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Rick moved to the other side of the bed, picked up some old mail and magazines, and set the vase down, arranging the flowers in the sunlight. All the time, he kept an eye on the strange sandstone sculpture given to him just the day before. Sun Li said that it was “meant” for him, or some such. Could that be why only he saw a man and woman making love in the stone? And what was the pungent liquid that secreted from the charm into his hand yesterday?

Rick rolled across the bed and picked up the talisman, cradling it in his left hand. As he stared, the yin/yang symbol in the stone swirled, congealed, morphed again into a woman and her lover fucking within the circle.

“Oh, baby, fuck me.”

Rick felt the words in his mind, like a whisper. A woman’s voice, somewhat familiar and arousing. The arousal swept through his arm, snake-like, behind his shoulder through his heart to between his legs, rushing blood to his cock. Rick zipped down his pants to free his erection, where it jerked loose of his shorts and twitched wildly in the air, pre-come leaking from the tip as if he hadn’t had an orgasm in years. Looking back at the stone, the lovers entwined and coiled together as Rick’s right hand tightened over his dick, jerking it slowly from root to tip. As the clear seminal fluid coated his prick under his right hand, a similar rivulet began to travel down his left wrist, out from under the stone.

Rick stopped. He took the stone out of his hand and examined the underside– it was bone dry, but the wetness on his left hand was unmistakable. Bringing his hand to his face, Rick smelled the scent of a woman’s heat, sweet and addictive. He licked at his hand, the way Sun Li did yesterday at the store. It tasted… like a lover. He rolled onto his stomach, replacing the stone on the nightstand and buried his face into his left hand, sipping and licking all traces of fluid, reveling in its sweetness. What was left on his hand, he wiped under his nose and on his lips, content to lay there and breathe in the smell of a wet pussy until the doorbell rang.

“Oh, shit,” Rick said, examining his pants. They were messy from what seemed like a cup of pre-come all over the front. Rick ripped the pants off and threw them in the hamper in his closet before fumbling in a drawer for a pair of jeans. “Just a minute!” he shouted toward the door.

Rick padded downstairs and through the living room, buttoning his jeans as he made it to the door. Looking through the beveled glass of his front door, he saw a woman with red hair wearing a white mock-turtleneck shirt. She looked upset for some reason. Opening the door, Rick asked, “Hey, are you okay?”

“Oh, thank god you’re home,” the redhead screamed, jumping nervously in place. “My cat’s stuck on your roof and he can’t get down. I’ve been looking for him all morning.” perabet The woman’s statement was punctuated sharply, almost comically, by a plaintive “miaow” just overhead.

Rick looked up, and saw a black Burmese staring down at him from the roof. Upon making eye contact, the cat made another “miaow” sound as if to say, “What’s your problem? Come up here and save me.”

Rick placed a hand on the redhead’s shoulder to calm her. “Don’t worry, this won’t take long. I’ve got a ladder in the back. Come on.”

Ten minutes later, Rick met the source of his masturbatory interruption. The Burmese sat placidly at the edge of the roof waiting to be picked up. “miaow,” the cat said, which Rick interpreted as: “about damn time.” He cradled the cat in his arm and walked over to the ladder, climbing down slowly to the ground and the cat’s owner.

“Oh, Simon, are you okay, baby?” the redhead examined the cat’s neck and belly, and, assured that he was all right, turned to Rick. “Oh god, thank you…”

“Rick. My name’s Rick.” he said, extending his hand.

“Moira. Moira Mc Fadden.” The redhead shook Rick’s hand, holding it for a moment, staring at him. “Have you eaten?” she asked.

“A little something for breakfast, I’m fine. Thanks anyway.”

Moira tightened her grip on Rick’s hand. “Something to drink, then? I have to say ‘thank you’ some kind of way.”

“Your luck is going to change.” Sun Li’s words echoed in Rick’s mind, as he looked in Moira’s eyes. He saw her pupils grow large and her cheeks flush, deepening the appearance of her freckles.

“Something to drink would be fine, Moira.”

Moira’s apartment opened into her kitchen, where two other cats waited patiently next to empty food bowls for her arrival. “This is Jason and that one there is Galore.” She set the burmese next to the other two cats, poured some kibble into their bowl and led Rick to her living room.

“A pussy named Galore?” Rick smiled. “You a James Bond fan?”

“Yes. My favorites are the Connerys.”

“Mine too, though Brosnan’s not too shabby.” Rick said. Maybe Sun Li was right. After all, how many women like James Bond?

Moira poured a Pellegrino into a two glasses, offering one to Rick, and sat on a plush leather couch, patting the cushion next to her as an invitation. Rick sat and leaned over to kiss her.

“Excuse me.”

“Hm?” Rick said.

“What are you doing?”

Rick turned beet red. “Um, I was going to… uh I … I’m sorry. I guess I got the wrong signal, and there was this woman I met yesterday who said…”

“What, a fortune teller or something?”

“Something like that.”

“Oh. That’s okay. You know my horoscope told me I should be more impulsive, you know?”

“Um… yeah.” Rick sat back.

“I guess it’s just different in practice as opposed perabet giriş to just reading it,” Moira said. “Let’s try this again.”

Moira leaned over to Rick and lightly pecked at his lips, looking at him. She then closed her eyes, and kissed him more fully, slipping her tongue between her lips and his, licking his teeth and swirling around his tongue.

Rick held his drink out, trying to hold her without spilling. As she leaned closer and kissed more passionately, some of the water sloshed out of the glass, splashing along her back. Moira broke the kiss, screaming.

“Oh, Jesus…” Rick stammered.

“Shhhh, it’s okay,” Moira placed a finger on Rick’s lips and pulled the turtleneck off, over her head. Her breasts were creamy, dotted with freckles. Rick could see the pink circles of areola just underneath the beige lace, and the impressions of erect nipples poking out from under the satin cups, as she took the glass from his hand.

“You’re beautiful,” he said.

“My breasts aren’t too small?” she asked.

“No, they’re perfect.” Rick closed his lips around one of the nipple impressions and breathed hot air through the satin. He then felt a hand press against the back of his head, pushing it closer to her breast. A moan traveled from Moira’s throat down her chest, reverberating under her breast bone. Rick tugged at the cup of her bra, freeing her nipple, and sucked softly, rhythmically.

“Oh, that feels good, honey,” Moira moaned. She swung her leg over, straddling him, and ground her pelvis against his dick. The action, and their kiss, brought Rick’s erection back to the point where he was licking pussy juice from his hand. Moira ground harder into the bulge, and Rick could feel her tremble under the breast in his mouth. The hand behind his head dropped, and Moira’s full weight fell onto Rick. He responded by circling his arms around her back, feeling for hooks to undo her bra.

Moira straightened slightly. “Wait,” she said, then: “here,” as she unclipped the snap in the front of the bra, spilling her breasts into his hands. Rick wet his fingers in his mouth, then pinched at Moira’s right breast, continuing to suck her left nipple. Moira ground her sex into Rick’s pants even harder through the fabric, shaking and tensing her legs over his hips. She then dropped her face to his, kissing him with need, with hunger. Her legs slid along his right thigh, moving back and forth before squeezing again. She broke their kiss again, gasping and whispering.

“You make me come so good.”

A trail of clothes lay like breadcrumbs from the living room to the bedroom, ending with a pile of socks and beige satin panties at the foot of the bed. Moira lay back, guiding Rick’s head between her legs. The scent of her sex mingled with that of strawberries and apples as he touched perabet güvenilir mi his tongue to her clit, causing it to protrude slightly. Rick pulled her lips apart and continued licking along the inside of her labia, down, up and circling around her clitoris. Each time he sucked her clit, her come became thicker, tangier, as she ground her pussy into his face. He stepped up his pace until he just stayed at her clit, sucking it between his lips and flicking his tongue against it. Moira answered his efforts with an alternating string of endearments and curses.

“You need to fuck me, now,” she said.

Moira slipped out from under Rick’s mouth, skipping over to her dresser. She turned, and faced Rick, with her hands behind her. “Lay back, honey,” she said.

Rick scooted up the bed, watching Moira crawl between his legs. She cradled his dick in her hand, enjoying the way it twitched when she licked it. “Close your eyes, darling,” she said.

Rick saw imaginary lights under his eyelids, feeling a warm sensation on his cock spreading, getting warmer, accompanied by sucking. His cock grew harder and throbbed. The sucking continued until he felt a constriction at the head of his cock. Rick cracked open his eyes to peek.

“Oh, my god.”

Moira’s lips were stretched around the base of Rick’s cock, her nose brushing against his skin, lost in his pubic hair. The sucking alternated with the grip of a gulping sensation at the tip of his dick, massaging it, bringing it closer to eruption.

“Oh, fuck,” he said.

Moira looked into Rick’s eyes and lifted her face from his cock. Rick looked down, and saw a rubber rolled on to his cock, as it waved up and down urgently.

“You’re going to fuck me, now.” Moira said.

Moira brought her pelvis up, aligning her pussy with this man in her bed. Rick looked down, watching her take him, feeling her wetness through the rubber as she settled fully on his root. He closed his eyes and thrust upward, pushing as deeply as he could into her womb. Moira pushed back, then lifted, sliding his dick almost completely out, before crashing on it again. Every few minutes, she would stop– stop moving, breathing. She would grip his arms tightly and grind her pussy on his manhood, making a high-pitched wail in her throat. When she relaxed, her nipples hardened and her pussy got wetter, and she fucked Rick harder.

“Oh baby, fuck me,” she said.

Rick closed his eyes and remembered the voice he had heard in his bedroom. He heard himself scream as he came into the rubber, and throbbed in Moira’s pussy. Moira screamed in accompaniment, biting his neck and licking his ear. “You make me come so fucking good, darling,” she said. “You feel so good”.

“…so good, so good…” she repeated, as she drifted to sleep. Rick lay spent, and subconsciously held Moira closer, feeling her warmth, taking in her scent. As he relaxed and began to doze, Rick saw Simon over at the doorway, making eye contact. Simon meowed as if to say, “Thanks, she needed that,” before padding out of the room.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32