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It was a cold, Monday afternoon in late October. Coach Alex had just blown his whistle, signifying that practice was over and the guys could head inside to the showers. Jake, the team captain, was exhausted. Besides the rigors of managing the team and training hard, it was midterm season and he had lots of studying to do. Even though the week had just started, he just wanted to relax.

Jake could tell most of his teammates felt the same way. Once the guys got into the locker rooms, most were quick to shower and head out, probably going directly back to their dorms to study and sleep. Still, Jake knew he had to hang out around the locker rooms for a bit after practice to see if any guys needed to chat. After all, one of his duties as captain was to ensure that all his teammates were happy and healthy. With midterms coming up, it wasn’t unusual for some of the students to need an open ear.

Jake was slow to shower, waiting until everyone else had left before turning off his own faucet and toweling off. When he got back to his locker, he was pleasantly surprised to find that no one had stuck around – all the locker banks were empty. He quietly continued to dry himself off, noticing how his towel smelled like the masculine odor of his teammates and their sweaty gym clothes. Finally, he grabbed his street clothes out of his gym bag: A knit sweater, skinny jeans, and of course, a jockstrap to hold his sizable dick in place.

He first put on his jock strap, then decided to take advantage of his current privacy to admire himself in the locker room mirrors. Full length, they were perfect for taking progress pictures or for pics to send to guys online. Jake flexed his abs, chest, and arms, making him look particularly muscular in the overhead lighting. Snap. Then he turned sideways, looking over his shoulder with a sultry expression. His ass looked incredible, his bubble butt propped up by the lower straps of the jock. The white material made his sun-kissed skin look even tanner. Snap. He was getting some excellent material.

Just then, he heard an echo from the bathroom stalls, like an object hitting the ground. Fuck, Jake thought, realizing that he was not alone in the bathroom.

“Hey, who’s over there?” he called out, walking cautiously towards the stalls. He immediately realized that only one stall door was closed, with two legs visible underneath it. There was a phone on the floor, just outside the door.

“Oh fuck,” Jake heard a voice say. “It’s me, Joel.”

Joel was a freshman on the team. Although Jake hadn’t ever spent time one-on-one with him, he had high thoughts of him. Joel had grown up at the local high school, getting recruited by the previous soccer coach for his stellar performance in youth leagues over the years. Jake also thought Joel was exceedingly hot. Despite being just 19 years old, Joel had a thick patch of black chest hair, dense scruff on his face, and muscles that bulged from his beefy body. He was a true soccer powerhouse, able to kick the ball fast and hard while still somehow being a deft runner and passer.

“Who’s that?” Joel asked from behind the stall.

“It’s Jake,” he responded. Now much closer, he saw Joel’s hand reaching out from behind the stall, trying to grab his phone but just barely not being able to reach it.

“No worries man, I got it!” Jake added helpfully. As he reached down to grab it, he couldn’t help but notice what was on the screen. Playing at 0 volume was some bisexual porn involving a guy fucking a girl while getting fucked himself.

“Shit, man,” Joel said sheepishly, realizing that Jake must have noticed what he was doing in the stall. “I didn’t think anyone was still here.”

“You’re fine, Joel. Wanna polatlı escort open up the stall so I can give this back to you?”

Almost immediately, the bathroom door swung open and Joel was perched in the frame. Fully nude, his 7″ erection stood straight out from his groin. His hands grabbed the tops of the walls, exhibiting his hairy pits to Jake who admired his hot teammate from just a few feet away. Surprisingly, he looked quite confident in himself.

“Figured you’ve already seen me naked and know I was jerking off, so what’s to lose? Besides, I should probably just be going.” He took a step forward, reaching out to grab his phone from Jake.

“Woah, woah,” Jake said as he returned the cell phone. “We should probably at least acknowledge how you were masturbating the locker room. It’s totally fine with me, but why not in your dorm or something?”

Joel’s confident expression quickly faded. “I would if I could, man. But recently, my roommate has been spending all his time in there studying and I never get a moment of privacy. So here I am, stroking my dick in a smelly locker room.”

Jake tried to reassure him. “Don’t worry about it, Joel. Living with roommates for the first time can be really challenging, especially when it comes to stuff like, well…this.” He paused for a moment, realizing that Joel already was starting to look less dejected. “If you want, I can clear out and leave you to it?”

Joel smiled, then nodded in thanks. Jake turned around, heading back towards the locker banks to put on the rest of his clothes and leave. Before rounding the corner, Jake realized he had to comment on the porn.

“Hey Joel, last thing. I didn’t realize you were into bisexual porn, that looks pretty hot!”

Joel laughed. “Honestly, I didn’t realize I was into it either until we all fucked Coach a few weeks ago. Ever since, I’ve been experimenting watching some gay stuff in addition to my usual. It’s been great to explore a little actually.”

“That’s awesome, dude,” Jake replied. “I’m happy for you.” Staring back at Joel, he realized the anxious look on his face, like he was nervous to vocalize his next thought.

“Well, I mean…” Joel started his sentence shyly before building up the confidence to finish it. “Would you want to help me explore some more?” He looked relieved.

Jake was thrilled. “Hell yeah, man,” he smiled furtively. Jake couldn’t wait to enjoy this hot jock’s muscular body. He began walking back towards Joel, adding, “I thought you were totally straight so I didn’t try anything earlier. But I’d take your cock in me any day!”

Jake grabbed Joel’s throbbing cock in his hand, tugging it gently as he stared right into Joel’s eyes. Inches apart, Jake could see the tiny beads of sweat form on Joel’s hairy chest and smell the masculine stench emanating from his pits. He smiled wide.

Joel beamed back, then bent his head down to Jake’s ear. “I was actually hoping you would fuck me,” he whispered in reply.

Jake was dumbstruck, fully surprised. “Oh fuck yeah!” Still holding onto Joel’s cock with his right hand, he reached around and grabbed Joel’s ass with his left. It was thick and meaty, the kind of muscular ass built over years of doing heavy squats. He couldn’t wait to take this guy’s anal virginity.

But first, he had to warm him up. Jake pushed Joel back against the stall wall, then kissed him passionately. He ran his hands through Joel’s long, black hair, tugging it softly. Joel let out a loud, deep moan, then began feeling Jake’s back and ass with his own hands. Their warm, sweaty bodies pressed against one another, as Joel’s chest hair rubbed against Jake’s smooth and lean torso.

“Let pursaklar escort me taste your cock,” Joel begged. He pushed Jake back, pressing Jake’s body against the opposite stall wall before getting on his knees. Jake watched intently as Joel felt Jake’s raging erection through his tiny jock strap, then licking it with his tongue. Finally, he pulled down the underwear, letting Jake’s dick spring free.

“Suck my cock, Joel,” Jake moaned, smacking his manhood against Joel’s cheek. Joel didn’t hesitate, grabbing the base of the shaft as he lowered his lips over the tip. He was a natural. At first, he used to tongue to massage the head. But quickly, he pushed Jake’s 8″ dick inside his mouth until it poked the back of his throat. Gagging lightly, he continued to bounce his face back and forth on Jake’s groin. Jake moaned loudly, shocked at how well Joel could blow.

Jake wanted to go further, knowing Joel could handle it. Grabbing Joel’s head, he began to slowly thrust his hips back and forth, pushing his cock so deep in Joel that his lips touched Jake’s trimmed pubes. Joel choked each time but continued to moan in enjoyment. Soon, Jake sped up, until the gagging noises echoed loudly through the concrete locker room. Joel tugged on Jake’s balls with one hand while rubbing his chiseled abs with other, taking in the full experience of sex with another jock.

“Get up, let’s go to the sinks,” Jake said as he finally yanked his cock out from Joel’s slutty mouth. Pulling up the freshman from the stall floor, he motioned him up onto the wide counter of the bathroom sinks.

“Fuck me, Jake,” Joel begged the team captain. He was thirsty for his first anal experience, but Jake knew to warm him up first.

“Just you wait, dude,” he replied before pulling up Joel’s legs, pushing his feet back behind his head. Joel’s asshole was now fully exposed, a tight, red cherry surrounded by a soft patch of black curly hair. “That’s a super tight hole, Joel.” He smiled lustfully as he bent over, getting closer.

Jake began to lick Joel’s asshole, immediately leading Joel to grunt noisily. He circled the cherry with his tongue, then began lapping it wildly. He held Joel’s tight ass firm in his hands, massaging his cheeks to loosen him up even more. From the noises he was emitting, it was obvious Joel had never been rimmed.

“Oh my god, dude,” Joel moaned. “You could just do that and I’d be happy!”

Jake grinned up at him, knowing the fucking would be even better. “We’ll see what you think of my cock in your ass then,” he replied.

Knowing Joel was ready, Jake stood back up and positioned his dick at Joel’s cherry. Once the tip was firmly in place, but still not inside yet, he pulled Joel’s legs over his shoulders, so that Joel’s thighs pressed firmly against Jake’s chest. Then, Jake leaned forward, squishing Joel into a ball on top of the sink. Their faces were now inches apart, giving Jake a close-up look at Joel’s expression. Jake could feel Joel’s heart racing, his breaths short and heavy, nervous and excited to take his first dick.

“I’m ready for you,” said Joel. “Put your big dick in me,” he pleaded, confidently.

Slow and steady, Jake began to tilt his hips forward. He felt the initial pressure from Joel’s tight hole and watched as his expression went from confident to worry, not realizing before just how big Jake was.

“Oh fuck!!” Joel screamed, feeling a mix of pleasure and pain.

“Hang in there, dude,” said Jake, trying to assure the freshman that it would soon feel great. “Just try to relax.”

Jake continued thrusting his hips forward until the familiar moment when the seal was broken, allowing his dick to fully sincan escort enter Joel’s ass. Lubed with spit, he glided deep inside without friction. Both jocks grunted wildly, feeling the hedonistic pleasure of anal sex.

“Your ass is incredible,” Jake complimented. He leaned down and kissed Joel passionately, beginning long, slow thrusts in and out of Joel to fully stretch him out. He heard Joel’s moans getting longer and deeper as his ass relaxed with each thrust.

After a few moments, Joel pulled back from the kiss. Staring directly into Jake’s eyes, he begged him, “Fuck me hard, Jake.”

Jake didn’t need to be told twice. Still leaning over Joel, he wrapped both hands behind Joel’s neck, then used them for leverage to thrust hard and fast into Joel’s hole. With each thrust, his dick fully exited and entered Joel, clapping his groin audibly against Joel’s taint as his balls flapped against his ass cheeks.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Joel screamed each time, losing control of his body lustfully. Jake smiled down at him, thrilled to be making his teammate so sexually satisfied.

Eventually, Jake leaned back up, spreading Joel’s legs wide across the counter. Then, he grabbed the top of Joel’s thighs and continued his fast, hard thrusts into Joel’s hole. At the same time, this allowed Joel to jerk off his own hard cock. Clearly trying to prevent an orgasm, he stroked it slowly.

Jake looked down at his lover, flushed and smiling intently up at him. His tan skin and hairy chest were soaked in sweat, smelling of masculinity and sex. His biceps bulged as he continued stroking his cock, the pace quickening.

“You’re gonna make me blow my load,” screamed Joel. “Oh fuck, FUCK!”

He shook as cum erupted from his cock, spraying wildly up into the air. His seed sprayed in every direction, with ropes landing on the counter, Joel’s furry chest, and even Jake. The manly, uncontrollable grunting continued, his chest heaving as cum flowed like a river out of his dick. Jake couldn’t believe how much cum there was.

“Fuck man, it’s like that was your first orgasm or something,” he said, surprised but impressed.

When it finally stopped, Joel smiled exasperatedly. “I usually cum buckets, but even for me that was a ton.”

Still thrusting, Jake rubbed the cum around Joel’s chest, feeling his rock-solid abs and well-defined chest. He loved the way the cum quickly became sticky, coating all of Joel’s black hair and getting lost in the crevices of his jacked torso.

“Feed me my cum,” Joel begged. Jake smiled, realizing he could do even better. He leaned over, lapping up with his tongue the pool of Joel’s jizz on his chest. Then, Jake spit it directly into Joel’s open mouth, kissing him after passionately. The salty taste and smell of Joel’s load pushed Jake over the edge, as a pressure deep in his loins began to build.

“Oh fuck, I’m so close dude,” said Jake as he thrust harder and faster. “Can I cum in your ass?”

“Hell yeah,” said Joel naughtily. “Breed my asshole!!”

Their faces inches apart, Jake stared directly into Joel’s eyes as he began to orgasm, screaming in pleasure as cum streamed out of his cock. His dick throbbed, releasing a massive load deep inside Joel’s hole. All the while, he continued thrusting, letting some of the cum repetitively release and get pushed back into his ass.

When his orgasm finally subsided, Jake pulled out his cock to let a rush of jizz pour out onto the counter. Jake smiled, pleased at his work taking Joel’s virginity.

“So are you ever going back to girls after that?” Jake asked jokingly.

Joel laughed, surprised by the candid question. “I’m still mostly straight, but that was fucking incredible.”

“Well if you ever want to get fucked again, you know who to call,” replied Jake. “Now get up and clean off before someone else comes in here!”

After Joel pulled himself off the sink counter, Jake smacked his ass one final time as they walked together to the showers.

To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32