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Kaiye stood in the kitchen doorway, devouring her with his eyes, making no effort to restrain the hundred-karat lust raging through his body. Ogechi was a sex bomb in her tight-fitting denim shorts that accentuated the roll of her nicely-rounded buttocks and the appeal of her hips. She wore no bra under her ‘spaghetti’ top. The repeated jigs of her moderately-sized but arrogant jugs wrecked havoc with Kaiye’s system. At thirty, she was no Miss World but her complete physical package oozed an appeal very few red-blooded men would turn down. She moved with deliberate unselfconsciousness which confirmed her awareness of his presence and ogling. For Kaiye, that was a burning invitation.

‘What are you doing there? Will you help me wash plates?’ she asked, smiling naughtily.

‘Sure.’ Before she could reply Kaiye was behind her, his massive hands arresting her breasts. She gasped as the huge, hot iron between his legs burrowed into the fabric of her shorts.

‘Na wa, what is that?’ she said huskily.

‘You like it?’ Kaiye whispered in her ear. He was busy digging his fingers into the inner fabric of her top. He squeezed her nipples softly and smiled as they engorged and hardened. Ogechi gently let go of the cup in her hands in the güvenilir bahis sink, knowing that holding onto it would be catastrophic for the glass cutlery. Unbidden moans escaped her lips. Kaiye did things to her none of her former lovers had been capable of. Whatever insignificant resistance she put up died as his big, bold and extremely competent hands slid down to her shorts and rummaged the mould of sleek black hair between her legs.

‘Ah…ah…You…fuck…mercy,’ she mouthed subsequent rubbish in Igbo as Kaiye’s fingers cusped the edge of her clitoris. Another gentle tweak and she was lost. She swung round like a well-oiled whip and wrapped herself around her tall and deceptively gangling boyfriend. His lips rammed on hers, seeking the depths of her mouth. She reached for his T-shirt with surprising strength. Kaiye let her have her way. He tugged at her top with unplanned force. Ogechi barely noticed as the thing gave way. He turned her round.

‘Doggy. Your arse. Your cunt,’ he said distinctly.

‘All yours baby,’ she purred. ‘Dig am like South African gold mine.’

The shorts had hardly slid down her ankles when Kaiye knelt and sank his face in the epicenter between her ikebe. Ogechi squealed as his lips went to work. türkçe bahis Each lick; each light bite; each kiss, inflamed her and made her emit sounds not unlike those by small children fighting over a plate of rich meat. Her cunt became a soaking sea. Just as she was contemplating an extreme move to get him to bury his pole instead of his face, Kaiye stood up, adjusted his hold on her hips and…

‘Mama oh! The world has…oh…!’ The impalation of the human piece of iron nearly scattered Ogechi’s brains from her cranium. Kaiye was mercilessly sweet. He plunged repeatedly, relentlessly and remorselessly. The sink nearly collapsed under Ogechi’s surging weight; its groans were pathetic as her body moved in rhythm with the pounding. Rivers of passion flowed down their skins.

‘Ah…dig am…na u get am…Otuu…Amu m oh…Sugar.’ Ogechi’s voice became ragged. Each utterance further inflamed Kaiye. With almost superhuman effort he pulled out. Ignoring her protest and the tingling of his orgasm-approaching penis, he picked her up and jogged to the sitting-room. He laid her on the biggest sofa, got astride her and nodded. Ogechi raised her right leg to his shoulder. Instantly his organ disappeared into her sex and they saw dazzlingly white güvenilir bahis siteleri stars.

They came almost simultaneously and collapsed in each other’s arms, tangling and tumbling to the floor. For five minutes they ‘died’.

Ogechi ‘resurrected’ first. She kissed him fully on the lips. He opened his eyes.

‘Guy, is fucking a component of your M.A. in Administration?’ she asked archly.

Kaiye smiled and bent to kiss her left breast.

‘I better cut that off and put it in my briefcase. To suck whenever I want.’

She giggled.

‘Onye ojoo.’ She wantonly cupped her mounds. ‘Go ahead.’

Kaiye took up the invitation at once. He buried his head in her valley and sent her to Nirvana. This time, Ogechi took charge. She stretched his full length on the ground, then turned and swung her legs on either side of his face. She buried her vagina in his face as she took his member in her mouth. Kaiye grew rapidly and massively in her tongue, lips and fingers. They entered paradise. Kaiye’s release was an ocean but Ogechi calmly drained almost every drop. At almost the last moment her man’s exploring tongue lapped onto her g-spot. She shuddered, bit back a scream, then lost her head.

When Kaiye released her, half-done in by his blissful exertions, she collapsed and held him tightly. Waves of orgasm beat her body. Her man held her till their shudders ceased.

Ogechi spent a week instead of her originally planned three days in Kaiye’s flat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32