drinking in as much of it as possible. I was still pumping my fingers into her tight pussy, trying to make it last so that I could drink every drop of this wonderful nectar.

Her orgasm continued as more of her juices drenched my face. I gave up trying to drink up more of her juices and was contented with having it simply drench my face. Jasmine’s pussy continued to gush. With a final spasm, her body squirted out the very last of her juices and I gulped it down. She was totally spent as she lay down. I supported her head with my lap, letting her recover from her massive orgasm. I went back to playing with her hair, which even though it was wet, still retained its softness.

Seeing that she was still resting form her massive orgasm, I help her to douse her body with water, in order to wash away all the soap, paying particular attention to her breasts and her still convulsing pussy. After that was done, I spent another good three minutes waiting for her orgasmic spasms to subside before helping her up.

She donned a bath robe and passed me another while I was drying my body. She exited the bathroom first saying that she would go prepare us some breakfast. But before she left, I wanted to tease her.

“Hey Jas, I’m not sure I’m very hungry after having such a massive meal just now. The drink that came with it was also too good for me to resist, so I’m kinda bloated now. Don’t cook too much “kay, babe.” I gave a wink and short laugh.

“Whatever. But don’t complain that I didn’t make enough if there is too little.” Her eyes sparkled as her infectious laughter echoed slightly in the bathroom.

True to her words, when I got downstairs, I could smell the aroma of her cooking. The kitchen was redolent of scrambled eggs and faintly canlı casino of toasted bread. I crept behind her and announced my presence by giving her a soft peck on the cheek. I went to help her out, and soon we were both sitting at the simple, yet elegant dining table.

Although we were both familiar with each other, a surprisingly, awkward silence descended upon us. Feeling the need to lighten up this awkward moment I decided to break the silence by asking her more personal questions.

“Umm Jas, I’m just ranting here, but why out of all the more handsome guys in our school, did you choose me as your boyfriend?” I asked in hesitance, feeling a bit unsecure.

It’s a guy thing I guess.

She looked up from her meal and had a thoughtful look on her face. Finally, she said, “Well, I’m the kind of girl that falls head over heels for the type that has character. Although having a cutie is a bonus for me.”

Upon hearing this, I blushed, however it didn’t stop me from continuing to feel insecure.

From the gang of friends in class, half of the boys I knew had better personalities than me. It kind of struck me as weird I mean what about my character did she like. I’m lazy, slow, not very charming and definitely not the cream of the crop. I voiced out my concerns and waited tentatively for her reply.

“I guess maybe you are right about that,” her look now dead serious. “I mean you are so slow, like just now. Definitely not prom king material and of course you are a sloth.”

Then from the dead serious look, her eyes glinted with mischief. “However, you’re patient, kind, a good listener and you are not bad with your studies. Although you are studious, you’re still sporty, playing tennis and swimming. You really are a cutie you know? I’m really serious. Have some faith in yourself, have some self esteem.”

I stared hard into her fawn eyes, seeing her look of solemnity, I finally accepted it. Maybe she is right, maybe she is wrong. But I still felt insignificant. I thought no, I’m an equal. She said I was cute. Must have some faith… I went silent for a while, thinking about it, maybe a bit too long as Jasmine brought me back to my senses.

“David? You know I truly love you. So don’t you dare ever doubt that.”

“I love you too Jas. You know that right.”

This was getting a bit too corny, so I decided to talk about something else to lighten the mood.

“Hey, did you catch the Prison Break episode last week? It’s very good.” I commented.

We then had mindless chatter for about an hour, enjoying each others company until she decided that she really needed to accomplished what I was initially there for, which was to teach her math.

I noticed I was still stark naked, so I went to her bedroom to collect my now, crumpled clothes. Seeing this room again, I still could remember vividly what we had done and although I tried very hard to ignore it, I still felt that she deserved a better person.

She was still in her bathrobe when I entered the room and the only visible change to her was that her hair was dried. As I entered the room, she looked up from her work and beckoned for my help. From her frantic waving, it was obvious she was stuck at a question.

I went to take a folding chair from the corner of the room and proceeded to help her out with that calculus question, with each passing question, she got better. After roughly an hour or so, I got bored just staring at her doing her work. Jasmine was sitting at the desk, with her head burrowed in concentration as she slowly work her way through the list of questions. Her back slightly hunched to help lower her body as she squint at the small print of the textbook, while her right hand was writing, her left would be punching the calculator buttons.

As I watched her, I noticed she would idly twirl her blond hair that fell around her as she read through the question. When she was thinking, she would lightly tap her full lips with the pen as she thought through the steps in her mind. When she was stuck, she would drum her fingers on the table and her baby face would have a little frown, which I personally found very cute. Finally, just before she would ask me how to solve the question, she would give a soft sigh and ever so lightly, tilt her head to one side and eventually turn to face me and ask the inevitable.

Ultimately, even looking at her was starting to get boring. Not that I was getting bored of her, it is just that anyone would lose interest in anything by staring at it for too long. I wanted something to do, so my hand involuntarily started to brush her satiny hair. The softness instantly greeted me, as I slowly brushed up and down, unknotting the strands that stuck together.

Slowly, I let my fingers stray down to her shoulders. Feeling her muscles slightly tense, I massaged it through the soft fabric of her bath robe. I heard Jasmine utter an appreciative sigh as her muscles relaxed. Feeling that her shoulders were well tended, I untied her robe at the front kaçak casino and let it hang open.

As her nipples made contact with the cool air they stood out sharply, pointing straight down as her breasts hung down. I heard her inhale sharply but she didn’t do much other than glance at me. Bringing my hand up, I went to cup her breast with my hand. It filled my palm nicely and the weight was just perfect. Her breast was soft to the touch and it was silky smooth just like the rest of her body. Her aureoles were just like her nipples, they were a shade of dark brown mixed with a tint of light pink, making it look like an exotic fruit. Although I did not want to disturb her from her work, I could not help but pinch the sensitive nubs sticking out from her breast.

“Ooohh.” She moaned as I increased the pressure on her nipple.

I could see Jasmine was desperately trying to concentrate, but the stimulation of her breast was just too much for her. I heard the lead brake from her pencil and the “thud” as she resigned to put her head on the table to enjoy this special massage I was giving her. Her arms fell limply to her sides and soft murmurs of pleasure escaped from her lips.

Having better access to her delicious body, I cupped the other breast and lightly traced circles on her breasts. Hearing her whimper in anticipation of the pleasure only made me go slower to heighten her state of arousal. When my nails lightly scratched her nipples, I heard a very audible gasp and her breath turned to short pants.

Wanting to play some more with her breasts, I squeezed and kneaded her breasts like play doh. The sensations coursing through my fingers were simply exquisite. With every squeeze, she arched her back towards my hand, doubling the pressure on it.

With a forlorn sigh, I reluctantly left her breasts as I allowed my hands to travel down towards her abdomen. Her stomach muscles clenched and unclenched every time my hand slid across her cute little bellybutton. Sweeping my hand down, I parted her bath robe with my hands and saw her pussy juices forming a little pool on the oak chair.

With a flick of my wrist, I scooped some of it off the chair and tasted it.

“Mmm.” I groaned as the sensational taste riled up my taste buds.

It was an awkward position to work with as I wanted to eat her out but was unable to.

“Hey Jas, I’m going to bring you back to your room ‘kay?” I whispered into her ear.

With an affirmative nod, I effortlessly lifted her up and cradled her in my arms as I walked down the adjoining corridor.

I pushed the door open by lightly nudging it with my foot as I entered the room. Upon entering, my mouth immediately sought out hers. I heard her moan aloud as my tongue grazed her lips, then parted them, searching, exploring, devouring her. I slipped my tongue between her teeth and sought out her tongue, where it greeted me warmly with a passionate curl around mine. We battled it out for a while and she deepened our kiss by pulling my head in closer.

I hungrily returned her kisses, giving myself up to this carnal pleasure. As I lay her down on the bed, my hands stroked her tight round ass and pushed it firmly onto my cock. I wanted her to feel the stirring hardness straining against my khakis. I heard her gasp as I pulled back from the kiss, drawing a ragged breath from her.

I looked into her vibrant coffee eyes and reached up with a hand to stroke her blonde hair, running a finger across the hollow of her cheeks, feeling the smoothness of it. I then took her hand, kissing her fingers, licking them slowly, then opening my mouth as I took them in, stroking them with my tongue. I lightly flicked my tongue on her fingertips, while alternating sucking on them.

Jasmine threw her head back, obviously delighted in the sensations I created in her. Wanting her to feel better, I removed her hands from my mouth as I sought out her neck. I slowly kissed and licked her from ear to ear, sucking at her creamy white skin, slowly trailing down from her slender neck down to her chest.

“Oh God, David,” she moaned. “Oh, that feels so good.”

I started to plant kisses all over her breast as I made a circle, purposely avoiding the centre nub that is oh so sensitive. I played with her other breast with my free hand and groped her breast as if it were a soft, plush toy. Hearing her moans of lust finally made me relent as I sucked on her nipple and twisted the other with my hand. Immediately, her moans changed into short pants of lust.

“Yes, suck on them like that. Pinch them harder David, harder! Mmmh, yeah, gimme more.”

I kissed and licked furiously, carried away by a tide of carnal pleasure. After a few minutes, I brought my head up and sought out her mouth, devouring her ravenously, like a man starved. This time, I initiated the battle between our tongues and I french-kissed her deeply, savouring how great of a kisser she was as her tongue brought waves after waves of pleasure crashing onto my tongue.

I saw the dampness between her legs and I knew she wanted me now, but being a teaser, I left her pussy alone and went to enjoy her breasts. I took them in my hands and caressed them gently, then leaned over and began kissing and licking them once more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32