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Mike Burgins had a headache. The class was stuffy and it was too cold to open the windows. It was too cold for most of these girls to wear their barely-there uniforms, what with their skirts resembling large belts. That, however, was the last thing on his mind. He still had 15 minutes to go before the end of the day and it seemed like an eternity. He loved subbing, but these damn private schools with their snooty little 18 year-old girls running through the halls giggling at every ounce of gossip they hear, and even some they didn’t, annoyed him to no end. If it weren’t for the ridiculous compensation graciously bestowed to him, he would stick to kindergarten in public schools, where kids didn’t know what attitude was, and parents weren’t quick to inform them. But he needed the money and teaching was his passion.

In the middle of delivering a captivating historical account on Alexander the Great, Mike caught a glimpse of two girls in the back row passing a note, paused and rolled his eyes.

“Ms. Geren, something to share?” he asked innocently, knowing he’d busted them.

“Not at all, Mr. Burgins”, the one on the left replied, sweetly. She purposefully crossed her long legs and looked him right in the eye, as if daring him to further his questioning. Her voice was unmistakably seductive and Mike was fuelled by the opportunity to put her in her place. The girls were hot, not only by adolescent standards, but he was hardly going to allow them to use that to supersede his authority.

“Well, in that case, Samantha, you won’t mind bringing me that note you just slipped to Emily”.

Sweet Samantha’s smile faded, but only momentarily. Perhaps she saw this as an opportunity; one Mike would not yet understand. “Absolutely, sir”, her sugary voice dripped, as she sauntered up, swaying her ass like it wasn’t attached to the rest of her body. Mike looked skeptical as he took the note from her, uncertain as to why her confidence was seemingly over-inflated, considering the circumstances. He slowly unfolded the letter, turned a deep shade of red, placed it on his desk and returned to his lecture.

Before proceeding, he quickly asserted “I’ll see you after class, Ms. Geren”, hoping that his voice didn’t betray the uneasiness he felt in the pit of his stomach, as well as his crotch. The next 12 minutes passed far too quickly and when the bell rang, Mike’s headache throbbed. All the short skirts ran by him, giggling in a manner that suggested that they were paid to piss him off, but Samantha remained in her seat, a pencil in her hand as she allowed the tip of the eraser to trace her pink, pouty lips.

Mike stood in front of his desk, leaning back against it, his arms and legs crossed as he contemplated how to best handle the situation. He picked up the note and, hoping to embarrass his inexperienced student, he read it aloud. “Mr. Burgins is fucking hot. SOOOOO fucking hot!! I bet I could do wonders with that rod in his pants.” He chuckled for effect, thinking she would realize the immaturity in her words. Samantha merely smiled, her eyes narrow, as if she damn well meant every word and wanted the opportunity to prove it. That look didn’t help Mike’s intentions. If anything, it caused him to recognize that Samantha was likely much more experienced than he gave her credit for. She was now flicking her tongue ever so lightly against the eraser and all he could suddenly picture was that movement on his cock, which, to his horror, was feeling unmistakably erect. The last thing he ever wanted was to allow his libido to entertain these children’s fantasies and right now, the only thing he wanted was for Samantha to entertain hers.

With that thought slipping through his mind, Mike had to come to grips with reality, which stated that he was a good 12 years older than his seductive student. The immorality of the mere thought of a teenie-bopper hard-on was bound to be documented in some statute, somewhere, and besides which, he absolutely hated these girls. He hated their voices and their hair and their money and their legs… But he fucking loved their legs. Who was he trying to kid? He loved it all.

All these deliberations were passing so distractedly through his head that Mike barely had a chance to notice that Samantha had risen from her seat and was steadily approaching him. Did she all of a sudden turn 28? Is that make-up she’s wearing? Are those breasts for real!? Mike started to panic. Not because he had to think of a way to get Samantha out of his classroom and into detention, but because he was so scared that he would rip that silly school-girl skirt right off of her and commit the worst and best crime he could possibly imagine.

Unable to think clearly, mainly because there was a lack of blood-flow to his head, Mike could do very little to stop Samantha bahis firmaları when she reached him, pushed her lithe body right up against his, wound her left hand around his neck and pulled him down into a sharp, hard kiss. Ok, the reality was that there was little he wanted to do about it and he let her slip her tongue into his mouth, just as she had done to the eraser. She teased his lips, ground her hips against his now rock-hard cock and let her other hand shamelessly map the defined muscles of his upper body through his shirt.

Mike couldn’t think. All he knew was that a woman was throwing himself at him, she was hot, she was horny, and the door was closed. “Fuck it”, he thought out loud, placing his hands firmly on Samantha’s round ass and forcing her harder against him.

“What was that?” Samantha drawled, with a knowing smile. “You want me to suck it?”

“You do that,” Mike retorted, feeling entirely as if an alien being had possessed his body and forced his reply. In futility, he attempted to come to his senses. “No! I mean, you can’t. I mean, this is grossly inappropriate…” Mike was cut off by another hard kiss by Samantha and her hand was suddenly on his balls, lightly squeezing, causing him to gasp and his body to stiffen, as did his cock. As a man, there was little he could do at this point to stop what was about to transpire. As much as he knew he’d hate himself afterward, blowjobs were not easily passed up, and he was suddenly desperate to cum in a hot teenager’s tender mouth. As that thought crossed his mind, so did the fleeting guilt, but at this point, it was greatly superseded.

Before another reality-filled idea could enter his mind, Mike realized that Samantha had slid her way down his body and was on her knees, at mouth-level with his crotch. She blew hot breath through his pants as she undid the button of his khakis and Mike briefly wondered if the door was locked. Of course it wasn’t. The kids had just left. Somehow, that added to the excitement and without meaning to, Mike started gyrating his hips, pushing himself against Samantha’s lips as she slowly stripped him. Too slowly. A groan of impatience escaped Mike, as he stared down at the activities occurring below his waist. Samantha made eye contact with him, winked, and continued her lengthy escapade.

Finally, Mike’s pants were undone and the head of his cock was presumptuously poking through the top of his Marvin the Martian boxers. Samantha eyed it, as if considering her next move; as if there were many options. With a smile on her face, she remained with her theme of torturous deliberation and lightly circled her finger around the sensitive tip of his dick, giggling as he gasped at her touch. She did it a second time, her other hand resting on his tight thigh, and her teasing was driving him insane.

“Don’t fuck with me, little girl”, Mike said tenuously, his voice low, rough and foreign. He could barely believe that these words were coming from him, as he always prided himself on his morality and dedication to the children. He justified his actions with the unbelievable notion that he was doing Samantha some kind of favour by allowing her to fulfill her wildest fantasies. Delusional.

Instigated by Mike’s tone, Samantha smiled and with force, suddenly took hold of the top of his pants and boxers, and yanked them downward, exposing his erect cock and letting it fall slightly forward, hard as a rock and perfectly sculpted. He was large, but not extravagantly huge; not the kind of penis that women cringed at, wondering how they’ll be walking after a night of unbridled passion. Mike seemed surprised to see it, as if he had never before witnessed this appendage emanate from his body. Samantha’s satisfied grin appeased him and as she gingerly wrapped her manicured hand around his shaft, he felt himself slipping to an even more distant, far-off land known as Insurmountable Pleasure.

Without any hint of self-control, Mike’s pelvis began pushing into the girl with almost imperceptible movement, but just enough to cause frightening electricity. Samantha leaned forward, as if about to tell this one-eyed creature her deepest, darkest secret. She held her breath a moment, and then allowed it to slip over him in a sheet of warmth. If Mike had hair on his cock, it would have stood on end. Samantha wasn’t moving, but sitting still, quizzically examining her prize, teasing him with maximum potential. Licking her lips, her hand began to pump him slowly, causing his hips to move with more determination, as his head slid between her fingers. Another being in the room must have groaned, because Mike was sure it wasn’t him. And the near-yell that exploded out of him next, as Samantha suddenly broadened her tongue and washed it over the head of his penis could not possible have kaçak iddaa gone unheard. Not only was this childish goddess using her mouth as a silky, massaging vacuum, but her left hand was now gently cupping Mike’s balls, tickling them with just enough pressure to force him to wonder which part of his dick felt better. Mike watched as his cock slid in and out of Samantha’s mouth, as if viewing from an alternate reality, still convinced that he was portraying no crime. His pre-cum covered her lips, and she used it to ease the friction while she pumped him with more vigor.

Mike was tempted to put his hands on the girl’s head and press her into him, but realized in a moment of lucidity that such an act would indicate control, and he was still in the process of believing he had none.

And then, in an instant, she stopped. Just like that. Finished. Samantha got up from her knees, backed away and smiled, as she caught a drop of his preliminary juices with her finger, wiping it from her lips. The look of shock on Mike’s face was nothing compared to the feeling of depravity in his loins. His cock was too hard to allow it respite. He needed to cum and with morals all but completely dissipated, he wanted to cum inside her. Fortunately, Samantha was a coy tease, and she had no intention of stopping there. What she wanted from her teacher was validation. She wanted him to want her. After making his attempts at humiliation and condescension, she wanted nothing more than for him to know that this little girl was worth the man he was. On second thought, there was something she wanted more. She wanted something inside of her as much, if not more than he did.

She was patient, though, and she waited. She smiled, cocked her head, licked her lips, did all the things she thought would turn him on, and she waited. She watched as Mike began to grab hold of himself and masturbate, and she vacantly wondered if this would be enough to satisfy him. Not to be outdone, Samantha lifted herself onto the desk behind her and spread her legs. Mike’s hand moved faster. Slowly, she dragged her finger from her lips, over her breasts, under her barely-there skirt, and she let him watch as she showed him her lack of underwear, and tickled her clit, never taking her eyes off of him.

Mike wanted to jump her. He was quickly losing the argument with his self-imposed values, as well as with those expressed by the greater society. He hoped that his training, strong character and impeccable standards would have prohibited this entire scene from unfolding, but when it came right down to it, the penis really did have the more controlling head. He took one more stab at it. “We can’t do this”, he managed to squeak out.

Samantha may not have gotten the validation she was seeking in that moment, but she certainly didn’t let it detract from her determination. She slid off the desk as if made of mercury. Mike remained standing against his own desk, cock in hand, hard as ever. Samantha brushed his groin with her skirt, as she took his left hand and placed it inside her unbuttoned shirt and on her breast. The bra was lacey, slightly padded and totally in his way. Yet again, Mike’s vision of self-control dissipated like a mirage, and in less than the time it took the idea to enter his head, he ripped off Samantha’s shirt, pushed her bra above her firm tits and buried her right nipple into his mouth. He was rough, biting and grabbing and forcing her against him, and she loved every second of it. If it hurt, she didn’t notice, and all she felt was Mike’s cock pushing into her abdomen. His mouth was now on her other breast, and the under wire of her bra was cutting into her chest. Samantha deftly reached behind her and unclasped the restraint, allowing for full access to her round tits.

Samantha was thoroughly enjoying the assault, but her crotch was becoming wetter and was begging for attention. She reached forward and holding him by his head, which remained buried deep in her bosom, she quickly spun them around so that she was now pressed up against her teacher’s desk. As he briefly released her, she hopped up on the desk and spread her legs, then gently guided his head and mouth lower.

Mike, his dick throbbing, eagerly licked a nipple, then kissed her stomach and hovered over her navel as he sank down to his knees. He was no longer able to claim ignorance or even stupidity; he just plain old wanted to fuck this virtual child. But he also had to be generous, as any gentleman would. Spreading her knees wider with his big hands, he suddenly grasped her around her thighs and pulled her hips toward him, forcing her to lean back and thrust out her chest. Mike’s thoughts were a jumble, knowing better, thinking less and caring less than that. As there was a highly limited amount of blood left in his head, kaçak bahis he didn’t care about his job, his career or even that the door was unlocked.

He teased Samantha with the tip of his tongue, dancing it around her lips, her hole, her clit, much like she had done to him. She moaned and he was encouraged, and he flicked his tongue against her clit, ever so gently, pausing and waiting for her to beg for more, as he had. Samantha did what no guy is technically allowed to do without permission and pushed him by the back of his head, forcing his mouth into her pussy with a ferocity that echoed his sentiments exactly. He licked hungrily and moved his hand so that he could easily slide one, then two fingers deep inside of her. Penetrating her this way while sucking, licking and groaning without restraint caused a build-up of ecstasy in her that she had never before experienced. Samantha thrust against Mike’s hand and mouth, harder and harder and she moaned loudly, causing him to briefly be concerned about the real possibility of being caught. But his worries were fleeting as she flooded him, coming strongly on his fingers and cursing with a “fuck, yeah!” and “oh, fuck, baby!” that made him smile with satisfaction.

Yet, satisfied, he was not. Luckily, she knew it and Samantha had no intention of stopping there. The orgasm was good. Really good. But as much as she was a tease, she wasn’t about to leave him blue, nor did she want to miss out on his cock in her wet pussy.

“Get on the desk”, she ordered. Mike was clearly distracted, so she said it again, this time with more conviction. Like a good little boy, he obeyed her, standing up, turning and sitting gingerly on the edge of the old, worn wood. His dick was as hard as ever and he couldn’t help but stroke it as he stared at her, top open, skirt hiked, breasts heaving. Placing her sexy hands on his chest, she pushed him, implying that he should move back and allow her room. He could only imagine for what and he did as he was told.

Samantha aided him in lowering his pants and his dick stood tall and ready. She kept her skirt on, but directed Mike to remove his shirt, and she marveled at his impressive upper body. For a fleeting second, she wondered about the ramifications of this deed, and whether this final act was worth the potential disaster it could cause. But, as quickly as the thought surfaced, it sunk again, and she mounted the desk, straddling her teacher and moaning as his hands caressed her body.

The only thing Mike could feel was the heat radiating out of her crotch, which hovered just above his. Samantha reached down and felt his unrelenting hardness, again using his generous pre-cum to coat his cock. Again using her mad skills of treachery, she slowly descended on him, placing just the tip of his dick inside of her. She stopped for just a moment and then pulled him out. Mike’s frustration was mounting. He had tried to reject her, however unsuccessfully, and he had tried to reason with her, however fleetingly. But now he wanted her. He hated her, but he wanted her.

Again, Samantha used her toned thigh muscles to lower her body onto him and again she stopped. He growled, quite certain he had transformed into a bear and held her by her hips, pushing her downward. The strength this girl had was inhuman and she resisted him, but only until he stopped trying. With a glint in her eye, she leaned forward and kissed him hard. At the same time, she began bouncing on him, up and down, hard, yet controlled. She slowed, then quickened her pace; she fucked him hard, then softly, then hard again. She was driving him insane and he quickly realized that he loved it.

Succumbing to the pleasure that she was also deriving from her actions, Samantha withheld no longer and swiftly moved on him, faster and harder, pushing her pelvis into him as she did. Her clit rubbed against his hard abs and Mike watched with horror and delight as her tits bounced in his face. He grabbed them, bit them, tongued them with such joy, all the while listening to her mounting screams. He was about cum and he felt himself building to a fervent eruption.

Faster. Harder. She was shouting, moaning, grunting and swearing. With all the anticipation in the world built between the two of them, they both exploded and Mike came hard into her, bucking and forcing her down on him as he did. Samantha’s wet juices flowed over him and she continued screaming with what could only be described as the best fucking orgasm she had ever experienced.

Mike calmed his breathing and enjoyed the sweet sensation of release. He realized that the regret would come later, but this was beyond unbelievable. He again kissed her breasts and his cock twitched with its final appreciation. Samantha again leaned forward and kissed him, this time softly and with more tenderness than passion. He kissed her back and vowed that he would not allow himself to feel the awfulness that he knew he should; at least not for another few minutes.

And that was when the door opened.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32