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Angel and I have been online friends for years sharing our deepest and most intimate thoughts as well as things of interest in our daily lives. We met three different times in person for sexy adventures in various countries.

In our first adventure, we met in The Philippines. Our time together ended up being so amazing with steamy sex and escapades that had so many twists, turns, and surprises that we decided to write about it. We had such a great time on our first experience in the Philippines that we decided to do an annual trip. Our second adventure was in Hawaii where we had group sex in planes, boats, and the beach. This latest adventure took place in the sex capital of the world, Thailand.

Some of the chapters are written by Angel with her point of view and others are written by me. When you read them, you’ll be able to tell the difference.

We hope you enjoy our naughty adventures in Thailand and share them with your friends. Please leave us a comment because we would love to hear from you!

Finally, all characters in this story are over 18 years of age.

Best, Angel and Carl

Chapter 1 – Expectations

“Just woke up.” I texted.

“Good morning handsome, sleep well?” Angel replied.

“Not sure, I passed out and came to this morning lol,” I texted back.

“Were you out partying with friends again last night?” Angel inquired.

“You caught me! I was with some friends last night and drank a little too much of their good wine! Seriously though, I haven’t been sleeping super well the last couple of nights,” I responded.

“What’s wrong?” Angel inquired.

“Well, our next trip is coming up and I’ve got a lot of mixed emotions. Do you have time for a quick video chat?” I texted back.

“Sure, call me!” Angel confirmed.

Angel is from the Philippines and we’ve been online friends for a lot of years. We met twice before on two different sex-filled vacation adventures. The first one was in the Philippines and the second was in Hawaii. This time, we were planning to travel to Thailand together. The sex capital of the world as they say.

The Philippines adventure was so amazing with steamy sex and escapades that had so many twists, turns, and surprises that we decided to write about our adventures. Hawaii turned how to be just as amazing with sex on airplanes, boats, and a special sex house that included any sex toy imaginable.

We met many great people along the way who became our good friends. We shared ourselves in so many different ways and had experiences and fun beyond our wildest dreams. It was the most amazing sex that one could imagine and was only limited by one’s lack of creativity.

I called Angel for a quick video chat. I was in Seattle and Angel was in the Philippines. The time difference was 15 hours. So when I woke up in the morning, typically it was after 9:00 or 10:00 p.m. for Angel.

“Hey, cutie,” I said.

“Hey, handsome. So you’re a little anxious? What’s up?” Angel inquired in a consoling tone.

“Yes, we had so much fun on our last two trips, and I’m very excited about this one. But, I’m also anxious about living up to expectations. I mean, I’m worried about you thinking I’m such a bore after the last two times!” I said in an insecure voice.

“You always get this way before our trips.” Angel quipped.

Angel continued, “You know that I would have just as much fun if we were just together the whole time in a windowless room. It doesn’t matter to me. Everything else is just gravy!”

I continued, “I knew you would say that. I feel the same way. But still… “

Angel confidently replied, “Well, just don’t worry about it. We’ll have fun no matter what happens!”

“I can’t believe that our trip is only two days away! And to think that almost a year ago, we were in Hawaii together. Wow, time flies!” I said as I reflected back in time.

Angel said, “I know. I’m very excited about this trip and it’s going to be great no matter what!”

Angel and I talked for quite a while longer, especially about our arrangements in Thailand once we got there. Then, exited the video chat.

Angel had already made me feel better at least about my anxiousness, but I could not overcome my excitement.

Deep down, we both knew that the bar had been set very high with the last two trips. How were we going to be able to keep up with our expectations?

I got ready for work and went to the office. Amid all the meetings, emails, and craziness at work, all I could do was daydream about Thailand. Several times, people would catch me off in never-never land and would jerk me back to reality.

The next couple of days were a blur. Most of my time was spent thinking about or confirming arrangements in Thailand.

One thing for certain. I was going to put my anxiety and fear to use, and make sure this vacation adventure would top them all. The bar was set, game on!

Chapter 2 – Anticipation

I woke up to the sound of my alarm. Finally, it was morning! I had woken up several times during etimesgut bayan escortlar the middle of the night anxious about the trip, and couldn’t wait until morning.

Today, I was headed to Thailand! My Uber ride would be here in an hour, and I had to be packed and ready. I was always a last-minute packer. I threw everything I could think of into my carry-on, took a quick shower, and got ready.

Soon, my Uber ride was here and took me to the airport. I went through security, and to my gate. The plane had already started boarding when I got there. I hopped on the plane, found my seat, and sat down. Within a few minutes, the plane was off the ground and headed toward the sex capital of the world. I dozed in and out as the flight continued. It was an eighteen plus hour flight from Seattle to Bangkok.

I woke up as the plane was descending toward Bangkok airport, and had a sudden twinge of anxiousness and excitement. We were going to land soon where I would see Angel face to face. Her flight was just a couple of hours ahead of mine so we decided to meet at the hotel.

I had made special arrangements at a hotel near Patpong based on a friend’s recommendation who had been there a few months ago. The friend explained that this hotel was specially configured for sex shows and entertainment. Several rooms were set in a circle with windows that were several feet high and opened to a center stage. There were curtains on the windows so that could be drawn for privacy or fully opened. Also, the windows could be opened inward so that you could step out onto the stage if desired. Professional sex show workers provided entertainment, and encouraged audience participation. It was all meant to create an interactive experience.

The plane landed with a jolt and taxied down the runway pulling into the assigned gate. We departed the plane, and I began looking for someone with my name on their iPad. Soon, I found my contact, and we headed toward his car. We drove for several miles until reaching the Patpong area. We drove further down an alleyway, and I began to wonder if I was being taken to the right place or being taken. Soon my fears were alleviated as we pulled up to the hotel.

I exited the car, grabbed my things, and headed toward the lobby. I was feeling very anxious and excited. I felt full of adrenaline as I checked in, and began walking to our room. Angel would be there waiting for my arrival.

I knew she would be there because we had texted back and forth when we could from the airport to arrival. Her flight had gone smoothly just like mine. That was a relief because sometimes you just didn’t know what will happen with flights.

I headed down the hallway to our room and knocked on the door. It opened, and there she was in person. My heart was pounding so hard, I thought it was going to burst out of my chest.

Chapter 3 – Exhibitionists

I opened the door in a black silk robe, and Carl was there, a silly grin on his face, looking tired but relieved to finally be here.

“Tadaaaah! I made it in one piece!” he said. “I thought my ride was taking me for a ride!”

We both laughed. I flung my arms around him and gave him a big hug.

I whispered, “I’ve missed you!”

We kissed and I dragged him into our room and closed the door.

Carl had made the reservation for this hotel, and I had my apprehensions about it being a “sex hotel.” I imagined a seedy, musky hotel room with old furniture and questionably clean sheets. As usual, the hotel he booked surpassed my expectations. Reservations were carefully vetted to guarantee the privacy of their customers. The room was sparkling clean, smelled fresh, with crisp cotton sheets and black-out curtains. The love seats, tables, hot tub, and lounge chairs were well thought out, large, and low enough to be used for some pleasurable purpose other than just sitting. On one side of the room was a floor-to-ceiling window that opened out to a balcony overlooking the red light district below. On the opposite side, another floor-to-ceiling window opened to the center of the hotel, where the clients could join in or watch the acts of the professional sex performers.

Carl opened the curtains of the window facing the stage, and the performers were about to start their creampie act. Carl had this look in his eye and beckoned me to come over and kneel on the chaise facing the window. Carl turned the bedroom lights off, leaving just the soft glow of the lamps on. The female performer got on top of the low table on her back, with her legs spread wide open, fingering herself as the male performer also started fisting his cock.

I heard Carl behind me removing his clothes and moved to stand behind me. I felt his hands move up my bare thighs, beneath my robe. His hands move up my ass to massage me and I shivered at the feel of his warm capable hands.

“No undies already! Naughty girl!” Carl teased as he opened my robe sucked on my neck. I moan at the sensations that his mouth and hands are causing.

“You just etimesgut seksi escortlar might tear them off!” I countered as my hand reached back to cup his balls and caress his cock.

Carl commanded me to keep my eyes on the performers. “Watch them, Angel, and watch some of them watch us.”

The female had her head hanging off the table now and was being throat fucked by her partner as his hands were pinching and caressing her breasts.

Carl pushed my front against the glass, the coldness puckering my nipples, placing both my hands on the glass too, with instructions to keep them there. I felt his fingers move between the folds of my pussy, already finding it very wet. He gave me his glistening fingers and told me to taste myself. I moan as I have a taste of my pussy juice, a combination of sweet and salty.

I felt his fingers opening my pussy lips and cried out as I felt his lips close over my clit and give it a gentle suck, then feel his tongue lap over my pussy. He gently inserted a finger into my hole, as he continued to suck my clit. On stage, we watch and hear the moans and gasps of throat fucking.

“You’re so wet and tight. Better than I could ever imagine. Waiting for this for a year was torture,” Carl said as I felt him straighten and move behind me, my back flush against his front.

The couple below had started fucking with the female on her back, legs raised and resting on the shoulders of her partner, who was kneeling between her legs. You could see the table shake with the force of his thrusts, and the lady was moaning and screaming in ecstasy.

Carl aligned his cock with my dripping pussy and he slowly pushed inside me. One hand grabbed my hip and the other held my shoulder to keep me in place. I wanted more and moved my hips back, the scene below making me horny. I thought that Carl was extremely horny too, as he felt extra hard pushing into me, while also watching the scene be*low.

I cried out as Carl went balls deep inside me, hitting my cervix. My pussy spasmed around his cock as I came. Carl held still as my pussy walls contracted around him and squeezed him, wanting to prolong the pleasure.

Carl grabbed my nipples that were cold from being pressed against the glass, and lightly pinched them as he started moving inside me, my ass slapping against his hips as he went deep.

“Watch them, Angel. Some of the audience have started watching you and me. I want them to watch as I claim your pussy tonight and fill it with my cum,” Carl said as he kept thrusting inside me.

I could see some of the audience watching us and some masturbating themselves, as the performers below climaxed together.

“It’s good Carl!” I exclaimed as his cock hit my cervix again, my ass pushing back against him.

I felt Carl’s hold on my shoulder and hip tighten as he moved ever faster inside me. I sensed that he was close to cumming, and purposely squeezed my pussy muscles to give him more pleasure. He sucked on my neck and gave one deep push, balls deep. I screamed as I felt his cock twitch and cum inside me, my pussy spasming involuntarily as I came again.

We both spaced out, breathing deeply, his cock was still inside me. We watched the female performer open her legs and push out the cum inside her for the audience to see. People were applauding while still looking at us.

Carl gently pulled out and turned me around for a deep kiss. I felt a little bit of a loss when his cum dripped down my thighs because I wanted to keep it inside of me.

“Are you okay?” Carl asked, gently wiping my hair off my face.

“I’m a little embarrassed about people watching us, but it was amazing,” I replied.

My stomach growled and so did Carl’s and we both laughed.

Carl closed the curtains to give us some privacy. We decided to clean up and have a quick look around the street downstairs for some dinner and drinks since the night was still young.

Chapter 4 – Exposed

Carl and I got dressed, not bothering to shower. We were going to sweat it out on the street, and he and I both like that I still had some of his cum in my pussy.

We went out into the noisy street, and we were immediately assaulted with the bright lights and the noise of the go-go bars lining the area. Foreigners were walking and gawking everywhere and half-naked girls and ladyboys were out on the streets, calling out for potential customers to come to try their club.

I froze, grabbing hold of Carl’s hand. I asked Carl not to let go. I was worried since the girls looked just like me, I didn’t want to be mistaken as one of the girls hired from the bars. Carl assured me that I would not be mistaken for one, I must at least lose half my clothes when walking down this street. That assured me a little but didn’t want to let go.

We walked hand in hand, and just had a look around. We looked for a restaurant to find something to eat and found a quiet hole-in-the-wall restaurant selling Thai food some distance from the adult shows. We had the Tom Yum Goong (a spicy bayan sincan escort shrimp soup), Chicken Pad Thai (Rice noodle stir-fry with vegetables and mung bean sprouts), and Pad Kra Prao (Rice Topped with minced pork cooked in basil and chili). Everything was good, especially the way they spiced it. We topped it off with some vanilla ice cream with minced chilies on top. We also had two orders each of Thailand’s Sabai-Sabai cocktails, made of a local whiskey they call the Mekong. We were full to the point of bursting, and also a little buzzed from the drinks.

We walked some more down the street, and I saw a large pink neon sign which said “Sweet Pussy.” I giggled and thought it was quite audacious.

Carl whispered, “I’ll probably have a sweet pussy tonight because of the ice cream you ate.”

I said, “You’ll have to eat me to find out!”

We took a peek at the wide-open doors of the bars and saw girls on tables, on poles, giving lap dances, stroking other girls. I noticed that the girls beckoned to the men, even when they are with their obvious partners.

We walked back to the hotel and decided to hang out at the hotel bar with an acoustic live band. Carl asked for a bottle of tequila and two glasses, and we decided to dig in while enjoying the music.

“Are those girls your thing? The ones in the bars outside?” I asked Carl. A little bit out of curiosity, also a little bit of feeling out of my element.

“I’m a guy. I like to look at the goods. Would I touch them? No, I never pay for sex. And even if it was offered for free, I wouldn’t dip into someone who has sex for a living. We’re doing it with like-minded people, who are safe, protected, and discreet,” Carl replied “Is this an issue for you?”

“Not really”, I replied. “We’ve had other couples join us before and it was alright. But here… it’s like a man’s playground and I might be in the way.”

Carl hugged me and kissed me deeply. “You’re not in the way. I want you here with me. Otherwise, it’s no fun. We’re here to do things together, and whatever makes us feel good.”

We clinked shot glasses and downed another shot as the band sang a cover of Cold Play, which we both liked. I moved my hand under the table to reach for Carl’s cock, casually rubbing it as we enjoyed the music. The room was starting to get full, and all the tables were occupied.

A man cleared his throat, and we looked up to see a Caucasian couple standing beside our table.

“May we join your table?” a man who introduced himself as Aston asked.

We said that we didn’t mind, and he and his partner, which he introduced as Myra, took the other two seats at our table.

Aston and Myra looked to be in their 30s, and both worked building and designing homes in the US. Myra was a natural redhead, and I was amazed by her hair color. Introductions were made, and we started talking over more tequila. They were also guests of the hotel, and have been in the area since the day before.

Carl asked if they’ve tried the common area where performances were done, and they said yes. Myra mentioned that they were downstairs watching the show on stage earlier and were able to watch us when Carl and I were fucking against the window. I choked on my tequila and blushed, and Carl poured some more. We all laughed.

Aston mentioned that the night before, they were on stage joining the fun. The female performer was sucking him off as Myra sucked off the male performer on stage. Aston mentioned that they were a little uneasy at first, but the pleasure was heightened by the thought of being watched by other couples with the same interests in pleasuring and getting pleasured.

As Aston and Myra were describing their experience yesterday, I felt Carl’s hand grab mine and return it to his crotch. He was already hard. I gave him a gentle squeeze and gave him a wink.

Aston asked if we wanted to join them the next day on stage, as they had met another couple last night and made a date to perform tomorrow. We said we’d love to, feeling giddy and nervous at the same time. Carl yawned and we made our excuses to call it a night, then went to our room.

As soon as we entered the room and locked the door, we were at each other again. Kissing and taking each other’s clothes off. My dress dropped to the floor the same time Carl’s jeans did. We found ourselves by the window facing the stage again and Carl opened the windows. We saw Aston and Myra with two other couples downstairs. They looked up and Aston raised his wine glass at us.

“I’m tired…but we shouldn’t disappoint,” Carl said naughtily. “Let’s give them a short show.”

He lifted me onto the glass table and said, “Lay on your back, head hanging off the edge, bend your knees and spread your legs wide open. I want a taste of sweet pussy.”

I laughed and did as he commanded, using my hands to spread my pussy lips wide exposing my clit and hole. Carl could see that I was dripping wet from my arousal. He moved towards me and fed his hard cock into my mouth. I reached for his balls and squeezed them gently as I started to lick around his cock, gently sucking the tip inside my mouth and taking a little more of him inside as I sucked. He bent over me and I could feel his fingers spread my pussy lips. I felt his warm breath blow on my clit as the tip of his cock hit the back of my throat and I moaned.

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