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Dean Broody vs. Kayla Cooper


Dean woke up to find himself alone in bed. Kayla had obviously woken up earlier and gone back to her chalet. He remembered clearly what had happened between them. He could still smell the scent of her sweet perfume on the pillows, still taste her on the back of his tongue, still remember her ecstatic moans…

“Fuck!” Dean groaned when his cock gave a lurch.

That was hands down the best fuck of his life. He knew that even wild horses couldn’t have stopped him from fucking Kayla again if he had woken up to find her in bed beside him. It was good she had left as her being sore would definitely not have stopped him either. His phone started ringing and he reached for it with a groan. It was Tyron.

“Yes?” Dean growled into the phone.

“Dude, get your arse down here. We have to eat and set off.” Tyron boomed.

“Will be right there.”

Dean took a quick shower and dressed up, thinking about Kayla and hoping she was okay. He also hoped there wasn’t going to be any awkwardness between them because of what happened. He was actually dreading the guys getting to know what he had done, more than seeing Kayla. After all, she did say there were no strings attached. And that’s what he wanted…right? So why the fuck did he have that achy feeling in his chest, Dean wondered. He felt like he was losing something very important and he hated the feeling.

After dressing casually in a simple but sexy fitted, white cotton T-shirt, a pair of dark wash jeans and loafers, Dean left to go and eat with his friends.


Kayla Cooper stared at her reflection in the mirror but her mind wasn’t on her sexy-looking self. She looked totally hot in a white hipster shorts and a sexy, sheer, spa-blue flyaway back top, whose low-cut armholes gave a hint of the white curve-hugging strapless lace bralette beneath. What the fuck had she been thinking, allowing what had happened between her and Dean? In her defense, she had thought the whole thing had been a dream in the initial stages. Kayla scoffed at herself, shaking her head. Who was she kidding? Even after she realized it was real, she hadn’t bolted or stopped what was going on but had rather asked for the ultimate…a fuck.

“Shit!” Kayla muttered.

She was dying to know how she had gotten into Dean’s bed in the first place. She did remember Dean telling her at the party the night before that she had to lie down because she was drunk. Had he decided to take her to his room instead of hers? If that was the case, why would Dean do that? Kayla needed answers and was definitely going to ask Dean when she saw him. At least no one had seen her take the walk of shame in the wee hours of the morning. Kayla’s lips curled in a smile when she remembered how sexy Dean had looked asleep when she was leaving his bed. The dark stubble peppering his chin made him look deliciously sexy and his tousled hair seemed deliberately boyish. Shouldn’t there be a law against looking that good in the morning or something… Damn!

What was Dean going to think about her now? She had always had a crush on Dean Broody but had hidden it very well from everyone. Why make her crush known when the man in question was not interested in any long term relationship? Dean went through ladies like he changed his boxer briefs. Sometimes Kayla had a feeling Dean didn’t have any intention of ever settling down. The strings of broken hearts he had left behind him was legendry. Ladies kept falling for his good looks and fun nature and always ended up used and dumped. Well, Kayla had seen enough to know Dean was bad news. All the more reason why she was shocked at her lack of self-control.

Yes, she had dated a few guys, but she had never felt the urge to put out. None of them did anything for her. But with Dean…Kayla just didn’t know why she had the hots for him. It couldn’t be just about his looks because she had dated quite a number of handsome guys, but none had made her melt with just a smile, wet from just the sound of his voice or shiver with want like Dean did. In his bed the night before, she had felt like that was her one and only chance to be with the man she was always drooling over in private. And damn…what an experience it had been. Despite the lingering soreness inside her pussy, she could still feel him in there. And it was an oddly luscious feeling.

Kayla güvenilir bahis looked at her reflection and touched her lips, remembering those scorching kisses Dean had bestowed on her. Damn, the man could kiss! Kayla moaned when she felt a delicious tingle surge through her. She sure wasn’t ever going to forget what had happened. Dean had rocked her world. She felt her face warm up with a blush when she remembered her lusty cries and screams for more.

“Oh my God!” Kayla groaned, burying her face in her palms. She was such a slut.

Her dilemma was how she was going to act around Dean after that mind-blowing encounter. She sure didn’t want the others to know. And from Dean’s words, he wouldn’t want anyone to know either. Hell, the man had virtually made her swear an oath to forget about their encounter. Much as that had hurt, Kayla knew she had to respect his wishes. She had promised! Kayla wondered how she was going to cope with being near Dean, wanting him…more so, now that she had tasted just what he could offer, and not being able to do jack squat about it. Kayla groaned and combed her short hair with her fingers in frustration. It looked like she didn’t have any choice but to keep some distance between herself and Dean. That was the only solution.

With a sign, Kayla applied some lip gloss to her lips, wore her flat, skimpy thong sandals and headed for the door, knowing that if she didn’t get to the others anytime soon, Chris would probably come to her room to carry her out himself since he had already called her twice. After checking her appearance a final time in the mirror on the door, Kayla left the room.


There was an ‘all you can eat’ seafood buffet on the beach and all the party guests were busy enjoying the meals. The ‘squad’ occupied a wide table and made a lot of ruckus whilst they ate. The only non-members on their table were Kyle’s twin brother Ken, Matt’s fiancée Jen and a blonde bimbo who came with Chris. Kyle made it a point to spend as much time as he could with his twin brother who was dying of cancer. Kyle tried to look happy for his brother’s sake but his friends knew exactly what he was going through and made it a point to show their support at all times. Briana, Cole’s fiancée was back in school so couldn’t make it to the party. Neither could Mary, Michael’s wife who was in her third trimester and therefore felt too huge to party.

“Hey Dean,” Michael turned amused eyes in Dean’s direction, “didn’t I see you carry Kayla out at a point during the party?”

Dean almost chocked on the shrimp he was munching on. “No you didn’t.” He said in a voice that sounded breathless.

He could see Kayla making her way towards their table. And God, did she look mouth-wateringly hot! Damn! All Dean could think of at that moment was Kayla’s hot tight pussy vibrating around him, Kayla arching into him, her clit grinding into his pelvis, her body shuddering, jerking, her eyes dazed… Sudden heat suffused his entire body, rushing lower and hardening his dick. Shit! He had to make an effort to tear his eyes away from her before his crazy friends figured out something was up…pun intended.

“I could have sworn I saw you pick her…”

“Well I said I didn’t.” Dean said tightly, cutting Michael off but his friends seem not to realize how desperate he looked.

They needed to drop it before Kayla got to the table, Dean thought frantically. He was particularly happy to see Cole in a serious discussion with Ken, Kyle’s twin. He would have picked up on Dean’s emotions for sure, more so with Kayla’s name involved. Being a lawyer helped Cole read people like a book…unlike that silly Michael, who only got serious when he thought people needed medical attention.

“Actually I also saw it Doc.” Damon chipped in, addressing Michael. “They were right at the…”

But his words were cut off when Tristan leaned over and took his mouth in a lingering kiss.

There was cheering and catcalls not just from their table, but from the other tables as well. By the time Tristan broke off the kiss, the guys had forgotten the topic of Dean and Kayla, and the latter was seated, drinking a glass of orange juice.

Dean tore his eyes away from Kayla and turned to find Tristan’s eyes on him. Then he knew. Tristan had only kissed Damon to shut him up. He must have seen how uncomfortable Dean had been with the topic under discussion.

“Thank you.” türkçe bahis Dean mouthed to Tristan, who he had gotten very close to and treated as though he were his kid brother. He flashed a grateful smile when Tristan winked at him.

Kayla made it a point to avoid Dean throughout the meal. Whenever she saw Dean making his way towards her, she would turn and start talking to one of the guys. Much as she wanted answers, she dreaded talking to Dean as that would mean standing close to him, listening to that sexy voice, taking in the scent of his cologne and looking into those beautiful dark blue eyes. Kayla moaned low in her throat when she felt her nipples harden. Christ!

The way she was feeling that very moment, Kayla couldn’t promise not to jump Dean’s bones in front of everyone if she got close to him. The man looked sinfully delicious in that casual outfit. The way his T-shirt shifted over the hard muscles of his chest, shoulders, and biceps, simply made her mouth water, made her pussy throb, made her heart beat faster. The further she stayed from Dean, the better, Kayla told herself. She did have her pride after all. No woman in their right mind should go throwing themselves at a man who had made it crystal clear he wanted nothing to do with her.

“Wanna talk to her?” Tristan asked a confused looking Dean. At Dean’s nod, Tristan stated simply, “Follow my lead.”

He had been watching the two since earlier when he realized Dean was uncomfortable with his and Kayla’s topic on board. He had also noticed how Kayla went out of her way to stay away from Dean. Tristan could bet his life something had gone on between the two. He knew they were adults and could sort out their issues on their own. But he sure as hell wasn’t going to stand by and do nothing when Dean was looking more frantic by the minute.

“Hey Kayla,” Tristan said taking hold of Kayla’s hand, “You’re not going to believe this. That bloke you were dancing with at the party…the redhead…remember him?”

“Stan? What happened to him?” Kayla asked wide-eyed.

“The idiot actually slept outside till this morning.” Tristan said with a straight face, dragging a laughing Kayla towards a secluded section by the pool area. “Let me show you where. I’ve never seen anyone act so stupid when they’re drunk as that asshole. One minute he was telling me he was a doctor, in the next breath he was telling me he was a designer. That actually got me thinking though…can’t plastic surgeons be also called designers? After all, they do re-design don’t they?”

Kayla was laughing so hard she didn’t even realize they had moved away from the others.

“I mean, they make all those drawings with those bloody markers first, and then…oh fuck! What says the time Kay?” Tristan asked taking hold of Kayla’s wrist to look at the time on her wrist-watch. “Shit! I’ve gotta call my dad. Be right back Kay.” Tristan said sprinting off.

By the time Kayla finished wiping her face of her tears of mirth, Tristan was long gone. She turned to go too, only to come face to face with Dean. Her heart jumped in her chest. It was pounding so fast she wouldn’t have been surprised if it had jumped right out of her body. A flood of emotions broke free in her body…lust, desire, melting her and making her body ache for the touch of the man standing in front of her. Kayla had always known Dean was handsome and hot and all but…had he always looked this breathtakingly sexy? Or had his sex appeal sky-rocketed overnight, in her eyes since he rocked her world? She could feel herself getting wet just by being this close to the man and that scared the shit out of her.

“He…hey Dean.” Kayla stuttered. Why the fuck was she stuttering? She never stuttered.

“You are avoiding me Kay.” Dean’s voice was soft and oh so sexy. Kayla felt a delicious clench in her pussy despite the slight soreness.

“Wha…what?” Kayla cleared her throat and admonished herself silently to ‘man up’. ‘I haven’t been doing any such thing. Did you enjoy the meal? Nice spread wasn’t it? Are you ready to leave? I have to go and pack my stuff.” Kayla was rambling and she knew it.

“Kay, breathe.” Dean said softly, reaching for her hands. They were sweaty and shaking.

Dean watched Kayla take deep breaths and smiled tenderly at her. She was so ravishingly hot.

“Are you okay?” He asked a now calm Kayla.

“Yes.” Kayla couldn’t look Dean in the eye. She stared güvenilir bahis siteleri at a spot on his chest. “It’s always good to breath in and out.”

“That’s not what I meant. How are you feeling after…”

“I’m fine.” Kayla stated firmly, cutting him off.

“Good to know you’re okay. We need to talk Kayla.” Dean said, wishing Kayla would look him in the eye.

“I thought we agreed to forget about it. That’s what you wanted. What is there to talk about?” Kayla asked in a shaky voice, pulling her hands out of Dean’s.

“We didn’t use protection Kayla.” Dean whispered.

“Oh…” Kayla finally looked up at Dean, wide eyed. It hadn’t even occurred to her that they hadn’t used any protection. How irresponsible of her. Fortunately she was on the pill to correct her cycle so there was not going to be any surprises. That didn’t mean she shouldn’t be careful though. “I’m clean. You don’t have to…”

“I know I don’t have anything to worry about. I’m also clean. But there’s the other…”

Kayla knew exactly what had Dean worried. Of course he wouldn’t want any unwanted surprises and wanted to make sure nothing like that was going to happen. Her chest tightened, hurt, even though she wasn’t surprised.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.” Kayla said unable to hide the hurt from my voice.

God, she had the most amazing mouth, Dean thought, staring at Kayla’s mouth. Fuck! He hadn’t heard what she had just said. “Kay there’s a drug…”

“I said I’ll take care of it.” Kayla snapped. She was pissed. “I’m not going to trap you with a pregnancy so you don’t have to worry Dean. I did give you my word.”

“That’s not what I meant…”

“Why the fuck did you take me to your room last night?” Kayla demanded heatedly. “‘Cause I remember you saying I needed to lie…”

“You fell asleep before you could tell me which chalet was yours.” Dean said quietly.


“And I thought I could let you sleep it off in my room as I was going back to the party anyway.” Dean shrugged. “But I totally forgot about you until I slid into bed when I got back.”

“And you couldn’t wake me up and send me back to my room?” Kayla looked incredulous.

“I tried to but…” Dean trailed off. How do you tell someone they threw themselves at you, and you lost control?

“Tell me. I really want to know.” Kayla crossed her arms under her breast and Dean swallowed, his eyes falling onto the tantalizing globes, the image of that pierced nipple vivid in his mind. “Dean?”

Dean tore his eyes away from her breasts with difficulty and looked into her eyes. “Look, you were drunk okay? And you…you had taken off your dress when I got back and…damn, those boobs…”


“Sorry. You wouldn’t leave me alone Kay. I did try, really…”

“I know I asked you to…”

“Before that Kay. I guess you thought you were dreaming.”

“Oh shit!” Kayla muttered. What had she done? Did she force herself on Dean? Was that how the whole thing started?

Dean couldn’t stop the grin that spread across his face, watching the myriad of emotions play on Kayla’s face. “Do you dream about me often Kay?” He asked teasingly.

Kayla managed to give Dean a disgusting look which, judging by the hurt look that crossed his face, worked. Kayla wanted to gather him into his arms to wipe that look off his face, but knew she couldn’t do that without given herself away.

“Hey it was only a joke Kayla.” Dean muttered, cringing. Did he disgust Kayla that much?

“Do I look like I’m joking here? Look, I’m sorry I…I threw myself at you. That’s never going to happen again. As for what happened, it’s forgotten. I gave my word and I always keep my word. See you around.” And with that, Kayla turned and moved briskly away, leaving a stunned Dean staring after her.

“Shit!” Dean swore, running his fingers through his hair in frustration.

He understood why Kayla would get angry. Anybody would, if they were asked to take drugs to prevent pregnancy after being made to promise to forget about getting fucked. But it had to be done as he didn’t know whether she had thought about the repercussions…being a newbie and all. Dean felt so out of control and he hated it. All he wanted to do when Kayla was standing in front of him was slam his mouth on hers and fuck the consequence. Kayla made his blood boil. He knew he had to get her alone and have a serious talk with her and try to smooth things out.

Dean never got the chance to talk to Kayla though. Not on the Island, not on the cruise back. She avoided him like the plague. Dean had never been more worried and confused in his life.


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