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I lie on the bed waiting for you. I always miss you so much when you are away and long for your safe return to me. I can feel the fires inside me burning bright as you walk into the bedroom. I see you, wearing only the same smile that first attracted me to you, so long ago and I fall for you all over again.

I am wearing a silky cream colored nightie with a pink trim, the one you love so much and my red hard nipples are already visible through it, tempting you. I long for you to touch me, and the arousal grows as you near me.

Leaning in you start kissing my lips and neck. Our hands roam over each other and our bodies press up close. I murmur softly as your lips touch and your tongue tickles my hard red nipples, squeezing them as you press your face into my breasts. Tingles shoot like an electricity current to every nerve in my body. The tiniest touch from you always sets them off.

Moving my hand down to your thigh and slowly move it up the outside, feeling your bare skin and enjoying the excitement it causes in your loins. It’s too tempting and I stroke as you kiss my breasts, your hand works slowly up to my hip, gently pushing my nightie up. I squirm and moan a little as my legs, completely exposed reveal lacy white panties to your eyes. Moving a gentle hand over my pussy, you feel the heat there, and moan in your arousal. In your excitement you lay a pressure gently on my mound, causing me to illegal bahis open my legs to give more access.

My breasts continue to be played with by you, and you pinch the nipples till I cry out, keeping one hand pressing down on my panties, causing them to become damp. My panties soaking from the excitement as you continue to massage my pussy.

As you move up from you breasts we kiss vehemently on the lips with such passion that we feel. And as I continue to hold you, impatience takes over and suddenly you slide the panties down below my knees as I quickly kick them off. My nightie too is in a bundle around my waist, vulnerable, with my breasts and everything below my hips completely exposed to you.

I moan louder now as do you, as you caress my thighs on all sides, moving a hand slowly up, until finally I come into contact with my very wet velvety pussy lips that you gently caress. You groan in your excitement as you slip a finger inside and begin to explore my inner realm. My hips push against you as in my own excitement I lower all my inhibitions. Our passion continues and harmonious voices moan, reverberating round the room with the pleasure we cannot hide.

My breathing gets very heavy as my hips buck against your hand, aching for you to find your clit. But you tease me, touching all around, finally sliding a finger up and begin to massage under the hood and touching clit. I’m as close illegal bahis siteleri as you touch it, I feel myself bursting into an explosive orgasm, my moaning turning to screams of pleasure. So you continue to massage my clit, hoping to prolong the orgasm.

As waves of pleasure thrill through me, my hips gyrate and push against you as you continue to pleasure my clit. My juices flow forth and trickle on to you as my orgasm intensifies and my hips buck forward. My back arches almost to breaking point and my eyes glaze as I grasp the sheet tightly upon reaching climax. Oh how I adore the way you bring me to climax and I scream out loud at the dizzy heights of it!

Then you stroke the sides of me and on your travels upwards in one swift move push my nightie all the way off and nestle your head between my heaving breasts stroking them with your electric fingertips that continue to thrill me to the tips of my toes. I reach down and take hold of your awaiting manhood allowing it to rest and discover the heat of my excited soaking mound. We lie there in silence for a moment before it continues its journey of discovery searching out the Garden of Eden lying between my open legs. My lips search out yours as your cock slides up and down between my hot swollen pussy lips. You love to tease like that, rubbing your cock against your clit without entering you as we kiss showing the depths of our passion and canlı bahis siteleri throwing all inhibitions aside.

“Fuck me now” I plead, “Now! I want to feel your cock inside me!”

I stare deep into your eyes and see the fire and the hunger there as you can’t resist and pull back, positioning the head of your cock just between my awaiting lips. I quickly grab your ass and pull you as you thrust forward, driving you all the way in, reveling in the soft feel of pussy surrounding cock.

We move, two as one. Pulling out to the tip and sliding slowly back in. After a couple of slow strokes your excitement takes control and you begin to thrust your hips in rapid motion, quickening the pace of our fucking. You’re moaning increasing in volume as you kiss my neck and relish the feeling of our closeness. Our bodies entwined and your cock thrusting deep inside. I have another orgasm, and excitement is so high that my orgasms follow one after another. Squealing as I cum again and again and again.

Quivering legs are wrapped around your waist, pull in, holding you tight in me as you thrust your hips against me, and savoring the sweet pleasure. I sense you are getting close; your balls are ready and your huge meaty rod swelling inside me getting even harder as you keep thrusting. Until finally, I feel the wonderful explosion deep inside me. Cum shooting jet after jet in a demonstration of how aroused you are. I too have a massive orgasm for you and our voices mingle to punctuate the ecstasy we both are feeling. Finally we relax and catch our breath as we cuddle and kiss and my legs continue to trap your still hard cock inside my ever wanting pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32