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After dinner, hubs went to take a shower. I waited a few minutes, used the toilet and joined him. I slipped behind the curtain, and he was covered in soap and smelled amazing. Unfortunately for me, he was already done washing himself. I love to scrub his body and get him all slippery, but I waited too long. Instead, I asked him to wash my hair. After he rinsed the soap from his body, he stepped aside and let me pass so I could stand under the water. As I soaked my hair, he rummaged through all the bottles looking for my shampoo. I turned to face him, and he gave me one of his soft, jello-knee inducing kisses before he told me to turn back around. While the warm water streamed over my chest and cascaded down my body, his hands went to work on my head. Something about the way his strong hands running through my hair, his fingers massaging my scalp, just makes me go week. I kneeled in front of him, still facing away, as he worked the shampoo into a lather. The water continued to spray over me, and soon, I was getting rivers of bubbles in my face. Unable to with stand it, even with the amazing sensations he was giving me, I stood and began to rinse.

This time, I faced him, letting the water spray the back of my head to aid the rinsing. While my hands were busy lifting my hair, his slid around my waist as he stepped closer to me. With my head tilted back, he was able to plant kisses and nibble gently along my collarbone and neckline, which absolutely drives me wild. By the time I got all of the soap out of my hair, I was moaning quietly with every nipping kiss he gave me. My hands dropped around his shoulders and I held him close as he lifted his face to mine. The first kiss was gentle, our lips meeting, his slanting over mine so our noses didn’t get in the way. As our mouths pressed together, our lips opened, and his tongue sought out mine. After a few moments of smooth tongue dancing, he pulled back. One hand slipped up my back while the other slid up to cup a breast and his mouth returned to mine. This kiss was longer, a little more urgent. Our faces moved in opposite directions, allowing the angle of the kiss to change frequently. His tongue continued to slip between my lips and tangle with mine. Soon, I was returning the favor, darting mine out to touch his lips and retreat again quickly. My hands moved as well. One slid up the back of his head, my fingers curling into his hair, while the other cupped his scruffy cheek in an attempt to hold him still.

Soon, my mouth wasn’t enough, and his lips began skimming down my face to return to my neck. He bit me there, in that little hollow between throat and shoulder, my sexy spot, the spot that turns my insides to mush. I panted into his ear when he did that and moaned quietly. This spurred him on, and he continued his oral assault on my sensitive shoulder line. His hand at my back slid down a little ways and pulled me closer to him, while the fingers at my breast continued to dance over the nipple. When the peak was hard, he dropped his mouth and slowly flicked his tongue over it. This earned him a slightly louder moan and more panting. I could feel his cock beginning to harden between us, and I dropped one of my hands to his hip. As he began to feast on my breast, I slid my hand closer to the hot pole between us. When my fingers first touched him, all I felt was warm, satiny velvet. My fingers ached to close around him, but I wanted to tease him a bit first. I danced them over his turgid flesh, lightly skimming his sensitive skin with my short fingernails. He groaned, and the vibrations shuddered over my sensitive flesh, bringing a deeper moan from my throat. I couldn’t wait anymore- I had to hold him in my hand.

I güvenilir bahis wrapped my fingers around his shaft, and slowly slid them up and down, using the water from the shower at my back as lubrication. He groaned again and lifted his mouth to mine. As our mouths met, he began to thrust his tongue into mine. My hands mimicked his movements- As he thrust into my mouth, my hand slid down his shaft. As he pulled his tongue back, my hand slid up. Soon, we had worked out a pleasant rhythm of thrusting and gliding. By then, both of us were moaning. Nothing gets me excited like the feel of a hard cock in my hand. He moved his mouth away from me again, gliding his lips down my throat, and I soon felt his hand cup my mound. Wasting no time, he slid a finger between my lady lips and pressed gently at my already swollen clit. I moaned and my head fell back as I took in the pleasure. His fingers began to work at my pussy, sliding up and down my slit to tease both my clit at the top and my secret entrance at the bottom. While his hand worked me, I slid mine farther down to cup his heavy balls. He moaned quietly when I did that, and sent one of his fingers deep into my body. I couldn’t hold on to him anymore, and braced my free hand against the shower wall for support as his fingers continued to fuck me.

Like I said, nothing gets me more excited than a hard cock in my hand…. except, that is, the same hard, velvety cock in my mouth. I didn’t want to cum yet, and the way he was working me, I would soon explode. To stave off my orgasm, I dropped to my knees in front of me. By then, the water had begun to turn cool, so I turned up the hot with one hand while I jerked his shaft with the other. He was so hard already, I didn’t have to do anything but open my mouth and take him inside. Having just been washed, his cock was heavenly. It was so clean and smooth and so HARD I wanted nothing at that moment but than to just savor it. He groaned loudly as I took him as deep into my mouth as I could that first try. I looked up at him through the drops of water, and he had one hand braced on the wall, the other gripping the shower rod so tight his knuckles were white. As if I needed more confirmation that my mouth felt amazing, he thrust ever so slightly even deeper into my mouth until his cockhead bumped the back of my throat.

I moaned around the intrusion in my mouth- he just tasted so damn good. The vibrations skimmed over his sensitive organ and he groaned deeply again. I love hearing his groans and growls- there’s such passion there that he tries so hard to hide. It’s one of the sexiest things. I decided to do whatever I could to get more of those deep groans from him. I pulled my head back until his cock was completely out of my mouth, to which I was rewarded with a disappointed moan. Smiling, I turned my head and slid my lips down his shaft sideways. I slid my face up and down a few strokes, watching his face as I did so. His eyes closed and his brow tightened as he concentrated on the sensation of my lips working his rod. His balls were heavy, and on every down stroke, I felt them against my cheek. I slid my lips to the base of his cock again, and instead of sliding back up, turned my face and let them meet his sac. I dipped my head and began planting kisses all around his nearly hairless cock region. When I got to the lowest point of his testicles, I opened my mouth wide and began sucking them while bathing them with my tongue. I brought my hand up to stroke his cock while my tongue teased and manipulated his balls. One at a time, I sucked them into my mouth and held them while I stroked his stiff rod.

His hands dropped to my head, then my shoulders, then fisted in my hair türkçe bahis as his groans got louder. I knew he wouldn’t let me stay down there much longer, so I slide his cock back into my mouth, shoving my face all the way to his pubic bone on the first try. I deep-throated him for several strokes, flicking my tongue at his shaft as I went down, sliding it along the bottom as I pulled back up. His groans turned to pants and I knew he was close when his knee came up and gently pressed me back, away from his hard, extended organ. “stand up” he whispered, in a sex choked whisper. “It’s your turn”. He kneeled in front of me, but I hadn’t actually washed my parts yet. We’d gotten distracted before we got there. When I told him so, he didn’t care. I managed to steal the showerhead for a quick rinse, but then his mouth was there. He pressed his lips to mine, parted them with his tongue and began to lick furiously where his fingers had been earlier. Because I have a bit of a belly, he couldn’t get super close to his feast in the position he was in. Instead of stopping, he propped my foot on the side of the tub and slid his feet under me so he was sitting on the floor of the tub.

He pressed his mouth against me again, this time from directly underneath me. The different angle allowed him to get closer to his prize. His tongue began to lash my clit again, and I felt his hand slip off my butt. Curious, I looked behind me, and almost came as I watched him stroke himself. Unable to tear my eyes away, I watched as he pumped his cock. The head would disappear on each upstroke, only to pop out of his fist with each down stroke. Enthralled in what I was watching, I almost lost my own grip on the shower curtain rod when I came. I hadn’t even been focusing on what he was doing with his mouth, but I exploded. After my orgasm, he stood up in front of me again. I placed my hand over his, and together we pumped his shaft a couple times before he let go. He drove his fingers into my hair and held my tight while his mouth plundered mine. His tongue stroked deep into my mouth, his lips ravaged mine. I moaned into his mouth and lifted my foot back to the side of the tub. I slid his cock over my puffy pussy lips and down to the cleft between them. He moved, just tiny little thrusts, teasing my entrance until I moaned again and bit down on his lip. He smiled against my mouth before pulling away.

He reached his hand down to grip his tool, positioning it just right, and slowly slid into me. I was still holding onto the shower curtain rod with one hand, and with the other, I braced against the side of the tub again. His hands came to my hips, holding me while he worked his way inside me. Water really is not the best lubrication there is, and face to face was an awkward position. With one last, deep kiss, he asked me to turn around. He pulled out of me as I turned. When I was facing the wall in front of him, he pushed my shoulders down, forcing me to bend and turn up my ass for him. He fisted one hand in my hair, gripping tightly. Enjoying the change in mood, I braced myself using the water control valves. I heard him spit, and felt his hand moving as he lubed up his cock. His hand then dove between my thighs, working my clit and dipping into my moisture. He stepped up close behind me, and I felt him prod at my entrance. He held the base of his cock and plunged into me. Knowing it was coming, I still grunted at the impact.

His cock split my lady lips as he drove into me. Without a pause, he began fucking me. His hand was fisted tightly in my hair, his other gripping my shoulder as he pounded into me. My moans and groans got progressively louder. I LOVE it when he gets rough with me. As he continued güvenilir bahis siteleri to use my cunt, I came. My pussy clenched around him and my voice rose as I muttered “oooooohhhhh fuck”. He didn’t let up, and after the first orgasm ended, the second began. By now, there were no quiet moans and groans. It was a loud, dirty affair rolling off my tongue as his cock pounded into me from behind. I needed more though, and shoved the shower curtain out of the way to grab the baby oil. I reached back to hand it to him, and he knew exactly what I wanted. He pulled out of me, pulled me up to stand in front of him and slid his hand down to grasp my breast. His fingers were rough when they pinched and rolled my nipples, and I cried out again when I felt his mouth clamp down between my neck and shoulder. I could feel his hard, hot cock between my ass cheeks, and he thrust against me a couple times. I moaned and thrust back against him, conveying my impatience.

The shower was still cascading over us when he shoved my shoulders down, forcing me to bend over in front of him. I heard the cap on the oil bottle snap closed and felt his fingers massaging my tiny, clenched opening. He worked his finger in to the knuckle to prep me, and I soon felt his cock at my entrance. He didn’t give me much time before he began to slide it in, but I was so turned on it didn’t matter. My intermittent moans turned into a constant groan as he breached my tight muscle and slid deep inside my ass. When his pelvis bumped up against my cheeks, he stopped for a minute. As I adjusted to his intrusion, he turned the shower head so that it cascaded over my back to help keep me relaxed. He began pumping his hips, thrusting into and out of my tightest hole, all while I groaned unendingly. As his thrusts got harder and faster, my groan got louder until I was practically screaming with desire. “oh yes… oh my god… oh honey…” came out of my mouth when I couldn’t groan anymore. Soon, my asshole squeezed him tightly and I had yet another orgasm. This one was so powerful I felt my knees begin to buckle. I’m surprised the neighbors weren’t pounding on the shared wall when I screamed my pleasure. I wasn’t done yet, and neither was he. His thrusts came even faster, and with the water running down my back, I could hear him squishing into me, feel his balls slapping the backs of my thighs with every thrust, feel his fingers dig into my hips, hear his groans as his orgasm approached.

Needing his cum, I started thrusting back at him. How we managed to go so fast standing up, I don’t know, but a few minutes later, he pulled me by my shoulder so I was halfway upright and began fucking me faster than he had been. As he pounded into my ass, my constant moan came back. I think it was a “yesyesyesyes” type of moan, but by then I was so far gone, I don’t really remember. He fisted his hand in my hair again, and the sharp tugs that came with every thrust of his hips was too much for me to take. I came AGAIN, screaming louder this time “ohfuckkkkkkkkkkk” as my sphincter clenched around his straining rod. I heard his pants and moans change and knew that with just one more thrust… and he was coming in my ass, filling me with his hot cream. I felt his body jerk with each jet of cum until he was finally empty. He released my hair from his fingers, and slid his hands around my face as his cock slipped out of my ass. Surprisingly, the water was still warm, so he turned me in his arms and kissed me as he pushed me back so we were both under the stream. We stood in each other’s arms, kissing deeply, stroking each other’s backs as the water poured over us, for several minutes. When we came up for air, I rested my head against his chest as his fingers slipped over my back and he kissed the top of my head. We relaxed under the stream for a couple more minutes before he washed up and got out, leaving me to actually shower. Best shower in a long, long, LONG time!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32