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I walk up behind you, putting my hands on your shoulders, letting them slide down your chest as I lean down and kiss your cheek. You feel my warm breath wash over your face and down your neck. You can see my reflection in the screen, my green eyes looking back at you, my long red hair framing my face, giving you that playful smile that melts you and puts you at ease.

“You’re working too hard again, my love…perhaps you need to take your mind off of it, take a break.” I whisper in your ear.

My hand cups your face, turning it toward me, and then my soft lips touch yours. You taste sweet, as you always have. You reach up and take my cheek in my hand, kissing my mouth firmly. Our lips part, we press our foreheads together and take a breath, drinking in each other’s scent, soaking up one another.

I grab your shoulders and wheel your chair back far enough so I have some room between you and your desk. I’m barefoot, wearing a sun dress. I settle my bum down and sit on the edge of your desk in front of your keyboard. You sit there in your chair, grinning like a school boy. I raise one leg, resting my foot between your legs on your chair. Your vision rests on my foot, and follows up my leg, higher up my dress, over my belly, up my chest, and finally meets my gaze, and that playful smile of mine again. I put my finger to my mouth as you look into my eyes…they contain a spark of playfulness, as well as an innocence and vulnerability that speaks to you.

My finger moves down over my chin, along my neck, teasing across the length of seam running across my chest. I’ve always known how to tease you, and with the simplest of gestures I can drive you wild. I caress my breast through the fabric of my dress, my hand gliding down my body, over the length of my dress. I grip the hem in my hand, and slide my dress up high on my soft smooth thighs, holding the hem on my thighs with one hand as I caress my body with the other. Moving higher and higher until I reach one of the straps, I slip it off my shoulder, exposing my skin to you, letting my hand wander down to hold my dress, freeing my other hand to caress its way up my body to the other strap, gently pushing it over my shoulder. Holding the dress up to my chest, I smile at you, and very slowly, lower it. I’m not wearing a bra and your breath catches in your throat as you see my breasts, my nipples hard, and your mouth begins to water.

You lean forward, placing your hands on my hips, wanting so much to touch me and take my nipple in your mouth. I reach out and press a hand to your chest, stopping illegal bahis you, while I gently shake my head, and push you back into your seat.

“No touching, not yet.” I say to you seductively, grinning.

My heart races as I watch you watch me, mesmerized by me. You fill me with a fire, heat pumps through my veins, warming me all over. I press my foot to your chest, holding you back as I begin to caress my breasts, cupping them, squeezing them, teasing my hard nipples. I’m grinning the whole time, knowing how arousing and appealing to you I am, and it makes me wet, it turns me on. I can see a fire in your eyes, your need showing through, your cock swollen and pulsing in your pants.

Your eyes follow my hands as they move casually and deliberately over my body, down between my legs, lifting my dress, and showing you my wet panties. I rub myself through the damp material, moaning softly and smiling at you as I maintain eye contact.

“See what you do to me?” I whisper.

You try to lean forward to get to me, to touch me, to taste me, but I push you back with my foot, still grinning. I move my hand to the elastic of my panties, sliding a finger over the seam, and then pushing into my panties and let my fingers caress the length of my tight wet pussy. Another moan escapes my lips. I want you so badly, I need you… your cock throbs for me. I remove my foot from your chest, wagging a finger at you, letting you know you still can’t touch me.

I lower my foot to the floor, standing in front of you, my dress falling away, and then I step out of it kicking it aside. My wet panties right in front of you, your hands lift from your legs, needing to feel my soft, warm skin, aching to touch me…you close your fingers into a fist, squeezing hard to control your urges.

I slip my index fingers from both hands into my panties at each hip, moving them towards each other until they meet below my navel, then back to my hips as I say “I suppose these should come off…”

I turn my back to you and push my panties down to just above my knees as I bend over in front of you. Lowering myself, I sit in your lap, pushing my panties over my knees and dropping them to my ankles, lifting my foot out of them and flicking them away with the other. My hands glide up my legs, and rest on your hands. I lean back into you and raise your hands to my breasts, placing them on my skin and squeezing…you grip my breasts hungrily and sink your teeth into my shoulder, biting me and tasting my skin.

Groaning, I grind against you, running my hands up illegal bahis siteleri your arms and then into your hair as I feel your hardness under me. You slip one hand down between my legs, wetting your finger as you rub my pussy. Lifting your finger to my mouth, you wet my lip, then kiss my mouth hard, tasting me. I turn around and face you, pressing my body to yours, returning your kiss.

Lifting your shirt up over your head, I throw it away, my hands running through the hair on your chest as I bite your lower lip. My tongue swirls over your lips and I kiss you passionately, your hands cup and squeeze me all over, moving over my body, wanting to touch me all over, wanting all of me. My hands move down over your belly and open your pants…I reach in and take you into my hand, freeing you. You almost lose control as my hand tightens around your cock, but you close your eyes and focus.

I grab your pants and pull them down as you lift your ass off the seat. Tugging your pants down and off your feet, I toss them aside. I grip you tight in my hand and stroke you as I kiss your mouth, then lay kisses down over your chest, licking your nipple, biting you, and kissing down over your stomach. Kneeling there between your legs, holding your cock in both my hands, I look up at you and smile, kissing the tip, tasting your pre cum as you moan and lean back in your chair. I take the fat, shiny head into my mouth, my tongue circling you as my lips close around you and I suck you hard. I move down the length of you, taking all of you into my throat, holding you there as my eyes quest for yours…we hold each other’s gaze, and again, you almost lose control, you can’t take much more.

You grip my hair in your hand and pull me off your cock, up to your mouth, and you kiss me hard. I sense your need and I straddle you, lowering myself onto your cock as I take you all the way inside me. You groan at my warmth, and how tight I am. Wrapping your arms around me, you rock your hips to grind and thrust up into me. As I squirm in your lap, you can feel my pussy tighten and pulse around your cock. You hold me tight against you, wanting to be deep inside me. We grind and groan together, but you’re getting too close. I lift myself off you and take your cock in my hand, gripping tight, stopping you from cumming. You grunt in frustration…I made you wait to touch me, now I will make you wait to cum.

I just grin at you and say “Not yet.” in reply.

I kiss your mouth hard, and guide you back inside me, rolling my hips to meet your thrusts. Our breath canlı bahis siteleri mingles as we kiss and grind, panting and moaning as our bodies are open to one another. Our skin is on fire, the heat between us intense. We press into each other and hold each other tightly as we rock together. Flesh to flesh, face to face, we grind and kiss, holding each other, your hands massaging and squeezing, my hands raking and caressing as I melt into you and my body tightens around you…you’re getting close again. Once more, I take you out of me, gripping you tight, preventing you from climaxing.

“Soon…” I whisper in your ear.

Your frustration is evident as you pant and groan, but it only makes me hornier, to have such control over you, to have you at my will. I’m soaking wet and tingling all over, not sure how much longer I can maintain my own control. I bite my lip and guide you back inside me again.

You kiss my mouth hungrily, you can’t get enough of me, you want more…you nuzzle into my neck and moan as you thrust and grind into me. I smile and ride you with my hips, our pelvises grind against each others’, your hands moving over my back, up to my shoulders, holding me, pulling me onto you as we thrust. You want me so badly, you want this to last forever, but you know you can’t hold out much longer. I’ve teased you, and driven you wild, for what feels like hours.

Our hearts are beating a million beats a minute, our breathing heavy, we are one. My hands are all over you, just as your hands are all over me. Bumping and grinding, kissing and licking, thrusting and panting we make love, pushing each other to the edge, getting so close, as our muscles tense and our pleasure builds to a peak. My eyes burn through you and you try to turn from me or you’ll lose it. Grinning, I take your face in my hands and turn you to face me, forcing you to look at me and into my eyes. You lose control, one hand gabbing my ass, gripping tight as your fingers dig into my flesh, a moan passing your lips as your body tenses and you cum. I cry out as I climax with you, shaking and vibrating in your lap, my muscles eventually softening as I melt into you.

We hold each other and swim in a cloud of pleasure as our orgasms tingle and pulse through our entire beings. We sit and rock, feeling ecstatic and euphoric, sweat beading and running down our hot skin as we pant and try to catch our breaths, letting our heart rates recede. Once we have calmed and settled into our mellow afterglow, I raise my head from your chest, kiss you, and get up out of your lap. Taking your face in my hands, I taste your lips again, so softly, so sensually and with a smile, I say to you before walking away,

“That, my darling, is what I call taking a break.”

Now, get back to work…if you think you can concentrate.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32