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Thursdays have become one of our favorite days of the week. Starting on Monday there are the natural pulls on our time, what with phone calls, emails, appointments, chores and responsibilities. Even so, there is a quiet voice reminding us that in just a few short days, it will be Thursday. So we answer the phone, return emails, make more appointments, all the while thinking about what Thursday might bring because Thursday is the day we’ve set aside to remind us how much we love and cherish one another, despite our schedules.

Thursday mornings typically start like all other mornings with coffee, phone calls, emails and appointments but throughout the day, we are thinking about the night that lies ahead and the memories of the Thursday before, or that rainy Sunday, or when the power went out on Friday, or just for the hell of it on Tuesday… On Thursdays the coffee smells richer and tastes fuller, the phone calls, emails and appointments aren’t nearly as aggravating. Thursday is our favorite day of the week.

On this Thursday I want to surprise you. We won’t be getting dressed up and schedule a reservation at one of our favorite restaurants. Instead, I tell you over coffee that your business day needs to end by noon. You’re not a fan of having your day managed so you grouse a bit but give in when I remind you that it is after all, Thursday.

The car is loaded with a suspiciously heavy ice chest and duffle bags. You remind me that tomorrow is Friday and that you will have more phone calls, emails and appointments scheduled that can’t possibly be postponed. I don’t care and tell you again, “But today is Thursday!”

Two hours later, we arrive at our destination. You are behaving much like a toddler by constantly asking, “Where are going and when will we be there”. Finally we pull into the marina and up to a beautiful sailboat with a For Sale sign on the dock. Looking at me curiously, we get out and walk towards the boat. Coming towards us is a weathered older gentleman who stops and hands you a key. He reminds you to have her back by Sunday.

The winks to us and as if privy to our private joke, says, “Enjoy your Thursday.”

“What does he mean, ‘back by Sunday”‘, you ask.

I am barely able to keep my excitement any longer. I jump up and hug you telling you we are taking the sailboat out for a few days for a test drive, er sail and if we love her, she’s ours.

The boat is beautiful and so is the day. Soon we are out and enjoying the sunshine, a cool breeze, and the salty mist in the air. It is quiet and peaceful. No phone calls, emails or appointments to interrupt our afternoon. We sail blissfully with no destination in mind until you think this would be a good time and spot to anchor for the night. While you manage the business of securing the boat, I go down to the galley to put some tapas on a plate and bring up the chilled wine.

As I come back up through the companion way you look up and see that I’ve changed from my traveling clothes to a white flowing shift. Too sheer to be worn but for any other reason other than to be revealing and hopefully enticing. You have a surprised and pleased look on your face as you scan me up and down. I instantly know that I have succeeded in the goal of enticing you. Seeing my hands full you come to me and take the plate and a glass of wine. I follow up with my glass and I sit next to you.

Quietly, we talk and dream about the possibility of enjoying a life such as this every day of every week. Cuddling against each other we sample the cheese, sip the wine and listen to the lapping of the water against the hull. There is a rhythmic movement that would normally have made us drowsy except that our minds are so focused on one another. We are still and silent.

Gradually, your hand slides across the upper part of my chest, exerting a gentle pressure that causes me to turn and lean back against you. You rub your mouth on the back of my neck, tasting the soft skin behind my ear and then press the edge of your teeth in a sensitive spot that makes me squirm against you in pleasure. Working your way to the side of my neck you nibble your way to the tip of my earlobe while your hands move over the front of my gown. The top parts and the sides open to reveal that I’m wearing nothing under the transparent white.

“You’re beautiful,” you whisper. “The way you feel and taste … your skin, your hair …”

You ease my gown to my waist, helping me to remove my arms from the sleeves. Your fingertips run lightly from my elbow to my underarm. My breasts are cool to the breeze, the tips hardening against the chill. You lift your hand, sliding your fingers beneath the fullness and draw your thumb over the shape of my nipple. Your touch is very light and lingering at the tip until it burns me with arousal.

My heart is beating heavier as you gently toy with my body, taking the peak in your fingers, stroking softly. An ache of pleasure is forming deep in my stomach as illegal bahis you cup my breast in your hand, containing the roundness in your palm. Now I want you to touch my other breast. I want your mouth on me everywhere and I want to slide my own lips across your skin until I feel your heat. Frustrated and eager, I ask to go down to the cabin.

“Slowly,” you whisper. “There’s no need to hurry.”

A quiver goes through me as you opened your lips over the tender nipple, stroking until it strains against your tongue. My breasts are so tender and I usually break away but this time I am pulling you closer. I let out a whimper of pleasure. You use your tongue to trace circles around the stiffening nipple, making me writhe.

While you continue to tease my breasts, you slide one hand down lower on my body. You are breathing deeper and softly ask me to spread my legs. Hesitantly I comply and with you guiding me, I part my thighs for you. My head falls back against your arm. You gently caress me through the fragile fabric, gently rubbing the hot furrow until the shift becomes damp beneath your fingers. I get more and more excited and wet from your intimate teasing. Finally I reach some primal limit. I moan and clutch at your wrist imploringly.

“That’s enough,” I gasp. “Let’s go down into the cabin”

Not wanting to break the spell we are weaving but definitely wanting to be naked and touching, you agree. We clumsily make our way to the bed. The sheets were pulled back and I crawl ahead to the piled pillows and wait. You hand me the wine glasses and then slowly remove your shoes, jeans, shirt, and finally your underwear to reveal your erection. I would feel vulnerable in my nakedness but you seem more comfortable and almost eager to share your body with me. I love the way you look. Your dark hair covers your chest with another patch at your groin through which your full erection emerges.

“Did you enjoy the way that I touched you?” you ask softly.

Of course you know I did but I nod anyway as you crawl to me. Obeying your wordless urging, I lift my arms and let you strip away the shift. We are now both naked.

“Put your arms around me, Sweetie,” you urge.

I gladly obey, bringing your body down against mine, my nipples being tickled by the curls on your chest. Your body is incredibly warm. I can feel your erection pressing hard against my abdomen until you slide your hand beneath me and hitch me upward. Now you are pressing yourself against my ever dampening sex. A shock goes through me followed by a surge of lust so strong that I can hardly bear it. Your fingers slide down between my thighs. You dip your fingers into my wet opening and stroke the soft furrow in a lazy rhythm. As you play with me your head moves all about me, your hot breath fanning over my skin.

You know that I am practically crazy with sexual lust for you. Your kisses and touching have driven me to the point of no return. Gone now are any reservations or insecurities. I want you now. I want you to want me now. I am moaning, partly from pleasure and partly from passion fueled frustration.

You kiss me firmly. Our lips and tongues play lover’s games. We share the tastes of our mouths but that is only the beginning. We both know what this means.

You stop kissing my mouth and slowly slide away from me. You kiss and caress my neck and then my breasts again but I need more now. The pulsing between my legs is insatiable now. It must be dealt with.

You settle in between my legs. You look up at me and I look down at you as my legs part, exposing myself to you. I can feel my lips slowly part as their weak liquid seal gives way. To cool air is stimulating and yet uncomfortable. I want to be covered again. I want you to cover me now and you know this. You smile at me and breathe me in deeply, signaling that you like the scent of my arousal.

You lower your mouth to me. I feel your breath at the moist source my steamy heat. A moan rises in my throat and my wrists twist in your grasp. Your tongue searches through the curls until you reach the rosy lips hidden beneath. You lick one side and then the other, back and forth, your tongue delicately teasing and satisfying at the same time.

Your mouth ravishes me. Your tongue is slipping over my melting flesh to find the entrance of my body, filling me, then withdrawing and then filling again. I’m going weak all over, my pussy is pulsing urgently. As you nuzzle and play with me, I try to angle my body so that you will touch the peak that is throbbing so desperately. You seem not to understand what I want. You are licking all around the sensitive spot but never quite reaching it. What’s the matter! Take me!

“Please!” I plead in a whisper. I just cannot say the words for what I want.

You continue to deny me and then I realize that this is intentional. You are doing it deliberately. I am frustrated beyond bearing and it is all your doing!

I reach down and take your head illegal bahis siteleri in my hands. I feel a puff of your breath as you laugh against me. You look at me with that impish smile but I know you got the message. That’s enough teasing. You pause to look at me again. My entire body is quivering in anticipation. I hold my breath and am aware of a trickle of the juices that are leaving me.

Your tongue brushes my clit in a tentative lap that sends electric shocks all through me. I can barely hold back a wild cry as I arch up to your mouth. You press your face into me firmly now. Your tongue enters me and tickles my insides. Your lips slide over me, getting wetter with me with each motion. While your tongue thrusts in me, your upper lips caresses my clit to the verge of climax and then over I go. My whole body shudders with the orgasm. I feel my pussy erratically grip at your tongue that is now motionless inside me, riding the thundering onslaught that is my orgasm.

Slowly but eventually the delightful spasms subside and I settle back down. You move slowly now, fully aware of the aftershocks that are triggered by every movement. You slowly slip your tongue from inside me, leaving my pussy wet and open and slowly pulsing. Again I feel the air, the sensation amplified by so much wetness.

You rise up from me and I reach out to you but you catch my wrists. You bring my hands over my head and settle your body on top of me, taking care to not crush me. I can feel your cock cradled in the hot valley between my legs. Your dark brown eyes stare directly into mine as you release my hands.

“Leave them there”, I obey but I want so much to touch you.

You lean down kiss my mouth. Your whole mouth is damp with my slippery and is flavored with the provocative musk that I find highly erotic and embarrassingly pleasant. Our lips effortlessly slide about as we share the feeling, the taste, and the scent of these sensuous wet kisses.

Now you move down and kiss my breasts, moving from one to the other wetting them with the juices that remain on your face. I nearly rise off the sheet with each swirl of your tongue. You intentionally slide your cock against me in undisciplined rubs and half trusts that do nothing but tease and torment me while your mouth draws each nipple taught. Again I hover on the brink, waiting and waiting until the first of many rich spasms again spread from the center of my body. Instinctively you know that now is the time. Now is when I want you inside of me, filling me, completing my orgasm. Into me you press, hard, your cock working against my contracting walls. This is where I want you.

“Yes”, you whisper against my throat and move up to my face to give me a soft kiss.

Your hips are working gently over me as my orgasm eases into long shivers. You slowly pull away and out of me. I feel your throbbing cock leave a wet smear on my inner thigh.

The absence of you inside me is devastating. I try to pull you back to me but you resist and pull me into your arms and turn over and lay on your back. With my face lying on your chest, I can feel and hear your labored breathing.

Sensing that you want to slow down, I rest in your arms. My body is relaxed and spent but I’m missing the feeling of you inside of me. I rub my hand over your chest, down to your navel and then back up again. Your breathing is calmer now so I lean up on my elbow and kiss you, lightly running my tongue over your lips just as you did to me earlier. I kiss your chin, your neck, and then your chest, slowly traveling down your body. You know what’s coming and you want it but are afraid it all will be over too quickly.

“I want to taste you, taste us. I won’t rush. Relax. I want to love you” I whisper against your hot skin.

Kneeling between your legs, I see your cock. It is rigid and pulsing with each heartbeat. The tip is dark, nearly purple, and coated with your moisture and mine. You are wet along the entire length and even your balls. I lean in closer, breathing in our mixed scent. You are pulsing and throbbing against my face and I can feel you drip with each pulse. I tilt my head and capture your juice onto the tip of my tongue. I lift my head slightly so that you can watch because I know you like this. I pull your taste into my mouth leaving a trail of precum from my lip to my chin. You taste salty and exotic and I want more. I cover your oozing tip with my lips and rub my tongue along the underside which draws more onto my tongue. I love that feeling. Your taste and smell are making me want more and more of you. I promised to not rush so I pull back and breathe softly against you, my breath cools your wet shaft.

I sit back on my heels which moves me lower yet. You open your legs and I lean down to kiss the inside of your leg. I rub my face against you so that I can smell you, breathe you in again. It is now my face that is getting wet with my cum and your juices. You’re balls are hot and tight. I canlı bahis siteleri lick them one by one, tasting the wetness. I pull them into my mouth so I can nibble and suck them.

Your smell is so strong here, in the hot creases of your thighs. I devour your scent and run my tongue up the length of your cock and am rewarded at the top with a flow of more delicious precum. I delightedly swirl my tongue though it, capturing your juices until I have licked it all. I want more so I lick up your shaft to the tip to again treat myself to your wetness. It is time to add another dimension to your arousal.

With my mouth glistening with precum and a glycerin strand stretching across my lips I tell you, “I love doing that, seeing your precum seep out of your cock so I can lick it and taste it. It is so warm and slippery. You like watching me do that don’t you? You just love seeing your cock sliding between my lips, knowing that you’re dripping into my mouth. “

I know that sort of talk pushes you over the edge so I finally pull you deep into my mouth. The feeling of having your cock in my mouth with my tongue rubbing up and around is hot and indescribably erotic. I love your taste and when I feel you pulse more into my mouth I groan low and I know you can feel the vibration. You warn me that you’re close and even though I promised not to rush, I can’t help myself. I continue to slide my tongue over your engorged cock that is straining to release into my mouth. I feel the pulses, the contractions, the swelling, which can mean only one thing and it’s OK. You come into my mouth.

I stay with you as your orgasm rocks through you. I am holding your balls gently in one hand and can feel them clench up with each convulsion. I keep sliding my tongue along your shaft, coaxing you, encouraging you. I can feel each swell of cum pulse up through you and emerge from the tip. I can feel each spurt filling my mouth, coating my tongue and lubricating it against your cock to frictionless perfection. I do not want to leave you until I know that there will be no more. I want to feel all of it with my mouth and tongue.

I know it is over when I just feel the deep throbbing of your cock and the gentle oozing of the last of your cum. Only then do I allow my lips to part slightly, letting your creamy white ejaculate slide over my lips and drip obscenely down your still hard cock.

Bit by bit I feel your body relax and your shaft becomes softer in my mouth. You reach down and pull me up to you, wanting to be closer. I come up to you and we kiss. It is a soft kiss that is more about love than lust. I lay against you and you pull me against your body. We are relaxed and spent and completely fulfilled. We gently fall asleep lying against one another naked and entwined.

In my dream I’m lying on the beach, naked and exposed but warm from the brilliant sun and the warm tropical breeze. My eyes are closed and I can feel the gentle waves of cool water lapping at my feet. An inner warmth begins to grow. It is welcome and familiar, slight uncomfortable. It slowly grows to a moist heat. My eyes remain closed and I begin to touch myself. Is it only in my dream? My fingers gently tug at my nipple while my other hand tries to calm the restlessness between my legs with firm pressure.

I slowly wake and realize that it isn’t all a dream. I open my eyes and see your warm body poised above me. Your expert tongue is once again imparting torturous pleasure to my nipple. It is your hand, not mine, that is rubbing, probing, and teasing my ever dampening sex. I move my hand over yours, encouraging you with sighs of approval. Your mouth leaves my breast for a moment and I lean up to you and we kiss for the first time this morning.

Your hand leaves from between my legs. You bring your wet fingers to my mouth and slide them across my lips. I can instantly feel and smell my wet arousal. Instinctively my tongue reaches out to your fingers and takes in my taste.

“Are you ready for me?” you ask almost mockingly.

I reach down for your rock hard cock and awkwardly but effectively press the broad head between my wet lips and up against my throbbing clit. I skim you through the moisture in deliberate circles and then nudge you against me right at my opening.

“Oh God yes,” I mutter. “Go inside me, deep!” I plead.

My hand frees you now. I feel you press in slowly. The feeling is so needed that I lift my hips to pull you deeper, faster. I want to feel you pulse deep inside me. I squirm beneath you, arching up to meet your thrusts, pressing my pussy hard against you, feeling the waves of heat rising from the place where we are joined.

One of your hands slides down between us. I feel where your fingers are so I know you can feel your cock sliding in and out between my wet lips. With your thumb you begin to rub my clit with soft but rapid stokes, building my pleasure until I curl against you with a sob. I am overwhelmed by the explosive pleasure. Your hand leaves me now and your thrusting continues through my orgasm. You bury your face in the curve of my neck. Your thrusting is deep and deliberate now. Your own passion is reaching a climax.

“Come baby. Come inside me,” I whisper.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32