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It was very late when I arrived home at last after a 20 hour flight from India, where I had been for the past month. I had been there to oversee the work of the charity which I represented, amongst the many disabled children and adults in the villages there. As I put my key in the lock I wondered if you would still be awake to enfold me in your loving arms after so long apart. But the house was in darkness as I opened the front door, the only light a small lamp on the hall stand, and In the pool of light at its base I saw a small envelope on which were inscribed just three words “To my lover”.

Inside was a note which read, “Welcome home my darling, it is so good to have you back again. I have missed you so much, and I had so wanted to be there when you walked through the door, but I couldn’t stay awake any longer. I have taken my mug of chocolate into the study, and when I have drunk it I shall go to bed to wait for you there. You will find bread and cheese on the table in the kitchen, and a bowl of soup in the microwave, but don’t delay too long my dearest once you are refreshed. I do not want to wait a moment longer than necessary to hold you in my arms again. D xxx.”

I parked my case at the foot of the stairs, hung up my coat and hat, and on a whim I quietly pushed open the door to the study in case you were still there. The vision of loveliness that I saw before me banished my hunger, and pushed all thoughts of sleep out of my mind, my tiredness forgotten.

You were lying back in an arm chair in front of the fire, an empty mug on the table at your side, and the book you had been reading lying on the floor where it had slipped from your fingers as you fell asleep, dreaming, perhaps, of me. Your lustrous dark hair cascaded down your shoulders, and loose tendrils bahis firmaları caressed your naked breasts where your silk dressing gown had fallen open as you slept.

The glow from the embers bathed your body in a gentle orange light, the exquisiteness of your form just discernible, its greatest treasures hidden from my eager gaze, shrouded in shadow. I tiptoed across the room to put fresh logs on the fire, and as they caught alight, the beams from the flickering flames danced on the downy skin of your limbs, as if they too wished to possess your heavenly beauty. I was overwhelmed by love and desire, a wave of deep emotion that washed through my body and left me momentarily paralysed, almost afraid to approach any closer and disturb your dreams.

As my eyes adjusted to the light, I saw your favourite dildo warming on the hearth in front of the fire. Like you, it was a thing of exquisite beauty, almost a work of art. Made of Venetian glass, the inner spirals of orange and yellow seemed to be alive with their own inner fire, and the pattern of embossed ridges on its shaft shimmered and danced, as if in anticipation of the pleasure they would inspire in you, once they were allowed to caress the secret places of your vagina, enveloped deep in its velvety softness.

Reverently I lifted the dildo from its resting place, and kneeling in front of you, I gently spread your legs to expose your glorious naked pussy. Tenderly parting the delicate petals of your inner lips, I placed the bulbous head at the entrance to your vagina, and slowly slid it into your moist dark tunnel, until all nine inches of its shaft were hidden from sight. Kneeling in front of you, I learned forward so that I could trace the soft skin of your inner thigh with my tongue, until I reached the kaçak iddaa object of my desire.

As I started to shower sweet kisses on your lips and clitoris, slowly rotating the dildo to excite all the nerve endings of your vaginal wall, I was rewarded as you began to push your pussy against my worshipping mouth. Your barely audible moans were a sign of the pleasure that was almost imperceptibly leading you on to the ecstasy of rapture that would soon possess your body in orgasmic delight.

Soon the delicious sensations washing through your naked limbs roused you from slumber, taking you straight from the arms of Morpheus to those sultry groves where Eros was waiting to claim you for his own. You put your hand behind my head, tangling your fingers in my hair, and murmured, “It is so good to have you home my darling, I have missed you so terribly, and even my dildo and vibrators were poor substitutes for your wonderful cock.”

You spread your legs wider and pulled me tight against your engorged pussy, which was by now weeping copious amounts of your sweet nectar, soaking my beard, and running down my chest, anointing me like a king. I redoubled my efforts, licking you faster and faster, and plunging and twisting the glass cock in and out of your vagina, your inner lips clinging to its shaft as they would to the giant penis of the god. Your hips were undulating in a circular motion, lifting your bottom off the chair, and pushing harder and harder against my mouth in order to enhance the exquisite sensations of love. Your back was arched and your head thrown back in the extremity of your passion, your moans turning to screams of unbridled lust, as your abandoned yourself completely to carnal bliss.

Your first climax swept through you like a divine wind, ans you kaçak bahis shook with paroxysms of uncontrollable rapture, surrendering your body mind and soul to the God of Love as he carried you to the heights of Olympus. I gripped the cheeks of your bottom and thrust a finger of each hand past your puckered little rosebud into your anus, making you writhe in extremis as orgasm after orgasm shook you like a rag doll in the mouth of a dog. Eventually after minutes or hours, I could not tell which, because we were outside time in the bubble of our rapture, your convulsions ceased, and you slumped back in the chair exhausted. A deep flush painted your neck and breast carmine, and as you closed your eyes again, a look of ineffable happiness suffused your features, beautiful as the goddess who you had become in the arms of the god.

Leaving the dildo in your vagina, I sat back and regarded you with something like wonder, deeply moved by your passion, and content with the part I had played in giving you such sweet pleasure after a month of famine. At the same time, however, there was sadness in my heart, because I knew that the next day I would have to tell you the news that you had always dreaded, the news that I would soon be leaving you for an indefinite period to take up the post I had been offered as Director of Operations for the charity for South East Asia, based in Delhi, India. I would have offered, even begged, you to come with me, but you had an important career of your own here in the UK, and you would be unhappy to leave it behind, however much you loved me.

But tonight and the next few days were ours, and so I put the sadness out of my mind, and lifting your limp body from the chair, I carried you to the bedroom. Once there I tore off my clothes and you soon thrilled to the feel of my cock inside you, as we fucked each other to mutual orgasms of shared ecstasy, sometimes gently, sometimes hard and roughly, until at last we fell asleep in each others arms, our union complete.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32