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Emma’s grunts were barely contained as I sped up my thrusting into her. Given the circumstances, we had to be quiet, but I noted with a bit of pride that she was having a hard time of that. She was laying on her back on the table, skirt bunched around her waist, her hips rising up to meet mine, matching my speed. The heat of her sex around my cock was growing with our efforts. And then her grunts, unable to be further contained, echoed out loud in the room, and then a shout of “OH GOD YES!” as she gripped my cock and came.

Her breathing slowed down, loud in the silence of the room. Her eyes opened, and awareness of how loud she was dawned on her. “Sorry about that” she said with a face that was red, part from satisfied arousal, part from embarrassment. “Just got away from me. We don’t have this in the U.K.” There was some scattered laughter, and the discussion around us went back to the topic being discussed before her orgasm interrupted them.

I smiled and withdrew from her, wiping both of us off with a soft hand towel before offering her my hand to help her off the table. She stood up and straightened her skirt as she quietly thanked me for my service. “I’ll be able to focus much better now, thanks” she told me with an embarrassed smile. Service Techs haven’t been approved in the U.K. yet, so she was surprised to see me servicing Sally this morning. Naturally, I was paying attention to Sally’s needs at the time, but Emma was right across the table from where Sally was leaning over as I held her hips and Serviced her. Emma was trying to be professional but there were a few times I caught her staring as our coupling with glazed eyes and an open mouth. Each time ended with her making eye contact, turning bright red, and turning to face the speaker. After lunch, she approached me and asked as casually as possible as she could have with her face burning brightly if I was allowed to service visitors or if I was only supposed to help people from my group. At the time, I wasn’t sure if she was happy or not when she heard that I was able to help anyone who needed my services, local or not. I think she was hoping that she wouldn’t have the option, eliminating the embarrassment of asking for my services.

I’m still not sure if I understand why the UK doesn’t have licensed Service Technicians yet. They are more relaxed about nudity after all. I would have thought they would have had them shortly after the Banks-Jameson research was validated by even the most uptight nay-sayer. I suppose US corporations have always been quick to jump on any sort of “efficiency improvement” plans. I’ve read that Japanese companies have a growing number of Service Techs as well. Since the research proved that cognitive and creative abilities are greatly improved following sexual activity, as well as planning, and many other traits that are expected and valued in a corporate environment, every top 100 US company bedava bahis added Service Technicians. Originally they were only for the corporate presidents and the like, but the role quickly expanded down through the company as the benefits became obvious. Not surprisingly, corporate moral improved everywhere as well, as more Service Technicians were trained and hired on.

With the productivity improvements (part from the results of the Service Technicians efforts, part from people now no longer minding working longer hours) the advances in birth control and curing diseases grew by leaps and bounds, completely eliminating any of the potential downsides of sexual activity. These discoveries proved again the effectiveness of Service Techs, and removed the last barrier anyone had regarding the service provided.

As more Service Techs were employed, the social mores involves sex quickly fell away as well. When you saw the Service Tech entering a person’s office and closing the door, there was no question as to what was occurring inside. And it kept anyone from being able to contact the person in the office for the next 10-20 minutes, not even able to drop off some papers. The trend to cubicles eliminated even the closed-door the option for most corporate employees. So eventually the act of servicing became done with doors open, in cubicles, and eventually even in the middle of long meetings so the person needing the service could still answer questions and pay some attention. It doens’t always work the smoothly, of course. I doubt Emma even heard a word of the speaker talking about cost savings comparisons between vendors while I was Servicing her, but that is how it is supposed to work in theory.

As I walked out of the room, two people pulled me aside to schedule some time later on. Nancy told me she would come over and find me after their next break, and Tom asked me to send our intern Service Tech Wendy over when she had some time. He asked a bit louder then he needed to, but some people still have some heterosexual hang-ups. I shouldn’t be surprised that gay male activity can still appear “weak” in corporate America. He doesn’t seem to mind using my services when no one else is around. People get weird about the oddest things.

I walked into the office Wendy and I share. She was on her knees fellating Jim from accounting when I walked in. With the new legal changes in accounting requirements, that group has been stressed trying to get it all done in time. There have been a few days that I think the entire department has seen one of the other (and sometimes both) of us Service Techs. Jim waved at me and said hi. Wendy took him out of her mouth, turning to see who walked it, continuing to massage his cock with her hand, said hi and returned to Servicing Jim.

Wendy worries me a bit. She is a great Service Technician, but I worried that she might be too bedava bonus good. She’s in great shape, and is a beautiful young woman. Long, bright red hair, full breasts with nipples that can point through almost any shirt, round hips that are fun to hold, and legs that have classic curves. She is practically sex just to look at. Our service records indicate that since she has joined us, our service requests have gone up, almost doubling. Service Techs are intended to help alleviate stress, not induce it. Even after Servicing Emma, seeing Wendy still brings a twinge to my shorts. She is good at her job too. I did interview her and test her skills after all. But it might just be the fact that she is so attractive and new. The reports seem to show the service requests are leveling off. They usually go up this time of year anyways, just not this much. If they start going back down, there shouldn’t be any problems. I’m still going to suggest she dresses down a bit, gets some different, less flattering bras, and maybe changes her make-up a bit or even loses it all together. She’ll still be attractive, but not as erection inducing and panty moistening as she is now.

I sit down just as Jim grunts his orgasm. After swallowing his stress, Wendy got up and cleaned him off with one of the soft hand towels we use. Jim thanked her and went back to work. Wendy walked over and sat down across from me, wiping the rest of Jim off her face.

“I was on my knees for 15 minutes with that guy ,and then as soon as you walk in- SPLURT! I know he hasn’t called on you since I’ve gotten here, so I don’t think he is a closet gay, but I don’t know…” she said.

“Maybe he is just more of an exhibitionist, and enjoys having someone around to watch. A surprising number of people are like that. There was an article about that in last week’s Service Tech Update. Now that people don’t have to hide the fact that they have sex, a growing number have admitted that they like being watched while being Serviced. Lots of the body image problems go away when you see the worst looking person you know getting off and them not minding that there is anyone else around. You missed a spot,” I said, pointing to her forehead. “Cum seems to get in odd places.”

She grimaced and wiped above her eyebrows. “You got it.”

“So how was the woman from the U.K.? Were you her first Service?”

“Yup. It was cute. She was really nervous, but it seemed like a status thing to her. She saw Sally get Serviced with everyone around, and she saw you helping Fred just before lunch, so she wanted to show everyone that she could do it too. She was even shaking when she asked me. I offered to bring her back here, but she said that the room was fine. She was very nervous, and only a little wet. I think she was turned on but not as turned on as she was nervous. But that is what lube is for. She couldn’t even look at me till deneme bonusu I entered her. Then she just stared at me and began to enjoy it. I was hitting those relaxation pressure points I told you about in her hips too, and that seemed to help out too.”

“Yeah- I meant to thank you for that. I used those on Barry the other day. He couldn’t even get it up while I was working on him, but a few minutes of that and he was relaxed enough to be able to get started.”

“Good. He’s never come to me for service. I’m glad you could help him. After she relaxed and started enjoying it, she was REALLY enjoying it. She was having a hard time keeping quiet and not even paying attention to the meeting. At the end she called out loud ‘OH GOD’ and the entire room turned to look.”


“Yup. It was flattering, of course, but it was also hard to keep from laughing. She was mortified, but collected herself well and sat down for the meeting again. But she definitely enjoyed herself. I’m wondering if she will call on your services if she sees you service one of the women, just to show she can keep up.”

“Really? Hmm… I’ve never had a Service Virgin before. I would probably screw it up. I know I would have laughed when she got loud. I might have to be too busy for her to schedule me. I’d hate to embarrass her and myself like that. But it sounds like you’ve had a decent day. Better then I’ve had. Jack had one of his conference calls today. He always wants to get serviced with me bent over the table right next to the speaker phone, and gets rough enough that I end up grunting so those on the call can hear. So I’m a bit sore from that. I’ve been sitting on an ice pack the whole time I’m been able to. But that hasn’t been much.”

“I can talk to him about that.”

“Nah. It isn’t that bad. Truth be told, I like it kinda rough at home. But he isn’t my sort so it is more odd then anything, since he pushed all the right buttons, but none of the mental ones. But he did get me close.” she said with a wink.

“Really? You did say you haven’t finished yourself while servicing anyone. Maybe that is because no one else seems to be into the rougher side of things. At least no one that I know of. Now that you mention it, that is kinda surprising.” I said, thinking about the people in the company that might enjoy being a bit more rough. “What about you? Need a massage? I could show you a few other pressure points that might help you be a bit less sore.”

“Really? Hmm… Are Service Techs allowed to Service other Techs?” she asked thoughtfully.

“They are, but it doesn’t happen that often since we do that normally all day. It isn’t the same as having someone there specifically for you, of course.”

“In that case, I would like to request Servicing. I think it would relax me and help relax my sore parts. And it is only fair- I Serviced you as part of the interview, but didn’t get to see your talents. I’m sure I could learn from it.”

Wendy was smiling and with more then a little lust in her eyes. Her earlier service call must have gotten her more aroused then she had let on.

“In that case Wendy, I would be glad to be of Service.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32