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The hall had quieted down. The dj was playing something nice and soft and couples were clinging to each other on the dance floor. The bride and groom were still at the head table, whispering to each other, glowing still. I had fun watching them throughout the night, stealing glances at each other, waiting for it to end. I watched their anticipation grow as the night grew. I watched them as they tried to avoid staring at each other, as they tried to avoid touching, afraid they couldn’t stop once they did.

I looked at Mouse laughing over what one of her friends said. The simple black dress she wore she made elegant. When she leaned forward I watched the soft sweep of her brown hair cover part of her face. I felt an urge to go and brush her hair back and to kiss her. She turned to look at me as if she knew what I was thinking and smiled. I smiled back and gave a small wave. Her friends waved too and beckoned me to go over, but I knew Mouse hadn’t seen them for a long time and wanted to catch up. I didn’t know them that well and wanted to know them better, but later. Let her have her time with them first. I mouthed a “later” and took a sip of my drink.

I sipped it slowly and watched her, animated when she talked, her eyes alive. Then I couldn’t bear to be away from her any longer, downed the rest of my drink and walked over. She got up and gave me a hug, whispering “About time. I missed you” in my ear.

We sat there laughing as her friends told me stories of her past, embarrassing her. Some of the stories I knew and some of them I didn’t and when I didn’t I’d pretend a shocked look as if that couldn’t be my Mouse. To pay them back, I told them some of the embarrassing things I did, swearing them all to eternal secrecy before I did. The time went too quickly and it was soon time to leave. We lingered as long as we could in the illegal bahis hallway and promised we’d try to get together again. Even though we lived quite a distance, we said that wasn’t an excuse and to prove it, made plans for two weeks away.

It was a long drive home, but it seemed to speed by. We were both so happy and excited from the night. She had the radio on and was singing just a little loudly and off-key. I beat time on the steering wheel to accompany her until we got home when we quieted down so as not to wake our neighbors.

As I closed the door to our house, I looked at her walk towards the sofa and had a sudden thought of the bride and groom. He’s probably in her by now and I envisioned her legs wrapped around his back. I saw his thrusting. I saw her wetness glistening her thighs, her ass.

I walked behind Mouse and put my arms around her, hugging her tight, leaving a soft kiss on her neck.

“Remember our wedding night?” I asked.

The side of her mouth lifted a little in a slight smile. “You mean that night when you were got so drunk you flopped onto the bed and fell asleep fully dressed? I’ve always meant to ask, wasn’t it a little uncomfortable sleeping in your tuxedo?”

“So who made you do all that moaning that night?” I barely got it out, trying to control my laughter.

“I’m pretty good at pleasing myself. It was a pretty good wedding night experience considering I was alone,” she answered.

I smiled and couldn’t resist any longer. I kissed the sided of her neck and undid the top buttons to her dress, pushing her bra cups down so her breasts were free. Her nipples were nice and soft, but I didn’t want them to stay that way. I rubbed them gently, feeling their softness while kissing the side of her lips, kissing that little smile.

“Does this bring any memories?” I asked.

“At illegal bahis siteleri least there isn’t any drunken fumbling this time.”

My other hand reached down, lifted up the hem of her skirt and felt her smooth thighs. I moved to feel her panties and cupped my hand on her mound over them, feeling a soft strip of hair. I moved my fingers along her slit, rubbing it back and forth, feeling her clit through the cloth. The bottom of her panties were bunched in a little strip now and I pushed it into her slit moving a finger in with them, feeling her moistness just beginning, getting the material damp.

I moved my finger out and rubbed her clit. My other hand was holding onto her breasts still, gently squeezing them, pulling on a nipple, holding her up as she started a small moan and as her legs began to weaken. Her nipples were hard now and I gently tweaked them.

“You’re doing much better than that night,” she whispered, clutching onto my hand, guiding it along her slit, along her clit, making my motion harder.

I bent her over and her hands reached out to the armrest to hold her up. I bunched the bottom of her dress around her waist and pulled her panties down to just above her knees. I used my legs to spread hers a little, but just a little because her legs were trapped by her panties. I unbuckled, then unzipped my pants, pulling them down so my cock was free. I shrugged off my jacket, undid, and yanked off my tie before unbuttoning my shirt so it spread open across my chest.

I leaned forward and my cock rubbed against her slit. I held it and guided myself in her just a little way, just the head and she softly moaned. I pulled it out and rubbed it against her slit again.

“Noooo,” she moaned, “You bastard.”

I pushed it all the way in and held it deep inside her.

“Please,” she said canlı bahis siteleri in a low voice.

I pulled my cock out and rubbed her slit with it again, my cock wet with her juices.

“Oh, God, please. Don’t tease me. Fuck me.”

I slid my cock into her again, slowly, smoothly and began to fuck her, slowly, smoothly. My balls were wet from her. I pulled on one of her arms slowly, giving her time to keep her balance. I slid my hand down her arm to her hand and spread her fingers so they formed a vee. I moved her hand up to her pussy so that my cock was in between that vee. I wanted her to feel her cunt and my cock in her cunt.

“Feel my cock fucking you, love,” I said, voice hoarse and her vee tightened around my cock.

A slow fuck. I wanted it to last forever. I wanted to keep my cock always in her, feeling that wonderful wetness. I wanted her moans to stay in the air so I could always hear them. I wanted to hear the sound of the wetness of her pussy always in my head.

Her moans became louder. Her head turned to the side resting on the chair arm, her eyes shut, her mouth partially opened. A small blush covered her face and she started moving against me, trying to get more of my cock. The mouth opened a little wider with a loud moan and there was a trembling.

“Oh, God, love. Oh, fuck. I’m cummming.”

I kept on fucking her, but a little faster now. Her hand moved to steady herself. I looked down to see my cock, glistening, in her. I looked at her, eyes still closed, giving out small moans. My cock began to tingle and I felt a surge go through it as I came in her. Another surge and another.

I stood there out of breath before I could slowly take my cock out. It was sticky with our juices.

I helped her back up and pulled her panties completely off then turned her towards me, kissing her, our mouths parted. The kiss was filled with desire still.

I looked at her, at the large blue eyes, the soft brown hair, then took her hand.

“Where are we going?” she asked.

“To finish our honeymoon,” I said.

I love you, Mouse.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32