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You had been staying at my place for 3 days – being a good friend I felt it was the gentlemanly thing to do – providing you with a place to stay while you visited Sydney. After a hard days work I was only interested in having a beer while watching TV and then crashing out for an early night. You had gone out nightclubbing and so after I had finished dinner and a couple of beers in front of the TV I moved to the bathroom for a long cleansing shower to wash the stress of the day away. While standing in the mirror I noticed that my genital area was getting a bit hairy, so I decided to take care of that. After a long and satisfying rinse I took a disposable razor to my cock and balls – gently shaving them to a smooth, hair free finish. While running my hands over both to check for any stray hairs I closed my eyes and imagined a woman’s hand and mouth moving over them. With even thinking my brain snapped to you – even though just good friends – you had always been hot in my eyes and as I fantasised about you pleasuring me – my cock did the inevitable and sprung up to it’s full 7.5 inches.

After several minutes of stroking my cock I decided to stop and rinse myself off – chastising myself for thinking that way about you. I then dried myself off and moved onto my waterbed – sliding underneath the satin sheets on this typically warm late summer evening in Sydney. Within minutes I was asleep – but again the thought of you haunted me – in my dreams we were fucking each other like there was no tomorrow. As a consequence I was writhing on the bed and in doing so brushed the sheet aside to reveal my hard and throbbing cock. As the dream finished I lay flat on my back and collapsed into a deep slumber. After a non event of an evening you decided to come home early. As you entered the door you moved past my bedroom and then you decided to open the door to see if I was there. You were quite shocked when you saw me laying naked on the bed with my cock still fully erect – so much so that you started to feel a tingle course through your body – making you feel flushed – from your neck, to your firm breasts, to your stomach and then finally within the silky folds of your pussy.

Totally unbidden, your hands started to move all over your body – making you feel hotter and hotter – knowing that you were aroused at catching me in the most compromising position. As if you were on auto pilot, you started to remove your clothes illegal bahis in a slow and sensual fashion until finally you were as naked as I was. Still sleeping, I had no idea you were there……or what you were thinking. Moving closer to my cock – you couldn’t help blowing a cool breeze over the head of my cock as you were perched at the side of the bed. As you did so, I let out a low moan in my sleep – instantly making your pussy wet as you realised that even in my sleep you were giving me pleasure. As you saw my cock twitch – you knew you had to wrap your lips around my still throbbing member. So, moving in quietly you gave the thick head a gentle kiss, then moving slowly down the shaft you kept giving little kisses – right down to the base and around my balls – marvelling at how smooth everything was. You hand moved down between your legs and started rubbing your wet slit – slowly sliding a finger inside your pussy lips and rubbing your clit slowly.

As you moved back up and gently take the head of my cock inside your hot mouth – I start to stir in my sleep – but you are beyond caring, slowly sliding your mouth down onto my shaft – taking all of it inside. Still sleeping, my hand moves down and places itself on your head, rubbing and caressing your hair. By this stage you were slowly sliding your mouth up and down – marvelling at how good it felt – you sensually sucking on my cock while rubbing your pussy slowly – plus having me still asleep! Your other hand moved up and your thumb and index finger formed a tight circle – following the movements of your mouth – up and down. It was at this stage that I started to wake up in earnest – at first very confused at the sensation of a hot mouth sucking my cock. I then initially reacted with panic – who the fuck could be inside my house – but as I looked down and saw your trademark hairstyle I relaxed – but still not believing that you were giving me the blowjob of a lifetime.

As this stage you were not aware I was awake – so entranced with the sensation of my cock in your mouth and your pussy on fire. It was only when you sucked hard on the shaft, causing me to instinctively thrust my cock further into your hot mouth that you realised I was awake and raring to go. Without a word you kept sucking – but internally you were so excited that I was awake and ready to give you some pleasure. I also reacted without a word – sitting up slightly and grabbing your hips illegal bahis siteleri slightly – pulling your body on top of me and positioning your already soaking pussy right over my mouth. Spreading your ass cheeks part ever so slowly I started to blow cool air over your clit – causing you to shudder and start sucking me a little faster. Then I dived in – sliding my tongue slowly up and down your slit – tasting how hot and aroused your were – lapping up your juices. We started to moan in sync with each other as our bodies responded to the pleasure we were giving one another.

I couldn’t help but bury my tongue deep inside you – causing you to run your tongue around the head of my cock and giving the head a playful nip. Then to please you some more I slid my two middle fingers deep inside your snatch and started slowly finger fucking you – causing you to moan even louder and stroke my cock in time with my fingers penetrating you. As your pussy opened up to my fingers I sensed you starting to suck on my cock a little faster – I had a feeling that you were getting close to orgasm so I removed my fingers and then feverishly started licking your clit. Then, with a barely suppressed grin I started to rub my soaked fingers over and around your tight asshole. You moaned out loud and then your body shook as a massive orgasm rocked you. You were beyond caring – your clit and pussy throbbing, your juices flowing and the sensation of two wet fingers dancing around your ass took you right over the top, the waterbed surging with the movement of our bodies.

You were still stroking my cock and licking the precum off the head when the last throes of your orgasm left you. There was only one thing left……………you wanted my cock inside you, and you wanted it right then and there! We lay on the bed next to each other for a couple of minutes – kissing each other softly – still not believing that this was happening. My cock was still raring to go and so you moved onto all fours and looked around and locked eyes with me and said ‘ I want to be fucked senseless on your waterbed – right now!’

Ever being the one to oblige I moved in behind you – moving the head over your tight ass and then down between your soaked inner thighs – rubbing the head against your dripping sex – before slowly burying it inside you – revelling in the heavenly sensation of your pussy gripping my cock as it filled you completely. As canlı bahis siteleri I started to thrust my willing cock into you – you noticed that the movement of the water in the mattress was giving your pussy different sensations as my cock explored every inch of you – moving in time with the mattress. I leant forward – holding your shoulders still and then pulling back on them – hard and fast – your pussy being rammed back onto me. You head snapped back in rapture and I could hear you moaning and groaning like the pleasure was going to rip your apart at the seams.

After several minutes of hard fucking my hands slid off your shoulders, moving down to your firms breasts – swaying in time to our love making. After gently squeezing them and tweaking your nipples I felt your were ready for the grand finale. I slowly eased out of you. I said to you that I wanted you to ride me, but facing away from me. With a grin you turned around and showed me your perfect ass and pussy in the moonlight. You held onto the edge of the bed and lowered your soaked pussy onto my cock – slowly using your pussy muscles to control the slide down my cock. I let out a loud moan – gasping in awe while watching your pussy piston up and down on me. Your ass muscles contracting on the upstroke – giving my cock a vice like grip, milking it.

After 5 or so minutes you started to tire so I suggested you lay back on top of me. You slowly lay back on me – moving your legs to the outside of mine – spreading yourself as far as you could. I started to thrust into you deeply – as my hands roamed over your breasts and clit, as I started to kiss your shoulder and neck. Your body was purely at the whim of my cock, fingers and the movement of the waterbed. After some non stop attention to your clit I felt your body tense on top of me – leading to another explosive, soaking orgasm. This time you started to scream a little at the continual pleasure coursing through you.

Your pussy contraction proved to be too much for me. I held your hips still, while thrusting hard – fucking you deep. I started to gasp like I was a marathon runner as the cum surged up my cock – to the point of no return. I reached down and pulled my cock out of you as I shot my hot creamy load – squirting cum over your body in white splashy lines from your pussy – all the way to your heaving and aroused tits. You gasped at the heat of my cum and then you reached down to stroke me dry of cum. the, as we came down from our perspective orgasms – you started to rub my cum all over you – from your breasts to your throbbing pussy. As we fell asleep in each others arms – we knew that our friendship would never be the same again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32