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Allie and Carly’s term ended and they both headed home. Their parting was sweet, if a little difficult. Knowing that they’d be together again soon was reassuring. Their plan to integrate Alex into their relationship, at least for a couple of days, was exciting, to say the least, and they both looked forward to what they hoped would be a successful merging of relationships. They had done all they could to set things up.

Alex’s term ended later than Allie’s did. So, she found herself at home briefly without him.

To her surprise Dad was away at a conference and Aunt Molly was visiting. This, of course, got Allie wondering again about exactly what her mom and aunt did with each other when they were alone together.

Visions of their intimacy, played in her mind. She found herself excited by these images, by thoughts of these two mature women, whom she loved dearly, lying together naked, touching each other, satisfying each other.

Her realization of her own bisexuality, and the joy she found indulging that part of herself with Carly, had made her that much more interested in them. Did they do the things she and Carly liked to do? Could she learn new ways of loving from them?

She was hyper curious. She did not know that she was about to find out.

In fact, Aunt Molly had begun plotting to seduce her as soon as she saw an opening. Allie’s mom had called Molly a few days earlier. “Hi. I just wanted to let you know a couple of things. First, Al is going out of town for a few days. Second, Allie has a girlfriend.”

“No! Really? How did you find that out?”

“Oh, she called to ask if her roommate could visit after Christmas. She sounded so needy; it didn’t take much to figure it out. I don’t know what she expects to happen with Alex, but it should be interesting. In any case, Allie will be here for a couple of days with no guys in the house.”

“So you- May I come over?” she asked excitedly.

“What do you think will happen?”

“I don’t know, but I just gotta see.”

“It could be disappointing.”

“You know, I have a hunch it won’t be. I think you and Allie and I have always had a really good relationship. And I doubt that she realizes yet how interesting women with experience can be. We know already that she’s not hung up on taboos, so who knows what’s possible? Anyway, she is so gorgeous—a little you really—so I have to see.”

“I would love to have you.”

“I know. Me too” she replied meaningfully. “And Allie?”

“Well, we’ll see.”

A few days later, as Allie was unpacking her stuff in her room, Aunt Molly stopped in. “Hi, sweety,” she said, standing in the doorway, smiling sweetly.

“Hey!” Allie replied in her usual, casual way to her aunt.

Molly wasted no time on formalities or routines. “I hear you have a new girlfriend!” She said it as an affirmation, an endorsement of lesbian relationships.

“Um, yes. Who told you?” Allie replied, a note of surprise in her voice. Indeed, she was surprised that her secret was already out.

“Your mom, of course.”

Allie had not indicated that Carly was anything but a friend she wanted to have visit. She wondered why her mom concluded that they were more than friends. Mom was scary sometimes! She seemed to know everything before anybody else.

“I didn’t tell her that,” Allie replied suspiciously.

Molly chuckled. “Alice is the most sensitive person I have ever known, sweety. She figured it out just like that,” she concluded with a snap of her fingers.

“Ah,” she said, as if that was a real answer.

“I wanted to tell you that I am glad to know that you like girls,” Molly went on in a conspiratorial tone.

“Oh?” Allie replied inquisitively. She loved and respected her aunt and regarded her as wise as well as fun. She wanted to know what Molly thought on this as she did on just about anything.

“Yes. Men are good for many things, and they are essential for some things,” she said with a chuckle. “But women know how to love women and most men really do not.” She sounded confidential, as if she were imparting something profound but generally not known.

“Really?” Allie prompted, eager to hear more.

Seeing that she had Allie’s interest, Molly moved from the doorway to sit on Allie’s bed. Allie continued to unpack, allowing Molly to maneuver as she wished.

Molly studied Allie, admired the tight, perky ass that filled her jeans so nicely, her small, firm, youthful breasts that played, braless, under her T-shirt, her pretty face, that breathtaking smile. She looked so like her mother did at that age, just a little younger than Alice was when Molly first seduced her.

Molly was inspired and motivated. “You know, your mom did not know she liked girls until I showed her,” Molly continued, eying Allie for her reaction.

Allie was getting just a little nervous at the intimacy of their conversation here in her bedroom. She was also sensing arousal stirring inside her. She caught herself eying her aunt’s cleavage, wondering queenbet güvenilirmi about the shape of her breasts. She checked herself and refocused on unpacking, but not without Molly noticing her demeaner, the furtive movements of her curious eyes.

Of course, Allie was also intensely curious about Molly and her mom. Again, images of the two of them, younger this time, being intimate, flitted through her mind. She wondered, with a flutter of carnal excitement, whether Aunt Molly was about to tell her some details about their relationship. Would she tell her how she had seduced her mom? That idea was intriguing.

“Sit,” Molly said, patting the bed.

Allie, feeling more excited by the second, sat down next to her aunt, on her bed, she noted significantly. Her interest in whatever Molly had in mind, verbal or possibly physical, was evident in her perturbed expression.

Having Allie so close excited her aunt more than she could know. Molly’s stomach fluttered with excitement at their proximity, and at the thoughts she was having, the distinct possibility of seducing this delightful little jewel.

“I know you are curious about us,” Molly said, a slight husk now in her tone. Sitting so close to Allie, seeing the vulnerability in her eyes, encouraged her. She continued, “And I think you should know.”

Aunt Molly reached out and brushed Allie’s hair out of her eyes, then let her hand rest on Allie’s cheek. Allie felt an inner warmth from her aunt’s touch. They both understood that it was deliberately provocative, a prelude to more if Allie would allow it, if she wanted it. She did.

She eyed her aunt’s face, her lips in particular. There was something almost magically alluring about them.

“You look exactly like she did back then. So pretty.” She spoke softly, seductively. Her eyes made her aim clear. She wanted to seduce Allie and she wanted Allie to understand her intentions and to accept them willingly. She did not want Allie to feel pressured. She wanted her to give herself freely, or she would not take her at all, not her precious, little niece.

Allie’s stomach was now all aflutter. She had not expected any of this, but she could see what was happening and was not at all opposed to it. Her mind raced now with ideas, not the least of which was how interesting it might be to make love to this lovely, older woman who no doubt knew way more than Allie knew, someone with experience, and, notably, someone who was intimate with Allie’s own beautiful, sexy mother.

She was finding the thrill of incest for its own sake to be captivating. That she found Aunt Molly sexually attractive was a bonus. If Aunt Molly wanted to kiss her at that moment, she would yield without hesitation. She would probably yield to anything Molly wanted to do with her.

“It was my 18th birthday'” Aunt Molly continued. “Alice—your mom—was almost 20 and had come home from college for the summer. I was hanging out in her room, just like this,” she said nodding toward the bed on which they sat.

Molly’s hand moved to Allie’s shoulder. Allie studied her face. She looked a lot like Mom. Very pretty, but mature, with little wrinkles by her bright, green eyes. Her skin not as supple and elastic as it had been back when she had turned 18, but still lovely, well cared-for. Her lips were soft and moist, and those green eyes were alive with sexual intrigue. Allie would be putty in her hands.

Molly’s hand reached back and caressed the back of Allie’s neck. Allie felt just a hint of pressure. Those moist lips set in that pretty, mature face, seemed to beckon her. She leaned toward her aunt, closing her eyes, parting her lips, and they kissed.

It was not just a friendly, auntie peck, but a firm, sensual kiss that lasted several seconds, then Molly broke it off and pulled back just enough to look into Allie’s eyes and read her thoughts. She was gratified at what she read there: growing passion and deep curiosity.

“It was pretty much like that,” Molly said softly. “I already knew that I was bi, but she did not, not until we were sitting on her bed catching up, talking, just being together again. I remember that we were talking about dates we’d had with boys, about how disappointing they had generally been. And I got a feeling that she was realizing something about herself and was feeling receptive to feminine intimacy, much as I felt you just now.

She rested her left hand on Allie’s thigh and Allie felt desire in her loins. If Molly was to touch her intimately enough, she would find a swelling clit and a wet vagina.

“Maybe it was the way we sat so close together, like this,” she continued, gesturing to the lack of space between Allie and herself. Maybe it was the way we touched each other as we talked,” she said, squeezing Allie’s thigh while also rubbing her lower back with her right hand.

“Whatever it was, I could see that she was receptive, that she wanted to be kissed, so I kissed her, like I just kissed you. It was sweet, wonderful, queenbet yeni giriş thrilling, and she responded as if she had never had sex, which was true, and was desperate to do it, which was also true.

“And just like that, we were lying there on her bed, touching each other, and kissing. We got so hot so fast, and just got carried away with the excitement. I slipped my hand into her pants,” she said, even as her own fingers toyed with Allie’s waistband. Allie wanted her to slip those slender fingers in, to touch her bare ass, but she just waited to see what would happen, to let Molly lead and show her the way.

“And then, I touched her there,” Molly continued, nodding toward Allie’s own, very receptive crotch from which her aunt’s hand now rested only a couple of inches away. “I touched her there, and she was so starved for sex that I gave her an orgasm just by touching her little love button. I didn’t even get a single finger inside her and she came.”

Molly paused and studied Allie’s flushed face, the arousal in her eyes. She allowed her hand to sink a little lower, just to the apex of Allie’s butt crack. She was driving Allie mad with desire for more.

But Molly was not ready to make her move yet. She kept talking. “We kind of fell in love that day, really. We had always loved each other, but that changed things, just like I think it did between you and Alex a few weeks ago. Am I right?”

Allie, spellbound, just nodded in reply.

Aunt Molly smiled knowingly, then went on. “And, ever since that very special day, we have made time for each other pretty much whenever we could. We have experimented and learned and, I have to tell you, we have the best sex. And, let me tell you also, your mom is a dirty girl. I love it!” Molly literally grinned with pleasure at the thought.

Allie was intrigued by Molly’s revelations. She wanted to know more. Much more. She also wanted to be seduced, to have Molly take her and use her in any way that pleased her.

Molly leaned in again and kissed Allie softly and briefly on the lips. “I love you sweety. See you later!”

Then she just got up and left Allie sitting there feeling the wetness that had soaked her thong. Allie was shocked. She had had no expectation of any such thing happening, let alone getting her so aroused. She found kissing her aunt to be as erotic as kissing Carly, but somehow different. She could not put her finger on what the difference was, but it was nice!

She pondered the contrast, and wondered about kissing other women, perhaps even her mom, whether they are all different in mysterious ways. The idea of kissing her mom in the same way suddenly obsessed her. She wanted it badly and wondered whether it might happen. She would never be able to initiate such a thing, but maybe Aunt Molly would make it happen.

Then it finally dawned on her that it was a “girls only” night right here at the house. She pondered what her mom and aunt might be doing if it weren’t for her presence, and she began to wonder what they did have in mind.

Surely Aunt Molly’s provocations were purposeful. She clearly meant to test Allie’s interest in her and, by extension perhaps, her mom as well.

She fantasized that they were planning to seduce her and teach her about loving older women. She pictured herself with them, an all-female orgy. What would they do? What did they want to do? What did she want them to do?

She figured that she would learn their plans shortly. She planned to discover for herself what she wanted from them but kissing alone would surely not be enough. She wanted to get to know them far more intimately, to taste them, feel their mature, experienced bodies, their breasts, their everything.

She decided it might be a good idea to shower and put on some fresh clothes. She was feeling a bit grubby in the jeans and T-shirt in which she had travelled home on the train.

She stripped, put on her robe, and went to the bathroom. As she showered, she could not help thinking about kissing Aunt Molly and the effect it had on her. She touched herself tentatively and found her clitoris in a heightened state of sensitivity. Her excitement was barely containable.

She soaped up and rinsed quickly, excited to get downstairs, to join the other women, to see what would happen. She put on a short, denim skirt and a fresh, stylish T-shirt, again with no bra.

She wore pink flip flops down to the kitchen to see what was happening. When she got there, Mom was sitting at the kitchen table and Aunt Molly sat around the corner from her. They had kicked off their shoes and their bare feet seemed to be touching. There were two bottles of red wine and three glasses on the table.

Just then the doorbell rang. “That’s the pizza,” Mom said. “Would you get it, sweety?” she asked, looking at Allie.


Half an hour later, Allie was stuffed and tipsy. Mom and Aunt Molly both seemed fine.

They opened the second bottle of wine and went into queenbet giriş the living room. Aunt Molly sat on the couch while Mom pulled the window shades down. That suggested to Allie that something was definitely about to happen.

Allie studied her mom’s movements, the way her buttocks shifted under her skirt, the way her skirt rode up her legs when she reached up high to grasp the handles on the shades. Allie found her mother’s form and grace erotic now that she allowed herself to consider, for the first time ever, sexual interaction with her. Allie’s heart fluttered, and her loins began to smolder as she sat there thinking about her mother naked, exposed, available. The images Molly had conjured of their love making inspired her imagination of what might be coming.

Mom joined Aunt Molly on the couch. She wore a knee-length skirt and white, cotton shirt. The top buttons were unfastened, and her modest but shapely cleavage was evident.

Aunt molly was dressed similarly, but her skirt was shorter. She sat there sipping wine and staring unabashedly at Allie’s chest where her T-shirt failed to obscure her excited nipples. When guys did that, it usually annoyed her. When Aunt Molly did it, she felt a desire to be touched by those slender, feminine fingers. Allie was not sure what, exactly, Aunt Molly had in mind, but she was ready to find out. She expected it to be delightful.

“So,” Aunt Molly said, “I suppose you want to know more about us.”

Allie said nothing. She was a little nervous.

She glanced at her mother who blushed and looked at her feet. Molly had gotten her to buy into her plan, but she remained shy and a little uneasy. This was her daughter, after all. Incest was not really an issue with her, but she also felt responsible for Allie’s well-being and was not entirely sure what was best for her or, for that matter, whether her incestuous thoughts were shared.

Molly had already tested the waters. She was utterly confident and just went ahead. “When I first seduced her,” she said unabashedly, “I had no idea how interesting sex with her would be. I had no idea what a dirty little thing she was.”

“Molly!” Mom said, aghast. She was not sure how much she wanted revealed about her acknowledged and fully embraced kinks, at least at the moment. Surely her more exotic predilections could be held back for now. She had warmed to the idea of having sex with her daughter, and that seemed to be quite enough for now.

“Well, she wants to know,” Molly pointed out.

“She doesn’t need to know anything and certainly not everything!”

“Oh pooh. Lighten up, sister. I already told her how I seduced you, how easy you were and kinky too! I think she wants to know how we have managed our relationship since, being that she and Alex have been fucking each other.”


Molly ignored her sister and went on. “And now you have a girlfriend too. It may not be easy to keep them both happy. Your mom and I have things worked out pretty well. It helps that we both married open-minded and secure men. But to be honest, a well-timed blow job and a dose or two of anal sex go a long way!”

Alice groaned.

Molly chuckled. “Deep down, despite her naughty predispositions, she’s still a prude,” she explained to Allie. “It’s part of what makes her so sexy. So prim and proper on the outside and deeply kinky on the inside!”

Allie looked at her mom who was clearly embarrassed, but also evidently aroused by hearing Aunt Molly out her like that. Her face was red, but her nipples were obviously engorged even behind her sturdy bra. Her hands rested on her thighs, and her fingers seemed to be headed down and in.

Despite her discomfort, Alice was intrigued and desperately horny. She had not made love with her sister in months. And now, she was thinking about Allie’s hot little vagina hovering over her face, how it would taste, how exciting it would be to love and pleasure such a young, fresh, tight little body.

Molly looked at Alice, then at Allie and read their minds perfectly. “Allie, why don’t you come over here and sit by us?” she said as she scooched over to make room and patted the cushion between them.

Allie looked at her mom for guidance. Mom simply said, “If you want, dear. Only if you want. The main thing is that you know that we know what your life has been like lately and we both love you very much.”

That was nice, but honestly, Allie had been primed by Molly up in her bedroom over an hour before and she was ready for more excitement. If kissing her mom was anything like kissing her aunt, she was more than happy to give it her all. And she was intrigued by all this talk of Mom’s kinks. She was more than ready to go exploring.

So, Allie got up out of her chair, moved across the room, and sat, expectantly, between the two mature women. She was nervous, but way too curious about kinky sex with older women, particularly these women, to pass this opportunity to explore her sexuality in new directions.

Having broken through the incest taboo already, it was not hard to move on from fucking her brother to fucking her aunt and her mother too. Besides, they both looked really sexy sitting there, and Aunt Molly’s confessions had opened a flood of curiosity that needed satisfying.

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